Title- One Of These Days
Author- Cait
Category- D/J established (yet still UST...)
Rating- PG-13
Spoilers- Red Sky, anything Asgaard, and Dr. Lee is mentioned.
Season- Early 7, I'd say
Summary- Will they ever get some time alone?
Disclaimer- *Still* not mine.
Archive- Yes, please?

A/N- Why oh *why* did I feel the need to keep up my fic-a-night? Once again I have to work early tomorrow and I'm looking at six hours of sleep, after the four I ended up with last night, and that totals what I usually require in just one go. Silly Muse, Cait needs sleep.
But hey, this was fun, though totally not what I thought I was going to write. I guess that will be tomorrow's...
And now, presenting Night Three of Cait's Fic-A-Night-- "One Of These Days."


One Of These Days

They were alone. Finally.

It had been two weeks. Two long- albeit wonderful- weeks. Wonderful in the respect that she had been seeing Daniel regularly *away from the SGC*. Wonderful in that she was the proud recipient of a lovely arrangement of white roses (because red roses, in her mind, alluded to funerals) that had been delivered to the infirmary this past Wednesday. Wonderful in that she was finally dating someone with whom she could share the unabridged version of her days in Cheyenne Mountain.

But long in the respect that they had had absolutely zilch in the privacy department.

Sure, there'd been dinners. Romantic dinners at candle-lit tables in pricey restaurants where they'd blushed and giggled and gazed longingly at each other. Wanting more.

But as soon as he'd open her front door for her after the fancy chicken dishes and tiramisu had been eaten, Cassie would come bounding down the stairs and, with puppy-dog eyes and lots of begging, ask Daniel for just a *little* help with her world history homework.

Janet was trying really hard not to phone Cassie's history teacher and complain about the workload he imposed upon his students. And their parents and their parents' significant others.

They'd tried a couple times to go to Daniel's house. After all, there would be no studious teenagers to interupt any activities in which they might choose to engage. But on the first occasion she'd received a call from Hammond informing her that SG-10 had returned purple from a mission, and on the second Jack had been waiting at the door with a twelve-pack and the urgent need to talk "guy stuff" with Daniel. Considering half the twelve was sitting open and empty on the stoop, Janet had called a cab and left them to their male bonding.

But tonight- tonight Cassie was at the movies with Cody, who Janet had met only briefly when he'd arrived in a van (oh, god) to cart away her sixteen-year-old daughter. They'd left around five to go to dinner and hang out with friends and Janet's only comfort was that it would still be daylight at quarter of nine when the three-hour movie started, and she'd ordered Cassie home by midnight, therefore hopefully eliminating any opportunity the young couple might have to park that van someplace dark.

So around six, Daniel knocked at the door with a brown bag full of wonderful Italian take-out. They'd spread the dinners picnic-style on the living room floor, lit candles, chosen an appropriately ambient cd from her collection, and made out for an hour like teenagers.

Then, thoughts of what Cassie may be up to obliterated the mood.

They'd reheated the food, set it out on the kitchen table with the lights up and the music down, and dined like civilized adults.

The beginnings of the second bottle of wine were the endings of Janet's worry over the questionable motives of her daughter's escort. After dinner they'd cleaned up and moved back into the living room, proceeding once more to make out on the couch.

It was half eight when the phone rang. For a fleeting moment she'd wished she was childless and working as a waitress so she could ignore the call and work on removing some of Daniel's pesky clothes.

The case was though that she was a mother of a girl who was out with someone Janet didn't really know, and the CMO of a military facility where people travelled the galaxy and came back with all kinds of interesting diseases and injuries.

It would be best to answer the phone, she'd decided finally.

It was Sam, begging to be allowed to go into work for just a little while; after all, it was a sprained ankle, not a concussion, not an alien infestation, and she'd promise to sit down the whole time she tore apart the fun Asgaard toy Thor had beamed down as a thank-you for saving his little grey butt, again.

In a moment of weakness (and lots of raging hormones), Janet obliged and hung up just in time to hear the front door slam.

"They wouldn't let me into the movie!" Cassie raged as she stormed into the living room, Cody in tow.

This wasn't happening. Wasn't.

"Just because it's R-rated and I'm only sixteen doesn't mean I'm not *mature* enough to see it! I turn seventeen in *two* *months*, for crying out loud! How ridiculous is it that they *card* at the movies? It wasn't like I was trying to buy beer or something!"

She threw herself onto the couch, arms folded angrily across her chest, brow furrowed, and pouting.

"Hi, Daniel," she added shortly as an afterthought.

"Hey, Cass," he replied. "Hi..." he started, waiting for an introduction to the tall skinny boy sitting on the back of the sofa.

"Cody," he offered nonchalantly.

Daniel held out his hand. "I'm Daniel."

Cody eyed the proffered hand warily, before reaching out to give it a quick... well, more of a wiggle than a shake.

"Mom, can we just watch tv here? Please?" Cassandra begged, still pouting.

Janet sighed. Two long weeks and all they had to show were untucked shirts and Daniel's half-failed attempt at unclasping her bra. Her only options were A, send them off (in the van) to find something to do; B, chase Cody away from her daughter and deal with a pissed-off teenager for the rest of the night; or C, let them stay here where she could keep an eye on them.

The latter, obviously, won.

She placed a frustrated hand on Daniel's shoulder. "How about some coffee?"

"Sounds great," he replied, getting up and taking her hand as she lead him to the kitchen.

"Dammit, Daniel, I'm so sorry," she whined as she dumped the grounds from this morning's coffee into the trash.

"No need to apologize," he assured her, reaching into the cupboard for two coffee mugs. "'Smile- it makes people wonder what you've been up to,'" he read aloud from one of the cups, chuckling.

"Yeah, that was a Christmas present from the colonel a couple years back," she explained.

He eyed the other, which had some inspirational quote in pretty cursive. "Mine said, 'Three out of four people are unstable. Look at three of your friends- if they seem ok, you're it.' He'd attached some note implying that he, Sam, and Teal'c were normal."

She laughed and took the mugs from him, setting them on the counter before wrapping her arms around his waist and gazing at him longingly.

"You know, she's going out of town next Friday," she whispered conspiratorily. "Science club competition."

He sighed wearily. "Yes, but I'm going off-world. SG-7 finally got Thor's permission to study the K'Tau Hall of Wisdom and Hammond wants me there in case we annoy Freyr or the locals."

"If only it weren't unethical of me to order you some downtime so I can play doctor..."

"If only. One of these days," he promised.

"One of these days," she agreed, snuggling into his chest briefly before turning to pour the coffee. Daniel settled himself at the table and she sat across, strategically positioning the chair for optimal viewing of the sofa.

Ok, the sofa was there. Cassie and Cody, however, didn't seem to be.

"I see their feet," Daniel pointed out, knowing what she was thinking. "They're lying down."

"They're *what*?" she shouted, standing abruptly in order to confirm his observation. "That- that's just not fair," she stuttered, more jealous than angry at the sight of her daughter making out with a boy on the sofa.

"Yeah, we totally had dibs," he teased.

She huffed and sat back down.

"You know, 'Cassandra' is a Greek name meaning 'inflaming men with love,'" Daniel explained teasingly, waggling his eyebrows to wind her up.

"I knew I should have changed it to 'Virginia,'" she muttered. "Cassandra, get up here where I can see you!" she yelled, instantly pleased to see the pair shoot straight into sitting positions, two feet apart.

"We could leave," Cassie offered, her tone suggesting she knew it was unlikely.

Daniel's eyes twinkled as he tried not to laugh. Oh, so this was funny to him, was it?

"I'm trying to imagine just *one* person on base who'd have the nerve to talk to you like that."

"Thank God the SGC doesn't employ teenagers."

"Jack's bad enough," he added whole-heartedly.

"Speaking of," she began. "Mind my asking what the 'guy talk' was the other night?"

He rolled his eyes. "Once we got inside he claimed he just wanted to 'catch up,' but there were several instances when he mentioned Sam having a date. He was very adamant, of course, that it didn't bother him."

"Too adamant, probably."


She eyed the sofa again. No teenagers. She narrowed her eyes, switching back to Mom-mode.

"Mom," Cassie said, appearing suddenly in the doorway. "Cody's leaving. I'm going to bed."

Well, that was sudden, she thought. It was just past nine. "Everything ok?"

"Yeah, we just realized we were interupting something," Cassie explained in a rare display of consideration.

You most certainly were, young lady. Not that she'd say that.

"Cass, he doesn't have to go," Janet assured. "I just want to see all hands at all times."

"No, it's ok. I'm tired and he has church in the morning."

The boy who'd been groping her daughter on the couch attended church? Van Boy?


"Ok, then... tell Cody I said it was nice meeting him."

"Sure," she said, disappearing again.

As Janet sat there trying to sort out what had just happened, Daniel looked absolutely smug. "Looks like the couch is ours."


"'Night, Mom. 'Night, Daniel," Cassie said as she ran past towards the stairs. "You two be good."

"Goodnight, Cass," they both called after her.

"Shall we move this back to the living room?" Janet suggested, personally feeling quite warmly towards the idea.

"I think--"

His cell phone rang.

Of *course* his cell phone rang.

"Argh, it's work," he moaned. "Dr. Jackson. Yes. I'm a little-- he *what*? I told him not to touch-- ok, yes. Uh, half an hour. What's that? Fine. I'll- I'll be there as soon as I can. Yeah, sure. Bye." He put his head down, banging it softly a couple times on the table.

"Now what?" she asked with a grimace, not really wanting to know.

He rolled his eyes with an exasperated groan. "One of the teams brought back some sort of shield technology for Dr. Lee to study. No one could make it work but it has instructions on it that I was going to translate on Monday-- *gah*!" he exclaimed. "Well Dr. Lee decided to work off the part I'd already finished, which tells how to turn the device *on*, but apparently turning it *off* is a different story altogether. And now he's trapped inside the shield and they need me to finish translating the text before he can get out."

"It would probably be unethical to kill him, right?"

"Unfortunately," Daniel moped, getting up and walking to the door.

"And we couldn't just, you know, leave him there for awhile?" she asked, following.

"We'd all be better off, really." He opened the door before turning to kiss her. Really passionately.

Now she was really hot and bothered.

"One of these days," he said as he closed the door between them.

Ugh, she was going to be taking a lot of cold showers until then, she decided.

"One of these days," she muttered miserably.


The End

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