Title: Contrast
Author: Isabelle Ashe
Rating: PG
Category: drabble, Daniel/Janet if you try hard enough
Spoilers: Forever in a Day
Summary: it's a drabble!
Disclaimer: not mine
Archive: well, if you really want it, knock yourself out!

Author's Notes: There was/is a little LiveJournal game going on where one person posts the first lines of their fics and others have to write drabbles appropriating the first lines. The first line belongs to Meg; the rest is mine. I very literally wrote this in about five minutes in the "post a comment" box on LJ, but I think it turned out kind of nicely, so I thought I'd post it here just for the heck of it. Er, and "she" is Janet, of course! ;)



"Daniel, you ready to go home?"

Not really, he thought without turning around. He could stay, mourn with Sha're's family, lose himself in the deserts of Abydos.

"You could stay for a few days, you know," she offered softly. "The Colonel, General Hammond--they'd understand." He nodded but knew if he stayed, it wouldn't be for just a few days.

He turned around to look at her, small and squinting against the sun and wind, her dress blues standing in stark contrast to the monochromatic sand. The very fact that she didn't fit in the landscape highlighted the choice before him.

"I'm ready to go."

She nodded once and placed a hand on his shoulder, briefly and gently, before turning back toward the stargate.


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