Title: First Meeting
Author: Melissa Adams
Ratings: FRC+
Pairings: Janet/Daniel
Date: August 3, 2005
Series: None
Spoilers: Season one episode Emancipation
Website: www.geocities.com/melissaadams22
Disclaimer: "Stargate SG-1" and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, SciFi Channel, Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author.
Synopsis: While studying the drug brought back from Emancipation Doctor Dr. Janet Fraiser meets one of the more interesting members of SG1.
Author's Notes: A response on the Dan/Jan list for the August '05 challenge. Uses challenge # 29 from the Dan/Jan Challenge Archive


First Meeting

::Enroute To Stargate Complex::
::Colorado Springs, Colorado::

Doctor Janet Fraiser was dressed crisply in her new uniform, technically she could have worn a standard jumpsuit on base according to the SGC Officer's manual she had been given and spent the last several days reviewing but the truth was she felt that the medical staff like General Hammond and all but off world teams needed to put across the right personality and the look of professionalism so that meant a uniform. When she'd come in last night to take a final walk around the Infirmary to see how the changes she had ordered last week after taking the post were coming she was pleased to see that most of the medical staff felt the same way so she wouldn't have to have a talk with them in less than a day of formally beginning work. She'd been in Colorado Springs for almost a week and a half now but that time had been spent going over personnel files, the Infirmary, requisitioning new equipment, overseeing the schedule she wanted to get her people started on and several meetings with General Hammond and some of the SG team leaders to talk about the threats through the gate and the best medical protocols to have in place.

Truthfully she was terrified as she drove toward the Cheyenne Mountain Complex that housed the hat base of NORAD, which covered, up what they really did over twenty levels below ground. She was excited too of course but anyone who had reviewed some of the files she had, had seen some of the things she had and also understood what was at stake had to appreciate the danger or they had no right being there. Today was her first official day as CMO, she'd start meeting more than just medical personnel slowly and would ease into the job, eventually getting the medical staff into the sharp, concise and professional unit she wanted ready to face any and all dangers. At the same time though she wanted to make sure the people at the SGC felt they could trust her that she knew what she was doing.

Janet didn't know a lot about the people that worked at the Stargate Command Complex yet however she did know that there were civilians, for which she was eternally grateful. It wasn't that she didn't like military people or the way they acted, heck she was US Air Force as much as anyone else working there, but with civilians she didn't feel she had to constantly prove herself...she didn't feel like they were always questioning whether she could do something because of her size or how she had gotten a particular job because of how she looked or went about something. To her it was a relief to just be able to treat patients, civilian or military, but it also didn't hurt her mood any when the patient wasn't cracking jokes about how she was barely big enough to serve in the military.

Last night had been spent with Fraiser reviewing the medical records and the personnel files of what General Hammond had called the SGC Flagship team or more appropriately SG1. Made up of a commanding officer, a military XO scientist/medic, a linguist/archaeologist/history and their only alien on base that was apparently a defector from the very enemies they were fighting she had to admit it had been fascinating keeping her up well past when she should probably have gone to bed. The team's commanding officer, a man named Colonel Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neill was US Special Forces so Janet knew right away that was going to make him a major hard ass. Special Forces were some of the best if not the best trained killers/assassins in the entire world plus they had personalities that normally made a rock look friendly...she only hoped her and this Colonel O'Neill could develop some time of understanding because she sure as heck didn't want to but heads with him every single time she had to treat him. Based on his history and the accompanying medical file that had given her nightmares the man was well beyond where he should have been pushed medically or emotionally in her opinion but some how he was finding a way to move on which meant she had a great respect for him all ready. The photo from his personnel file had done little but to make her question whether she had actually met this man before or not, he seemed familiar but Janet had met a lot of military officers in her career so it was impossible to know if this man was one of the ones she met.

SG1's executive officer was someone that based on her file had to admit impressed her. Captain Samantha Carter had a hard past as well, mother dying at an early age, father a General in the Air Force that she never really connected with according to the information she had access to plus a brother she had learned who wasn't that close to her plus the woman's ex-fiancÚ was an SG team CO so Janet knew she'd have to watch her carefully for any signs of undo stress. Add to that the female officer was a distinguished fighter pilot who had seen combat as well as an accomplished scientist who had engineered the systems they used to dial the Stargate on Earth. She was looking forward to getting to know the woman and hopefully consider her a friend, there weren't near enough accomplished women in the military around the world let alone the United States and she certainly didn't want to make an enemy of her. Making a mental note to contact Carter later and see if she wanted to have lunch once she got back from her mission the woman made the left onto Cheyenne Mountain Road seeing the traffic fairly regularly as others from the SGC and NORAD went into work.

The defector who joined SG1, Mister Teal'c, as she had learned was his name was another one of them that the Chief Medical Officer was hoping to get to know better. Not for just the simple fact that he was an alien, that was fascinating enough and the medical reports she had gleamed and studied last night and the last few days was unbelievable. She knew the Jaffa man agreed to let the medical and science staff conduct studies on both him and his symbiote, he had actually undergone extensive testing to try to save the life of one of the SGC's former officers already...a man named Major Charles Kawalski which had also ended with the death of her predecessor in the CMO position. There was a lot that Mister Teal'c could teach them but not just from a medical/physical standpoint however she also had to stand up for the man's rights. Alien or not to the planet he had rights and she wasn't going to treat him like a lab rat regardless of what anyone wanted, it was as simple as that.

The final member of SG1 was the one person that honestly Janet Fraiser wasn't sure what to make of, ok so that wasn't entirely true but her opinions that were formed without meeting Doctor Daniel Jackson conflicted each other in only seconds of being formed. One of the simple facts that she had found amusing when she was going over his medical file was his list of allergies and the medications he took, she took many of the same personally though she wasn't as allergic to near as much as he was it was still kind of funny that two different types of Doctors, one an academic kind and the other a medical kind, from two different backgrounds and places shared the same allergies. It was an ironic reminder just how much human beings could be alike despite their separate histories. Doctor Jackson had a hard life from what she had read in his medical and personnel file, recently his wife from another planet was taken as a host to a Goa'uld larva and he had no idea where she was. This followed his turbulent early adult life and his young childhood starting with the death of both of his parents in a museum accident, and then his grandfather refusing to adopt him had pushed him into the foster care system. He was never adopted but he'd suffered a degree of physical, emotional and mental trauma over the years, it was amazing according to the reports she had gotten from the various psychiatric facilities he'd sought treatment or been forced into treatment in that Daniel was so well adjusted. Following that he had come forward with an academic theory about the Great Pyramids in Egypt that was disbelieved by everyone in the academic community and he had lost all creditability only to have his theory to be proven right and unable to tell the general population of the world. She looked forward to having a chance to sit down and talk with him a little bit, getting a little deeper into understanding a man with such a powerful, scary and yet formatting past that had made him into the man he was today.

::Stargate Complex::

Standing in the corner of the Infirmary with his arms crossed leaning against a wall out of the way Doctor Daniel Jackson had come down to check and see how his teammate, Captain Samantha Carter was doing. She had a rough time off world but at the same time she had done a marvelous job of preventing a disaster but also changing the path of an alien race that were living by outdated ideals, he was proud of her. Finding Jack sitting with her as she slept he had started to leave but then caught sight of a small dark haired blur rushing around the Infirmary and couldn't recall who it was right away, Teal'c had supplied it for him and since then he had leaned over fascinated. The woman had been going non-stop for hours, she was powerful and intimidating but also understanding and concerned. He'd watched her wrestling to get some large piece of equipment to where she wanted it for a while and had even started to go over and offer to help only to have her finally draw on energy from somewhere and move it herself after telling her staff she'd get it. After that he had stood off to the side and watched her treat one of the Airman who had a deep cut on his hand. It had been fascinating watching how she would hold the man's hand carefully in her left one, at all the right points she locked eyes with him speaking in either a calm, comforting and gentle voice to remind him she was almost done but then at other times when he'd start fidgeting she'd give him a stern response to sit still and the man did as asked.

Her hands were steady as she worked, the movements confident and sure but also concerned and caring. Watching the man thank her and leave he saw that smile...it seemed to light up the room and he smiled though he knew she wasn't seeing him...the Infirmary was just too packed for anyone to have noticed him. Standing there and watching her cleaning up he saw her fast movements, the undeniable knowledge clearly evident but there was also something else...something in that small yet powerful frame. He'd watched her go check on Sam and all but get Jack to go get some rest by sheer strength of will while Teal'c took the Colonel's place by Sam's side. Ignoring Jack's jibes as he left wearily Daniel nodded to him before someone came up and touched his back. Turning he saw a man he didn't recognize in a while lab coat, "Yes?"

"Doctor Jackson" Lieutenant Peters asked holding out a folder. "We have the initial analysis on the medicinal herbs that Captain Carter brought back from your last mission, she requested you get a copy when it came in and we've put hers in her inbox."

"Thank you" Jackson insisted shifting his glasses more up as he accepted the file.

"You're welcome Sir" and he turned to leave.

"Doctor Daniel Jackson" came a gentle voice as Janet came over with a gentle smile and held out her hand. "I've been hoping to meet you, I'm Doctor Janet Fraiser."

Putting the file in his other hand the man accepted her hand gently but noticed she had a firm grip, "Doctor Fraiser, I've heard some very nice things about you from some of the others on base. I'm sorry I hadn't had a chance to say hello before, SG1 just got back and then with Sam's injury..." his words trailed off.

Nodding slowly she let his hand go stepping up beside him to gaze toward the air where the sleeping Carter lie, "Most of her injuries were superficial, some dehydration and exhaustion of course. I plan to let her go home tomorrow so try not to worry too much, she'll be fine Doctor Jackson."

"Daniel please" he insisted gently with a nod focusing on her. "Doctor Jackson makes me feel like my father and you're going to be taking care of us so we should get along right" was his question.

"That's right" was her answer back with a smile toward the file. "Today's been kind of busy, was there some reason you were hanging around or just..." her words trailing off.

He laughed a little nodding as he held out the file, "The preliminary report on the medicinal herbs that Sam brought back from our last mission, my copy but actually I saw you rushing around and was fascinated."

Janet laughed at that with a nod as she motioned toward her office, "Why don't we step in my office? I could use a break anyway and the staff probably wish I'd go find something to do anyhow."

"Oh I doubt you're that bad" was his singsong answer as he followed her into the office glancing around. "Wow" seeing her various degrees on the wall. Walking over he started to read them, pressing his glasses more up on his face, "Impressive credentials Doctor. General Hammond and several of the staff think a lot about you according to what I've heard. You even managed to get Jack away from Sam for a while, that's impressive as well."

Motioning to the chair she pulled her lab coat close around her frame as she sat down with a chuckle, she liked this man already, "Colonel O'Neill is just a bit stubborn, once he realizes who's boss I'm sure he'll be a model patient. Thank you for the compliment on the accomplishments but you're one to talk, twenty-three languages is impressive Daniel."

"Children learn quickly," he answered smiling as he held out the file to her. "So how about you break down that information for me" already looking forward to getting to know this woman a little better.

"Of course Doctor Jackson" Janet responded laughing a little bit as she accepted the file. "Help yourself to some coffee if you'd like some."


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