Title: Sleep Aid
Author: Misty (mysticalweather)
Daniel/Janet feel-good/fluff
Rating: K

A/N: Thanks to Meg for the beta and support. :)

And one of these days I swear I'll come up with something that's more than a fluffy one-shot. But until then, hope you enjoy! Hehe. Feedback is loved and aprreciated. :D


Sleep Aid






With an exasperated sigh, Daniel turned over in bed and shot a glare towards the adjacent bathroom door. Insomnia alone was bad enough, but at this point he was pretty sure the the leaky faucet in the next room was mocking him. His eyes darted toward his alarm clock as another minute ticked by. He glared at it, too. Traitor.

Great, now he was mentally sparring with inanimate objects.

Daniel sighed again.

He'd tried counting sheep. Like that ever worked.

It was too late to try a sleep aid. He was scheduled to go off-world at 0800 and he'd never make it if he took a pill now.

Warm milk? Ugh, no, he'd rather go without sleep than have to drink that.

He was contemplating zatting himself to sleep when a noise downstairs caught his attention. Whoops, now he was in trouble. He listened to the jingling of keys as they were set down on the table, and the gentle padding of footsteps as they climbed the stairs.

Seconds later the door was pushed open and a dark figure entered the room. Feinting sleep, Daniel closed his eyes as the figure maneuvered around the bed towards the bathroom door. He could hear the rustling of clothes and the splashing of water coming from the next room.

She was gonna kill him if she found out he was still awake.

After several minutes of waiting, Janet emerged from the bathroom and eased herself into bed. It only took 10 seconds for her to notice something was wrong.

"Daniel, I've watched you sleep for 10 years, I can tell when you are faking."

Sheepishly Daniel pried opened his eyes and gave his wife an innocent smile.

"I thought we agreed that you wouldn't wait up for me anymore...my schedule is just too crazy, and you don't sleep enough as it is."

"I know," Daniel said. "I tried, but...it just didn't work." He snuggled closer to her and placed a kiss on her shoulder. "I guess I just don't know how to sleep alone anymore."

She was smiling despite herself, he could tell. "I guess that's not such a bad thing," she replied as she leaned into him and gently pressed her lips to his.

"Not bad at all," he whispered, breathless from her kiss.

"We should get some sleep though, we both have big days tomorrow."

Daniel nodded and gave her one last kiss. "Good night, Janet."

Moving closer, Daniel wrapped an arm around her waist and inhaled the sweet smell of Janet's shampoo. The change in him was instant. Just the feel of her in his arms was enough to make all the difference. His body was totally at ease and his over-alert brain had now started relaxing...drifting...






"Good night, Daniel," was the last thing he heard before slipping into dreamless sleep.

~The End


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