Title: Triple Threat
Author: Chrysa
Rating: PG
Category: Angst/Drama? Not sure where this one belongs.
Pairing: Daniel/Janet
Spoilers: None
Summary: Daniel and Janet face off.
Warnings: I think you guys may just hate me for this one. Oops. ^_^ Not character death though.
Author's Note: Done for the November Dan/Jan challenge. Many thanks to Meg and Misty who told me this didn't suck. lol Double thanks to Misty for the beta.


Triple Threat

"We've got chevron three locked, Daniel!" Gunfire roared over the radio as Richie spoke. "See if you and the others can hold them off for a few more minutes."

A few more minutes. Just a few more minutes and he'd either be alive and joining his dig team at the gate or he'd be dead. Daniel breathed a sigh of relief even as the smoke from the fires raging around him threatened to overwhelm him.

He never thought he'd be in this situation again, facing down a Goa'ulded wife, but fate seemed to have something against him being happy for any length of time. Daniel stared down the barrel of the gun pointed at him even as his own was pointed at Janet's face. The brown eyes staring back at him were not the warm, loving ones of his wife but the cold, arrogant ones of a snake.

The camp burned around them. In the distance he could hear the metal clang of swords as a goa'ulded Rei and Valentine fought one another with weapons found in the underground tomb the team had been exploring. He'd lost track of Sam and SFs she'd been fighting some time ago. Only the occasional scream that pierced the air pinpointed her position as she killed.

"Chevron five locked, but we've got more Jaffa headed our way!"

Just a few more minutes.

He never should have invited those three along on this dig. He'd tempted the universe and it had bitten him in the ass.

"This has ceased to be amusing," Janet's voice resonated as she brought her other hand up to wipe blood off of the corner of her mouth. He'd tried to restrain her once he'd realized she'd been taken but it had turned into a fight. Daniel winced as his ribs reminded him of the kicks she'd delivered. "Do you know who we are?"

Daniel wiped the sweat off of his brow automatically falling back on his knowledge of ancient cultures. "You're the Furies, the female personification of vengeance. You punished the guilty, driving them to madness. There are usually three of you."

"Very good. This host chose her mate well. I am Alecto."

"You're `the unceasing'."

Alecto nodded. "I am very angry indeed at having been locked up for so long. My sisters are...`furious'."

Daniel smiled humorlessly. "I'd like my wife back and those other two women are *my* sisters."

"The bond between these three runs deep. That will serve us well as we return to power and punish the Goa'uld who imprisoned us."

The gun barrels never wavered as Daniel and Janet continued to stare each other down.

Just a few more minutes, Daniel promised himself. Just a few more minutes. He coughed as the smoke from the fires grew thicker. A scream echoed off of his right and Daniel knew the last SF Sam had been fighting was dead.

"Alecto!!" Sam's voice called out.

"I am here, Tisiphone!"

Tisiphone meant `the avenger', Daniel's mind spit out, which meant that Rei had to be Megaera, `the grudging'. Almost on cue he heard the clang of swords and Val's loud swearing. She was still alive. One small miracle in this disaster.

Time was running out. There was no way he could hold both Sam and Janet at bay gun or no gun. He searched Janet's eyes and saw no trace of the woman he loved. The Goa'uld looked back at him through her eyes and he knew it was searching for a weakness to exploit.

Just a few more minutes.

"Chevron six!"

Suddenly Daniel knew this would be thing that broke him. Another wife plus two women he thought of as sisters taken as hosts on top of everything else he had dealt with? The late nights, the shattered dreams, cruel hope dangling these three in front of him only to snatch them away again and again?

It would be Sha're all over again.

No, just no.

Not again.

Just a few more minutes.

His finger began to tighten on the trigger then loosened as all the good times began to flood back.

Janet's eyes narrowed as she saw his hesitation.

What would his wife want him to do?

Just a few-

"Chevron seven locked! You did it, Daniel!"

A shot rang out in the night.

The End


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