Title: Surprise
Author: Chrysa
Category: D/J humor, romance, rampant silliness at the end
Rating: PG-13 for some language/sexual suggestion
Spoilers: None
Season: 8 After Heroes and Janet's not dead.
Summary: Daniel and Janet have a relationship no one knows about. Then they find out.
Disclaimer: In other words, I own the plot but I own nothing else. I have no money. Don't sue me.
Copyright: 07-19-04
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Author Notes: ::cringes::: First SG1 fic. I don't know if it sucks or not. I hope it doesn't. This started out one way and degenerated into this. Hopefully, someone gets a laugh out of it. I apologize if I've screwed something up. lol I'm still just discovering things about SG-1. God help us all I've somehow gotten an SG-1 muse...I already have too many! Not betaed. All mess ups are my own.

This was done for the Dan/Jan July 2004 challenge:

1 Must be set in the future, with Daniel and Janet in an established relationship. Whether they are dating, engaged, married, have children, etc. is up to you.

2 Must have some form of plot to it, not just a drabble or a stand-alone scene.

3 At some point in the fic, Daniel and Janet have an argument/banter about the times they've seen each other die, a la Michael Shanks and Teryl Rothery's exchange at the Tulsa Trek convention -

MS (after answering a question about whether a certain character will be his love interest on the show, turns to Teryl): And unlike my other love interests, she doesn't die! I had to watch you die!
TR: I had to watch you ascend!
MS: You had this big smoking hole in your chest!
TR: Yeah, I did. Went all the way through me. Sort of.
Whether it's funny or angsty is up to you.
4 Give us a happy ending for the pair!


Part 1

It was the feel of his lips, soft and warm against the back of her neck that quietly nudged Janet towards consciousness. His hands sliding down the side of her body and up underneath her nightgown had her nerves tingling. But it was his body that wonderfully hard, hot body pressed against her back, his heat burning her through the silk of her nightgown that woke her up completely. Her sigh told him she was awake and he started whispering erotic things in a mixture of English, Abydonian and Egyptian that had her turning over, her body eager to meet his and hold him to the promises he was making with his body and his words. Janet opened her eyes wanting to see the intense look he got in his blue eyes when everything in his world telescoped down to her and making her scream with pleasure...

The scream of the alarm clock had Janet falling out of bed. Her chest heaving for all the wrong reasons she buried her hands in her hair and tried to get her heart to stop pounding. She growled in frustration and looked up over the bed hoping against hope that maybe he'd come home in the middle of the night and slept beside her.

No Daniel just rumpled sheets.

"Damn," she whispered.

Two weeks.

Two horridly frustrating weeks with no Daniel in her life and in her bed; the signs of his presence in her home almost nonexistent because he'd had to take everything with him to PX-who-the-hell-cares as SG-1 helped SG-19 conduct negotiations. Two weeks of conversations across the MALP that had to be restricted to his allergy meds and what medical technology and plants the planet had or gazing longingly at each other as they stood in the background while someone else had center stage.

They'd been reduced to writing notes and sticking them in reports addressed to one another. Janet felt like she was back in school. Do you like me? Check yes or no. Except these weren't your run of the mill notes. God, no, these notes had gone from 'I love you and miss you' to x-rated in the space of a few days. Janet was just thankful that Daniel had managed to teach her a little of the Ancients writing otherwise the report mix-ups that had already happened as things went out to departments would have been downright embarrassing. She liked Sexy!Daniel she just didn't want the rest of the SGC to know about him. He was already taken.

She gave the still ringing alarm clock a hateful glare and with an inarticulate growl hurled it across the room. Janet to let out a satisfied sigh at the sound of metal crunching against the wall and the distorted ring the mortally wounded alarm clock gave out as it hit the floor. Not as satisfying as Daniel but it would do for now.

A sharp knock at the door was the only warning she got before Cassie poked her head in. Her daughter looked from her to the dead alarm clock and back again. "Good dream or a bad dream?" she asked walking over and giving Janet a hand up.

"Depends on how you look at it."

"Ahh. A Daniel dream," Cassie said knowingly as she helped Janet set the bed to rights.

Janet let out a chuckle. "You know me too well."

"That I do. They come home today right?" Cassie nodded towards the hunk of metal on the floor. "That's the eighth alarm clock you've killed."

"Yes, they come home today."

"Thank, God. You're moping is worse than mine-Ahh!!" Cassie ducked as Janet swung a pillow at her head. "Does SG-1 know you two are an item...again, yet?"

Janet paused on her way to the closet for her uniform. Her relationship with Daniel had begun not long after Cassie's illness. It was a quiet, intense relationship and she'd treasured every moment of it.

Only Cassie had known about them and her outraged 'Well, it's about time! What were you waiting for?!' was taken as a sure sign of her approval. It wasn't that they didn't want anyone to know it was just that they'd wanted to keep it private for a little while. SG-1 came as sort of a package deal, when you dated one it was almost as if you were dating them all.

It had ended just as quietly with a few spoken words of love and devotion in the moments when she and Daniel had his sickroom to themselves. Then he'd been granted a second chance of sorts and he'd ascended never to be seen again. With the rest of his team left behind and hurting Janet had chosen to remain quiet about their relationship. Only Cassie had seen the gaping wound left in Janet by Daniel's absence and she'd comforted her mother in the months to follow.

Then he'd come back and in all the fantasies she'd ever had of meeting him again amnesia hadn't been a factor. Sam had told her that he'd asked if there'd been something between the two of them. Janet knew that he'd asked the question of a few other women on the base, ones he'd been good friends with and worked closely with. When it was her turn she'd decided to tell him they'd had been good friends not wanting him to feel obligated by a love he couldn't remember. Daniel was getting another chance at life and Janet felt that it wasn't her place to interfere with it. If Daniel chose to love her again it would be a choice he made because of the present not because of the past. So once again she'd kept quiet and grieved with Cassie as her only witness.

It hadn't ended that way though. Something of them had remained in his mind. Every once in awhile Janet would catch Daniel staring at her with that intense look in his eyes that he'd get when he was trying to decipher some artifact that had caught his interest...or when he was making love to her. Her own death on P3X-666 and subsequent resurrection had conjured up intense emotions in Daniel and had caused him to remember everything about them.

"There was a reason you had my glasses." He'd come upon her silently startling her as she sat on a bench at the top of the mountain gazing at the stars. "It kept bugging me. And when I asked if you and I had been involved...you were lying. I could feel it. I could see it in your eyes, the way you turned from me and changed the subject."

Janet said nothing knowing one day there'd be a reckoning if he ever did remember. She was ready. She had shaken hands with Death, an enraged Daniel Jackson would be a cakewalk in comparison.

"I didn't get that from anyone else. I didn't feel that there was more to the story when I asked Rei in Linguistics or Julia in Archeology or a half other dozen women I work with when I asked them if there was something between me and them," he put his hands in the pockets of his pants and looked up at the stars. "I cared about them, they cared about me and we all work together. That was about the extent of it."

He shook his head. "Then there was you. I always got the feeling that there was something that I was missing when I looked at you, something right in front of my face, Janet. Then there were the images that would crop up at the most unexpected times when I was around you or when I thought of you. I'd be in the Infirmary and you'd be listening to my heartbeat with a stethoscope and I'd flash on you with your head on my chest smiling up at me. I would talk to you in your office and swear I'd kissed you in there at some point in time. I could walk down and sit in my office and recall half a dozen conversations about Cassie and the most mundane topics but...it was you talking to me and that made them important." He turned and stared at her noting the tears sliding down her face.

He walked over to where she sat and placed his hands on either side of her trapping her on the bench. "I'd lie in my bed at night and imagine you, the way you felt, and the things we did," he leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "the way you said my name. I'd wake up in the morning and swear you were right there beside me, in my arms." He pulled back and waited until she opened her eyes. "I thought those were fantasies, all of them. I didn't know they were memories!"

Maybe death was easier to handle. Janet sniffed and wiped her face as he took a few steps away.

"I was falling in love with you, Janet, convinced that you didn't feel the same way about me. Why didn't you tell me? I had to watch you die before I remembered it all!"

"What would you have had me say, Daniel? 'I know you have amnesia but we were lovers. I loved you, you loved me and then you ascended and left me alone!' How ridiculous would that have sounded? Especially to a guy who didn't know who the hell I was?!" She yelled her own anger sparking through her as she hopped off the bench and threw her arms out wincing a little since she still wasn't fully recovered.

"Well, that wasn't so hard now was it?" he said calmly before shouting, " I had to watch you die!"

"I had to watch you ascend!" she shot back.

He looked at her incredulously. "You had this big gaping hole in your chest!"

Well, he had her there. "Yeah, I did. Went all the way through me...sort of." She leaned back against the rock and put her head in her hands. When she looked up again she was surprised to see tears in his eyes. "Well, you went all glowing and floated through the ceiling."

"Why didn't you tell me, Janet?"

Janet bit her lip and spread her hands out in a helpless gesture. "How could I? If I had told you that we'd been involved before for you got your memories back would you have come to me on your own or out of some sense of obligation to the life you'd left behind over a year ago? How could I be sure?" She shook her head. "I wasn't going to be a cause for resentment, Daniel. It wouldn't have been fair to either of us. You needed to find out who you were first without being chained to someone else," she finished, sitting back down and waiting like a condemned woman as he moved to stand in front of her.

Daniel kneeled in front of her and took her face in his hands. She felt him brush away her tears with the pads of his thumbs his face crumpling a little at the abject misery in her eyes. "Don't cry, baby. It'll be okay." Taking a seat on the bench he gathered her up in his arms and sat her down in his lap. He let her cry and from the hitch in his breathing Janet knew that he was shedding a few tears as well.

They sat in silence for a time her face buried in the crook of his neck and her arms around his waist, Daniel holding her tightly one hand stroking her hair. It was comforting in a way, a chance to settle down while they decided on whether to go another round or call a truce.

"Janet, I am not chained to you," Daniel lifted her chin. "Bonded? Yes. Linked? Yes. Never chained. I'm here of my own free will. After the euphoria faded I was very angry. You are so much a part of me that sometimes I don't know where I end and you begin." His lips brushed her forehead. "Knowing...it was like coming home. A part of me I didn't know was missing was finally in place and it hurt that you knew this and kept it from me."

Janet simply nodded understanding his viewpoint but not willing to apologize for doing something she felt in her heart was the right thing to do. The curving of Daniel's lips against her forehead told her that he knew it too.

"So...what do you think we should do?"

Janet sat up in his lap. "Daniel, before you ascended we were lovers. I loved you. You loved me. Then you ascended and left me alone...I still love you."

"I love you."

She nodded. "Do you think we can give it one more go?"

A smile lit Daniel's face. "I think love that transcends Ascension and death is worth another try." He brushed her hair back. "I'm tired of wasting time."

"So am I. Daniel?"


"You die again and I'm hunting your happy ass down and dragging it back to the land of the living."

"Sounds like a plan. Same goes for you."


"Hmm?" Janet blinked and looked at her daughter's concerned face.

Cassie looked closely at her mom. "Are you sure you're ok? You've been a bit...I don't know. Off, I guess you'd say."

"I'm fine, honey."

"Ok. I've got to get to class. Grandpa George called last night before you got home. He wanted to remind you to pick up the cake for Sam's surprise party. My gift is on the kitchen table. The party is at six. I'll get to the base about a quarter of."

"All right," Janet replied as she plucked her uniform out of the closet and started walking towards the bathroom. She turned when Cassie called to her. "Yeah?"

"Do me a favor, Mom? Tell the rest of the team about the two of you before you guys go do something silly like run off to Vegas and get hitched or you get pregnant or something?"


Her daughter laughed at the comically outraged look on Janet's face. "See ya later!"

"Bye!" Janet sighed and looked down at her stomach. So the rest of SG-1 would find out soon. Just after she confirmed what she suspected and she told Daniel that they might have a little bit more to tell everyone than they'd originally thought. "Well, one out of two isn't bad, right?"


Dr. Janet's consummate skill in getting both sides of the negotiation table to feel comfortable with one another is a testament to her skills as a translator and a natural diplomat. Janet's lack of confidence with the handling of the Ontalian language is unfounded. As I've watched negotiations take place her initial discomfort is soon replaced by her big beautiful brown eyes and a voice that would melt

Daniel blinked as his brain finally caught up to what his fingers were typing. Quickly he went through the rest of the document and groaned in dismay. Five pages! Five pages of Janet's lips, eyes, legs, body...Yeah his concentration was shot all to hell. "Oh shit!"

"You okay, Daniel?"

With a gasp, Daniel shut the top of his laptop before giving Rei Nakamura, SG-19's translator and a member of one of his departments, a nervous smile. "Fine! Just fine."

"Riiight," the young Japanese woman shook her head and slid a tray towards him before taking a seat. "Eat, one cannot live on coffee all day."

"Depends on the coffee," Daniel responded automatically.

"Never the less, eat," Rei said pushing the tray at him. Taking a bite of her sandwich she took a hold of two reports and passed one over to him as he took a sip of water. "Doc would kill me if all the thanks you got out of this was a case of caffeine poisoning or something. Is it possible to get caffeine poisoning? Anyway, Doc sent you another report." She gestured at the folder in his hands. "You two are sending an awful lot of reports to one another. What are you doing? Writing love letters?"

Daniel did a spit take and started coughing. Nodding his thanks at her concerned exclamations he eagerly took hold of the folder wondering what Janet had sent through this time and blushing at the things that immediately came to mind. The only thing wrong with all this note writing was that he shared a room with Jack. One couldn't appreciate a racy Janet note that described all the things she wanted to do to him with Jack snoring away in the next bed over. He glanced at Rei, then thought of the five pages worth of reports he had to read through and correct before they got home and reluctantly set the report aside for later. "So, how are you today?" He asked biting into his sandwich.

"Ready to go home," Rei said pulling her long black hair out of its habitual pony tail and putting it back up again.

"I hear that." Really should not be entertaining thoughts of Janet. Down, Daniel! Down!

"It would be so nice just to curl up in bed with the one you love and do nothing for a while," Rei said wistfully.

"Yeah," Daniel agreed softly thinking about Janet. He turned to Rei. "I didn't know you were seeing anyone," he said happily prepared to congratulate her on her good fortune.

"I'm not," she groaned letting her head hit the table. "All I have is a cat!"

"Oh...well...yeah that sucks."


"I'm tellin' ya there's something wrong with him."

Sam paused in her recitation of a report on various minerals found in the area. "Sir?"

"Daniel," Jack said nodding at the archeologist hunched over his laptop a few tables away in the Ontalians main dining room with Rei pushing a tray of food towards him as she sat down with her own.

Realizing that her report had been consigned to the realm of forgotten-until-a-crisis-appeared Sam turned her attention to her friend. "He looks fine to me, sir." She looked a little more closely. "Except for maybe a sunburn or is that a blush?"

"It's a blush. Trust me it's a blush. He's been doing that almost everyday for the past two weeks when he's reading something. Plus, he's been restless. Instead of wanting to go explore he wants to go home and continue research on some of his artifacts."

"Well, sir, Ontalia doesn't have that many ruins. Daniel's really here just to back up Rei. She's not proficient in the Ontalian language. It's understandable that he'd want to get back to his work since she seems to be getting along fine."

"No, it's not just that, Carter. It's...I don't know...he's different somehow."

Sam sat for a moment and studied Daniel and he chatted with his subordinate. "Well, he does seem a bit more settled now. Happier definitely."

"I believe that DanielJackson is 'getting some,'" came Teal'c's deep voice on her left.

Sam and Jack turned and looked at him and his upraised eyebrow then burst out laughing. Shaking his head Jack said, "Teal'c I don't think that phrase should ever come out of your mouth again."

Sam was wiping tears from her eyes. "Oh, my."

"But is it not true that," he paused as Sam put a finger to his lips and burst out laughing, "'getting some,'" he had to pause again as Jack burst out laughing, "is a cause for a general sense of happiness among the Tau'ri."

"Yes, Teal'c, but so is chocolate cake and cute puppies."

"I do not believe that DanielJackson has gotten a puppy recently."

Jack's eyes tracked back to Daniel as the archeologist patted Rei on the back in sympathy to something she'd said. "So if he has been getting lucky who do you think it's with?"

All three of them stopped and pondered this.

"I believe it is Dr.Fraiser," Teal'c finally said.

Sam looked from Teal'c to Daniel and back again turning the idea of Janet and Daniel together over in her mind.

"No," Jack said. "They would have told us. Right?"

"I certainly hope so," Sam said indignantly. "After all we're their friends."

"Have you not watched them together?" Teal'c asked. "I have seen them in each other's company often. They are very attuned to one another. They often stand close to one another." Then he sat back and watched as all the little visual clues Sam and Jack had missed all these months clicked together.

Jack and Sam shared a look. "You do realize," Jack started.

"This means war," Sam finished.


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