Title: The White Ones
Author: Isabelle Ashe
Category: Daniel/Janet, Valentine's fluff
Season/Spoilers: nothing particular
Rating: PG
Summary: Daniel and Janet's first Valentine's Day together doesn't exactly go as planned.
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Disclaimer: not mine, etc.

Author's Notes: Nothing like the fact that I've spent all weekend avoiding starting a paper to get the muse going! This is supposed to be an answer to my own Valentine's Day challenge, but I have actually failed...there is candy, but it isn't chocolate candy. I also apologize that it is a bit belated; I had guests last night and didn't have a chance to finish it. Oh well, fic is fic, right?


The White Ones

Jack was startled out of a small doze by the sound of the hospital ward door opening down the hall. He looked up to see Daniel come out and lean against the wall, pull off his glasses, and rub his hand across his face. Jack stood up from his chair and walked toward his friend.

They had come to P7X-392 on an exploratory mission and had encountered the native population in the middle of an epidemic. It turned out only to be measles...something they were all vaccinated against...but because this society was about as technologically advanced as Europe in about the sixteenth century, the disease was taking a toll. They brought in Dr. Fraiser and a medical team, and in the past three days, they had made considerable progress. Unfortunately, the population spoke a dialect of French that only Daniel could really manage with any success, so he had been acting as sole translator for the medical team. Jack was pretty sure that neither Daniel nor Janet had slept since they arrived.

"Daniel?" Daniel looked up at him and squinted before putting his glasses back on. "How's it going in there?"

"There are no more critical cases," he answered as he suppressed a yawn. "Janet says she thinks we've got it mostly under control. And I think the village apothecary finally realizes that leeches and bleeding are not the best way to cure patients."

As he finished speaking, the door opened again, and a very haggard-looking Janet Fraiser stumbled out. She nodded in Jack's direction as she reached for the canteen Daniel got out and handed to her.

"Daniel says you've got things pretty much under control, Doc," Jack said as she finished drinking.

"Well, I'd like to give it at another 24 hours before pulling out, sir, but yes, it looks like the worst is over," she agreed. Janet had moved to lean against the wall next to Daniel, and Jack hid a smile as he watched Daniel reach out automatically to take her hand.

"Okay, that's good news. It also means that I'm ordering the two of you to get some sleep."

"But Jack, no one else can communicate with them. What if I'm needed?" Daniel protested.

"And I really don't think I should be away from the hospital ward," added Janet, despite an enormous yawn that made her case less convincing.

"Carter and Lt. Graham have both made decent progress with the weird French, and if there's an emergency, Doc, we'll wake you. How long has it been since either of you have slept?"

Daniel and Janet looked at each other in confusion for a moment before Daniel asked sheepishly, "Uh, what day is it?"

Jack rolled his eyes as he checked his watch to be certain. "Monday, February 14, 2130 hours, Earth time." He paused as he read surprise on their groggy faces. "Happy Valentine's Day," he observed sardonically. "Now get some sleep...we're bunking in the last room on the left, by the way. Since neither of you have darkened the door since we got here."

Daniel dragged himself away from the wall with some effort, pulling Janet along after him. Jack knew they were completely exhausted by the fact that they made no more protests as they stumbled down the hall.


Janet looked around the small, dark room. Her own pack, she remembered, had been taken to the room the medical team was sharing, but she would worry about that later. Daniel had spotted his leaning against the wall and began rooting around in it. Three of the four beds in the room had bedrolls and other kit scattered on them...Jack, Sam, and Teal'c's, Janet assumed. The fourth had a neat blanket pulled across it but was otherwise untouched. She sat down on it and bent down to untie her boots.

Daniel retrieved something from his pack and came to sit beside her. "Not exactly how we hoped to spend Valentine's Day," he said glumly.

"Well, our jobs are not exactly predictable," Janet admitted as she pulled off her boots and sat up to lean against him. "At least we're together," she said as his arms wrapped around her.

"Mm-hmm," he replied, planting a kiss on the top of her head before reaching up to loosen her hair from its bobby pins. "But I wanted to buy you roses and take you out to dinner and dancing and then bring you home and make love to you all night long," he murmured.

Janet smiled. "Can I have a rain check?" she asked as she leaned in to kiss him. Daniel pulled her close and moved to deepen the kiss, but as he opened his mouth a terrific yawn ruined the moment. Janet giggled as she hid her face in his shoulder.

"Right," Daniel answered. "Rain check." He pulled back and reached behind him. "I did find these, though. That new technician of Sam's was handing them out the other afternoon, and I just stuck them in my bag." He produced a small box of candy conversation hearts.

"Ooh, I want a white one," Janet exclaimed. "It's the only flavor of those that I like." She watched as he fished around for the requested flavor.

"Be Mine," he read aloud before placing the small piece of candy in her mouth.

"I'm yours," she replied with a grin. She took the box from him and examined it. "Any particular flavor that you want?"

"Nah, I'm not picky."

Janet continued to study the contents of the box, biting her lip in consideration.

"If the decision is that difficult, I can specify a flavor," Daniel quipped after a minute.

"Well, since you don't care, I want to save the white ones for myself, except that I don't want to taste one of the other flavors when I kiss you," she confessed, blushing slightly. Daniel began to laugh. She finally selected another white one and raised an eyebrow in a joking half threat until he finished laughing. "True Love," she read.

Daniel held her gaze as he ate the candy and raised one hand to cup her cheek. "You are my true love, my dearest Janet," he whispered. "I don't know what I would do without you."

She answered with a gentle yet passionate kiss that lasted nearly ten seconds before they both succumbed to yawns.

"I think," Daniel said as he put the candy back in his pack and reached down to untie his own boots, "that there will be plenty of time for more of that later. Now, however, we should probably get some sleep."

They crawled into the small, lumpy bed and pulled the blanket over them. Janet curled against Daniel's chest as he pulled her close. "Happy Valentine's Day, Daniel."


The End

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