Title: Our Stupidest Fights
Author: Muse
Standard Disclaimer, PG, anything up to "Heroes", July Challenge response

Notes: I have not written in a long time. This is unbeta-ed. Comments and corrections welcome but gently please.

Thanks goes to all fan fic writers, especially the ones that kept me up 'til four this morning.


Our Stupidest Fights

"Daniel, this is the stupidest fight we’ve ever had!" Janet yelled at him as he stormed into the bathroom. Not convinced that he actually needed it, she followed him, still steaming. She caught the door before he closed it, pulling it open.

Daniel made a noise of frustration and sat down on the toilet, trying to stare at the toilet paper and not yell any more. He didn’t want to yell at Janet, he never did, but what they had to work through if they wanted it to work out always ruffled someone’s feathers. He’d have conceded that this latest fight was the stupidest they’d had yet if he wasn’t so busy fuming.

Janet swiftly knelt beside him and grabbed his hands. Her eyes bored holes into his face until he finally turned to look at her. Sighing, he squeezed her hands and hung his head in shame. "That was completely unfair of me," he began apologizing.

"Not completely," she cut him off. "I felt the same way when you came back."

"Which time?" he laughed bitterly.

She took one hand away from him to force his eyes back on hers. "Every time, Daniel - every time you walked through that gate, I feared for your life. It got easier since you did it all the time."

He cupped her face, still holding her other hand. "I never realized how painful it was to watch someone go through until your mission."

"I would have called," she tried to explain but Daniel moved his finger over her lips, shushing her. After letting go of his hands, she stood up and began moving out of the bathroom. Daniel froze for a moment than followed her, catching her before the door.

"So," he said to catch her attention. She froze near the doorway and turned towards him to listen. "I still owe you a date."

Her face melted into a smile. "Daniel, you’ll be on duty tomorrow," she murmured, hopefully they could still pull something off.

Daniel cursed internally and his own smile flickered. "You’re right," he sighed. Then his smile returned and hope filled his eyes with a spark. "How about tonight?"

Janet tried to remember any commitments she had. However, Daniel’s eyes made it hard to concentrate. She laughed and closed her eyes to concentrate. Nothing came to mind so she opened her eyes and nodded. Without hesitation, he swept her into a hug that lifted her off the ground. A small noise of shock jolted him and he gently set her down, apologizing. Laughing, she opened the door and said, "Give me an hour." She inched towards the door.

"Where’s my goodbye kiss?" he pretended to pout.

Janet pulled him down and gave him a fairly long kiss. "I’ll save the rest for later," she said, successfully slipping out. She walked to the car, glancing over her shoulder, eventually getting in and driving away.

The whole way, Daniel simply leaned in the doorway and watched her. He couldn’t believe his luck.


He rang the doorbell again, nervous and somewhat hopeful that Cassie wasn’t in. It felt strange to go from an uncle figure to the guy dating her mom. Truth be told, Cassie was one of the reasons they’d drifted together. Daniel started falling for Janet when he saw her motherly side during Cassie’s illness. He wondered when Janet decided he was worth another look. It amazed him to be dating such a wonderful person.

In her room, Janet fought with her hair before cursing at it and letting it be. "Come in!" she yelled at the doorbell. Pleased that this dress still fit her, Janet spun a little in front of the mirror before noticing Daniel was smiling from her doorway.

"I hope you weren’t planning on dancing," he laughed before coming in and hugging her. "I was just thinking dinner." He stepped back to admire her.

"Oh, dinner should do me," she murmured, trying to pinch the slit on her right leg together. Too much movement and this dress might die on me, she thought.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her into some dancing position. Giggling, Janet let him lead her around her room in a few rocking steps. Then he gently spun her off his hand and blushed. She looked down and realized she was showing more leg than she’d intended to. Stepping together, she coughed nervously. "Are you ready?" He offered his arm as he asked her.

Composure regained, she slipped her arm into his and allowed him to lead her from her house to his car. Helping her inside made the dress fall in an interesting way and Daniel blushed again while closing the door for her. It took a lot for Daniel to accept that he was dating someone as beautiful as Janet and that it was OK to acknowledge that.

Janet loved how he’d do little old fashion things like getting the door for her. Years of thinking he was more interested in artifacts had kept her from realizing the way he’d do little acts of kindness to show his priorities. Sometimes, she’d still find a flower with a simple "I love you" on her desk. Still, this was all new, uncharted territory. Maybe once they’d dated more, the little acts would no longer be necessary.

After dying, Janet had gone through the traumatic experience of being revived and used as a host. Even though she had useful information, she was given to a lesser gou’ald. Thanks to the Tok’ra, Janet was freed and returned to the SGC. Though Sam’s friendship helped her recover, Daniel’s almost stalker-like concern for her eventually brought them closer together. We can’t have dated more than a month, she thought in disbelief as they drove off.

Nearly two months, he thought happily. Between work and Janet, he was the happiest he’d been in a long time. While he felt cursed that every woman he ever loved had been harmed by gou’ald, Janet’s road to recovery helped him come to terms with his own bumpy past. Of all the people he could have fallen in love with, Janet was the best. Someone he didn’t have to keep the Stargate from, who knew about his crazy past and who’d waited even though he’d ascended.

Both of their broodings ended as Daniel parked. He got out and went for Janet’s door. Can’t hurt to keep being chivalrous, he chuckled internally.


Something went wrong over dinner. By the end of the evening, neither one was talking with ease so silence hung about them. Once they were back in the car, Janet murmured, "Let’s go to your house."

"OK," Daniel replied, slightly concerned. "Are you alright?"

She put a hand over her mouth to stop her from answering without thinking. "I wish we could quit," she said at last.

"Are you unhappy at the SGC?"

She shook her head. "It’s like home to me. But we both go crazy every time that gate comes on." Gazing out the window, she saw his reflection and his concern. "We live with the fear that it’s not bringing one of us back. That’s no way live."

Daniel sighed and wondered how to approach this. "Look, I know a lot’s happened -"

"No," she cut him off, "You don’t know what it’s like to be a host."

"I know what it’s like to be dead," he retorted.

"Yes but you chose to be," she snapped before she could stop herself. She covered her mouth again, her eyes stinging.

That hurt him deeper than he cared to show. It took him a moment to regain his composure. "Do you think I ascended to run away from you or something? Ascension isn’t like death, I still was with you."

"Where I couldn’t see you!" she cried. "Where I couldn’t hold your hand and hear you say you’d be there for me." Closing her eyes, a few tears spilled out.

"And when I came back, you died," he replied without thinking. A small gasp told him he’d cut Janet deep again. He fell into silence until they reached his house.

On autopilot, he got the door for her, though his chivalrous side felt rather wounded by what she’d said. They wandered into the living room and plopped down on the couch together. His arms were folded across his chest and her knees where rolled up against her torso.

"But we’re here together now," he added belatedly.

"Now?" she repeated dully. Was now such a wonderful time? "We could have been together years ago. Instead, you’ve died on me a number of times, ascended, and while alive, put your attentions into the woman you loved and the work you loved. When you lost her, Sarah came and haunted you. I waited for you to look up from those dead languages and listen to what I wanted to tell you."

"And I did," he cut in, glaring at her.

"Waited long enough," she snorted. "I could have died and never returned. Ever think of that?"

"Almost every day," he replied instantly, unfolding his arms and moving over towards her. "I could die and never see you again."

Hesitant for only a moment, she moved into his arms and nestled into his chest. "I know," she whispered, tears pouring down.

He made calming noises and held gently to her until her tears stopped. "I love you, you know." His grip tightened a bit.

Inhaling deeply the scent of coffee from his shirt, she relaxed as she exhaled. "I know." She nuzzled him. "I love you too."

There wasn’t much more to say after that. It was only too soon that they fell asleep, still clinging to each other.


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