Title: Convincing Daniel
Author: Vicki
Category: romance/angst
Summary: The reality of dreams
Spoilers: None, although was written in the frame of mind that this occured after an alternate version of "Heroes"
Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me. If they did, things would certainly have been very different this past year...

Author's Notes: During a drabble/ficlet challenge on LiveJournal, Ness requested a Daniel/Janet piece using the line "I must be dreaming" This is what came out (following a 4am start and what is quite possibly one of the worst train journeys in England!) Many thanks to Wendy for the beta ;)


Convincing Daniel

* ~ * ~ *

"Was it a vision or a waking dream?
Fled is that music: do I wake or sleep?"

* ~ * ~ *

"I must be dreaming," Daniel whispered, as he reached out to her. She felt warm to his touch, and a single tear trickled down his cheek. "You left."

"Daniel..." Her voice was soft and full of compassion. There was a questioning look in her hauntingly familiar brown eyes and he couldn't look away.

"If I'm dreaming, I don't ever want to wake," he said, his hand tracing up the length of her bare arm, up her neck to her cheek. She shivered slightly at the feather-light touch, never breaking eye contact with him.

"Please tell me you're really here." There was a desperate, pleading note in his voice. "Please don't let me wake up and find you gone."

"You're not dreaming, Daniel," she said, as his hand moved from her cheek to her hair. His fingers gently combed through the silky strands, twisting the ends around his index finger. "I'm here. I've come back to you."

"There's only one way to prove that I'm not dreaming," he murmured.

"Want me to pinch you?" Janet suggested, her eyes sparkling.

"No, I've got another idea," he said, hesitantly leaning forward. His lips brushed softly against hers. She stiffened slightly at first, but when he started to pull back, she entwined her arms around his neck, keeping his mouth on hers. The kiss grew more frantic and passionate as they tasted and explored; neither one wanting to pull away.

"Now do you believe that you're not dreaming," she asked breathlessly when they eventually separated.

"Do you think you could do that again, just to make sure?" he asked, grinning impishly. She laughed, but willingly leant in to kiss him again.

She pulled away and smiled shyly at him. He pulled her down onto the bed, and propped his head up on his elbow. She mirrored his actions and they lay there face-to-face.

"So, have you worked it all out yet?" he asked.

She hesitated slightly. "Not all of it," she admitted. She reached across to take his free hand, tangling their fingers together. "But I have worked out where home is."


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