Title: How Do I Love Thee? (Let Me Figure Something Out)
Author: Chrysa
Pairings: D/J
Rating: PG
Category: Romance/Humor
Summary: What do you get for the guy who's got it all?
Disclaimer: Not mine..not mine..no money...drat. Characters that you don't recognize as being on SG-1 are mine.
Author notes: Done for Isa's Valentine's Day challenge. Daniel, Janet, Valentine's Day, chocolate, kissing, fluffiness! Yeah, its a few days late. LOL. Gotta love RL. Huge thanks go also to Misty who was kind enough to beta this.


How Do I Love Thee?
(Let Me Figure Something Out)

Janet glared at the calendar. Some lovesick idiot had put a heart around the number fourteen and had written "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!" As if no one could read the printing on the calendar. Sighing she rested her elbows on her desk and put her chin in her hands.

She wasn't sure which was worse, not having a valentine or having a valentine and not knowing what to get him. Janet growled and closed her eyes.

What do you get a guy for Valentine's Day?

Janet sighed and put her head on the desk. She supposed she could make a quick run to the store after work and get chocolate, boxers with cheesy sayings like `Red Hot Lover' on them, or ...god forbid... flowers. Or there was always the standard Victoria's Secret lingerie that he'd liked last year. Perhaps she should be more daring and go to Fredrick's of Hollywood. Janet wrinkled her nose and frowned at the files under her nose. No, she'd seen some of the stuff in that store. She wasn't that adventurous.

There was jewelry...except the only jewelry he wore was his wedding ring. Janet attempted to see Daniel wearing loops of gold chains but that made her think of him wearing loud print shirts unbuttoned to the waist and tight white pants and...Miami Vice? She snickered. While the chest and pants were a nice image it also made her think of the word `gigolo' and than wasn't an image she was going for.

Scratch the jewelry. Well...maybe one necklace but it would have to be special.

Books? Janet raised her head and thought about it. No, she wanted his attention on her tonight, not some dusty book in some obscure language. It would be impossible to find on short notice anyway. It was a good idea for Christmas, though.

So what do you get for the guy who doesn't really go for material things?

Janet sighed and slumped back against her chair. She looked around her office and knew the answers weren't going to magically drop into her lap. She looked up at the ceiling on the off chance that they would.

Nope. No help there. Oh, what she wouldn't give for a Goa'uld attack right now. She could put off worrying about it until the crisis had passed, and by then the candy would be half off and her problem would be solved. Daniel loved chocolate as much as she did. Janet could just imagine how wide his eyes would get when she brought home bags full of the stuff.

Chocolate covered Daniel.

Janet contemplated that image for a good long while.

Then she shook herself out of it and forced herself to get up and walk out of her office before she could act on that wonderful idea and call Daniel about it. Naughty!Janet needed to be temporarily reigned in.

So she left and wandered up and down the hallways of the SGC looking for inspiration. There were the typical hearts and flowers, candy of all types was changing hands, but there was nothing that grabbed her attention. Eventually she wandered into Jack in the cafeteria eating pie and glancing at a wrapped present. "Hey," she smiled as she came up to his table.

"Hey, Doc." He offered her a chair. "So what are you up to?"

"Wondering what to get Daniel for Valentine's Day." She eyed the package and poked it with her finger. "What is that?"

Jack gestured for her to come closer then he made a show of looking around. "Heart-shaped naquada," he whispered.

Janet blinked. "You can do that to naquada?"

Jack shrugged. "The guys down in the labs seemed to think so."

Janet laughed and she studied Jack for a moment. "You're giving her something else aren't you? I can tell."

"Intelligent conversation on any subject she wants plus dinner." Jack said sheepishly. Then he looked at her. "Hey, I know what she's talking about most of the time. I'm not completely clueless!"

"I know that. So does anyone else who knows you, but you rarely show it," Janet smiled at him. "It's very sweet of you."

"Well, it's something unusual that I can give her. She gets this look in her eyes when she's excited about something and...it's hard to resist, which is why I usually have to cut her off." He put a hand to his lips. "Shhh. Don't tell her."

With a laugh Janet bid Jack goodbye and left him to his pie.

Janet let her mind wander as she walked the halls. An unusual gift was a good idea. What could she get Daniel that he wouldn't expect? An unusual artifact? She shook her head. No time to go gating off to another planet, and despite the years that she'd known him, Janet would probably pick up some kind of thing that turned into a man eating demon...or worse she'd end up with a Goa'uld who wanted to get into her husband's pants.

Bad. So very bad.

But at least the Goa'uld had good taste.

So digging up stuff herself on another planet was out. Maybe she could get him onto one SG-14's digs? Possibly. Chocolate and an archeological dig? Better. At least she had an idea. That was always something.

Her wanderings took her to around to the gym where an impromptu dance class was going on. Apparently a few people wanted to surprise their significant others. A tango was being blasted from a radio and Valentine was in the middle of the floor. "T-A-N-G-O! T-A-N-G-O! Good!! That's great! Keep going guys!" She waved at Janet and pointed over to one corner.

Janet turned and let out a gasp. Teal'c and Cat were leaving everyone else in the dust with their moves. It was surprising to see the normally stoic Teal'c and the cool blonde putting so much passion into what they were doing. She watched at Teal'c slam Cat up against his body and then move them in sync across the dance floor. The expressions on their faces shouting that at any moment they were going to spontaneously combust in one another's arms.

Fanning herself, Janet slipped back into the hallway. Dancing...dancing was a good idea. Yes, definitely had to dance tonight. Almost nothing was better than Daniel dancing.


"Hey, Janet."

Janet turned and gave Sam a smile. "Have you been to the gym?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah, I saw that. Had to take a cold shower afterwards," she laughed. "So what are you up to?"

"Trying to figure out what to get Daniel for Valentine's Day. So far dancing is high on the list."

"After that demonstration I can understand," Sam said. "Plus Daniel dancing is enough to set anyone on fire."

"Very true. So what are you getting Jack?"

"Fishing...and a heart-shaped chocolate cake," Sam mumbled blushing.

"Why are you blushing? It's not as if you're going to be wearing the cake..." Both women paused in the hallway and looked at one another. "We shouldn't go there."

"No, no, we shouldn't."

They walked on in silence for a few moments before they gave in and snickered, collapsing against one another as they staggered into Sam's office.

"Oh my god! Can you imagine the look on Jack's face if he walked into the house and found cake draped all over me?" Sam laughed as she fell into her chair.

"Cake and Sam. No, he wouldn't get a better combination than that," Janet gasped holding her stomach. They looked at one another and shook their heads. "Pack the chocolate sauce just in case?" Janet snickered.

Sam groaned and threw a wad of paper at her. "You and Daniel are the ones with a thing for chocolate sauce! Don't give me any ideas!"

Janet beat a hasty retreat out of Sam's office and continued her wanderings. Daniel and chocolate sauce was a foregone conclusion as to why they had so much of it at home. However, that didn't help her current dilemma so Janet once again pushed the image from her mind.

Still pondering her dilemma, Janet wandered into an elevator.

"Hello, Doctor. You look like you've got something on your mind."

She looked up into the kind face of General Hammond. "Yes, sir. I'm trying to figure out what to get Daniel for Valentine's Day." Hammond gave her an understanding nod and she looked at him curiously. "If you don't mind my asking, sir, what did your wife get you for Valentine's Day?"

Hammond's face softened as they left the elevator and walked slowly to his office. "She got me lots of things. One time she surprised me by giving me three roses. `One is for you. One is for me. One is for baby and that makes three.'"

"Oh that's so sweet!"

"Sophia was a very loving wife. I was incredibly lucky to have her," he invited her into his office and offered her a chair while he sat on the edge of his desk. He looked around his office. "You know once in awhile when things get too stressful around here, SG-1 is driving me batty, and our enemies are knocking at the door I swear I smell her perfume." His eyes drifted over his wedding ring. "It makes me believe that things will get better."

Janet leaned over and squeezed his hand. "You loved each other very much." And she suddenly realized that that was the reason he wouldn't leave when that asteroid was about to hit Earth. He would rather have been with her in death than start over on a new planet without her.

"Yes," he said squeezing back. "The one present I treasured above almost everything else were her journals. She couldn't always come with me wherever I was stationed, so one year she started a journal and sent it to me in time for Valentine's Day. I got to read about the things that she did, what she saw, and how she felt. She would put in her journals what she wasn't able to put in her letters. I sent her one back and we kept exchanging them for the rest of our marriage." He handed Janet a tissue. "It won't matter what you get Daniel as long as it's an expression of your love for him."

Janet sniffled a little. "Thank you, sir. I think you gave me a good idea." He smiled at her and let her go. At the door, Janet paused and looked back at him. "What do you do now?"

He smiled sadly at her. "I still keep a journal for her. I go visit her grave and read to it to her. Then I go spend time with my family."

"I'm glad you're not alone, sir."

"So am I."

As the elevator took her over to the archeology department, Janet mused over what Hammond had told her. It was too late for a journal this year but there was always next year. What she had in mind for this year would work just fine as an expression of her love. A quick look into Daniel's office showed it to be empty which was just what she wanted.

She couldn't very well ask him for what she wanted now could she?

Wandering over to Rei's office she stopped in the doorway and watched the Japanese woman stare in bemusement at a dozen origami roses in a vase on her desk. "Rei?"

"He hates doing origami," she said shaking her head referring to Major James Coburn, her lover of the past four years. "He likes to look at it but he doesn't have the patience for it. I should know. I've tried to teach him." She looked up at Janet and gestured towards the flowers. "Do you know how time consuming these are?"

Janet chuckled and came in to study them noting the intricate folds of paper. "I take it you didn't know he was doing this?" She asked in amusement. "They really are lovely."

"Not a clue," Rei sighed leaning back in her chair. "I've been in his office at home, at work...he's got a new hiding place for my presents," she groused.

Janet laughed and leaned against the desk. "So what are you getting him?"

Rei picked up a bag from Victoria's Secret. "Plus dinner. However, that pales in comparison to this..." She bit her lip and shrugged. "I'll just have to top it by asking him to marry me."

Janet's eyes went wide. "Really?! How are you going to ask him?"

Rei grinned and placed a jewelry box on her desk. "I figured I'd wine him, dine him, have my wicked way with him, and slip this on his finger when he's coming down from his post orgasmic high." She snickered as Janet nearly fell over laughing. "I'm not quite the traditional girl. Shh. Don't tell anyone." She happily accepted Janet's hug and they spent a few minutes examining the ring. Then Rei looked at Janet with a start. "Oh. Were you looking for Daniel? He left a bit ago."

Janet gave Rei a sneaky smile. "No, but I do need a little help with his present."

Rei's eyes lit up. "Count me in."


Janet left the mountain slightly exhausted. Daniel's present was worth it though. It said exactly how she felt about him. She unlocked the door and cautiously stepped into the dark entryway. As her eyes adjusted she noticed a glow coming from the living room.


Soft music started and Janet's breath caught as she looked at candles spread out all over the living room giving it a soft glow. In front of the fireplace Daniel had set up several cushions and a picnic dinner complete with wine and chocolate cake for desert. Then she got a good look at Daniel. "Oooh cream colored sweater..." Her hands automatically reached out to caress his chest.

Daniel chuckled and slid his hands around her waist. "Happy Valentine's Day, Janet." He leaned down and kissed her breathless.

When they finally came up for air, Janet took another look around the living room. "It's beautiful. Ooh and you got me chocolate. Godiva chocolate!" She clapped as he led her over to the cushions and sat her down.

"Dinner, chocolate, a massage..." Daniel trailed off as he slid a finger down her back watching her shiver in delight. "Maybe a nice, warm bath later? Whatever you want tonight." He gave her a devilish grin. "I'll be your personal slave for the evening."

Janet's eyes widened. Oh the things she could do with a willing Daniel. First things first, though. She reached into her bag and took out his present.

Daniel blinked as she handed him a parchment scroll. "What's this?" He unrolled it and his expression turned to one of awe. In every language he knew Janet had written the words `I love you.'

"Rei pulled up all the languages you knew and we went looking for them in the database. Richie helped me write some of them out." Janet bit her lip nervously. "There are so many ways to say it. I wanted you to know I loved you in every language."

Daniel got to the end of the list and chuckled. She'd even put down +:-) <3 8^) the reverse of what was printed on her engagement ring. He leaned over and kissed her. "Thank you, Janet. It's wonderful. I think I'll hang this in my office." He pressed his forehead against hers. "You tell me you love me in ways that don't even involve speaking, do you know that? You say it just by the look in your eyes sometimes. I love you very much." Carefully, he rolled the scroll up again and set it aside. "So, what would my mistress like to do first?"

Janet grinned and pulled him towards her. "I want to dance."

The End


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