Title: Three Little Words
Author: Chrysa
Email: chrysa9@aol.com
Rating: PG-13 at least for swearing and slight sexual innuendo
Category: Romance, Humor, Sap? Yeah, we got that.
Pairing: D/J
Summary: Daniel needs to say those three little words to Janet. This is how he does it.
Disclaimer: I don't own it. God, help us all if I did. Any character that you don't recognize as being part of SG-1 on TV is mine. The songs used in order are "Devil In Disguise" by Elvis, "Liberation" by the Pet Shop Boys, "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred and "It's Raining Men" by The Weather Girls.
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Author Notes:
HUGE HUGE THANKS go to Misty for beta-ing this sucker and being willing to read it. lol. Plus, letting me conquer part of her couch in the chatroom.

A great big THANK YOU goes to Meg for extending the deadline. She didn't do it for me but thank you anyway!!!! She also thought up the note plot bunny you'll see in this fic.

Plus, another thank you goes to those who've been visit the Gateview Chat room. Talking to you guys actually got me to write and you're all a lot of fun to be around. ::huggles everyone::

This fic was done for the November 2004 challenge. I also used Meg's plot bunny, which goes like this:

It's an established relationship fic, first of all. One day, Janet asks Daniel if he really loves her. Daniel is pretty stunned by this question, since, duh, of course he does! But she says that he never TELLS her he loves her, so she doesn't feel he really does.

So, Daniel ponders this for a while and comes up with an evil plan. Well, not evil, but a plan nonetheless.

He stages a sort of treasure hunt for her. In my mind it starts out at the SGC and leads her home, but you can take them wherever you wish. What he does is leaves a rose or some little trinket somewhere with a note attached, each one with two things written on it - part of an acronym for "I love you" and a clue of where to go next (or out- and-out *telling* her where to go next, whichever works best for you).

Well, as you'll see I changed part of it but the notes that spell 'I love you' are hers. If I'd had to think them up this sucker wouldn't have gotten done!


Three Little Words
Part 1

Quarantine sucked.

Everyone hated quarantine. It disrupted any and all plans a person may have made beforehand, resulting in several arguments, disappointments, missed appointments, and breakups - but such was life at the SGC. If you couldn't roll with it, then you were encouraged to transfer out to someplace a little less exciting.

Those trapped outside the mountain had it better than those trapped inside. Obviously, the best part was you weren't stuck inside the mountain with a potentially fatal disease or some other malady making the rounds. The second best thing about it was that you could spend time with your family and friends, and still be able to get work done if you owned a computer with high-speed. After the first few quarantines General Hammond ordered them for everyone.

Yeah, at some point he'd been a boy scout.

For those stuck in the mountain there were two options: be miserable and pissed off at the world or make the best of it. Those who chose to be miserable were encouraged to join the fun the others were having. Otherwise they could stay in their quarters and leave everyone else the hell alone. No one wanted a party pooper.

Some of those choosing to make the best of it were the ladies and gents of the anthropology department on level 18. They were an odd, eclectic group ranging from civilians who stayed on Earth, to those civilians assigned to various teams. Hand picked by Daniel Jackson for their more unconventional way of looking at things, they got along pretty well with everyone. Only occasionally did they have to give some of the more hard-line military types the proverbial smack upside the head. Just because they were civilians didn't mean they couldn't kick someone's ass. As such, Daniel let them have free reign, pulling rank only when needed.

During this quarantine the department was running with a half-staff. Almost everyone had been off base when the quarantine went into effect, or they were on P3X-876 on a dig. Only those recently coming back from missions or staying late to finish up projects were stuck. As such, they couldn't get into the more wild adventures the department was known for, a fact that had Hammond and several SFs breathing a sigh of relief.

So, for the past three days they'd been trying to get as much work done as possible - before the inevitable cabin fever set in. Once that happened no one would want to get any work done, and the entire base would be sucked into their version of fun, which often included toilet papering the gate and dipping into archeology section's stash of booze.

For some people though, the fun had already started.

"Oh, Daniel," Janet moaned arching her neck as Daniel nibbled down one side. He never thought he'd have Janet like this with her hair spread out against the pillows and her body writhing in pleasure beneath him. He smiled against her neck as she raked her nails down his back.


"Daniel," she lifted his head so she could look into his eyes. With a loving smile she said, "I want you to do something for me."


"Quack like a duck."

The confusion must have shown on his face because she moved in such a way that he moaned and nearly forgot his name. "Please, baby? For me? Quack like a duck."

The things he did for love. "Quack."

"That's it," she moaned encouragingly.




"DANIEL!" She screamed in ecstasy.

Ok...it was a little weird, but if she liked duck noises Daniel could do that for her. Odd. Possibly kinky... No, it was just weird but, whatever.

Panting, she opened her eyes and smiled wickedly. "Daniel..."


"You might want to open your eyes because Rei's stealing your coffee."

With a gasp, Daniel jerked awake and came nose to nose with his head linguist Rei Nakamura. She blinked, her grin wide enough to crinkle her nose. "Was it good for you too, honey bunny?" She asked seductively.

As Daniel opened his mouth to yell in indignation, she grabbed the back of his head and planted a big wet kiss on his lips. She took off, leaving paper fluttering to the floor in her wake as Daniel howled in outrage and sprinted after her.

She was a dead woman.

Her shrieks of laughter warned oncoming traffic to get the hell out of their way.


Daniel hadn't been voted one of the fastest civilians in the SGC for nothing. When you were a part of SG1 you learned to run like hell. Whether it was Jaffa were chasing you, or you stole Sam's last chocolate bar and pissed her off - running faster equaled staying alive.

"YOU'LL HAVE TO RUN FASTER, BOOK BOY!!" She glanced behind her and sprinted for the intersection.

Airmen were diving out of the way. Oh, and they're laughing! Daniel decided it was time to give mandatory classes in Goa'uld and make them recite: 'I will not laugh at Daniel Jackson. He is the almighty Daniel Jackson. All bow before his superior intellect.'

No, that would just mean more work for him...unless he could force Rei into doing it. After seven years, she should have Goa'uld down pretty well. He loved revenge. It was so much fun.

Running down one corridor, Daniel could see Valentine O'Hara, one of his archeologists, rolling her eyes and ducking into an office. She was going to use the phone to call up to the Infirmary and warn them that he and Rei were coming. God, he hated being predictable. The first few times they'd done this they'd ended up in a pile of arms and legs when she barreled into a contingent of Marines. Janet finally declared if they were going to participate in this kind of exercise, they'd have to end it in her office so she could make sure they didn't kill themselves.

Crap, she was headed for the stairs. Damn, damn, damn. He hadn't had any coffee! There should be laws against your 2IC waking you up like that and denying you coffee in this manner.

Other than that Daniel loved her to bits.

Whoop! Home stretch and look at all the people running away!

"Morning, Colonel!" Jack turned and watched Rei sprint by.

"Morning, Jack!" Jack turned in a circle to watch Daniel run by.


"Killing her first and then I'll be at the briefing!"

"Just don't be late!"


Sprinting now! Talking later! Rei skidded around the corner to the Infirmary and Daniel was right on her ass. Just...another...inch...GOT HER!! MWUAHAHAHAH!!!

He skidded to a stop in front of Janet's door with Rei hanging from one arm. "I am invincible!" He crowed raising his free arm in triumph.

Inside her office, Janet sat at her desk with her head leaning on one hand just watching the two of them. Slowly she closed her eyes, as if she couldn't quite believe what she was seeing. Her other hand searched for her coffee mug and she disappeared behind it.

Rei and Daniel, breathing heavily, looked at one another and shrugged. "Morning, Janet," they said sheepishly.

Janet's eyes slowly opened again. Daniel felt a goofy grin spread over his face as he watched her. She had really beautiful eyes. And a cute pert nose not to mention a smile that...Down, Daniel, down!

And she was all his lock, stock, and sexy lab coat.

She raised an eyebrow at him and looked down at his waist. Daniel wondered if she was checking him out and stuck his chest out a little.

"All that weightlifting's been beneficial I see," Janet said with a small mischievous smile.

"Why, yes, yes it has," he said, "thank you for noticing. I don't do this just for missions."

"So, are you going to put her down anytime soon?"

Put who down? He looked down and noticed Rei looking up at him innocently. Except for her eyes. Her eyes had a positively evil look in them. Great. Now she had even more ammunition to tease him with next time they were alone. Two years! You've been together two years and you still get googly eyed over her! It's so cute I want to gag, Boss!

Daniel suddenly dropped Rei, listening to the satisfying half shriek and thud she made as she hit the floor. She gave him the look of death.

"Rat bastard," she hissed before staggering into Janet's office for coffee.

"Damn right," Daniel grinned smugly at her before joining them. Then his smile fell as Janet held Rei off from giving him his precious hard earned coffee! He whined piteously, hoping for a little sympathy from his honey.

"Daniel, did you work through the night?" Janet asked reasonably as Rei took a large gulp of her coffee and stuck her tongue out at him.

"Yyyeeessss." Why would she want to know that?

"How many nights this week have you done that?"

"Threee," he drawled. That's not too much right? He'd gotten some sleep. Granted it was slumped over on his desk, but it counted right?

"When does Rei pull this kind of crap on you?" Janet said slowly helping him connect the dots.

"Whenever I've wor - aww, dammit!!" He gave Rei the look of death. "Evil, evil wench!" He howled at her.

"Damn right," she said, taunting him with another cup.

"How did you know anyway?" 'One of these days I will lock my office when I work all night', he silently vowed.

"Are you kidding me?" she snorted. "Nyan, of course. That boy goes on caffeine benders that would wire the gate. He was bouncing off the walls last night, and you didn't even notice when he walked into your office and talked at you for three hours."

"He did?" Daniel asked, putting his hands on his hips as he thought. "Huh. You're right I didn't notice. So he told you?"

"No, he mentioned it to Richie, who mentioned it to Luna, who mentioned it to Cat...well, in the end someone told Val, and she told me." She poured another cup for Janet, and Daniel looked longingly at it.

He looked at Janet his eyes pleading for mercy. For moment she crumbled and then Napoleon took over and she shook her head firmly. "It's a conspiracy," he growled collapsing against the doorway.

The two women looked at each other with long suffering patience. "Yeah," they said, "sure it is."

Thoroughly disgruntled now he swung to face Rei. "Tell me again why I hired you?"

"Because I look like an angel. I walk like an angel," she said turning to wash the mug in the sink. "I talk like an angel..."

"But I got wise," Daniel said finishing the phrase from the Elvis song, "you're the Devil in disguise."

"Hallelujah," she said walking towards the door. "Face it, Daniel. You really wouldn't want it any other way."

"That is true," he said reluctantly. "But you're still a pain in the ass."

She patted him comfortingly on the arm. "See you around, Boss."

Daniel felt Janet come up beside him as he watched Rei saunter out of the Infirmary.

"Got a plan to get back at her?" She asked teasingly.

"Tarring and feathering are climbing up my list," he murmured slipping a hand around her waist and steering her back into her office. He quietly closed the door and tried to pull her into a kiss.

She pushed him away gently and sat on the edge of her desk. Janet looked into Daniel's eyes. "So which did you miss more? Me or the coffee?"

"You," he said with a smile walking forward, pulling her back off the desk and putting his hands around her. "Although 'coffee flavored Janet' has a nice ring to it," he teased.

Janet ducked her head and burrowed against his chest. Daniel frowned as he felt tension infuse her body. "Janet? You okay?"

"I'm fine," she said holding him tightly.

Concerned, Daniel tipped Janet's head up and looked closely at her. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing," she tried to reassure him, but when he persisted she looked up at him. "Do you love me?"

Daniel felt his world tilt for a moment. "Yes," he said without hesitation. "What makes you think I don't?"

"You never say it," she said quietly.

Daniel looked down at Janet's head in confusion. "This isn't a reaction to the quarantine is it?" He asked stroking her back. "I know I haven't been to bed in the last three days, but neither have you."

Which was true, she'd been up here nursing most of SG-3 through a bout of alien flu that wasn't going away anytime soon. So, while she was up here, he'd been down in his office cramming in as much work as possible so he could free up a few days to spend with her - especially Valentine's Day. "But I still come in to see you."

Janet sighed. "I'm not an obligation, Daniel." She moved away and went back to her desk.

Daniel let her go, feeling as if a black hole were opening up at his feet. "Janet-"

"You have a briefing to get to. You don't want to be late," she said picking up a folder.

"Janet?" He opened his mouth to argue-


Then he promptly shut it again at the steely tone in her voice. When she got like that it was best to simply concede the battlefield and withdraw. "All right. I'll see you later then," he said quietly and left.


Despite the fact that he played the part of 'dumb Colonel', not much actually got by Jack O'Neill. He was more tuned into the rumor mill than most people thought he was, simply because he was in the right places at the right times to acquire information. There was also the fact that he was a very keen observer, especially where his team was concerned. Most especially where Daniel was concerned.

Part of it had always been because he was a civilian. Not that he believed that Daniel couldn't handle himself in a fight. He could, and had proven that time and time again over the years. It was just that that was the way Jack was. He was a protector. Part of it was that Daniel was an incredibly smart man, and who knew when his brilliant mind would come up with the most unconventional way of saving them? So Jack had learned to read Daniel, and knew when to give him time to think.

More importantly, Daniel was his best friend - and best friends knew when something was wrong. The fact that something was bothering Daniel enough for him to be distracted during a briefing and that he was fingering the little beaded bracelet that Janet had given him, led Jack to believe that all was not well in paradise.

The powers of observation were amazing weren't they?

He shared a look with Sam and Teal'c, both of whom indicated that they saw what was going on. As they left the briefing room, all three walked in step with Daniel, providing a united front and giving him silent support as he walked back to his office in a daze. As he sat down behind his desk, Sam took the chair opposite his. Jack hopped onto the edge of his desk and started playing with an artifact while Teal'c took up a position at Daniel's back.

A few seconds later they heard an explosive mix of German, French, and Russian come from across the hall. The three of them looked at one another in concern. Moments later they saw the blond headed Cat walk by and heard the banging of a door as it was wrenched open. "WHERE IS IT?!"

"Where's what, Cat, ol' buddy, ol' pal o'mine?" Valentine said nervously.


"Oh that! Ha hahahaha huh...um..." Val was silent for a few moments and they could easily imagine the redhead frantically looking for an avenue of escape. "Funny story about that. Ya see-"

"I don't care about the story. I care about the fic! Where is it?! I worked three months on that fic and I want it NOW!" Cat yelled. They could easily hear the stamp, stamp, stamp of her small feet as she stalked her friend around the room. It was unusual to hear the normally calm, happy American woman shrieking like a fishwife.

"Well, you see, I was looking for a spare disk to use on that project I was working on and I didn't have any, and Suzie didn't have any and, actually, nobody had any which if you think about it is really odd considering the number of-"

"WHERE IS IT?!!!!"

"I borrowed your jump drive!" Through the doorway they saw Valentine backing away from Cat as if she was a rabid animal. Which probably wasn't too far from the truth at this point. "I was going to give it back but I was talking to Sam," she backed up further and vanished from sight. Sam cringed and sunk as low in her seat as possible so she wouldn't be seen from the door. "And she was working on something and BOOM! Up went her equipment and...Up went the jump drive cause I put it down on the table. It melted."

They saw Cat stop in the doorway, trying to comprehend the enormity of what her friend had inadvertently done. "You melted my jump drive?" She asked softly.

"Yeah," Valentine said, sheepishly mistaking Cat's tone of voice for forgiveness. "Funny huh?"

Cat gave her a toothy smile. "You're a dead woman," she said calmly, then lunged.

As Valentine's scream echoed down the hall, the other three members of SG-1 looked at one another in confusion. "Daniel?"

"Yes, Jack?"

"You work with some strange people," Jack shook his head in disbelief.

"She doesn't think I love her," he said quietly.

They looked at Daniel in shock.

"What do you mean she doesn't think you love her?" Jack asked.

"She doesn't think I love her!" Daniel exploded, jumping out of his chair and pacing around the room. "I never say it apparently, and she doesn't think I love her!"

"Daniel," Sam grabbed his arm to stop him. "Is it just because you don't say it, or did you actually do something to make her think that?"

"I don't know! She used that tone of voice and I left."

"Tone of voice?" Teal'c asked.

Daniel looked at him. "The one that scares the marines."

Teal'c's eyes widened. "You must beg forgiveness, DanielJackson, or we will all suffer for her bad mood."

"Believe me, if I didn't think she would have reached out and ripped my heart out through my throat, I'd be on my knees right now." He rubbed his chest. "Of course, she didn't have to reach through my throat to make me feel that."

"I don't get it," Jack said putting down one artifact and picking up another. "Anyone can see you're crazy about her."

"A girl likes to hear it though," Sam said quietly. "Do you say it very often?"

Daniel sat down and sighed. After a moment he put his head in his hands. "No, I don't. Didn't think I had to. I thought she knew."

Sam reached forward and rubbed his arm. "Three little words go a long way." She stood. "I'm going to hunt down my friend and see what's up with her. See you in a bit."

The three men were left alone each lost in his thoughts.


"Got my thinking cap on."

"Oh, then you'll be awhile?"

"Smart ass."

Daniel grinned and turned to Teal'c.

"Actions may be louder than words, however, the words are just as important. Combined they are an unstoppable force of persuasion," Teal'c said reasonably.

Jack blinked and looked at Daniel.

"If I tell her I love her now, she'll think it's because she said something and that I don't really mean it," Daniel explained. "If I tell her that I love her and make a bold gesture as well, she might just believe me," he looked at Teal'c. "Did I get that right?"

Teal'c inclined his head respectfully.

"I knew that," Jack said hopping off the desk. He put his hands in his pockets and drifted towards the door. "You know, when Sarah asked me that question I proposed to her." He looked down at the floor.

Daniel got up and went over to him putting a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, Jack."

"We were very happy as long as it lasted, Daniel. Proposing was the only way I could think of at the time to show her how much I loved her. Might be something to think about. Come on, Teal'c, let's go scare the hell out of the new recruits who got stuck on base."

Teal'c eagerly pushed himself off the wall.

"Thank you, Teal'c."

"If you require further assistance, DanielJackson, do not hesitate to ask."

Daniel smiled. "I won't." As soon as they left, he sat back down behind his desk. His eyes drifted from a picture of Janet posing in her little gold dress at some SGC Ladies Night Out event, to Sha're smiling happily at the camera. He thought about them, what had made him love them, and what his life might be like without them. Then he thought of why he rarely said 'I love you'. After awhile, his eyes lost focus as an idea started percolating in his brain.


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