Pink Elephant
Author: Assilem
Rating: K I think
Category: Fluffy angst!
Author Notes: This is for the Septmember Challenge for Daddy!Daniel Fic! Instead of pure fluff, Daniel decided to be angsty so now I have AngstyFluff or Fluffy Angst! *grins* What else, Oh yes! You can hear the Opus here its by Frederic Chopin, and yes. I don't own it or anything.
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Pink Elephant

He could never say no to her. Not once since the second she was born could he say no to her every wish, every command, every plea. Even now, seventeen years after she was born, he said yes because she pleaded and gave him the same puppy dog eyes her mother had.

This time he should have said no...but he couldnít. Not for his life could he deny this little girl of his everything she wanted.

Daniel picked up her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it softly. He wasnít about to lose her, not now not ever. Even as she lay there in the hospital bed, in intensive care was he going to let her go, not now, not ever.

The sound of a door opening, Daniel looked up and saw his wife walk in and walk over to the two. "How is she?"

"Same," Daniel replied with a whisper as he moved so Janet could sit on his lap. "Look our little girl..."

"I know Daniel...itíll be okay, sheíll pull through. As a Doctor I know a Mother I know it even more," Janet replied softly letting her head rest against Danielís.

"You know, this is even worse than when she was in here to get her tonsils removed..."


"Daddy?" Hayden Jackson whispered as she lay in the hospital bed.

"Iím right here," Daniel smiled taking a hold of his little girlís hand and kissing it softly. "Are you worried?"

"Yeah," Hayden replied nodding her head slightly.

"Donít be. The doctors are pros at this kind of thing," Daniel replied. "And Mom is going to be in the room with you. Donít worry."

"Where is Mom?" Hayden asked as her voice cracked.

"Getting ready. Donít worry little girl. You have Allie?" Daniel asked, as the little girl produced the pink stuffed elephant she had since birth. "Good."

"Doctor Jackson, weíre ready," a nurse smiled walking up to the two.

"Okay, now Hayden youíll be fine. Mommy will be there the entire time, and weíll both be here when you wake up."


"I promise. Iíll always be here."


"I should have said no....not let her go," Daniel said looking at the young woman, who was still his little girl laying in the bed.

"Daniel, she was hit by a drunk driver, it wasnít her fault. And it wasnít yours," Janet explained softly.

"How is he?" Daniel asked speaking of the driver.

"Stable, heíll recover," Janet explained.

"Have you called Sam and Jack again?" Daniel asked looking at her.

"Yes I have," Janet replied. "Jack is calling every lawyer he can possibly think of and Sam is still trying to get a hold of Cassandra."

Daniel nodded and watched his daughter. "Jan..."


"She doesnít have Allie. Whereís Allie?" Daniel asked.

"At home," Janet replied. "Iíll call Tealíc to pick it up before he comes over."

"Thank you," Daniel replied, as he looked at his daughter. He could remember everything about her life...everything she ever did...everything she ever dreamed...everything she ever loved...


"Daniel wake up," Janet said shaking Danielís side.

"Iím sleepiní," he mumbled burying his face into his pillow.

Janet groaned and hit him. "Its time."

"Yes time to sleep," Daniel mumbled.

"No its time to have this baby," she replied angrily as Danielís eyes bolted open and he flew up.

"You sure?"

"No Daniel, Iím not sure," Janet replied sarcastically as Daniel bolted out of bed and ran around helping her stand.

"Okay breathe, relax and weíll get through this," he said very fast.

"Lets just go," Janet replied. "I called Sam and the General...theyíre meeting us there with Cassie," she replied. "I even called the hospital, so theyíre expecting us."

"Why didnít you wake me sooner?" Daniel asked as he helped Janet down the stairs.

"I wanted to get some stuff done before you panicked," she teased as Daniel helped the woman.

"Thanks honey, I sure feel the love," Daniel teased back as he watched his very pregnant wife.

"As you should," She added. "Now I suggest we get to the hospital really soon..."

"On our way," Daniel said closing the front door and helping Janet down the steps to the car.


Daniel sat in the waiting room with the rest of SG-1 and General Hammond. He was playing with his wedding band and constantly looking at the door.

"This is insane. How long does it take to have a baby?" Daniel asked standing up and looking at everyone.

"It could be a long time," General Hammond said.

"Yup. When Charlie was born it was a five-hour wait..." Jack said reliving a bit of his past that he rarely did.

"Sheís already been in there for..." Daniel started as the doors opened.

"Doctor Jackson, I have someone here who would like to say hello," the nurse said walking into sight holding a small baby. Daniel smiled and walked over. "Congratulations Doctor."

"Thank you..." Daniel whispered taking his new child into his arms as everyone stood up and walked over to the pair. "Itís a girl...ten fingers, ten toes..." he grinned.

"Sheís beautiful Daniel," Jack smiled looking at the baby.

"She looks just like..." Daniel whispered. "Janet."

"That she does," Sam added as Tealíc stayed silent and watched.

"Whatís her name son?" General Hammond asked as Daniel looked up.

"We thought long and hard..." he said before he sat down. "Her name is Hayden."

"Thatís a pretty name," Sam grinned sitting down next to Daniel. "Why donít you go see your wife."

Daniel nodded, too engrossed with the new child to actually comprehend what Sam was saying. Standing up he walked into the Delivery room where Janet was laying.

"You brought back my baby," She teased.

"Sheís the most perfect thing I have ever seen," Daniel replied softly before leaning down and kissing his wife on the head. "I love you."

"Love you too."

"I named her," Daniel smiled.

"You did?"

"I sure did. Hayden," Daniel replied. "She reminds me of a Hayden." Janet chuckled as she was wheeled out of the delivery room and into her room. "I have a present for her."

"Really?" Janet smiled as she cradled the young baby. "I didnít think you would remember."

"Very little faith in me," Daniel winked before he produced a stuffed pink elephant. "So sheíll always have me."


Daniel was asleep; his hand still locked in Haydenís when Cassie walked into the room. "Daniel?" she said softly walking over and touching his shoulder. Danielís head shot up and he looked at the woman beside him. "How is she?"

"Hasnít woke up yet," Daniel replied his hand still griping Haydenís.

"Daniel, sheíll make it. Sheís as resilient as mom," Cassie said softly.

"I know Cass," Daniel said just as he noticed the pink elephant resting beside Hayden. "Allie..."

"Everyone is here. Jack is in the lobby basically yelling over his cell at the insurance guy," Cassie explained. "Sam is talking with Mom, and Tealíc is giving menacing looks at the staff."

Daniel chuckled softly. "How are you doing?"

"With this? A bit sad and to be honest a bit worried," the young woman confessed. "But Iím not giving up hope."

"Neither am I," Daniel said. "I canít lose her yet, I donít know what Iíd do..."

"You wont have to," Cassie said laying a hand on Danielís shoulder before giving it a squeeze. "Iíll be outside."

Daniel nodded and reached up brushing Haydenís cheek with the back of his fingers as Janet walked in, he shook his head softly and looked at her.

Janet nodded softly before she walked up behind her husband and wrapped her arms around his body, and her chin on his head.

"Daddy," Hayden said barely audible, her eyes still shut, and mouth barely moving. Daniel looked up and over at his daughter.

"Baby, its okay, Iím here," he said softly moving over to her upper body.

"Where am I?" she asked opening her eyes before closing them again. "It's bright."

Janet nodded and moved and switched off the lights as Haydenís eyes opened again. "Hey sweetie, youíre okay, youíre in the hospital," she told her daughter.

"What happened?" she asked hoarsely.

"You were hit," Daniel said softly.

"What?" Hayden asked as she started to shake.

"Hey hey," Daniel said trying to steady her as Janet checked her IVs. "Baby settle down, itís okay. Youíre fine."

"," she said as the tears started to pour from her eyes.

"Sssh," Daniel said smoothing her hair. "Its okay. Youíre okay. Iím right here."

"Sssh, Hayden," Janet said coming to her daughter and running her hand over her hair. "Youíre fine. Youíll be fine. Just a few bumps, bruises and fractures."

"The other car?" Hayden asked as her breathing calmed itself.

"As far as I know honey, heís fine," Daniel replied. "For now," he added under his breath.

"The baby?" she asked.

"What baby?" Janet asked as she thought there was no child that she knew of was in the other car.

"I saw a baby..." Hayden replied looking at her father. "She was looking right at me...."

"There was no one else in his car, just him," Janet replied softly. "You were just hallucinating."

Hayden nodded softly and looked at her parents before she saw her pink elephant. Picking it up she squeezed it tight and let a few tears fall. Daniel squeezed her hand before leaning up and placing a kiss on her forehead. "Iím right here."


"There you go!" Daniel beamed as Hayden sat up on her own for the first time. "Iím so proud of you. JANET!"

"What?" Janet asked walking into the bedroom and saw her daughter sitting on the bed, a smile on her face. "Look at you."

"She did it all by herself," Daniel beamed as he moved over to the bed and picked up his daughter. "She is amazing, just like her mother," he smiled kissing Janet and then kissing Haydenís head. "Iím so proud of you," he said to the little girl before sitting back on the bed. "Yes I am."

Janet smiled softly before she left the room to finish making dinner. "You and your mommy are the best thing that ever happened to me. Our Mommy is very special to me, but you are my baby, and a miracle at that, Iíll always be here for you."


"Do you remember your birthday?" Doctor Gaal asked as Hayden sat on her bed and he looked at her. Daniel stood behind the Doctor doing what Janet always told him to do.

Hayden sat there, a bandage across her forehead and she was holding herself. She licked her lips and opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out.

"Okay lets try with something simpler. Do you know your name?"

"Hayden..." she whispered. "Hayden Alicia Jackson..."

"Good," the doctor smiled. "What about your birthday?"

"July 8th, same as mine," Daniel replied as Hayden sat and stared at her arm.

"Doctor Jackson, Hayden needs to know this on her own," Doctor Gaal explained. Daniel nodded. "Okay Hayden do you remember what month it is?"

Hayden nodded her head a bit and moved her lips before speaking. "August..."

"Good. Iím going to just look into your eyes okay, follow the light," Gaal smiled.

"Just like what Mom does," Daniel smiled in hopes of getting his daughter comfortable again. Hayden nodded and followed the light before she dropped her head. "Hayden?"

"Sheís fine Doctor Jackson, Hayden can you tell me about what you like to do?"

"Play..." she started. "The piano..."

"Good," Gaal smiled. "Your mom tells me you were going to a music school." Hayden nodded. "Can you tell me anything about it?"

"No...No more music," she said before the tears started to pour from her eyes. Doctor Gaal stood up and moved to let Daniel to his daughterís side.

"Woah honey, its okay," Daniel cooed wrapping an arm around her body.

"I donít want to play anymore," she cried into her fatherís shoulder. Daniel didnít say anything and just held onto Hayden just as Janet walked in.


"Jan?" Daniel asked as the two lay in bed.

"Yes?" Janet asked from Danielís side.

"Iím afraid that she wont play again," Daniel confessed softly. Janet took a small breath before she moved and looked at her husband.

"She will. Sheíll pull through, always has," Janet replied. "She may not want to now, but she will. Sheíll realise that no matter what, her life will improve and music will help her."

Daniel took a breath and looked at his wife. "Why do I deserve you?"

"You don't. But I deserve you, so it evens out," Janet smiled leaning up and kissing Daniel on the lips. "Don't worry though, she'll pull through. I can pretty much garuntee it. She'll be fine. I have faith in her."


"Faith. This is our baby Daniel, we've seen her through the long labour, the chicken pox, surgery, first love, first heart break, sickness, her drivers test, we can make her come through with this.I don't have a doubt about it," Janet explained softly.

Daniel looked at his wife and nodded. "You're right. I shouldn't be worried, she's too much like you to give up."


Hayden stood standing in the doorway of the livingroom and looked at the piano that stood facing the wall of windows. There were cards and flowers placed around the piano as Hayden watched the sun rays bounce off the piano and around the room. Looking over at the piano again, she noticed something sitting on the bench. Walking over softly she bent down and picked up the card.

My Darling Daughter Hayden

I understand how you're feeling right now. However I do not want you to give up where you belong. So here lies something that I do hope will inspire you. Along side, is the only person I know you willl allow to listen to you play.

Your Biggest Fan,


Hayden took a breath and took the small pink elephant from ontop of a folder. Sitting on the bench, she pulled the ribbon off the papers and opened the folder to reveal a complicated Opus; Revolutionary Etude (Study). She ran her fingers over the creamy paper before placing it infront of her. Reading the first line she looked down at her piano and then at Allie. Picking her up, she placed her beside the sheetmusic before she started to play. Thinking to herself that she could do this, she played the first couple of notes before her mind flashed and she pulled away from the ivory. Taking a deep breath she looked at the sheet music agian and tried again. Failing once more Hayden started to breath deeply and flicked on her timer, before trying again. Allie sat beside her as her fingers danced along the keys, every time she made a mistake, she would start over again, and every time she looked at Allie and would try again. There was a piece of her that never wanted to play again....but there was a piece of her that made her feel like she couldn't get up from this bench until she got through the entire opus without a mistake.

Pausing for a moment, Hayden looked out the window at the setting sun and then back at the sheet music. Taking a breath and nodded to herself, she allowed her findgers to dance over the ivory keys.

As her breathing fell into rythm, she concentrated on her hands, right-hand melody in full chords, and the rolling turbulent passages in the left hand, which produced a sound that could never be duplicated in likeness. Taking a breath she finished the Opus and put her hands back in her lap.

"I can do it..." she whispered to herself before she looked over to see her parents standing in the doorway, watching her. "I can do it."

"I always knew you could," Janet smiled as Hayden took Allie and held her. Daniel gave his daughter a smile before he walked over to her, and sat on one side of her, and Janet on the other.

"You're going to be fine," he whispered before kissing his daughters forhead. "Play me something."

Hayden nodded moving the Opus to the side before she placed Allie in its place. Placing her fingers on the keys she smiled before she started to play. "I thank you for everything

For being there and never leaving
You are my inspiration and the joy you bring
Will forever be my everything
I'll never forget what you did for me
What you sacraficed just for me
You showed me a strange new world
But never left me
I thank you for everything
For all the joy you bring
For what you mean to me
You took are of me
Watched over me
Showed me
There was someone watching over me.
You will forever be my Mom and my Daddy
I thank you for what you gave to me
for everything your taught me

You two are my every-th-i-n-g," Hayden sung as she gently played the piano. "Thank you," she smiled leaning into her mother's side as Daniel ran his hand through her hair.

"I love you," he whispered.


And for Hayden, she knew that she could never go back to yesterday, because yesterday she was a different person. But she'll always be the little girl who had a pink elephant to get her through everything.



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