Title: Along For The Ride
Author: Melissa Adams
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Daniel/Janet
Date: September 10, 2004
Series: None
Spoilers: Season four episode Tangent
Website: None yet, but I'm working on it.

Disclaimer: "Stargate SG-1" and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, SciFi Channel, Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author.

Synopsis: A response to the Daniel/Janet challenge for September off the danandjan list

Author's Notes: A reminder folks, please that the medical advice you hearing Janet sporting in ANY story I write or co author is totally made up. Most of it comes from what I've read and heard on tv shows like ER so it's not be taken as anything but made up fiction. Please keep that in mind when reading it.

Also a nice thank you to Meg for kick starting my muse, Mae, to write this story. She diagnosed and treated my procrastination. Thanks girl!


Along For The Ride

Doctor Janet Fraiser didn't often go off world, especially in the situation that Sam had described they were going into to try to contact the Tok'ra operative who they thought was her father but when they crunched the numbers she had little choice but to go. Colonel O'Neil and Teal'c were going to be without oxygen far longer than was even close to safe and there was no way in hell she wasn't going to be on the rescue team. She'd argued with both the General and Sam about that until finally her stubborness beat theirs but not by alot however as she sat in the rear of the cargo ship that Jacob Carter had ringed them aboard listening to the debate she was starting to question her own logic in this.

SAM: What's wrong.

JACOB: Nothing's wrong. Not yet.

DANNY: But there will be something wrong?

JACOB: Well, let's just say I'd like to stop for a second and make some repairs, but this is not a particually safe part of town to pull over.


JACOB: And, what were you thinking, anyway? Retrofitting a death glider? You should have known better. The technology you're screwing around with is way over your head!

SAM: That is the most arrogant --- I can't believe that that just came out of your mouth!

JACOB: Well, it's the truth.

SAM: You of all people should know ---

JACOB: I am uniquely qualified to know just how technologically infantile the human race is.


JACOB: Yes, in comparison with the Goa'Uld and Tok'Ra, you're very young.

SAM: Yo---you are so---

JACOB: There's nothing wrong with being young, but you've gotta learn to take small steps. You can't just slap a US Air Force sticker on the side of a DEATH GLIDER, and call it yours. Advancement like that has to be earned.

DANNY: Um, aren't the Goa'Uld,and the Tok'Ra,for that matter, uh --- where they are by stealing the technology from other races?


JACOB: Yes, but the Tok'Ra were flying around in ships like these when most of the people on earth thought it was flat.

Clsoing her eyes the woman felt the headache she had developed every since Daniel had stopped on the planet they gated to at the base of the stairs without saying anything and they had gone head over heels which had resulted in her having a nice goose egg on her head for which Daniel had spent half their trip apologizing for. It hadn't been totally his fault which she had told him of course and if at worst she had only a very minor concussion but nothing to interfere with her doing her job for the Colonel and Teal'c.

Finally having heard enough the woman sat back or rather laid back with her head resting on the medical backpack behind her as she heard them discussing the drives now after a loud boom. It wasn't that she didn't care that two Goa'uld motherships had just appeared but she couldn't do anything to help and if she could someone would speak with her. Hearing feet she watched Sam and Jacob leave into the back area and listened as Daniel talked in Goa'uld with the ships. It wasn't until Jacob came back and asked him what he had said that she sat up and then stood up. Thankfully they dove back into hyperspace and she walked up to Daniel, "The great and powerful Oz huh?"

"It was the first thing I thought of" he answered shyly and shrugged.

Shaking her head Janet looked at Sam and walked up behind her, "Sam I was thinking about an idea to the problem we were discussing. Listen once we get to the Colonel and Teal'c how about we..."

Almost three hours later Janet Fraiser stood behind Sam Carter with Daniel after having outlined their plan and basically saying they were both crazy, which they were but it was the only option they had. Nearing the ship they all see Colonel O'Neil and Teal'c apparently asleep, "Are we too late" Jacob asks.

"I think they're just unconscious" the doctor informs them with a nod and glances at her watch, "We still have a couple minutes but not by a lot here so we have to do something."

Daniel shakes his head, "Well, we have to wake them up somehow.

Sam gets angry and jabs the communication unit, "Dammit, Colonel! We haven't come all this way to take you home in a box, now WAKE UP!"

"Sam I'm going to the back, once you have them I'll be waiting" Janet ordered but couldn't tear herself away from the scene. As everyone else discusses she finally listens and nods once the Colonel starts to respond, "He's suffering from anoxia, oxygen deprivation. We have to get them out there, right now."

Fraiser had outlined her part of the plan for getting the men back to Sam on the way so she was content to just let her do the arguing for it and would step in only when she had to. While listening to the conversation and the reserve oxygen numbers she went to her pack and popped two tylenol catching Daniel looking at her, "I'm ok Daniel, just a headache" she stated with a smile.

He accepted that but not by much; it had been his fault and if they hadn't been on a clock for Jack and Teal'c he would have insisted she go back to the SGC but to try to force it when she had patients; even if they were several hours away; he knew was pointless so he was content to watch her himself and feel guilty for what he had done.

With surprising ease they got the Colonel and Teal'c aboard the cargo ship and Jacob set a course for Earth. It surprised Janet how little they needed by way of treatment, just some rest which she insisted they get on the way back home and it also gave her a chance to rest her head. After getting them comfortable in the back she came out and saw everyone looking at her, "They seem fine and are sleeping right now. We'll run some tests when they get back but it appears the time with lack of oxygen was minimal so they were very lucky."

Sam and Jacob both nodded and studied the instruments but Daniel went over to Janet and took her hand, "There is nothing you can do for Jack and Teal'c that you aren't already doing Janet so let me get you laid out and you can rest a few minutes. You hit your head pretty good."

"Daniel I'm..."

"Janet just do it huh? Pamper my worry streak a little bit please" he pleaded with bright blue eyes to her.

Finally with a sigh she leaned into him as they walked to a corner and both sat down. Letting him put his jacket over her gently Fraiser smiled and thanked him resting her head on his chest and closed her eyes. ~Any head injury is worth this~ she thought.


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