TITLE: Left Behind
AUTHOR: Chrysa
STATUS: Complete
CATEGORY: D/J friendship (damn! But it's seasons 1-3. Daniel's still married!)
RATING: PG-13 (minor swearing)
SPOILERS: Hathor, Out of Mind, Into the Fire,
SEASON/SEQUEL: Season1, 2 and 3
SUMMARY: SG-1 has been taken by Hathor and Janet is left behind.
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DATE: Sept. 21,2004
Done for the Daniel/Janet Sept. Challenge

1. Take an episode, any episode from any season, and give Janet a bigger role in it than she had. It doesn't matter whether she was in the ep originally or not, just give her a crucial role in whatever happens.
2. Janet must be whumped at some point in the fic. Whether it's slight or severe is up to you, but give her more than a broken nail. ;)
3. No character death, and no Meridian or Heroes based fics, please.
4. Try not to change canon too much, just include Janet in on what happened. If you'd like to ignore Heroes and add her into a season 8 ep, though, that's a-ok. ;)
::grins sheepishly and looks at muse::: I don't know why I let you out. At this font the damn thing is 41 pages. I've never written that much. :::turns to readers:: Yeah, it's long. Somehow I started writing one thing and this came out. Don't know how that happens.

This spans the Hathor three episode arc that takes place in seasons 1-3. The idea of the challenge was to give Janet a crucial part and add her to an episode. Well, I managed to whump her, although not severely. I just couldn't do it. And I did add her to an ep by focusing on those left behind when Hathor snagged SG-1. I don't know if I fulfilled the crucial part though. I hope I did.

You'll find actual dialogue from some of the eps here. I snagged that off the transcripts of the three eps, which were housed at Stargatefan.com and GateWorld. Credit also has to go to Arduinna's Stargate SG-1 Handbook as well as Stargate SG-1 Solutions Wiki.

Oh the snippet of song that a character sings is "The World is Not Enough" by Garbage.

Major thanks goes to the Dan/Jan list who were very nice and patient when answering my questions. I wanted Janet to go riding to SG-1's rescue and whack Hathor. Then I realized after they answered a few things that, that wasn't going to work! lol! So the behind the scenes thing happened instead. Hope this was worth the questions, guys!

And a special thanks goes to Michelle Lunsford, who inadvertently gave me the inspiration to add something to this. If you read this and visit her pages at http://www.thelunsfords.net/stargate.html you'll probably figure out what I'm talking about. Hope that's ok!

::looks back at muse then up at author's notes:: How did I let you talk me into this again? Unbeta'd. All mistakes are mine.


Left Behind
Part 1

Hathor had left not long ago but the damage had been done. Bruised egos and injuries notwithstanding it would take a while to recover from what she'd done to the SGC...and Daniel Jackson.

Janet looked at him from the corner of her eye as she and SG-1 made their way through the mountain's numerous levels. He seemed to be holding up as well as could be expected but she knew it was only a matter of time until what had been done to him slammed down on him like a ton of bricks. Janet expected the emotional fall out to be bad despite the fact that there were blank spots in his memory. Eventually those blank spots might be filled in. She made a mental note to talk to him and check up on him over the next few days.

She shifted uncomfortably in the temporary sling her arm had been put in. The pain in her arm only fueled the rage she felt against Hathor. God, she wished they'd been able to kill her. The universe was a big place though and Janet was a definite believer in paybacks being a bitch. Hathor would get hers someday and hopefully it would be long and painful.

In the meantime there was a clean up to get organized. Although from the looks of things it wasn't going to be as bad as everyone feared thanks to the other women in the SGC. Far from being scared or patiently awaiting rescue the women, military and civilian alike, had banded together and gone on the offensive allowing Sam's small group to do what had to be done.

Janet's nurses had been sedating and locking men up in the isolation rooms. "Well, we had to take their clothing! Just in case!" Marine and Air Force women had been using their training to ambush and knock out roving bands of Hathor happy worshippers. "Went down like a ton of bricks! That was so amazing!" Off in the science labs the scientists had corralled an entire herd of men into a room and filled it with knock out gas. "Moooo!"

They were going to the anthropology department now to check things out. Janet hoped the women down there were all right. She'd never met any of them but the image of meek and mild mannered academic women with black plastic glasses, prim and proper clothing, and each with their hair pulled back into a severe bun kept popping into her head. However, Daniel had smashed the stereotypical geek image to pieces several times so who knew what kind of women he worked with?


SG-1 and Janet stopped at the end of the hallway and looked at the small Japanese woman carrying a bow taller than she was. A gloved hand cocked an arrow into the bowstring and pulled back. "Take one more step and I let go," she growled threateningly the quiver of arrows strapped to her back shivered ever so slightly.

"Whoa! Hold on!" Jack yelled throwing up his hands as Janet looked around at the mass of arrows embedded in walls around them as well as what looked like several gouges in the concrete.

Was that blood?

"Rei!" Daniel said throwing up his own hands and stepping in front of everyone. "It's okay. We're us again." He gulped when she aimed a little lower on his body. "Sam? Janet?"

"It's okay!" Janet yelled. "Hathor's gone and the control she had over the men only worked when she was in close proximity!"

Rei cocked her head to the side for a moment and studied them closely as if to determine whether or not they were telling the truth. "EVERYBODY! ALL CLEAR!"

Women started poking their heads out of doorways each brandishing a wicked looking weapon or a heavy book. A blond popped out of a door nearest to SG-1. "So does mean you killed the redheaded bitch?"


The blond shot an exasperated glance down the hall. "Not you, genius!" she yelled. A redhead down the hall flipped her off.

"Cat! Val!" Rei said and rolled her eyes as she walked up to the small group. She looked at the redhead. "Honestly you two!"

"Bite me!" The redheaded Val yelled back at them.

Daniel looked at the ceiling as if praying for patience then he looked down at Cat. "'So does that mean you killed the redheaded bitch?'" He said incredulously. "Why did I hire all of you again? Seriously."

"What?! It's a legitimate question!" Cat said hefting a battle-axe over her shoulder.

Sam blinked a few times at the bold woman and edged away from the sharp instrument. "Uh, no actually. She went through the gate."

Disgusted groans filled the hall.

"What?" Jack looked from one woman to another.

"It means we lost a bet with the science geeks," Val said sheathing a broadsword as she walked up to them.

"Hey!" Sam said indignantly.

Rei looked at her and raised an eyebrow and passed off her bows and arrows to the blond. "Could you put my bow and arrows in my office, Cat? Thanks. Honey, we're academic geeks. They're science geeks. It's a fairly level playing field I assure you. Oh, and Cat? Go tell Amanda down in physics we gracefully surrender. Dinner is on us."

"Damn," the blond muttered. "I really wanted lobster, too."

"So did the rest of us," Val said grumpily.

Janet put a hand to her mouth and tried not to laugh. Far from being stereotypical geeks these were madwomen. Utterly insane women. Then she saw the assessing looks the women were leveling on Daniel. Part of her sat up and took notice looking at each one carefully to decipher their motives. If one of them thought they could take advantage of Daniel why she'd...Janet blinked as she took a good look at their expressions. No lust just...worry and caring. In a few she could detect traces of anger probably directed at Hathor.

A sudden banging on one of the doors startled them.

"Hey! Could someone let us out?!"

Val and Rei cringed slightly at the admonishing look Daniel was giving them. "Well, what did you expect us to do, Boss?" Val asked. "There wasn't enough rope to tie them up and they kept getting underfoot. Not to mention a few of them were...horny. Do you know how many roving bands of men were out here stalking the hallways?"

"Riiight. The fact that you could get one over on the guys didn't enter into it at all?" He crossed his arms and glared at them.

All sunshine and innocence the women beamed at him. "No, Boss," they chorused.

Daniel rolled his eyes. At Sam's chuckle he turned, "Don't encourage them, Sam. It only makes them worse."

"Boss?" Rei said quietly as Jack and Teal'c went to let out the men from their temporary prisons. "You okay?"

Daniel looked at her then at the others. "I'm fine. I'm going to get my jacket," he took a step away then looked back at the Japanese woman. "Thank you, though." His words were kind but anyone who'd worked with him for a while knew he was really saying back off.

"Yes, sir." As soon as he was in his office Rei shared a look with Valentine and then down the hall with the other women who were watching them with interest. She gestured in what looked like sign language. A few down the hall nodded and turned to their companions to quietly relay the message. Rei got several nods and a few thumbs up in response and everyone went back to what they were doing. Satisfied, Rei turned to Janet and Sam. "If he starts acting out of character we'll let you know."

Impressed, Sam and Janet looked at one another. If they had figured out what Hathor was up to it wouldn't take much for anyone in anthropology to put two and two together and have a good idea of what might have happened to Daniel. "Thank you," Sam said. "We appreciate it."

Cat walked up and smiled. "You're not the only ones who mother hen him, Captain. We love him, too."

"While we're waiting for the guys to collect themselves. Let me introduce you to the rest of the girls here," Val offered.

"Hey!" Jack yelled from down the hall. "What did you do with their clothes?"

"Whoops. Knew we forgot something else," Val grinned unrepentantly.

Meek and mild? No way in hell.


Sam wrinkled her nose as Janet scraped another sample barbequed Goa'uld larvae off the tub. Gah, it was everywhere. They should have corralled a few of the guys to do this instead but Janet insisted on taking the samples herself and dragging Sam along for the ride. After awhile Sam decided she preferred doing this to sitting in her office or her home and thinking she should have done more, could have done more for Daniel if only she'd been faster, smarter, stronger. Daniel had become her brother and his welfare was important. Janet was mad enough to power the gate and spit bullets at the same time. So far they'd come up with about a hundred creative ways to kill Hathor with no end in sight. They looked up as Jack, Teal'c and Daniel wandered in.

"Did you find anything?" Jack asked as he sat down on the bench.

"Probably nothing we can use," Janet replied going into report mode while scraping up another sample and depositing it into another tube. "Maybe we'll at least get a cellular level analysis on the Goa'ulds, maybe even some DNA information."

"A lot of that will probably be mine," Daniel said.

Janet winced. Sam patted her hand reassuringly.

"You?" Jack asked looking up at him.


Sam shot Daniel a sympathetic look as he caught her eye. Yeah, that was going to be a fun conversation but if Daniel wouldn't talk to his subordinates, Janet or her then he might be able to talk to Jack. At least she hoped he would.

General Hammond walked into the room and as everyone came to attention Sam suddenly prayed that the floor would open up and swallow her whole because -oh, dear god! - let's not forget that she'd whacked her superior officer over the head. Antarctica here we come, Sam thought.

"At ease, Captain. At ease, Doctor."

"Thank you, sir. About your head, I'd like to explain that if I could." Yeah, let's see how fast we can tap dance out of this one.

"Captain, I'm putting you and Doctor Fraiser up for a commendation medal."

"Well, thank you, sir, but I can explain..."


Far from destroying their careers apparently knocking General Hammond on the head had done wonders for it. Sam and Janet looked at each other in giddy relief. No stay in Antarctica for them, one small silver lining in this whole mess.

"You are?" Sam wondered if she should hit him more often. She could make general by the end of the year.


"If you hadn't kept your wits about you and done whatever was necessary, we could have put this entire planet at risk. Good job, ladies."

"Thank you, sir," Sam said still slightly disbelieving. For a split second she wondered if she were on Candid Camera and took a quick look around.

"Well, that's all." Ah, and the ego was still slightly bruised by the way Hammond was taking off at warp speed. He'd get over it. He outranked everyone.

Jack looked from one to the other. "Nice job," he said quietly.

"Yeah," Daniel echoed and Janet looked carefully at him.

"Come on, guys. I saw we go out and...just be no where near here for a while," Jack said getting up. "I feel the definite need to shower or get drunk. Good night, ladies."

Teal'c inclined his head at Janet and Sam and walked out.

"I vote for drunk," Daniel said following the two of them.

Sam and Janet looked at one another then the black gunk covering the tub.

"I'll be right back," Janet quietly said before running out into the hall catching up with Daniel and gently touching his arm. "Daniel?"

Daniel paused and turned towards her letting her hand slip into his. He looked back at Jack and Teal'c. "Go ahead. I'll catch up. Yes, Janet?"

Janet waited until the other two had turned the corner. "I..." She faltered for a second before looking back up into his blue eyes. "I know this has been tough on you, so if you need anything..."

A soft, sad smile appeared on Daniel's face. "Thanks," he said softly backing slowly away as if reluctant to leave her company. Finally, squeezing her hand reassuringly he turned and walked away.

Janet watched him leave her heart aching. Slowly she turned and drifted back into the locker room.


It was almost midnight before Sam and Janet made their way down to the cafeteria where the women of the SGC had decided to congregate and discuss the day's events. A small cheer went up when they opened the double doors and both women went pink from the attention.

"We should save the world more often," Janet said as they got some coffee.

"Or hit General Hammond on the head more often," Sam quipped before diving out of the way of Val and Rei.

"Val, get back here!!"

"Like hell I will!"

"That's my chocolate!!"

"I found it fair and square!!"

"And if I don't get it back they'll be cleaning up another spot of blood on the floor!"

Sarah Brightman, one of Janet's nurses, waved them over. "They've been doing that for the last fifteen minutes," she said waving a hand at the two sprinting women. "I swear that's all that department subsists on: chocolate and coffee. How are you guys holding up?"

"Not too bad," Sam answered as she waved at a few women from her department. "Be right back."

Janet and her nurses spoke for a few minutes about the day and the state of the infirmary. She congratulated them on their quick thinking to deny Hathor the extra followers by sedating the men. With pleased smiles her nurses thanked her and moved off to mix and mingle. Other women took their place at the table and chatted with her.

For the first time she looked around and noticed that there were a lot more women than she'd thought working at the mountain. From the looks of things everyone was getting along with everyone else, too. Fighting a common enemy had bonded them together. It looked like Hathor had underestimated the unifying force of girl power. Which was probably what had gotten her stuck in that sarcophagus in the first place. Janet could just see a bunch of women four thousand years ago getting together and stuffing her into that box.

And now she was loose in the universe able to wreak havoc on men with a single look and super pheromones, she thought morosely staring into her coffee.

Where was that silver lining again?

Janet looked up again and caught Sam's eye. Shaking her head at the worried look her friend was giving her she glanced around the room and focused on the women in Daniel's department again. Val was at one end of the room with a few of the Air Force women and Marines talking about various weapons and holds. Cat and another woman were chatting with the scientists. Rei was over with her nurses learning a few dance moves from Sarah. There were a few other faces that she recognized mixed in and she made a note to check in with them over the next few days to see if Daniel was truly all right. From the worried looks they'd given Daniel she knew she could count on them to tell her the truth if he didn't.

Janet smiled into her coffee. Besides, that had probably been the most entertaining introduction to a bunch of people that she'd ever seen. You had to want to get to know the kind of women who would nonchalantly tote battle-axes around or unflinchingly point an arrow at their boss' private parts.

"Penny for your thoughts," Sam said sitting next to her again and tucking into a dish of blue jello.

"Just thinking about Daniel's department." Janet replied pointing a few of them out to Sam. "They're certainly an eclectic bunch aren't they?"

"Yeah. Daniel told me once that he liked to surround himself with people who had a solid educational background but who could still think outside the box. People like him who were more accepting of things that were outside the norm."

"Looks like he found them. Men and women."

"And he certainly found himself a bunch of mother hens," Sam laughed. "I hear that some of them could give the colonel a run for his money."

"I'm glad."

"Yeah, it's good to have spies isn't it?"

Janet laughed. "Yeah it is." She gave her friend a crafty look. "I wonder who I could recruit from your department?"

"Don't even try it," Sam laughed back.


An hour later things had quieted down and several tables had been grouped close together while the women told stories about themselves, their families, what irked the hell out of them and why they had wanted to come to the SGC. After awhile a comfortable silence fell over the group as another pot of coffee made the rounds.

Julie Evans, one of Janet's nurses, looked around. "You know, this is nice."

A chorus of agreements could be heard around the room.

"We should do this more often," Julie added.

Rei, who was sitting slouched in her chair seemingly asleep, opened one eye. "Do I detect an idea?"

Julie blushed. "Well, a few of the other girls and I were wondering if any of you want to make this a regular event? Maybe not every week but we could do it once a month and rotate events between departments? We'd like to keep this feeling of camaraderie going."

That had everyone sitting up and looking at each other before voicing their agreement.

"Well, not in the cafeteria but if we could get together outside of the mountain that'd be great," Nancy Chang, one of the botanists, said.

Julie smiled, "Wonderful!" She looked down as one of the other nurses whispered to her. "Last Friday of this month? We'll think of a good place to meet up. If that's all right with you, Janet?"

"Fine with me," Janet smiled at her.

The first SGC Ladies Night Out had been born.


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