Challenge #15

This will forever be known as the "Amanda's been listening to too much Cher again" challenge, okay? Okay.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is:

to write a fic using the lyrics to the Cher song "Don't Hide Your Love". I don't really care how you use it, I just think the song is fitting for our favorite couple ;) Everything is up to you, I just want the song in there somewhere, whether it's on the radio or whatever.

You never give yourself completely
It's just that you've been hurt before
You're so afraid to let me love you
You never leave an open door
Don't judge me by some other lover
Who broke your heart and walked away
Come let's be fair with one another
My world is yours I swear it
Say the word and we can share it

Don't hide your love
(Don't hide your love)
Not if you care for me
(Not if you care for me)
It isn't fair for me
To worry and wonder and wait
Don't hide your love
(Don't hide your love)
Just love me here and now
(Just love me here and now)
We'll work it out somehow
Don't you keep us apart
Baby unlock your heart
Don't hide your love

Well I now the past has bought you sorrow
The clouds still hang around today
But don't let the rain, fall on tomorrow
Baby we can make it together
'Cause I'm gonna love you forever


There ya go. Have fun!



Challenge #14

This D/J challenge, for lack of a better name, will be known as the "Little Red Hates Poetry" challenge :).

Little Red needs to read more poetry, as she worries that she is "uncultured" and "uneducated" due to her general dislike of canonical poetry (she should also, probably, stop talking about herself in the third person, but that's a whole other can of psychological worms). Therefore, she proposes to wean herself onto poetry through fanfic! Behold, the challenge:

- The fanfic must be *inspired by* a poem, or part of a poem. I'm thinking that it will be inspired by the story/theme of the poem, or by a certain few lines that just absolutely smack of D/J, but if you are inspired by the rhymescheme/ diction/other-fancy-literary-analysis-term of the poem, or want to write prose around the poetry lines or do something else wacky like that, go to town and we will laud your cleverness.

- The poem should be a previously published work (read = somebody else wrote it, probably somebody both famous and dead, and it wasn't specifically written *about* Dan/Jan or Stargate. Because then, seriously, where's the challenge?).

- The poem need not actually be in the fanfic at all (nor do fic and poem have to have the same title), but the complete text of the poem (or, if we're talking about an epic poem a la the Odyssey, the pertinent part of it) must be written in full at the beginning or the end of the fanfic, for the edification of Little Red. Naturally, also give the author and title for the poem.

- As this is for the *Dan/Jan challenge archive*, the fic must contain D/J.

- It can also contain S/J or anybody else you so desire, or not, 'tis up to you.

- Also, rating, content, warnings: 'tis up to you.

Well... it's the best I could come up with while stuck in an ice storm all day!! Hope someone has fun with this...

-- Little Red, who likes tricking herself into learning stuff


"All the Difference" (1/1) - Misty


Challenge #13

I had an idea for a fic (I can't write it myself, so thought I'd pose it to y'all :)

Okay, fics simailiar to this have been done but give me a chance, *please?* I would like someone to write a fic including:

D/J married with kids (you choose the #)

Daniel is military (I applaud him for NOT being so on the show, I'm just curious what he'd be like if he were.)Include: rank/postition.

One or more of the kids are put in danger

Dad and mom are worried sick and want to save them...well, d'oh! Here's the thing: They CAN'T--at least, not directly. The one who does is Jack. And Jack's a civvie! (Role-reversal; please try to be original, I'm not asking for the movie to be re-worked ;)

D/J are apprehensive about this.

Daniel has a wolf companion that can shape-shift



Above PG-13 rating, please.

If possible, don't have Teal'c in the story. (My personal bias, forgive me.)

Thanks for listening.




Challenge #12

2003 Dan/Jan Christmas Challenge

* no deaths (ie, both characters are alive);
* a kiss (between Daniel/Janet, obviously); and
* the story summary is lyrics from a Christmas song (the song and/or lyrics do not have to feature IN the story itself - just in the summary).

Merry Christmas!



"Janet's Little Helper" by Karen (1/1)
"Tis the Season" by SaraC (1/2)
"Christmas in the Trenches" by MegTDJ (1/3)


Challenge #11

Daniel and Janet met a number of years before the Stargate Program, and spent time together (a night, months, years). What happens when they meet up again at Cheyenne Mountain, and are there any repercussions dating back from their time together?

Have lots of fun with this one my dears!! (And children are good, but not essential ;) ) Go where your imagination takes you :)




Challenge #10

Oh here is a challenge I think could be written into a great (and Funny if possible) Fic. My idea come from Holiday but it dont have to be about that ep. just the idea.

My idea is Sam and Janet switch bodys and dont tell anyone...i dont know why they don't, they just dont...

Anywhoz, Daniel must do something to Janets body while sam is in it- if this is confessing his love or slaming her up against a wall (Both if possible *BEG*) i dont care...

thats it

Thanks LOL(Lots Of Love)



"Please, Not Another Holiday" - Cait (1/1)


Challenge #9

Spoilers for the remainder of season 7 and possibly 8





Not that we don't already know what's coming, but however. *ahem* I have a fic challenge!!!! We know that Janet's dying, right? And we know that Brad Wright is set to write an Alternate Universe episode for season 8, right? (There were a lot of rites in that sentence... heh!) Well... I can't wait that long. ;)

I WANNA SEE IT NOW!!!! And I want it to be D/J shippy!!!!!

So, could someone write it for me? Please? Pretty please? You know you want to. ;)

Here are the criteria -

1. The fic is set in season 8, and Janet is dead in our reality.

2. Something happens to do with an AU SGC interacting with our own, and Janet is a major part of the goings-on.

3. Whether or not Daniel and Janet had an actual "relationship" before her death is entirely up to you, but Daniel MUST be angsted out when he sees AU Janet for the first time (and preferably every time he sees her after that, too... you get the point).

4. Please don't have AU Janet die!!! I beg of you!!! Whether she stays behind or comes back to our SGC is up to you, but please don't kill her off! :(

5. Have Daniel/Janet the primary ship in the entire fic, please. I'm tired of them coming second-fiddle to Jack/Sam! (No offense!)

6. Please keep it PG-13 or lower (so I can read it comfortably, heh! ;P)

So... this is your mission should you choose to accept it. Now, GET WRITING PEOPLE!!! I want fic. :)



"Choices" by Michelle Lunsford


Challenge #8

... What happens when Daniel eats the last of Janet's chocolate stash?!

That's it! Fluffy, funny, you name it!

Have fun with it guys, and I'll probably come up with another random challenge sometime in the near future



"Don't Mess with a Woman and Her Chocolate!" by Michelle Lunsford
"Overcoming Anise" (1/1) - Chrysa


Challenge #7

Christmas Challenge

I've never asked for a Christmas challenge fanfic so I am so excited!!!!

For Daniel and Janet:
1. It must contain the words "You have been a 'very' good boy (or girl) this year."

2. It should take place after Daniel comes back from ascension.

3. Must be have christmas things all throughout the story: ie. tinsel, mistletoe, candy canes, etc.

4. Of course and D/J kiss.

For Sam and Jack:
1. It must contain the words "Ya sure ya betcha," by Sam.

2. Must have no reference to the regs! (maybe they were give permission)

3. Must take place at Jack's cabin.

4. And of course a S/Jack kiss.

Lastly, both Sam/Jack and Daniel/Janet must take place in the same fanfic!

I hope you enjoy writing and I will enjoy reading it as will all of the other fans!!



Challenge #6

I don't know if anyone has seen these, but wow...they're new season 7 publicity pics....and I just want to, is he gorgeous or what?


Er...that would be a resounding YES! I just have one question, in the first two pics when he's looking all mean and soldiery is he MEANT to have a bracelet of lovebeads on his wrist? Not that it detracts from the overall effect but still...


It definitely doesn't distract, but it does lead to the question "Who gave Daniel the love beads?"

I'm sure we can come up with a few ideas...



"Danny's Beads" - Karen (1/1)
"Overcoming Anise" (1/1) - Chrysa
"Symbols of the Heart" - MegTDJ (1/1)


Challenge #5

Summer finale (Evolution part 1) Challenge

~~Someone write a fic that includes...

*Janet dealing with Daniel's disappearance so soon after his return

*Daniel missing Janet

*Daniel's rescue/ escape (however you want to do it) and how they deal with each other



Challenge #4

BTW, speaking of pics, has anyone else seen the new pic on TR's home page? I don't know about you guys, but I'd love to see Daniel's reaction were he to ever stumble upon pictures of Janet looking like that. Plot bunny, anyone? *veg*



"Common Ground" - SaraC (1/5)
"It All Started With a Picture" - Michelle Lunsford (off site)
"A New Year's Eve to Remember" - Amanda (off site)
"Overcoming Anise" (1/1) - Chrysa


Challenge #3

~Must directly involve Danny's return (when it actually happens, not weeks or months after)
~Must involve in some way the rumor we've heard about Daniel returning...well, let's just say, 'less than fully clothed'
~Must have Janet upset (either sad or ticked off) that Daniel didn't visit her too!
~Oh, and (obviously) must be D/J!!



"In the Flesh" by Shannon (1/1)


Challenge #2

Please read the following joke: Roger and Elaine

And turn it into an S/J or D/J story :D


Brad Chapman
a.k.a The One KEA


Challenge #1

You know, the ep 'Windows of Opportunity' is one of my favorites. Now I was thinking, what would have happened if Daniel was stuck in the loop with Teal'c or Jack? Now, I would love to see Jack and Daniel getting stuck together. Daniel would spend the loops trying to figure out that text and Jack, well, he would probably get bored and start making trouble. At some point Jack figures that Daniel needs a break and needs to have some fun. Sooooo, I would really love to see some evil Daniel ... some D/J would be very much appreciated ... *bg*



"Taking the Opportunity" by Gemmie (1/2)
"Opportunity Knocks" by MegTDJ (1/3)


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