Title: No Sleep
Author: faroutdragon1
Rating: PG
Summary: Janet has accidentally given Daniel a highly lethal virus. What will she do?
Category: Angst/Drama


No Sleep

It seemed that Daniel needed to go to the Infirmiry after every mission. Whether it was something serious, like a zat to the head, or something minor, like his allergies, he spent an exceding amount of time there.

Janet was beginning to get suspicious.

It wasn't that she wasn't attracted to the archeologist. Because who wouldn't be? It was just that she had so many other things to worry about. How was she supposed to handle a relationship? She had to deal with the SGC almost 24/7, and when she wasn't dealing with them, she had to take care of Cassie.

Of course, this mission was no exception. Janet got the call from the Gate room that Daniel was headed for the Infirmiry, and Janet sighed as she replaced the phone into the cradle. She wondered briefly what it was going to be this time. For all her luck, it would end up being serious.


Daniel was not happy about actually having to go to the Infirmiry this time. But, that was understandable, seeing as he'd been stung by some native insect. Which reminded him.

"Oh god! Don't move me like that!" he yelped, as Jack tried to pick him up onto the stretcher. The insect had inflicted a rather nasty sting on his left hip, and it was painful as hell.

The pain lessened a little as he saw Janet rush into the Gate room to help bring him to the Infirmiry. "Daniel, calm down," she said, as she nodded at the men to lift him.

Breathing in and out, slowly, trying to forget about the pain, Daniel was carried to the Infirmiry.

The last thing he remembered before it went black was Janet's face looking down at him saying, "You're going to be fine, Daniel."


"Well, General," Janet began, hesitant to reveal her news, "It seems that the insect that stung Dr. Jackson had some sort of venom in it."

General Hammond opened his mouth to say something, but Janet quickly continued.

"I was able to extract the venom from his blood before it did any damage, sir."

She left the 'sir' hanging, and the General waited a moment, with the tension evident in the air, before he said, "But?"

Janet's eyes looked down at her hands, crossed on the table, before continuing. "Well, sir," she said softly, "I can't be sure, but... it seems that he's contracted another disease."

The General's eyebrows raised, and he asked, "How, Doctor?"

Janet swallowed hard, and answered, "Sir, I think it may have been the drug I gave him for the pain."

The General straightened in his chair, and his eyebrows furrowed. "What do you mean, it may have been a drug *you* gave him?"

Janet sighed, and looked into Hammond's eyes. "It's an expirimental drug, sir." Before the General could erupt, like he was about to do, she quickly said, "But, sir, it's been successfully tested on five different patients! They all had good results, and his pain was so strong..."

Her voice tapered off, and the General's anger diminished. He could see she felt extremely guilty about this.

"Well, Doctor, what can we do?"

Janet looked down at the tabletop again, and replied, "I don't know, sir, if there's anything we *can* do. He has symptoms like the flu, but ten times more extreme. He's been vomitting everything that we've tried to feed him, and the I.V. isn't a good long term thing. He can't sleep either. If he keeps going on like this... we'll lose him, sir."

General Hammond stood up slowly, and said, "You should get back to the Infirmiry then, Doctor." He did, however, notice her downcast eyes, and the expression on her face, and he placed a hand on her shoulder. "You'll get him through this, Janet. I know you will."

"Thank you, sir," she replied softly, before standing and returning to the Infirmiry.


Daniel slipped in and out of a daze. He couldn't sleep, true, but he couldn't stay awake either. He was in a perpetual high. The virus that he had kept him loopy, so that he could not carry on an intellectual conversation. Janet had tried to tell him that she was sorry, but he couldn't snap out of his haze long enough to care.

Every once in a while, he would just stare at her though. An angel in the fog. Her face came through clearly, always, no matter how unclear everything else was around her. She tried to remain cheerful in his prescence, because she had realized that her smile would make him smile. The only time he smiled, in fact.

Daniel's mind was cluttered. He knew who he was; where he was; he even realized what was happening to him. But, that part of his mind was pushed behind all that foggy, tripping stuff. The stuff that made him giggle madly when there was absolutely nothing funny happening. The stuff that made his body stiff, because he couldn't fall asleep.

So Daniel was, suspended between consciousness and sleep, in each world.


Janet had been having a horrible week. She hadn't returned home since the day she found out about what she had done to Daniel, much to the dismay of Cassie. She hadn't even really slept.

Instead, she had been working, night and day, on something, anything, that would help Daniel. She had to help him.

She had put him in this almost comatose state. She had to help him.

Her head kept drooping, every time she tried to read her notes on what she knew about the virus. Several times, her head had hit the book, and several minutes would pass before she jerked herself awake again.

Sam had come to check on her, and bring her coffee. She appreciated that. Sam had also tried to help Janet's research, but Sam was out of her league. This was something only Janet could do.

Sighing, after the fifth time she had jerked herself awake, she stood, and made her way to Daniel's bed. He was, at that moment, humming the theme song from "I Dream of Jeannie" and swinging his hands to and fro up above his head. Smiling slightly at the sight, Janet sat next to his bed, and looked at him. He slowly stopped singing, but his arms remained suspended in mid-air. He was probably the most awake that he'd been in a week.

"Hey, Daniel," Janet said slowly. "How you feeling?"

Daniel smiled wolfishly, and brought one arm down, to touch her face. "You're so pretty," he said.

Janet was used to this, as Daniel had been doing it for a week. "Thank you, Daniel," she said, as she took his hand off of her face, and put it on his lap. This time, however, he didn't let go of her hand. Looking extremely serious, he continued, "I want to kiss you, angel."

He had never done *this* before. Janet wasn't sure how to react, but she sure as hell knew that she couldn't kiss him. It would be completely taking advantage of him, and since she had created this situation, she most definitely couldn't take advantage of him.

"Sorry, Daniel, but I have to go work on a cure... maybe later," she said non-committedly. She knew that he wouldn't even remember this whole episode if-- no, *when*-- he got better.


Two days later, Janet was no closer to finding a cure. Jack had been in to visit Daniel, as had Sam and Teal'c. Janet had begun to despair, knowing that Daniel couldn't keep up this 'no-sleep' policy that his body had taken. His body was beginning to break down from exhaustion.

Jack came wandering into her lab, and Janet snapped at him without thinking. "Don't touch anything, Colonel."

Jack's eyebrow raised, and he looked over her shoulder, to view the papers that she was writing furiously on. "Feeling a little stressed, Doc?" he asked, before putting his hand quickly down onto the paper, pointing to a line that she had written. "Wait, right there," he said.

Janet looked at the line, and said, "Yes, what about it?"

Jack pulled up the chair that was at her computer, and sat next to her. "Well," he said, "if you look at these calculations, then that one makes no sense." Taking the pencil from her, he erased the rogue line, and fixed it. Returning the pencil to her, he stood, and said, "Good luck, Doc."

He walked out of her office, leaving Janet staring bewilderingly after him. Looking back down at her paper, her eyes widened in shock, and her mouth shot open. "Thank God for you, Colonel Jack O'Neill!" she yelled as she ran out of the room with the paper waving in her hand.

Jack had unwittingly done it again.


Daniel didn't wake up for eight days. Of course, that was with the help of a sedative, but he needed all the sleep he could get.

Waking after the eight days, he found himself looking deep into the Doctor's eyes. She smiled at him, and he grinned, before saying weakly, "I believe you owe me a kiss, Janet."


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