Title: Second Chance
Author: Kellifer
Category: Angst / Dan/Jan
Summary: "Janet?" Daniel gasped, horrified. He would have rubbed his eyes in disbelief if his hands had been free. A smile he knew almost as well as his own flashed across the womanís face. "Youíre dead."

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Challenge #31
What if Janet's body was off somewhere else and she wasn't dead but in a sarcophagus or something? Could she be turned to the darkside? Would SG1 or even just Daniel be able to turn her back if they found her?


Second Chance

"So very pretty."

Daniel heard the womanís voice through the thick fog clouding his mind. He knew he had to get up and start moving but everything hurt and he was having trouble pinpointing exactly where he was. Daniel could feel a cold blackness ebbing at his conscious mind and bit down on the inside of his lip until there was the coppery tang of blood, keeping him alert.

Now, if only he could remember what had... ah.

Coming through the Ďgate and there had been a horrible sensation of pain and falling. The MALP had shown an undiscovered paradise.

Obviously incorrectly.

The female voice he had heard was deep and echoed. Daniel figured Goaíuld. He sighed heavily and cracked his eyes open a little. The face hovering over him was blurry without his glasses and a little too close for his liking. As if to reinforce that fact, he felt fingers brush his jaw. He tensed and tried to scoot away but the clank of a chain impeding his retreat had him cursing loudly and quite colorfully.

There was a deep-throated chuckle that faded as the Goaíuld moved away from his side.

"When I saw him I just knew I had to have him." The same voice said.

"You chose well. Were there not other Tauíri at the same sale?" Another female voice enquired. Daniel strained to move his head to see better but there was what felt like a leather strap around his throat, further restricting any movement.

He wasnít sure he liked where this was going, but if he was right they were discussing the other members of SG-1 and the more important item on his agenda above his own safety, was theirs.

"Yes, and although this Host wanted them also, this was the one she most desperately desired." There was another chuckle and Daniel wanted to ask them to quit the evil villain melodramatics, but something about what she said bothered him. He wrenched his neck until he captured the woman speaking into his line of sight and then squinted. She was a small, compact woman with dark hair and lightly tanned skin. There was something in the way she moved that was familiar.

Daniel felt his heart almost stop in his chest and this time he could not fight the blackness that wanted to claim him for itís own.


"I could kill those skin merchants. If theyíve damaged you permanently Iím getting my money back." There was a cool cloth at his temple and a voice full of venom in his ear. Daniel jerked and then strap at his throat bit into the delicate skin painfully.

"I need..." He croaked.

"These?" Gentle hands slipped his glasses onto his face and the woman above him finally, painfully, resolved into a recognizable form.

"Janet?" Daniel gasped, horrified. He would have rubbed his eyes in disbelief if his hands had been free. A smile he knew almost as well as his own flashed across the womanís face. "Youíre dead."

"Ugh. Easily fixed." The Goaíuld stretched Janetís arms out in front of itself and seemed to look at them critically. "There is a group of," a sneer touched her features "whatís known as battle chasers, that pick up bodies after fights. Usually they raid planets that Jaffa have laid waste to, picking up those that can be mended easily. Theyíre nothing more than carrion, bottom feeders, but itís a good source of cheap slaves. I picked this woman up at a skin bazaar. They were selling her at a ridiculously low price, didnít even realise what they had."


"I am Bastet. My last Host was inflicted with a virus I could battle but not cure. It was prudent to change Hosts and I found this one at a good time. She was a little different than my usual fare but very appealing nonetheless. Strong willed too. Not a lot of my kind like that but I appreciate a little internal suffering." Bastet smiled and Daniel grimaced, turning his face away.

Strong fingers found his jaw and forced his face back. "You, on the other hand, were quite expensive. The Skin Traders that had you knew exactly what they had, unfortunately. You were pretty enough for me to be tempted but the lovely little reaction I got from her," Bastet tapped her temple "made you cheap at half the price."

There was a tiny tightening around the eyes and Daniel knew instinctively that Janet was alive and worse, aware, as well as being trapped. Daniel couldnít imagine a worse torture or someone who deserved it less. They hadnít brought her body back with them, there had been too much heavy fire and a decision had been made. Daniel had been forced to yank the dog tags from around her neck and flee with everyone else.

He hated himself for it, especially now.

"You will make a fine Loítar... once youíre broken in of course." A smile curved Bastetís lips that Daniel had never seen on Janetís face. It was an expression of pure malice and dangerous anticipation.

"You wonít have to break me in." Daniel snapped, his mind racing. The horror and sadness of bearing witness to the travesty that had been made of the woman before him had almost pushed completely out of his mind his concern for his team. Almost, but not completely. He had to concentrate on saving them and nothing else, no matter how painful.

"No? The memories my Host has would suggest otherwise. I know you to be extremely resilient to torture but there are definitely... ways that havenít been tested as yet. Believe me, I can be very imaginative."

"Iím sure." Daniel said coldly and his tone had the desired effect. The teasing glint faded out of Bastetís eyes, to be replaced with a low cunning, as if she were trying to figure out the game he was playing.

"Believe me." Bastet ran a finger down Danielís chest and he had to fight the shudder that threatened. "It doesnít have to be all bad."

"As I said, you wonít need to break me. Quite the contrary, Iíll pledge myself as your loyal Loítar, but you have to do something for me."

Bastet quirked an eyebrow, curiosity at war on her features with wariness. "You amuse me greatly but my patience has limits." She purred.

"The other two Tauíri that were with me, and the Jaffa. Locate them and release them and you can have me."

"I do have you. Why would I need to do what you ask," Daniel could tell he was getting close to dangerous territory, but he had a tendency, much to the annoyance of Jack, to plunge headlong into it.

"Free the Tauíri and the Jaffa and you will have a willing Loítar. Ignore this offer and the very first opportunity, I will end myself. Iím sure memory within your Host will tell you that death holds no fear for me."

Bastet barked harsh laugher, but the tightness around the eyes was back. "End yourself a hundred times if you wish. I will simply revive you." Bastetís eyes ticked away from Daniel at the last second and he knew he had her.

"The Goaíuld are without most of their loyal Jaffa and scattered to the winds. Most have a handful of human slaves and maybe a world or two still deluded enough to think them Gods, but thatís it. I happen to know from intelligence from a Tokíra raiding party that Bastetís damaged sarcophagus was recovered on a backwater planet where some of her Jaffa had hidden it, after they had relieved it and a number of other treasures from her stronghold."

Bastet looked furious, an expression more at home on Janetís features since with Jack as a regular patient, sheíd had to employ it more than a time or two.


Jack was blindfolded, hurting and pissed. He, Sam and Tealíc had been bought like cattle and transported. Heíd been manhandled more in the last twenty-four hours than he had in his lifetime and he was quite ready to kill someone with his bare hands, if only his hands were free.

It was reassuring to know that he was with two of his teammates, but what was making him madder than anything else was that they had lost Daniel.

"Sir?" They had been moved yet again and every time they were, there would be a quietly spoken check to make sure they were still together.

"Present. Tealíc?" Jack prompted.

"Here OíNeill. DanielJackson?"

Jack winced anticipating the silence, but no matter how many times they had been moved and done this, not one of them could resist speaking that last name. There had also never been a response.

Till now.

"Nice to know I havenít been forgotten." Jack jerked his head, trying to track the sound of Danielís voice. The voice sounded rough but solid and Jack felt a shock of pleasure run through his body, closely followed by the very real fear that perhaps Daniel wasnít... Daniel anymore.

"If this is a joke, letís just say Iíll be so mad I think Iíll be able to kill someone with my thoughts." Jack snapped. He flinched when he felt something brush his face, but then gentle fingers tugged the blindfold free and Jack was looking into the eyes of a woman he thought was dead. "Jesus!" He exclaimed.

"Not quite." Bastet grinned. "Are all the Tauíri as pretty?" She ran a finger along Jackís jaw and he turned his head away as much as possible with a snarl.

"Leave him be!" Jack looked up and could see Daniel standing back a little, his hands bound behind his back and a leather collar on his neck. His eyes were sparking and he looked as mad as Jack felt. "Undo the blindfolds on the others and then set them free. Thatís the deal."

"Daniel, what-?" Sam started and then let out a cry when her eyes were uncovered and she was face to face with the creature wearing Janetís body. Bastet moved on to Tealíc but he didnít betray any surprise.

"You guys are being set free." Daniel said simply, his face carefully neutral. He flicked his head, indicating the active Stargate behind himself. "The alpha site is already dialed and I sent a radio transmission through letting them know youíre coming. Thereíll be guards and probably an MRI before youíre let back through to Earth."

"What do you mean Ďweí?" Sam said, her expression grim.

"You guys. Itís the only way."

"The hell it is." Jack said, standing awkwardly from his kneeling position. He heard the telltale sound of a zat opening and glanced to his right, noticing the four guards in the room. "Dammit, Daniel."

"Just trust me." Daniel smiled tightly.


Jack recognized Colonel Anders and a number of other SFs with their guns trained on the Stargate. Jack would have raised his hands if they werenít bound behind his back so he attempted his most disarming smile. "Itís us, although weíll submit to any testing." There was the liquid sound of Tealíc and then Sam stepping through the Stargate.

Jack heard a cry from behind him and turned to see Sam bowled over by two figures hurtling through the Stargate behind her. There was screaming and cursing and when the two figures finally came to a halt at the bottom of the ramp Jack could see it was Daniel, holding a screeching Bastet.

"Holy crap." Jack exclaimed.

"Little help!" Daniel yelped as he was viciously bitten on the hand.


"Sheís resting." Sam said, standing by the viewing window of the isolation room. She touched the glass with her fingers. "I still keep thinking Iím dreaming." She sighed, watching the small figure curled up on the bed below.

"Itíll be like a nightmare for her." Jack touched Samí shoulder gently, his eyes also never leaving the room below. "Should you-?"

"I donít think it would be like Jolinar." Sam said mildly. "There was a sense of loss there but because sheíd shared herself, sacrificed herself. I donít think I can help Janet." There were tears in her eyes when Sam finally tore them away from her friend to look at Jack. "Danielís helped Sarah through it, heís the one who... heís the one she needs."


Daniel sat by the bedside of Janet, his elbows resting on the mattress. He had his glasses off and was chewing one of the arms absently.

He was completely terrified.

Heíd been through this once before, trying to rehabilitate someone who had gone through a Goaíuld infestation and been rescued. Sarah had been accepting of his help to begin with, but thereíd been too much hurt and grief and she had finally pulled away, wanting to cut herself off from anything that would remind her of what had happened.

Daniel wasnít sure he could lose Janet again, not just after theyíd found her.

"Daniel?" He was startled by the quiet voice and almost fell off his chair. He glanced up and could see Janet gazing at him with patient amusement. "There you are." She breathed, one of her hands drifting towards him. Daniel arrested it in mid-flight and folded it into his own.

"I can leave you to get some rest, if you need it." Daniel said quickly, mindful of the number of times Sarah had said he had been suffocating her.

Janetís grip tightened. "Donít you dare go anywhere," She said, a note of panic in her voice. "Ever again."

Daniel smiled, bringing another hand up so that hers was sandwiched between his own. He knew Janet was tough and a fighter and he liked their odds of coming out the other side of this, together.

"You either." He said sternly. "No more dying, for either of us."

Janet was already drifting back to sleep, her hand still clutching Danielís.

"Itís a deal."

The End


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