Title: A Moment Like This
By Assilem
Rated: PG
Pairing: Dan/Jan
Spoilers: Just with Cassie, but set whenever you please!
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A Moment Like This

"Come on," Daniel smiled as he stood on the ice rink, looking at Janet with a smile.

"No," Janet laughed. "I can't."

"Yes you can. Come on. Look at Norah, she's doing it!" Daniel laughed as he watched Cassie and Norah skate around on the outside rink.

"I can't Daniel!" Janet said as Daniel pulled her onto the ice, she squealed and fell on him, knocking him down to the ice.

"Thanks hon," Daniel laughed as he pulled his wife to his body.

"MOMMY!" Norah screamed as Janet pulled away slightly and looked up at her daughter. "Look at me!"

"I'm watching!" Janet called as she sat up, and straddled her husband, watching their two girls skate around on the ice.

It was Valentines Day and Daniel's idea of spending the day, was with his family. Of course, upon being woken up by Norah and Daniel, Janet spent the morning with those two in bed. Daniel had woken her up with a bouquet of red, yellow and pink roses. Of course, leaving out her dyed purple roses for Norah to bring in, along with breakfast. So the three spent some time laying in bed, Norah and Janet picking on Daniel and tickling him. After all, that man couldn't say no to his daughter or wife.

"DADDY watch!" The four-year-old yelled before she let go of Cassie's hand and skated towards her parents. Daniel grinned and sat up, bringing Janet in his arms before Norah crashed into her parents, knocking them back down to the ice. The little girl's laugh rang through the air, and her bright blue eyes danced with merriment.

"You little monkey!" Daniel laughed pulling Norah's toque off her head and ruffling the big bouncy redy brown curls of his daughter's head.

"Daddy!" Norah laughed as Cassie skated up.

"Come here munchkin," Cassie grinned picking up the little girl before helping Janet up, who helped Daniel up.

"You're getting good baby," Daniel smiled taking the girl into his arms as he held out a hand to Janet, who took it gratefully.

"Well I do hate to leave you three, but I have a date, I'll see you guys soon okay?" Cassie smiled leaning over and giving Janet a kiss before ruffling Norah's hair.

"Byebye!" Norah waved and looked at her father. "Skate with me?"

"Of course mon belle," Daniel grinned putting his daughter down, who held out a hand for Janet and one for Daniel and the three skated around for a bit more before Norah officially decided of 'the most important person ever', and wanted to go have a snack. Giving both parents her best puppy dog look, something she inherited from both genetic lines, she won and Janet, Daniel and Norah headed home.

Ever since Norah was born, Janet and Daniel never had a Valentines Day by themselves, but this was better. Something neither parent could deny, they loved their little girl and was the love of their lives.

After a cup of hot chocolate, Norah being very much like her parents and having an addiction to the sweet sensation that was chocolate, the three sat in the living room.

"Mommy," Norah asked climbing in between her parents, as Daniel's arm went around Norah's shoulders.

"Yes?" Janet asked turning a bit to the girl.

"Can we go outside and play?" Norah asked with a smile as the snow started to fall.

"I don't know honey," Janet said as the wind started to blow. "How about we stay inside and watch a movie. Dad will watch one with us, won't you?"

"Of course!" Daniel smiled. "What movie does mon belle want to watch?" he asked standing up and walking over to the movie cabinet.

"Um....Anastasia or Beauty and the Beast!" Norah grinned cuddling into her mother's side, laying her head on Janet's chest. Janet wrapped her arm around Norah and held her to her, as Daniel put a movie in and joined his family.

By the end of the movie, Norah was asleep, head resting on Janet's lap and feet on Daniel.

"We should get her to bed," Janet whispered picking up Norah before disappearing up the stairs to the bedrooms. Daniel grinned happily and quickly set to work on his 'eversocuteJanetisgoingtoloveit' Valentines Day present. The falling snow was just a bonus. Setting up candles and grabbing a couple blankets Daniel quickly made the deck into a 'Winter Wonderland' as it were.

Janet sighed softly and walked down the stairs into the living room. "Daniel?" she called softly, walking around.

"Hey," Daniel whispered into Janet's ear as he came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and placing a kiss on her neck. "Happy Valentines Day."

"Happy Valentines Day," Janet grinned back reveling in Daniel's warmth.

"I have a surprise," he grinned letting Janet go and bringing her slowly out onto the deck. Janet's eyes widened and she gasped as the winter snow fell lightly around the deck, which was illuminated by candles and nothing else. Daniel smiled softly and walked over, picking up one of the blankets, and wrapping it around his wife's shoulders as he brought her down to their porch swing, letting her cuddle into him as he slowly started to swing.

"Daniel," Janet said after a while of silence.

"Yes mon l'amour?" Daniel asked softly into her ear.

"I love you," Janet grinned.

"I love you too," Daniel smiled giving Janet a kiss as Norah came walking out, her blanket wrapped around her body, and climbed onto the swing, laying her head on the other side of Daniel.

Nope, nothing in the world could make this moment even better, the woman he loved and cherished, and will till the day he dies, and everyday afterwards, and his daughter, the sun shine and love of his life. There was no other Moment Like This.


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