Title - Take Care
Author - Kellifer
Disclaimer - Don't own, don't sue!
Chapter - 1/3
Setting - Around beginning season 7ish...
Category - Angst/humor/drama (I know!) Dan/Jan.
Summary - "They might have had each other, but they lost their world. Every universe has it's own pain as well as it's own happiness. I'd like to think there is a perfect one out there somewhere, but it's not mine to have. I have this one and I wouldn't change it."


Take Care
Part 1

"I can't believe we're finally getting rid of that thing."

Daniel had been lost in thought and started at the soft voice behind him. He turned and saw Sam watching him from the doorway, a look of trepidation mixed with relief on her face. He knew all of them had hated the quantum mirror, mostly because they had almost lost Daniel to another Universe.

He knew they didn't want to hear about how the knowledge gained from it had saved them all.

"Yep, Siler is on his way down with a team to weld a plate over the front like the stuff that makes up the iris and then that's it, shipped off to Area 51 and hopefully to be left forever after in storage." Daniel agreed, reaching out a tentative hand to its surface. He heard Sam take in a small breath and knew although it was dormant; she would prefer he didn't touch it.

"I'll be glad when it's gone. It's kinda creepy just sitting down here." Sam said. "What are you doing down here anyway?"

"Well, I-"

The mirror pulsed and then the surface glowed. Daniel heard Sam bark his name but he didn't need telling. Daniel backed off quickly until he was by Sam's side. The mirror's surface resolved itself and they were looking down the darkened hallway of another SGC.

"Oh, I've done this before." Daniel groaned. Sam was looking around for a weapon but there was nothing usable in the storage room. A figure appeared at the end of the hallway and it was almost too dark to make out, but the way the figure moved, crossing down to the mirror with furtive but quick steps as if being pursued, was horribly familiar to Daniel.

"Sha're!" He exclaimed. He made to run forward to the mirror but Sam shot out an arm and grabbed his sleeve.

"Daniel, jesus! You don't know if that's Sha're!" She exclaimed. They both watched as Sha're disappeared out of the mirror's view, only to reappear with a tiny bundle in her arms. She held up one arm and touched the mirrors surface and reformed on their side of the mirror.

"Hold it right there!" Sam ordered, holding up a weapon-less hand. She reached behind herself and slapped a flat palm onto the security alarm. The sound of the alarm shrilled through the base.

"Danyel, is that really you?" Sha're took a step forward but Sam anticipated and moved, putting herself between the intruder and Daniel.

"I said hold it." Sam snapped.

"She's wearing..." Daniel said in a hollow voice, gesturing towards himself and then Sha're. Sam blinked and then realized what he was saying. Sha're was wearing the overall green jumpsuit that was common in the SGC hallways. Fire bloomed in the mirrors surface at the end of the reflected hallway and Sha're looked back and then forward, desperation in her eyes.

"What the hell is going on?" Sam demanded, noting that Daniel was more shell-shocked than anything. She saw Sha're reach behind her and was relieved to see her bring forward the remote for the quantum mirror and not a weapon.

"Please, Saman'ta. There is little time to explain. We are under attack and were retreating to the Alpha site when we were cut off from the `gate." Sam realized that Sha're's voice was not as heavily accented but only still carried a slight lilt to it.

"We?" Sam hadn't let go of Daniel's jacket sleeve and grasped it more firmly in her fist.

"I was with O'Neill and my Danyel. There were too many and... I saw my Danyel fall just as O'Neill was pushing me down here. We were going to look for help but I fear it is too late."

"You should deactivate the mirror. You're safe here." Sam said, reaching out a hand.

Tears formed in Sha're's eyes. "This then is a safe place?"

"Yes, it's safe." Sam confirmed.

"Then you will take Elliot for me." Sha're took a step forward and offered the small bundle in Sam's direction. Sam automatically put up her arms to accept the tiny creature and Sha're stepped back. "Please, keep him safe and I will try and return. For now I must go back and try to help them."

"Wait!" Daniel snapped out of his paralysis and strode forward, having been released from Sam's grip when she accepted the offered bundle from Sha're. He gripped the woman's shoulders and despite the uniform, shorter hair and thinner face, she still smelled of spices and the desert and for a moment he was lost.

Sha're reached up a hand and traced Daniel's jaw. "This is not my world. My husband may yet live. I could not live with myself if I left him behind. I can try and keep our little one safe and if I do not make it, give him a place of peace to live in." Sha're reached up quickly and embraced Daniel and then leaned back and placed her palm flat on the mirror's surface once more.

She stopped halfway down the hallway and turned, holding up the remote.

The mirror went dark.

"We have to help them." Daniel said, starting to paw through the table by the mirror, looking for their remote.

"Uh... Daniel?" Sam said in a surprised voice.

"It's got to be here somewhere. We can send them reinforcements." Daniel said, his voice rising in pitch and urgency.

"Daniel!" Sam said more firmly.

Daniel stopped and looked at her. Just as three SFs and Jack burst into the room, answering the call of the alarms that Sam had activated, the bundle began to cry.


Doctor Janet Frasier was stunned.

She stood in the entry to the infirmary and listened while Sam explained what happened and why Daniel was sitting on one of her infirmary beds, a baby clasped firmly to his chest. Jack was standing at the end of the bed, arms crossed over his torso and looking as gob-smacked as Janet felt.

"So he's..."

"Probably Sha're and Daniel's baby." Sam supplied. They both watched as Daniel moved to put the baby down on the bed beside him. The tiny boy protested vehemently and Daniel scooped him back up again, which quieted him immediately. Daniel looked at Jack who just shrugged and smiled.

"That's gotta be hard for Daniel." Janet said and she saw Sam pale visibly.

"Oh god... I hadn't even thought... oh Janet." She clasped her friend's shoulder.

"Anyway, I'd better check the little guy out huh?" Janet said, hiding her inner turmoil with a bright smile. Her mind was racing. Her first thought had been for Daniel and how it must have been tearing him apart to hold the tiny embodiment of a life he'd had torn away from him. Daniel had recently been opening up, more relaxed and happy than he had been since Teal'c had been forced to shoot Sha're to save his life and Janet fervently hoped that this would not put them all back to square one.

She had been getting used to the jovial and affectionate Daniel and didn't want to see him withdraw into the shell he had so carefully built about himself for all those years.

"So, can I have a look at him?" Janet asked brightly, stepping into the room. Daniel looked up and she felt a little thrill of pleasure to see him so relieved at her presence. He nodded and carefully settled the little boy down, who started to fret again almost immediately. Jack leaned over and held out a finger, which was grasped and inserted into a tiny mouth, and the protestations stopped to the sounds of contented munching.

Janet unwrapped the small figure and they all got their first look at him. If there had been doubts before, it was pretty clear whose child he was. The boy had coffee coloured skin and a curl of jet- black hair, marking him as Sha're's. When he opened his eyes and stared about at the adults gathered over him, bright and intelligent blue eyes regarded them with an almost comical concentration and a tiny single line appeared between the boy's brows as he studiously sucked on Jack's finger.

"Definitely a little Jackson." Jack snorted.

Janet was as fast as she could be with her work up and she was relieved to find the tiny person in perfect health. Hammond had called down and requested a briefing as the physical was going on and the baby was left in the care of Janet's favourite nurse, a woman by the name of Enid so that they could attend.


"What the hell happened?" Hammond demanded as soon as Sam, Jack, Daniel and Janet were settled around the conference table.

"It seems an alternate Sha're came through the `gate from an Earth that was being attacked. We're not sure by whom or to what extent, she left before we could get any further information from her." Sam flushed, knowing that she should've tried to question the woman more.

"You mean she just handed you a baby and went back through?" Hammond asked, incredulous.

"Yes, Sir." Sam nodded.

"Are we sure this child isn't a threat?" Hammond asked.

"How on earth-" Daniel started to protest but Hammond held up a hand, requesting silence.

"We've seen this too many times before Doctor Jackson to take any chances. The Goa'uld have used children to infiltrate weapons into this base. Doctor Frasier, have you ruled out this possibility?"

"I've done a preliminary exam but will do further tests just to be sure." Janet agreed, looking at Daniel and hoping that he understood their very real need for caution. He was moodily silent.

"I think the best thing to do is go ahead with sealing the mirror as planned." Hammond said.

"No!" Daniel protested.

"It's too much of a risk son. We were contacted by a planet seemingly under siege by an unknown threat. They may be able to dial through to us again and this time the dialer may not be a friend."

"It doesn't work like that." Daniel said, rubbing his temple. "You use the mirror and when you try to dial it, if you've switched it off, it doesn't automatically find the same reality again."

"He's right sir." Sam agreed.

"Be that as it may, you'd have to agree that we're had an incursion on this base and we're just damn lucky that it was friendly, and we don't even know that for sure." Hammond said, the voice of reason.

"Sir, that things been sitting down there for god knows how long without us worrying about it. Sealing it now in a panic is a bit slamming the barn door after the horse has flown the coop." Jack said.

"Besides, she said she would try to come back." Daniel said in a small voice and all in the room looked at him. "We should give her a chance."

"Daniel-" Jack reached out a hand but Daniel flinched away.

"She'll come back for her child. I know Sha're. We have to give her that chance." Daniel snapped, his voice tense.

Janet watched him with pain in her eyes, seeing how he'd scooted down in his chair and now his arms wrapped around his stomach. It was a mirror of how Daniel used to be and something that she had wished they would never have to see again.

"I'll leave it open for forty-eight hours. After that, I'm sealing the damn thing. I'll post guards in the mean time."

"But sir-" Daniel started to protest again but Jack put a hand on his arm and this time Daniel let it stay.

"He's right. It's too dangerous." Jack said and Daniel nodded once.


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