Challenge #45

Daniel/Janet Rescue Fic Challenge
(all of these criteria must be met)

1. Either Daniel or Janet must be in some kind of life-threatening peril, and the other must be the one to save them. This can be on Earth, off world, wherever you want, but their life must be in danger somehow. The other members of SG-1 can either be in the same peril or be on the rescue team, but when it comes down to it, one half of our favourite pairing must be the one to save the day.

2. Daniel being injured and Janet working as a doctor to save him doesn't count. There must be some form of rescue effort involved.

3. No character death.

4. A Daniel/Janet kiss is a must.


"Paladin" (1/1) - Mac (seramercury)
"Shining Armor" (1/1) - Isabelle Ashe


Challenge #44

could someone please write a fic about Daniels birthday?

we all know daniel was born in 1965 so in series 9 that should be in 2005 he should technically be 40...i know he looks nothing like it but anywho that just makes for more "WOW! your *40*? what moisturiser do you use?" jokes heeheehee, and there has be be aleast one!

and also Daniel gets to make a wish and guess what he wishes?!?!?!?! yep to see Janet one last time..

weather this be an ER and he wan't to tell her how much he still loves her or he just wants to tell her how he felt because he never did when she was alive you pick...but i'm asking for angst here...(oh my god...who am i and what have i dont with myself?!?!?!) yes angst,

so i would love the person very much if they see fit to turn this idea into a story...pleeeeeeeeeeease

pretty please

with a cherry on the top



Challenge #43

Another year of keeping it simple:

* Daniel remembers a previous Christmas (with Janet);
* a hand-hold (between Daniel and Janet, obviously).

Merry Christmas!



Challenge #42

Daniel/Janet Holiday/Birthday Fic Challenge
(all of these criteria must be met)

1. Must take place during some kind of holiday or birthday. You can decide what you'll go with, but these are the only options I will accept - New Year's, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Daniel's birthday, or Janet's birthday.

2. The storyline must revolve around this holiday/birthday. Whether it's fluffy or angsty or humourous is up to you.

3. Must include a Daniel/Janet kiss-gone-wrong. By this I mean something like they bump noses, or someone walks in on them, or one is pushed away by the other for some reason. Be creative. ;)

4. Make it a happy ending, please!


"Christmas" (1/1) - Tallisen
"Greates Christmas Gift" (1/1) - Assilem
"Holiday Mayhem" (1/2) - Julie Petersen
"Mistletoe" (1/1) - Bridget Cochran
"The Right Choice" (off site) - Michelle Lunsford
"Three Little Words" (1/4) - Chrysa


Challenge #41

This is related to this months challenge (Chall. #42)... Janet gets a present for Daniel every Christmas, but he doesn't know who they are from (maybe he never finds out, maybe he finds out after a few years). The first couple of years they are just fun, friendly things to cheer him up, or things that she just happened to come across and know he'd really enjoy. Of course the more she gets to know him, the more she would know what he'd like, so the presents get more intimate in that respect... but the romantic angle can be thrown in at the writers discretion ;)

My head takes this idea to a million and one places, but I just have other things I should be working on... but I sooo want to read this fic. Can someone write it for me? :)



Challenge #40

Daniel/Janet Feel-Good/Fluff Fic Challenge
(all of these criteria must be met)

1. Must fit into the category of "Feel-good/Fluff." In other words, no angst, no drama, no action, just the kind of story that makes you smile.

2. Must include a sweet Daniel/Janet hug. Kissing is optional, but in my opinion, a loving hug is much more romantic than kissing. :)

3. Sex is a no-no. Make me squee without it getting sexual, please! ;)

4. Include a nice Daniel/Cassie bonding moment in it somewhere.


"Daniel, Ben and Jerry" (1/1) - mysticalweather
"Dazzling" (1/1) - Cait
"Welcome Home" (1/1) - Marianne H. Stillie


Challenge #39

Ok, I was thinking of something to write when an ideal popped into my head.

I have another fic that is taking my time so please take it.

Daniel and janet are married or Engaged. Engaged would be good because you can do this with an engagement party.

Someone is bothering janet and is not part of the party. Daniel gets very protective and gets into a bar fight. (Points for details) He doesn't have to win but it would be nice. And no he can't die and come back. :-P

The fight has to end with Jack, Teal'c and other memebers of the SGC pulling Daniel off the guy so the cops can arrest him or take him to the hospital. Nothing happens to Daniel. Self defense thingy.

In the end janet announecs she is pregnat and Jack passes out from what you can decided...



Challenge #38

Teehee, I don't know why this thought suddenly popped into my head, but it did, and now I can't shake it...

Daniel laying on the floor with his head under the kitchen sink, trying to unblock the pipes. ;)

I keep on picturing it, and wondering how SG-1 would react if they came in, LOL! I almost went ahead and wrote a bit of a fluffy fic for it, but I really should be focusing on Mind Fever just now. So, instead I'll hand the premise over to anyone else who would like to try it (you could even work it into this month's challenge if you so desire, and you can change any of the factors if you'd like, so long as the plumbing part stays in there :P) -

In the plot I came up with, Daniel and Janet are married, and Janet is rather pregnant. It's a really hot day on top of it, so Janet's feeling rather... well, bloated would be a good word. (Bonus points if you have them both in shorts and tank tops, too. :P) She's basically chowing down on ice cream through the whole fic. Anyway, she had to take her rings off because her fingers were swelling way too much what with the heat and the pregnancy and all. I'm sure you can see where this is going - they end up falling down the drain.

She gets all upset, so Daniel, like any good husband, gets down under the sink and tries to find them in the pipes. Janet hovers around him offering him spoonfuls of ice cream every now and then and generally bugging him about whether he's found them or not. Sam drops by unannounced and finds them like this, and doesn't quite know whether to laugh or just... stare, LOL! The two of them are acting so different from their usual "workplace" selves, and Janet's moods are swinging like crazy. ;)

Oh man, what an absurd idea... but does anyone want to take it on anyway? LOL! I don't want it to be a total parody or spoof, cause I hate those, but a sweet, gentle comedy would be awesome. :)



"Daniel, Ben and Jerry" (1/1) - mysticalweather


Challenge #37

Daniel/Janet Episode-based Fic Challenge

1. Take an episode, any episode from any season, and give Janet a bigger role in it than she had. It doesn't matter whether she was in the ep originally or not, just give her a crucial role in whatever happens.

2. Janet must be whumped at some point in the fic. Whether it's slight or severe is up to you, but give her more than a broken nail. ;)

3. No character death, and no Meridian or Heroes based fics, please.

4. Try not to change canon too much, just include Janet in on what happened. If you'd like to ignore Heroes and add her into a season 8 ep, though, that's a-ok. ;)



"Along for the Ride" - Melissa Adams (1/1)
"Bad Luck Turned Good Luck" - Melissa Adams (1/1)
"Cross-examinations" - Selori (1/1)
"Left Behind" - Chrysa (1/4)
"Menace" - SaraC (1/2)


Challenge #36

Well, for those of you who also happen to be Star Wars fans, this will make sense...

This past Tuesday the Star Wars films, Episodes IV, V, and VI, *finally* came out on DVD. I've been managing to watch them here and there, along with all the extra bonus stuff. And, I'm also enjoying the sort of resurgance that's going along with them - like seeing new SW action figures in the stores, various SW themed specials on TV, and the buzz that's going on related to it on the web. In short, I'm getting all hyped up about SW again, and my excitement for the final film next May is beginning to take shape.

So what does all this have to do with Dan and Jan? Bear with me...

What if either Daniel or Janet (or even both of them) were secretly die-hard Star Wars fans. You know, it's never really come out to their friends before, but yet there's this collection of VHS tapes, books, and toys hidden in the back of some closet at their house. (Heck, maybe even Daniel secretly owns a pair of Jedi boots because he has a costume fettish - oh, be still my heart! ) If such were the case, then you know that they would be going through similar things as SW fans in real life right now... rushing out to buy the new DVD set... staying up late to watch it... getting all giddy again.

There's a fic idea in there somewhere, I just know it. Unfortunately, my muse doesn't seem inclined to pick it up and run with it. Maybe it will in the next week or two (often my muse is that way - it likes to *simmer* over ideas for a while), but in the meantime, are there any other takers?

Be well,


Challenge #35

Big fan of alien possesion and alien transformations here. So I pose a challenge.

Write a story that has Daniel and Janet transforming into something else--be creative--and they have to struggle and hold onto who they are and what they share together to overcome the change. Having the rest of SG-1 play a valuable role is all the better.



Challenge #34

I also have a plot/challenge for whoever wants it. I've had it in my mind for a while now, but I never thought of posting it as a challenge until just now.

This is the plot: (spoilers for Heroes)

SG-1 (with Jack preferably) gets stuck in an Alternate Universe. The timeline in the AU is at the beginning of the ep 'heroes'. That journalist (can't remember his name) is there and is making that documentary. SG-1 recognizes it of course and keep an eye on what's going on. They notice the same pattern and it's like they're stuck is some kind of sick deja vu thing. So of course they want to prevent Janet's death (and Jack's too).

The AU doesn't have the 'vest' that saved Jack's life, so that would mean Jack AND Janet would die (most probably) if SG-1 would do nothing.

I'd like Sam to be non-military.

Daniel/Janet ship is a must. duh. Sam/Jack would be nice as well.

The timeframe for SG-1 would be somewhere after Heroes and before Jack's (and also Sam's) promotion. Oh, and not during Lost City too of course...

So the whole idea of the fic is that it should be pretty angsty for SG-1 and the question is whether they can stop this drama from happening all over again and how they deal with it.

SG-1 wouldn't just go talk about what could happen, because they're not completely sure if it actually will happen. So the people in the AU are pretty much oblivious to it, though they would notice some odd behaviour.

The timeline of the AU should be very similar to that of SG-1 with a couple of small differences.

This is what I had in mind for the DJ and SJ relationship. Sam and Jack would have been together from the beginning of S1, similar to what we've seen in TBFTGOG and POV - following the same pattern. Sam (and Jack) would have adopted Cassandra. For me this works out good for the DJ ship. In my mind, in ROP Janet was too worried as a mother and doctor about Cassie to see Daniel's concern for her and pay much attention to it. I think that if Sam would be Cassie's mom, Janet would have been Cassie's doctor in the first place and she would have been able to notice Daniel's concern.

This is just what's in my mind and what works for me. If you're writing this fic and you don't like this idea, just ignore it ;)

Also, I always figured that the reason for Sam not having joined in the AU's is because her mother is still alive. I'm not sure why, but that seems to work for me.

hmmm, that seems like a lot of details for a challenge... Well, I must admit, it is all very detailed in my mind, but I don't have the talent to write it down in a half decent fic. So... if anybody's interested, please, please, please write it :)



Challenge #33

Oooooh got a fic challenge, its sorta a cindrella type story (and not not inspired my the new film 'A Cindrella Story' ironically)

Ok...point one...

1) SGC must hold an Masqurade Ball...

2) Must include Janet in stupidly high shoes

3) A lost object

4) any season you want

ohhh cant wait to see what you guys come up with :D

love and hugz


Challenge #32

Daniel/Janet Angst/Drama Fic Challenge

1 Must fall under the category of angst/drama, at least to some degree.

2 At some point in the fic, Janet is responsible for hurting Daniel in some way. Whether she messes up during an examination, zats him, shoots him, spills scalding hot coffee on him, or whatever is up to you, but it has to be something serious and not just stepping on his toes. ;)

3 Let's have some angst and guilt-ridden Janet, people! :)

4 No character death - I don't want her to hurt him *that* badly. ;)



Bad Medicine - Isabelle Ashe (1/1)
I Know - mysticalweather (1/2)
Innocente - Falcon Horus (1/2)
No Sleep - faroutdragon1 (1/1)
Not a Day Goes By - Assilem (1/2)


Challenge #31

Well, went to the NJ con this weekend. Teryl is sooo cute!!! and sassy!! lol She did the puff and ruffle. It was hilarious. Asked her a question about the 2010 footage. ^_^
however, someone did ask: Did they bring Janet's body back? So Teryl asked about the funeral and everyone told her it was a memorial so there was no body. She got this really excited look on her face and said something along the lines of "That's it!! She's not dead! she's in a sarcophagus somewhere!"

Janet's in a sarcophogus with anubis or the tok'ra or someone! She was so funny saying that now she's got an entire season running through her head and how it would be great it would be if Janet came back as a bad guy or something.

Which of course I thought was pretty interesting. What if Janet's body was off somewhere else and she wasn't dead but in a sarcophagus or something? Could she be turned to the darkside? Would SG1 or even just Daniel be able to turn her back if they found her?

Does anyone want to write it? lol ^_^



"Second Chance" (1/1) - Kellifer


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