Challenge #30

Well, for the past month or so we've been answering a lot of questions about our involvement in the fandom. We've been discussing new episodes of both SG-1 and Atlantis. For the past week or so we've been playing "I'm Going Through the Stargate..." then, more recently, Spot the 'Ship (which I plan to participate in as soon as I get time to rewatch the ep... we're on Brief Candle, right?).

This is wonderful and all, with all the chatter and all the laughs on the list. But one thing is missing...

We've had veeeerrry little fanfic, it seems, recently. So I propose a challenge.

I challenge you to write a fanfic incorporating all the things we've brought through the Stargate.

C'mon, you guys are the ones who thought of them... give them a home in a fic! Make it serious, funny... incorporate the accompanying discussions (i.e. the usefulness of having Kinsey along) or create your own scenario. (Bonus points if "Cait and Jonas's Love Nest" turns up in there somewhere... *g*)

Perhaps we could make this a contest as well, provided Meg doesn't mind it running concurrently with hers. Even so, get writing, writers!


Adorable Archaeologist;
Davis, Major;
electromagnetic pulse generator;
Fraiser, Janet;
Harry Maybourne;
insect repellant;
Jack O'Neill;
Noodles? Noogies...Nookie?;
Oreo cookies;
Quantum mirror;
Sam Carter;
(SG) unit;
Colonel Chekov;
Dog tags;
Elizabeth Weir;
Fruit Loops;
George Hammond;
Healing Device;
Jell-O (blue and red);
Kull disruptor;
Leather Jackets;
Oma Desala
Quinn, Jonas
Ribbon Device
Wormhole X-treme Eps
ZPM (zero point modulator)
Asguard communicator
data crystal
everyone on the danandjan list
Godiva chocolate
Ha'tack vessel
Ice packs


Challenge #29

From a conversation on the danandjan list -

I also maintain that although Broca Divide is the first time WE see Janet, she was already there. For how long, I'm not really decided - but at least long enough that she already had a grasp on who the main personnel were. My idea for Emancipation is that it's very likely that Janet had either just come on board at that time, or else was prepping to come on board... which means she'd been very busy getting "acquainted" with the SGC folks by reviewing personnel files... no doubt when she ran across the SG-1 files (consider she'd already been "warned" by Gen. Hammond that this was the "flagship" team and that they were, in a sense, "special" and "unique") they caught her attention... and I can imagine her interest was especially piqued by the file of one Doctor Daniel Jackson (let's face it - the man has a VERY interesting past). So, when they did come back and with new "drug" from Emancipation, that may actually have been when they first "met" face to face. Can you imagine the "sparks" that flew? *eg*



How did Daniel and Janet meet? I want the actual scene of them meeting. I think Michelle's theory if VERY interesting, but if you have another... :)



"First Meeting" (1/1) - Melissa Adams


Challenge #28

Daniel muses over the similarity between himself and the character of Milo from Disney's Atlantis (the scenario I had in my head was Daniel is somehow over at Janets while Cassie is baby sitting and the video is playing...)



Challenge #27

For a practical joke, Jack takes Daniels car keys (perhaps so Daniel doesn't notice he either takes just the car keys off the keyring, or swaps them), and so Daniel ends up asking Janet for a lift home... :)



Challenge #26

July '04's Daniel/Janet Future Fic Challenge

1 Must be set in the future, with Daniel and Janet in an established relationship. Whether they are dating, engaged, married, have children, etc. is up to you.

2 Must have some form of plot to it, not just a drabble or a stand-alone scene.

3 At some point in the fic, Daniel and Janet have an argument/banter about the times they've seen each other die, a la Michael Shanks and Teryl Rothery's exchange at the Tulsa Trek convention -

MS (after answering a question about whether a certain character will be his love interest on the show, turns to Teryl): And unlike my other love interests, she doesn't die! I had to watch you die!
TR: I had to watch you ascend!
MS: You had this big smoking hole in your chest!
TR: Yeah, I did. Went all the way through me. Sort of.

Whether it's funny or angsty is up to you.

4 Give us a happy ending for the pair!



"Happy Anniversary" - SaraC (1/1)
"Our Stupidest Fights" - Muse (1/1)
"Surprise" - Chrysa (1/2)


Challenge #25

This challenge stems from a conversation with Meg.

Daniel and Janet somehow, for some reason, end up taped together by Teal'c. Have fun!

Vengeance Goddess


"Sticky Situation" - Nike (1/1)


Challenge #24

The Postcard Challenge:

Must include postcards. And the White Cliffs of Dover. Everything else is up to you.

Amanda and Vicki

(and yes, we do know that we are crazy, thankyouverymuch)


Challenge #23

June '04's Daniel/Janet Action/Adventure Challenge

1 The prominent ship pairing must be Daniel/Janet. Other ships have their own fics... this is for Dan&Jan. Whether they're just discovering they have feelings for each other throughout the fic or they're already in a relationship is up to you.

2 It must fit into the category of action/adventure, at least to some degree.

3 At least the majority of the fic must be set off-world. Where and why is up to you.

4 Have at least one previously established enemy from the show in the story somewhere. Which one and what they're doing is up to you.

5 No permanent character death (though if the enemy is destroyed, that's a-ok).



"Skin of the Teeth" by Isabelle Ashe (1/2)
"Torture" by Faroutdragon1 (1/1)
"Unexpected Circumstances" by Michelle Lunsford


Challenge #22 sort of two challenges

Firstly seeing as my Stargate muse has gone AWOL on me and is currently in the form of a Dracula clad Richard Roxburgh my first challenge is a Van Helsing x-over (yes i know i'm obsessive! you don't need to point it out i *know*)

the only requirement is that Dracula wants Janet as his Bride! I don't know how he finds her or what he does with her that the fun part for you *BG*

If you haven't seen Van Helsing (which is most likely) its the Same Challenge but without Dracula *sob* but i just want to see Daniel go mad with worry over Janet!!!! So yeah...some angst would be great *G*

Luv and Hugz


Challenge #21

Humorous fic involving Anise, aka Tok'ra Spice. She must come to the SGC for a professional reason and must hit on Daniel. Janet must kick Anise's butt! Major Anise-whupping is required. Please don't make it too ridiculous. If you want it to be a D&C missing scene, by all means, go ahead.




"Freya's Bad Day" (1/1) - Wendy Parkinson
"Overcoming Anise" (1/1) - Chrysa


Challenge #20

Babysitting Challenge


1) A baby must come to the's up to you how. But it *can't* be the child of someone in SG-1.

2) Sam and/or Daniel must freak out about something relating to the baby. Extra points if they both do.

3) Each member of SG-1 must have their own scene/moment with the baby.

4) D/J and S/J 'ship are both optional and up to the writer, but as this is the D/J list, extra points for D/J goodness :)

Quoting Red, "We demand cute babyness, but the rest of the mood is up to the writer."

Have fun!

Amanda, Red and Jammer


"There's Something About Baby" by Gemmie (1/1)


Challenge #19

Ok, this is the "Jammer's got too many plot devices and too little time" challenge.

Besides being divorced, Cassie's mom, Sam's best friend, and a darn good doc, what else do we know about Janet Fraiser?

The story is this: she has hidden part of her past, and now she receives something that makes her confront it. The only two people that can help her are Daniel and Cassie. This must be a crossover with one or more of these three shows: JAG, The X-Files, and Silk Stalkings.

Pairing must be Dan/Jan, can be a new or established relationship, it doesn't matter. In the crossover shows, pairings must be Harm/Mac, Mulder/Scully, and Chris/Rita. Any other pairings are optional.

Have fun and thanks for taking this plot device off my hands while I finish the Fic That Just Won't End.



Challenge #18

Daniel and Janet meet before the Stargate Program. When, where, how, why, for how long... up to you!

However, bonus points (and several people's love and gratitude I'm sure!) for drunken sex :D

Have fun!!



Challenge #17

Valentine's Day challenge

Your fic--should you choose to write one--must include:

1--A red, heart-shaped box of chocolates
2--One dozen long stemmed red roses
3--A Dan & Jan kiss

Cheers, Sue


"Hearts and Flowers" by SaraC (1/3)


Challenge #16

- Daniel ends up in the infirmary. You can choose for whay reason, but don't hurt him too bad, okay?
- it has to involve a holiday. Christmas, Easter, Valentine's day... you pick
- there has to be chocolate in it, just because I like chocolate :-D
- it HAS to be shippy, but I suppose that was the point anyway :-D
- try to get Cassie involved in the story and not only as a background character

... I can't think of anything else at the moment. If someone wants to add to this list, go ahead.


Well I have to add something:
It's seems that in most fics Teal'c is away with his son, away with an other team etc. I know it's difficult writing a fic where Teal'c is doing something well let's say to push the development of the story but could you try? He really changed over the past years and I think the time where we could ingnore him is over. Of course I don't want to miss the rest of SG-1 as well.

Isn't that some challenge;)



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