Title: Greatest Christmas Gift
Author: Assilem
Rating: PG
Season: Future.
Notes: Janet didnít die. I donít believe Heros happened. Also to Cathain, who came up with the titles. And Meg who let me write this, until the end of the month, cause I lurve her THAT much!

Disclaimer: I want to own. I try, but I spend all my money on other things, like my hair!

Summery: A child, more than all other gifts that Earth can offer to declining man, brings hope with it, and forward-looking thoughts!


Greatest Christmas Gift

"MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMY!!!!!" Jaime Jackson yelled running into her parents room first thing Christmas morning. Daniel groaned and tried to open his eyes. "DAAAADY!" she hollered jumping onto the bed. "Its Christmas! Get up!"

"Itís Christmas?" Janet smiled laying her hand on her very pregnant stomach. "Did you hear that Daddy, its Christmas."

"I heard. Well Jaime, why donít we see what Santa brought?" Daniel asked sitting up picking Jaime up with one arm and helping Janet into a sitting position before helping her stand.

"Kay," Jaime grinned from her fatherís arms. Janet grinned and walked down the stairs, hand planted on her stomach as Daniel helped her down the stairs.

"Mommy look!" she hollered noticing all the Christmas cookies she left out for Santa were gone, so were all the carrots and milk. "Santa came!"

"I see," Janet grinned flopping down on the couch. Over nine months pregnant and standing up was just too hard.

"Can I open my stocking?" Jaime asked giving her father a flash of her baby blues.

"Go ahead," Daniel smiled sitting down next to his wife, as the two watched their daughter grab her stocking, along with her parents. "Thank you sweetheart."

"Welcome," Jaime smiled sitting on the floor and started to remove the items. Janet watched her daughter with amazement. Six years ago Jaime was born. Jaime Shea Jackson, born the day after her fatherís birthday. Danielís birthday present.

"What did you get?" Janet asked as Jaimeís eyes lit up.

"A movie," Jaime smiled. "Its Finding Nemo!"

"Wow, your favourite movie, Santa did good?" Janet asked as Daniel handed her a new pen light from her stocking.

"Yup! Mommy Daddy and me found you a pretty present," she smiled standing up and walking to the tree, getting the purple wrapped box from it.

"You did?" Janet asked with a bright smile. "And what did you get me?"

"You hafta open it!" Jaime encouraged climbing onto Danielís lap.

Janet looked at her daughter then at Daniel before untying the ribbon and taking the wrapping paper off the box. The royal purple velvet box sat there, in her hand, as Janetís eyes went large.

"Go ahead," Daniel encouraged. Janet smiled and opened the box. Inside laid a white gold chain.

"Thank you sweetie," Janet smiling leaning over and kissing Jaime on the cheek.

"Welcome. I picked it out. Daddy bought it," Jaime told her mother. "Do you like it?"

"I love it. Thank you honey," Janet smiled opening her arms for a hug. Jaime grinned and hugged her mother tightly.

"Can we open the rest? Or do we need to wait till Uncle Jack and Auntie Sam come?" Jaime asked giving her mother her best puppy dog eyes.

"You can open one, so can Daddy," Janet smiled softly as Jaime grinned and grabbed a present for her father and herself and sat down to open it.

Daniel smiled and took the gift from Jaime, before the little girl started to rip apart the paper on the box. "Mommy look what Gramma got me!"

"Wow. Gramma got you a new dress," Daniel smiled. "Are you going to wear it today?"

"Yeah," Jaime smiled. "Daddy open you present."

"Okay," Daniel smiled and opened the box from Janetís mother. He pulled out a nice royal blue sweater and smiled.

"Daddy, you gonna wear it?" Jaime asked.

"Sure am. Why donít you go get dressed and then Mommy can help you get your hair done, and we can go to Uncle Jackís?" Daniel suggested standing up and getting ready to help lift his pregnant wife to her feet.

"Kay," Jaime smiled standing up and running upstairs to her bedroom.

"Oye," Janet said after standing and taking a breath. "I think its time to get this baby out of me."

"Just a little longer Janet," Daniel said. "Heíll come out soon."

"Yeah, right. Youíve been saying that since the day I got pregnant with Jaime," Janet grumbled as Daniel helped her up the stairs to put something on. It wasnít that she was that big for being over nine months pregnant, it was that she was extremely uncomfortable and feeling heavy.

"I know Janet," Daniel agreed. Heíd learned early in her first pregnancy to always agree with her, it was better that way.

"Itís your fault Iím like this," she grumbled. Daniel nodded and handed his wife the clothes she picked out yesterday and started to dress himself.

An hour, a hyper daughter, and a very grumpy and pregnant wife, Daniel finally made it to Jackís house with his family. Jack saw the familyís car pull in and walked out to help Janet out of the car and up his step. He figured Daniel was in trouble somehow, seeing as Janet was still pregnant and due two weeks ago, he was most likely in trouble for breathing.

"Hey Doc, how ya feeling?" Jack asked opening the door and helping Janet out.

"Fat, but Merry Christmas," she smiled standing up and holding onto Jack, as Daniel pulled the bag of presents out of the trunk and held Jaimeís hand as the four made it up the path.

"Merry Christmas to you too," Jack smiled and looked at Daniel, who gave him a look before they walked into the house. "The Jacksonís are here!" Jack called as Sam popped her head out and smiled.

"Merry Christmas," she grinned taking Jaime into a hug, then Daniel and finally Janet. "How you doing?"

"Iím fat. Iíll always be fat. And forever and always, am fat," Janet grumbled. Sam smiled and hugged her friend again.

"Youíre beautiful, radiant," Sam smiled. "Now come on, I donít know how to cook!"

"I know, Iím coming as fast as I can waddle," Janet laughed walking with Sam into the kitchen as Jack sent Jaime to the living room.

"Sheís a bit touchy."

"Yeah. Been like that for about a week," Daniel said dropping the bag of gifts. "Iím lucky if I can sleep in the same bed as her. Its not my fault the baby is late."

"Danny boy, thereís something you should understand about women, theyíre crazy. You should have figured this out when you two had Jaime," Jack said walking Daniel into the living room where Jaime was setting up the game board.

"Yeah, I know. Whenís Pete dropping off Meg?" Daniel asked, speaking of Samís daughter, Megan, who spent Christmas Eve with her father, and would be spending Christmas Day with her mother and the rest of her Ďfamilyí.

"Should be anytime now," Jack smiled.

"Good. I havenít seen that little girl in a while," Daniel grinned. "Hey Jame, guess whoís coming."

"Megan," Jaime smiled. "I know. Mommy and Auntie Sam told me."

"Do you want to wait for Megan to come or just start the game?" Daniel asked his daughter as she set up the monopoly pieces.

"Actually Daddy, can me and Megan play outside first, then come in and play?" Jaime asked giving her father the puppy dog eyes she had so perfected.

"Go ahead," Daniel smiled as Shanahanís SUV pulled into his driveway and Jaime bounded to the door to see her friend. "Sam, Janet, Megan is here!"

Samís head popped up and she smiled helping Janet to her feet and the two walked to the front door, as soon as Jack opened it to Pete and Megan.

"Hello General," Pete said with a warm smile. "Merry Christmas."

"You too Shanahan," Jack smiled.

"Can you guys wait inside for a minute, I need to talk to Pete," Sam smiled giving Megan a kiss on the head as everyone nodded and walked in side.

"Whatís up?" Pete asked looking at his former wife.

"Thanks for letting us have Megan for Christmas," Sam smiled softly.

"Hey, no problem. Is that all?" Pete asked looking at Sam with a smile.

"Yeah, for now. Merry Christmas Pete," Sam smiled giving Pete a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"You two. Make sure you call when Mrs. Jackson has the baby," Pete smiled before he walked down the path and Sam walked into the house where Janet was yelling at Daniel, softly, to get her ice cream from the store.

"Mommy!" Megan smiled running up to Sam. "Can me and Jaime go outside in the back and play?"

"Of course," Sam smiled as the two six year olds ran to Jackís back door to get their boots on. "Sir, why donít you and Daniel go play with the girls, why Janet and I finish getting dinner ready," Sam suggested.

"Sure, Daniel lets go," Jack smiled jumping up and walking to the backdoor to meet the girls. Daniel smiled and gave his wife a kiss before walking with Jack.

"Come on Jan, Jack has ice cream in the freezer," Sam smiled puling Janet into the kitchen. "So, talk to me. Whatís the matter?"

"Nothing, I just, I feel really big and I know the baby will come soon, but I just feel huge," Janet mumbled as she started to eat the ice cream.

"Janet, thatís normal. You know you had the same problem with Jaime," Sam said trying to comfort Janet.

"I know," Janet sighed. "Does the General have any other food?"

"Of course," Sam grinned handing Janet a bag of chocolate chips.

"Thank you," Janet smiled pouring the chocolate chips in her ice cream and eating it. "Jaime got me a necklace, Daniel found it."

"Its pretty," Sam smiled. "Come on Jan, cheer up. Youíre having a baby, you have a baby, and a niece. What more can you ask for?" Sam asked sitting down across from her friend.

"Well, while this bird cooks, why do you say we open presents?" Janet asked shoving another spoonful of ice cream into her mouth.

"Great idea!" Sam grinned. "Iíll get the boys and kids, and then by that time you could have found the best place to sit." Janet nodded and stood up, ice cream and spoon in hand as she made her way into the living room before Sam got everyone inside to open presents.

"Mommy, Daddy said to give this to you," Megan smiled handing Sam an envelope. Sam frowned her eyebrows and opened the enveloped, and smiled. "Okay Meg, sit down," she smiled as Megan sat down in front of Jackís leg.

"Uncle Jack, you ready?" Megan asked looking up at Jack with her blue eyes.

"Always," Jack grinned as Megan and Jaime got up and walked to the tree each grabbing a present for everyone. After everyone got their present, Megan and Jaime opened theirs first, each getting a necklace from Daniel.

"Thank you Daddy," Jaime smiled hugging her father.

"Thanks Uncle!" Megan smiled hugging Daniel as well. Daniel grinned and hugged the two girls, as Jack and himself put the necklaces on the girls.

"Donít lose these," Daniel smiled, kissing Jaimeís cheek.

"We wont!" Both girls vowed. Daniel smiled and leaned back and smiled as the two girls watched Jack eagerly to open his.

"Wow, a hand drawn Simpson's picture of Homer fishing, thanks Carter!" Jack grinned holding up his picture with pride.

"Youíre welcome sir," Sam smiled and turned to her present, before she opened it. Inside the box laid a simple, but gorgeous bracelet. "Sir, itís gorgeous."

"Thought youíd like it Carter," Jack grinned as Sam beamed at the present.

"I do, thank you," Sam smiled and looked over at Daniel who opened his present from Janet.

"Oh honey, thank you," Daniel smiled pulling out the key chain with Jaime, and a sonogram of the new baby.

Janet smiled and leaned up to kiss Daniel before she had a contraction and screamed in pain. "I just had a contraction," she breathed as Danielís eyes widened and his ears still rang from her scream.

"What?" Daniel asked. "Are you serious?"

"Of course I am!" Janet yelled. "Now get me to the hospital!" Daniel nodded and Jack stood up quickly helping the woman up. "DAMN!"

"Meg, honey, Jaime, lets go," Sam said taking the two girls hands and walking them quickly outside and into her car as Daniel and Jack tried their hardest to get Janet to the hospital.


"IíM GOING TO KILL YOU!" Janet yelled as another contraction hit her, and Danielís hand turned a bit bluer.

"Okay Janet, its time," Janetís OB/GYN smiled. "Are you ready?"

"Yes!" Janet yelled as another contraction hit her and she squeezed Danielís hand hard, to relieve some of the pain.

"Ease up on the husbandís hand," the doctor smiled as Janet was wheeled into delivery.


"Auntie Sam, if my baby brother or sister is born on Christmas, does that mean he or she is like Santa?" Jaime asked as she sat beside Sam, who had Megan on her lap.

"No honey, it wont be like Santa," Sam said, trying to hold in her laugh.

"Okay," Jaime smiled and started to swing her legs back and forth as they waited.


"DAMN YOU DANIEL!" Janet yelled as another contraction hit her.

"Janet, I need one more big push, come on," the Doctor smiled as Janet nodded and pushed her hardest, squeezing Danielís hand blue in the process. "Okay stop," she said as a piercing scream hit the room.

"What is it?" Janet asked breathing heavily.

"A baby," Daniel whispered staring at the blood covered infant.

"Itís a girl," the woman whispered handing the baby to Janet.


Five minutes later, Daniel walked out of the OR, a smile on his face as Jaime ran into his arms, as Jack, Sam and Megan stood up in anticipation.

"Itís a girl," he smiled and looked at Jaime. "You have a baby sister little girl!"

"Can I see Mommy?" Jaime asked from her fatherís arms. Daniel nodded and everyone followed. It was Christmas Day, no one would say no...Hopefully. If they did, Janet would get mad...no one wanted to make her mad that was for sure.


"Hey," Janet smiled as everyone walked in as she cradled the new baby girl. "Iíd like you to meet Noelle Christian."

Daniel smiled at the name of their new baby and held Jaime up to see her sister. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas," everyone else mumbled as they focussed on the Christmas Present that would Never be forgotten. For a child, more than all other gifts that Earth can offer to declining man, brings hope with it, and forward-looking thoughts!



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