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February 2, 2008

It has finally arrived, folks! The day that you can upload your own fanfictions to the archive!!! Much thanks to *ses*, who was awesome enough to help me set up the form. You can find it here -

Try it out!

Mandatory fields, obviously, are mandatory. I would greatly appreciate it if you filled out every field, but those indicated by asterisks are the most important. It WILL NOT post your fanfics automatically to the archive - that's still up to me. However, it will cut down on the amount of time I have to spend trawling the internet for these stories, and therefore I will have more time to dedicate to actual updates. Plus, I won't have to ask permission to archive authors' stories anymore, or bug you with e-mails asking for you to send me your fics - I will simply not upload any fanfics that are not submitted directly to the archive. Now you can just upload them here as you post them elsewhere, and guarantee that they will appear on the archive in my next update!

Links are still acceptable, as long as the fics are on your own website or journal. Otherwise, just copy/paste the text of your fic into the "Text" box directly from your writing software. If you're feeling especially helpful, you could add in the HTML paragraph breaks to save me some time and work, but that is not required. Just remember that bolded or italicized text won't translate from your word processor to this form, unless you add in the HTML code yourself.

Works-in-progress will not be archived until the story is completed. There is no need to submit fics that are already on the archive, but you can send me fics from years ago if they are not yet archived here. Fics archived here DO NOT have to be written in response to a challenge - any and all Daniel/Janet fics are welcome. As always, NC-17 fics need to be hosted elsewhere and archived here with an off-site link.

I think that's all the instructions/guidelines we'll need. Go try it out! Let's get this site full to bursting with Dan/Jan goodness!


February 1, 2008

I've finally alphabetized all the fics on the archive. Phew! Check out the By Title page here.

And I added one fic... the first fic written for the 100 prompts challenge! Yay!

When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears - Izzildor

You can find the updated Prompts Main Table here.


January 28, 2008

Added a ton of fics tonight! So many that I'm not even going to bother naming them...

4 fics from Izzildor
29 fics from MegTDJ
28 fics from Michelle Lunsford
3 fics from Misty
5 fics from Moonshayde


January 20, 2008

The Daniel/Janet 100 Prompt Challenge has been issued. Anyone is free to join in!


November 13, 2007

Added the responses to this month's Water challenge -

The Isle of Carys - Michelle Lunsford
Kissing In the Rain - Danielle Swantek
Sleep Aid - Misty
Water - Danka


November 10, 2007

Just Misty this time around! Not that that's a bad thing. ;)

Better Than Archeology - Misty
Botany - Misty
Coffee - Misty
Fly on the Wall - Misty
Lost Beginnings - Misty
Murphy's Law - Misty
One Cream, Two Sugars - Misty
Sugar High - Misty
Swarmed - Misty
Thanks for the Flowers - Misty
Wish You Were Here - Misty


November 4, 2007

The archive finally has a new Feature of the Month! The winner of the Dan/Jan Revival Challenge Contest -

Revivere - Isabelle


October 12, 2007

The Daniel/Janet Challenge Archive is reborn! Forgive the mess... there will be dead links and broken code all over the place until construction is complete, but this time I promise I will finish the job! I'm completely revamping the entire site - instead of all the old categories and a generalized author search, each author is going to have their own page (complete with fic listing and also their award banners, if they are provided), and fics can be searched for by title rather than category. Also, each episode will have its own page with a listing of all the fics on the archive that relate to it. Sound good?

I've added a few new fics to tide us all over until I can get to the real updates... here are the responses to the Daniel/Janet Revival Challenge (some of these are off site)-

Happily Ever After - Chrysa
One Last Dance - Moonshayde
Revivere - Isabelle
Reviving Memories - Misty
Three Simple Words - Nicole
Wake Up Call - Six Before Lunch


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