Title: Menace
By: SaraC
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Season 5 "Menace"
Summary: Janet's point of view throughout the episode
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never will be.

Author Note: This is set amid "Menace," beginning right after they awaken Reece in the infirmary. It‘s simply (in my opinion) a way they should have utilized Janet more! It’s also much more fun to play with the Daniel/Janet dynamic imagining what happened off screen! This is also a response to the September Dan/Jan challenge!


Part 1

"I promise this won’t hurt too much, Daniel." Doctor Janet Fraiser grinned at the mock groan the archaeologist gave her as she approached carrying a lethal looking needle. With Reece refusing to do much without Daniel by her side, she’d decided to take advantage of having Daniel in her infirmary and administer his monthly allergy shot. She noted, absentmindedly, that Reece was watching her intensely, most likely curious about what was going on.

"You always say that before you inject me with something or the other," Daniel grumbled, although he had to work to keep a smile from his lips. He loved the banter that always seemed to flow so freely between the two of them whenever he was in the infirmary. At least, when he was conscious or not deathly injured. He looked over for a moment at Reece, noting she was watching Janet with an intense look. He had the feeling she was absorbing everything around her, very ‘machine’ like, but with a childlike expression that made him smile.

Janet felt a momentary pang of something resembling jealousy as she watched Daniel watching Reece. The emotion evaporated as she reached his side and he gave her a sexy wink that had her heart pounding. She was smiling as she pushed up his sleeve. The smile turned into an impish grin as he pretended to cringe away from her. "You’d think someone who has a bed marked specifically for him in my infirmary would be able to deal with a little pain a bit bett-"

Her words were cut off as a strong arm suddenly grabbed her wrist and she felt her body jerked from the ground. The sound of bones crunching, the feel of flying through the air, and a female voice screaming "YOU HURT MY FRIEND!" were the last things she remembered before everything went blank.


Janet groaned as she struggled to open her eyes, wincing and closing them again as the brightness of the infirmary became too much.


The soft voice, and the even softer feel of a hand on her forehead, were enough to encourage her to try, very slowly, to open her eyes again. Successful this time, she found herself staring into a very relieved pair of familiar blue eyes.

"You’re awake, thank God! You took quite a knock on the head."

The concern in Daniel’s voice did something to her heart and she couldn’t help but relish in the feeling for a moment. It was not that often she was on the receiving end of such concern from this particular man and she found, not to her surprise, she rather liked it. Suddenly, the situation at hand returned to her and she struggled to sit up.

"Relax, you’re going to be resting for a day or so. Doctor Warner wants to make sure you didn’t suffer anything more than a mild concussion and a broken wrist."

Janet winced at the words, allowing Daniel to settle her back against the pillows as she looked down to see her right hand in a splint. Bits and pieces of earlier events suddenly returned and she frowned in concern.

"What happened to Reece?"

Daniel’s sigh was not encouraging. "She’s in an observation room while we figure out what to do with her, more over how to tell her that she isn’t human."

Janet couldn’t help the bitter irony in her reply. "I’d think that throwing me across a room single handedly would have awakened some suspicion in her mind, mechanical or not."

Another sigh, this time as Daniel settled himself gently onto the bed next to her. She tried to control her breathing at his closeness, knowing she was making more of this than she should. He was just her friend after all. Her very, it seemed, concerned friend.

"She’s developed a connection to me, and well, she thought you were hurting me."

Janet knew Daniel was not making excuses for Reece, but she couldn’t help but feel a slight bit bitter at the note in his voice that told her he held some sympathy for the android. But that was something she did not need to think about right now.

"Well, I hope you know what you’re doing. I don’t want to see anyone else end up in my infirmary because of her mistaken ‘concern’ for your well being." The words were a bit harsher than she might have liked, but she hoped he would chalk it up to the lingering pain of her injuries.

"Trust me. We’ve seen what she’s capable of, and I’m so sorry it had to be demonstrated through you. I’d do anything to take today back-"

"Daniel, it’s not your fault." She tried to smile, but she could already feel the medication a nurse had injected into her IV drip taking effect. "Can’t help it if women get possessive over you. Too... cute... to resist..."

Her words barely registered as she slid into sleep, not noticing the sly grin that appeared on the face of the SGC’s resident archaeologist/linguist.


"Hey, that went well."

Janet grimaced as she tried to keep Daniel still as she bandaged the cut on his head. She’d mastered the knack of working one-handed over the past few days and despite the frown on her colleague’s face, had insisted on returning to duty a day after her accident. She had agreed to leave most of the primary care to Doctor Warner until her arm was mobile again, but she had insisted on being allowed to do light tasks, including bandaging up wounded members of the SGC. A more frequent task since it seemed Reece’s destructive impulses, no matter how well-intentioned they were, seemed aimed at keeping her supplied with patients.

"...maybe it’s broken?"

She jumped at the inflection in Jack’s voice as she felt Daniel tense against her hands. She bit her lip as Sam jumped in with a reply, only to be cut off by Daniel.

"I don’t think she meant to hurt me. I just don’t think she liked what I was saying."

She had to bite back her instinctive sharp reply at Daniel’s comment. Jack’s "I don’t like most of what you say, I try to resist the urge to shove you through a wall" rejoinder should have had her smiling. Instead, she could only think about how much worse Daniel could have been injured. She knew how it felt to impact with a wall first hand--especially thrown at the velocity Reece seemed capable of.

She listened with half a mind as Sam, Jack, and Daniel continued to argue over what to do about Reece, and minutes later realizing they were coming to no conclusions, she snapped the lid of the first aide kit shut with authority, the sound bringing their attention to her.

"I know you’re worried about what damage Reece could do, and with good reason," she began, ignoring Daniel’s slightly wounded look, which turned guilty when his gaze caught on her bandaged wrist. "But as we’ve seen, she’s obviously been programmed with feelings, or she’s developed them, and you’re going to have to respect them if we’re going to get anywhere with her."

"Understood, Doc, but how do you suggest we do that? Anyone but Daniel gets near her and she goes all Terminator on us. And I don’t think we can afford anymore casualties." She noted his gaze flickered from Daniel’s head to her wrist.

"Why can’t you just shut her down?" It was a logical explanation that no one had seemed to think of yet, to her surprise. She frowned as she felt Daniel tense up next to her.

"We can’t just turn her off--besides, if we even try who knows what she might do-"

"I’d rather have her off so we can study her, learn what her mind might be hiding, without risking anyone else-"

"But she’s got feelings, Sam! You can’t just disregard them, even though-"

"It, Daniel. Reece is an ‘it,’ a robot. Machines don’t have feelings-"

"Enough!" Janet was surprised at how loud her voice reverberated in the long hallway, silencing the arguing members of SG-1. Taking a deep breath, she frowned at the three people now staring at her in shock. "It’s obvious no one is going to agree on how to handle this and I don’t want to stand here listening to you argue all day." At their chagrined looks, she rolled her eyes. "Everyone, go cool off for a half hour, and when you’ve done that, maybe you’ll be able to think more clearly, considering the problems everyone’s brought up." She felt like a councilor as they all shot her slightly strange looks, but she ignored them.

"Go, I don’t want to see any of you together for at least a half hour." Patting the bandage on Daniel’s head once more, even though it did not need it, she pulled back, awkwardly crossing her good arm over her chest, careful not to jar her splint too much. She had to hide her smile as Jack and Sam grumbled but turned to go, still arguing lightly with each other as they disappeared down the hall. Turning back, she noted Daniel had not moved, but was looking at her with something resembling awe.

"That was pretty impressive. You even shut Jack up."

Janet laughed, wincing slightly and closing her eyes as she felt a twinge against the back of her skull. The pain wasn’t as bad, but it was obviously time for another does of aspirin.

"Janet, you really should be resting too. You’re head’s still hurting, isn’t it?"

She nearly jumped out of her skin as she felt his hand brush gently over the nape of her neck. Her hair was pulled up in its usual fashion, so she could feel his fingers against her sensitive skin as if they had branded her. She only hoped her quickened breathing was not as noticeable to Daniel as it was to her.

"I’m fine, but you’re probably right, I’m about due for another dose of pain meds." Forming a sentence was difficult, considering he hadn’t stopped stroking her nape and the pain had all but been replaced with a languid pleasure.

"Come on, I’ll walk you. I could use an aspirin myself."

She couldn’t help but shiver as his hand moved from her neck to her waist, lightly resting against the small of her back as he guided her towards the infirmary.


"She what?" Janet knew her voice sounded strained, but she couldn’t have possibly heard Daniel right. There was no way that Reece could have been the creator of the Replicators. It was just too incredible to be believed, and now that she thought about it, far too dangerous.

"I know--but she built one from pieces of metal in the room. And she controlled it." The awe in Daniel’s voice was mixed with horror as he stared at her from his position next to her in Sam’s laboratory. The Replicator Reece had created was currently inactive behind a carefully shielded casing--although whether the shielding could resist Replicator spray was a whole different ball game and it made her not a little uneasy to be standing so close to the caged ‘bug’ as Jack had dubbed it.

"We’ve got to deactivate her, get into her system, find out how she uses those nanobots to do this. If we can learn how she controls the Replicators-"

"And just how are we going to do that? Considering every time we go near her it results in violence?"

Sam and Jack continued to argue over ways of deactivating Reece while Daniel, Teal’c and herself watched in frustration. Finally, when again it seemed dissention would prevail in the ranks, she stepped in.

"She’s going to suspect anyone by now of trying to deactivate her, even you Daniel." She noted he did not contradict her and continued. "Our best bet at the moment is to offer her something she wants, bring down her guard, and get someone close enough to deactivate her while she‘s distracted."

"And again, I ask, how are we supposed to do that?"

She sighed at the strain in Jack’s voice, knowing this was rough on them all. "She wants to see our world, right Daniel?" At his nod, she continued. "So we tell her she can--but only if she agrees to several ‘tests’ to make sure she is capable of surviving our atmosphere."

"And what good will that do? She’s a robot, nothing is going to infect her-"

"But she doesn’t think she’s a robot, Jack."

Janet smiled, sensing from Daniel's reply that he understood where she was going with this.

"And if we can convince her that we all have to have these tests, being human-"

"She might be willing to allow someone, perhaps Doctor Warner, close enough to perform the tests."

"Exactly." Janet smiled grimly as SG-1 nodded and she then began explaining her plan. It was admittedly a weak plan, but at the moment, it was the only one they had.


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