Daniel/Janet 100 Prompts Challenge


This is an extra-special and extra-HUGE challenge, so please read the instructions carefully.

This challenge was inspired by groups like fanfic100 and 100_situations, but in this case, there will be no specific claims made and no pressure to complete an entire 100-prompt table. All you have to do is write fic, however many you're comfortable writing, and all of the submitted fics will be listed and linked to on the Dan/Jan Challenge Archive's Main Table.

The 100 prompts have been divided into 10 "bite-sized" tables of 10 prompts each, so if the idea of 100 fics is too daunting for you, you can just commit to one or more of the smaller tables. The fics don’t all have to be Dan/Jan – use the prompts for whatever pairing/character/fandom they inspire. I only ask that you write at least 4 Dan/Jan fics for every 10 prompts, and submit those fics (or a link to them, if they are posted on your own journal/blog/website) to be listed here.

As with the other 100-prompt challenges, you will be able to post your table on your own journal/blog/website and keep track of your fics there. The tables can be found here. Once you have decided which table you'd like to take, select and copy the code in the box below it. Use that code to post your table wherever you want it to go, but if you're posting to a journal or a blog, first make sure that HTML is enabled on your update page.

To turn each prompt into an active link on your table, all you have to do is this –

[a href="http://fanfic url"]001. Hope[/a]

Exchange the [ ] with < > and "fanfic url" with the address of your fic, and you'll have your active link.

Important notes:

All fics written after you select a table of prompts can be counted in this challenge. Ficathon fics, fics written for other challenges, fics that are part of an existing series, fics of any rating... they are all eligible as long as they were written after you signed on for this challenge and are somehow related to one of the prompts on your table.

If you decide to try for the full 100 prompts, you are allowed to use up to 3 prompts per fic if you so desire. I would prefer that you don't do this very often, but the option is there if you would like to take advantage of it. However, if you go for the bite-sized tables instead, I would prefer that you write a separate fic for each prompt.

If you decide to take one of the 10-prompt tables, it's up to you which one of the ten you choose. If you complete your first table and would like some more, just come back here and pick up a second table. There is no limit to the amount of 10-prompt tables you can take. If you end up working through all 10 of them one at a time, that's awesome! If you stick with just one, that's awesome, too! As long as we're getting new Dan/Jan fic, it's all good.

As I said above, I would prefer that you write at least 4 Dan/Jan fics for every 10 prompts, but beyond that, feel free to fill up your table with whatever fic it inspires. Any fandom, any genre, even original fic if the muse strikes. Once you have completed a fic, post it wherever you usually post your fic, and then add a link to it on your table over the appropriate prompt (as demonstrated above). If it is a Dan/Jan fic, please either post it to one of the Dan/Jan communities (danandjan Yahoo group or dan_jan_fans LJ community) or e-mail me directly with a clear subject heading to let me know you've got something to add to the main table. As with the other fics on this archive, if you have posted it on your own journal or website, all I need is a link. Otherwise, you will have to send me a file with the entire fic so that I can upload it here.

Also, as with the other fics on this archive, if they are rated NC-17 I cannot archive them here directly. Please post them elsewhere and send me the link along with clear warnings of the subject matter. I will still list them on the main table, and they will still appear on your author's page, but as an off-site link.

Please make it clear when you post each fic which prompt/s it was written for.

Minimum length for the fics is 100 words. There is no maximum.

Last, but not least... have fun with this! There's no pressure to complete the entire table, and no time limit for sign-ups or submissions. These prompts are meant to be food for your muses, nothing more and nothing less. Do the best you can and work at your own speed, and before you know it, the Main Table will be full of great fic. :)

If you have any further questions, please e-mail me.