Part 2

Daniel stepped out of the cool, dark Ontalian Ministry and into the sunshine with everyone else and let out a deep sigh of satisfaction. They'd done it. They'd successfully negotiated a treaty that would allow for the flow of information and technology between Earth and Ontalia. Humans and Ontalians were roughly on the same level technology wise some things humans were advanced that Ontalians weren't and vice versa. The treaty would be beneficial to both sides.

He shook hands with the First Minister half his mind on responding correctly to questions being asked the other half on getting home to Janet and putting some of those notes to good use. Not being able to wake up next her in her bed or his was taking its toll on his sanity. Getting their relationship back on track had been wonderful but being separated for long periods of time because of missions like this were just too much and it suddenly made him glad he wasn't part of one of the diplomatic teams like SG-19 or one of the archeology teams.

Well, he was half glad he wasn't on one of the archeology teams. He still had an itch to go out and dig once in awhile.

Daniel's hand slipped into his pants pocket and he felt the square bulge of the jewelry case inside it. He hadn't been kidding all those months ago when he said he was tired of wasting time. They'd lost a year because of his ascension and several more months because of his amnesia and Janet's stubbornness in keeping their relationship a secret. On a short, solitary tour of the capital city he'd been window-shopping for a gift to bring home and a quiet, unassuming gold ring in a jeweler's shop had caught his eye.

It was time to move on with his life. He wanted a home not this nomadic back and forth between his house and Janet's. He wanted to go home to her and not his empty bed on the nights when he had to work late. Having her there in his arms in the morning was a gift, a reassurance that there was more to life, more to him than just work. More importantly it was a reminder that he'd been able to love again after Sha're's death. That he was still worthy of being loved after everything that had happened and all that he'd done and failed to do. Asking her to marry him would be the first step in reclaiming his future, a future that included her and Cassie and would one day continue with children of their own.

Plus it was getting really expensive to replace his alarm clocks when he hurled them against the wall. He'd demolished ten of them these last two weeks alone.

Daniel smiled as Jack nudged him and nodded his head at SG-19 all of whom looked like proud parents. "It's a major coup for them," he said, "this being their first treaty. I think next time they won't need babysitters."

"Yeah, I'm getting too old to be a babysitter."

They watched in amusement as Major Winters leaned over and whispered something in Rei's ear causing her to blush. She looked Winters up and down then shot off something that made him turn beet red before she sauntered off with a smirk on her face.

"I think they like each other," Daniel commented.

"I think they do, too. The civilian and the officer...kind of cute in a way," Jack said oh so casually. "As long as they're discreet no one will have a problem with it."

Daniel blinked, looked at Jack and caught the knowing smile on his friend's face. No, they couldn't know. Could they? Quickly, Daniel ran over the last six months and was certain that he and Janet had done nothing overt to call attention to their relationship. He looked from Jack over to Sam and Teal'c and caught the same knowing look. Somehow, Daniel reasoned, they'd figured it out and now he was in for hell.

Clearing his throat, he put an arm around Jack's shoulders. "Jack," he said softly, "you're my best friend. You're part of my family." He swung around and took Jack's face in his hands bringing them nose-to-nose. "And I do love you but...just not that way." He fought back a giggle as out of the corner of his eye he caught Sam trying valiantly not to laugh. "Oh, Jack, even though I can't return your feelings I will treasure this confession of yours until I die." He watched Jack sputter as the older man struggled for words. He made a show of looking at his watch. "OH! Gee, look at the time! Gotta go! Hey, Rei wait up!"

Jack watched in stunned silence as Daniel rushed to catch up with his colleague. "What the hell just happened?"

Sam patted Jack on the back. "I think he just turned the tables on you, sir." She rushed off to find a safe place to laugh. Teal'c quickly followed leaving Jack alone.

"Oh for cryin' out loud!"


Could that wall clock be any slower?! Janet looked up incredulously at the minute hand. It was only five minutes later than the last time she'd looked. Discarding the idea of throwing the clock against the wall seeing as how it was already there Janet flopped down in her chair with an aggravated sigh.

She wanted him home. Now. This second. Her brown eyes drifted over to the positive 'anonymous' pregnancy test in the nondescript brown folder. Her hands drifted down to her stomach and she smiled. Now if only Daniel would come home she could tell him the good news.

Then maybe take him on the desk.

Bad, Janet!

She looked up at the clock and frowned.

A few minutes later Nurse Stanton paused in her walk across the Infirmary as she spotted her boss climbing a ladder to get the clock on her wall. "Dr. Frasier?"

Janet jumped then steadied her self on the ladder. Placing a hand on her chest she turned. "Yes?"

"Is everything all right?"

I'm horny and pregnant and the man I want is halfway across the galaxy. Do I look all right? "Fine," Janet said brightly. "Just making sure the clock was working that's all."



They watched Daniel head off towards the Infirmary happily chatting with some of SG-19.

"Okay, so the subtle thing doesn't work. At least not on Daniel."

Sam gave her CO a look and shook her head. "Forgive me, sir, but you and 'subtle' are not words that belong in the same sentence."


"She is correct, O'Neill."


Sam sighed. "Let me try. I can get Janet to break down and confess."


"Janet?" Sam obediently tilted her head back

"Hmm?" Janet let go of her friend's head and made a notation on her chart.

"We're best friends right?"

Janet looked at Sam noting the hawk like stare the woman was giving her and wondered what was bothering her. "Yeah, Sam."

"Best friends tell each other everything right?" Break, Janet, break! Sam willed.

"Sure, honey. What's on your mind?" Janet was growing worried. Sam looked like she wanted to pounce on her and shake her.

"Well, friends would tell each other if they had really good news right? Like, life changing news right?" Sam pretended to think of an example as Janet moved around to her back with a stethoscope. "Such as a boyfriend. I mean I know discretion is the better part of valor but still, a friend would tell another friend something like that right? Especially if she was involved with someone she sort of worked with."

Janet paused and tried to wrap her mind around what Sam had just said. Then her eyes opened wide and she looked at the back of her friend's head.

Sam knew! She knew!!

How did Sam know?! She and Daniel had been pretty discreet, Janet thought. However, she knew that the SGC really was just a small village. Everything got around eventually. Janet had just been hoping for a little more time so she could talk to Daniel. Janet bit her lip as she looked for a way to stall. "Sam!"

"What?" Sam turned her mind doing a little victory dance at the thought of Janet just breaking down and confessing. "What?!"

Janet hugged her fiercely. "I'm so happy for you! I always knew you and the colonel would work it out!" Quickly before Sam could get a word in edgewise Janet began gushing about all the plans they needed to make for a girls night out where they could discuss Sam's new relationship in depth. Janet grabbed a hold of the curtain and ducked around the other side. "Congratulations, sir. I'm sure you two will be very happy after waiting so long." Janet rushed around the bed pulling the curtain back, winking at Daniel and quickly moving off to Teal'c's bed. "I'll talk to you later, Sam!"

Jack moved to stand beside Sam. She blinked and looked up at him. "What the hell just happened?"

"I think she turned the tables on you, Carter," Jack said smugly. They both turned and looked at Daniel who gave them an innocent look back.

"Is my birthday party still on for tonight?"

"It's a supposed to be a surprise, Carter."

"After seven years, trust me, it's not a surprise anymore."

Jack sighed. "What did you have a in mind?"

Sam leaned over and whispered in his ear. "That's evil, Carter."


"When I take you down to the cafeteria you will act surprised right?"

"Yes, sir."


Janet closed the curtain around Daniel's bed a small frown marring her features. Teal'c hadn't said anything thankfully but she knew that he knew and he knew that she knew that he knew. That raised eyebrow said so much in so many ways. She shook her head to clear it. At least he hadn't tried to pry the truth from her. Sometimes being the stoic warrior was a good thing.

"Hey," Daniel caught a hold of her hand.

"Hey," she replied softly squeezing his hand and beginning her exam. "Are you sure you guys didn't run into anything down there? Body or personality switching devices or something?"

"They're acting weird aren't they?" At Janet's nod he continued, "I'm not sure how but something tipped them off to us and Jack dropped hints that he knew. I sort of turned it around on him." Quickly, he told her what had happened.

Janet giggled and finished up her exam. "I wish you could have gotten that on tape."

Daniel chuckled. "So do I. You should have seen the look on his face."

"Well, I just got grilled by Sam. I managed to tap dance around it."

"Yes, I saw that. You're very good." Janet shivered as the tone of his voice changed to a seductive one.

"Thanks, but we need to tell them soon."

"I don't understand how they figured it out. How could they know? We've been pretty quiet." Daniel took a hold of her jacket and pulled her closer. "I missed you."

Shoving away thoughts of pushing him down on the bed and making love to him right then, Janet leaned forward and brushed her lips against his. "I'm glad you're back." She kissed him again her fingers itching to touch him in a less than professional manner.

"We need to talk," they said simultaneously before their lips met again.


Daniel and Janet stopped and looked at one another in confusion. Usually by now Jack had escaped the Infirmary along with everyone else.


With a sigh, Janet licked her lips and pulled back from Daniel. "Yes, Colonel?"

"Are you done yet? Danny and I have to things with scissors and decorations and stuff."

Daniel shook his head. "I'll see if I can sneak down later." He planted a quick kiss on her lips. "I love you."

"Love you, too," she whispered back before pulling the curtain back. "He's all yours, Colonel." She pointed at him "Do not touch that cake when you get down to the cafeteria! I find one mark on that cake that's not supposed to be there and I'll find an excuse to give you a full physical with the really big needles."

Jack winced. "Yes, ma'am." He shot an evil grin at Daniel and put an arm around his shoulders. "So! Danny boy..."

Janet watched in amusement at the two left for the cafeteria. She slowly walked back to her office and sighed at the mountain of paperwork on it. "I swear it breeds."


A half-hour later Sam, Jack and Teal'c gathered in the security office. Shooing the airmen in the room to the other side they commandeered a bank of monitors. "Here we go," Sam said rubbing her hands. "Let's see what our little lovebirds are doing," she said evilly. She paused then looked up at the incredulous expressions on Jack and Teal'c's faces. "What? I'm her best friend and she didn't tell me she was dating one of my other best friends. She has to pay."

"Riiiight," Jack said taking another seat and started flipping through cameras until he found Daniel walking back down to the infirmary. "Here we go." They watched as Daniel became increasingly nervous, as he got closer. Pausing outside the doors he put his hand in his pocket as if to reassure himself of something. "What's in his pants?"

Sam shot him a look.

"The pocket! The pocket!"

Jack flipped the view over to inside the Infirmary where Janet stood just inside her office staring off into space holding a brown folder. At Daniel's approach she looked out and flashed him a bright smile. They chatted for a moment as Janet surreptitiously looked around the Infirmary before inviting Daniel in.

"Wow," Sam said, "they do stand pretty close together."

"Time to have a little fun," Jack said grabbing the nearest phone. "Yes, Nancy right? Is Daniel there? Oh. Would you knock on the door for me and tell him I need to see him right away? Thanks!"

Daniel barely managed to take Janet in his arms when there was a knock on the door. With a soft groan he rested his forehead on Janet's as she answered.

"I'm sorry to interrupt but Colonel O'Neill said he needed to see Dr. Jackson right away."

"Thank you, Nancy. I'll send him right out." Janet growled. "Is this going to be the beginning of a trend?"

"Possibly. If I wound him would you have to operate or could you let him die a slow death?" Daniel murmured as his lips trailed down Janet's throat.

"I would but I think General Hammond would have a problem with it." She grabbed Daniel's face and put a kissed him hard. "I still need to talk to you."

"Same here." A crafty smile lit Daniel's face. "Let's not make it easy for them, hmm?"

"Deal." She picked up a pad of prescription paper and wrote something on it as Daniel opened the door. "Here. You need a refill on your allergy meds anyway."

"You're too kind, doctor. See you in a bit." Daniel smiled and headed off.

"Bye," Janet said softly after him for a second she looked around the Infirmary then nonchalantly walked over to a tray of needles. Grabbing the biggest one she uncapped it and hurled it with pinpoint accuracy at a corkboard across the room. She smiled at the camera ignoring the stunned looks of her medical staff then walked into her office and shut the door.

Up in the surveillance room three members of SG-1 looked at the camera in shock.

"I think that was aimed at me," Jack finally said.

"I believe Dr. Fraiser has thrown down the gauntlet. She and Daniel Jackson are challenging us."

"I think you're right, Teal'c."

"Bring it on," declared Sam.


And so the insanity began with Janet and Daniel barely grasping a few moments alone before Sam, Teal'c or Jack got someone to interrupt them. In retaliation Janet stole Sam's coffee maker and Teal'c's meditation candles and Daniel snagged Jack's Simpsons DVDs. Then they got more creative in their hiding places and soon the others had to abandon the surveillance room and look for them on foot. The mood went from revenge to pure silliness as the hours towards Sam's birthday party passed. In fact, all of them had completely forgotten about the party.

Siler barely managed to dive to the side of the corridor as Daniel rushed past pulling Janet behind both laughing like mad. "What on ear-"

"There they are!" Sam yelled as she, Jack and Teal'c skidded around a corner. "Confess dammit!"

"Never!!" Janet yelled back as she and Daniel turned a corner.

"You'll have to catch us first!" Daniel added.

Siler threw himself back against the wall as the rest of SG-1 came barreling down the corridor. Next to him a door opened and Rei poked her head out. "You ok?" She asked looking at him.

"Yeah...can't quite say the same for SG-1 though."

Rei grinned at him. "Well, from what I've heard they've always been a little off the beaten track." They heard shouting and saw Daniel and Janet skid back around the corner again, stop halfway down the corridor and disappear through a door.

"Mind if I hide in there with you for awhile?"

"No problem."


General George Hammond considered himself a sane man, a fair man and, above all, a patient man. He cared deeply about all the people under his command. SG-1 and, through them, Dr. Fraiser had gotten under his skin and become like his children, much loved and often indulged. So when news of the five of them running mad through corridors in an odd game of hide and seek reached him he simply sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

It was things like this that had caused him to go bald in the first place.

"Grandpa George?"

He looked up and a smile broke over his face as he saw Cassie peek around the corner of his door. "Cassie. Hi, honey," he said getting up and giving her a hug. "How are you? How's school?" He asked as they stepped out of his office. It was almost time for Sam's party.

"I'm good. School's.... Well, I'd say it but I'd get in trouble," she grinned at Hammond's chuckle. "How are you?" She said putting an arm around his waist.

Putting a hand on her shoulder, he answered, "I'm doing pretty well. You ready for Sam's party?"

"Can't wait. By the way, have you seen my mom?"

George sighed. "No, but I have a pretty good idea of what's she's doing."


"You know I didn't realize keeping us a secret would be this much fun," Janet panted as she and Daniel stopped at two double doors.

"Neither did I," Daniel replied chuckling pulling her to him and kissing her not caring if anyone saw them. "I haven't had this much fun in a long time." They slipped through the doors and stood in the darkness. " Now that we've got about ten seconds before they find us, Janet, I wanted to say-"

At the same time Janet grabbed a hold of his shoulders. "Daniel! I've have to tell you-"

The doors burst open just as the lights flipped on. "There you are!" Sam cried pointing at them.


"I want to get married!"

"I'm pregnant!"

Dead silence reigned. Daniel and Janet looked around in astonishment as they realized they'd run into the cafeteria and the assembled airmen and civilians were there for Sam's birthday party. They caught the astonished looks on Hammond's and Cassie's faces and the completely pole axed looks on Sam, Jack and Teal'c.

Jack blinked. "Oops. Knew we'd forgotten about something."

"What did you two just say?" Sam asked.

Daniel looked at Janet. "I want to get married."

Janet bit her lip and blushed. "I'm pregnant."

They smiled sheepishly and turned to the others. "Surprise!" They exclaimed weakly.

"Grandpa George?"

"Yes, Cassie?"

"Mind if I come live with you for a little while?"

The End

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