Title: Cold Comfort
By: SaraC
Rating: G
Spoilers: Through Season 7
Pairing: Dan/Jan
Summary: A little family bonding when colds strike

Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be!

Notes: This is a pure, happy little piece of fluff. Little Red and Meg were feeling under the weather this week, and I told them I'd write them a little 'feel better' piece to brighten their lives. Hopefully, this delivers as it is angst free, stress free and most importantly, Heroes free! Enjoy!


Cold Comfort

"You look terrible."

Daniel raised an eyebrow at the teenager sitting across from him at the kitchen table, her hands clutched tightly around a mug of coffee in much the same way his were. "Look who's talking, you don't look much better, Cass."

The teen snorted, which turned into a drawn out, wracking cough. Daniel listened in concern to the raspiness of her cough, wondering if it was something they should get looked at. What he wouldn't give for Janet's reassuring presence right now.

"Don't look so worried, Daniel. It's a normal cough, developed from a bad cold. The same cold, I might add, that you seem to be suffering from." He was about to make what he was sure would be a witty statement, when he lapsed into a series of sneezes. Cassie's laughter rang through the kitchen when the sneezes finally stopped. "See, you just proved my point!"

Daniel sighed, reaching for the box of Kleenex on the table between them. "Okay, so I worry. I just wish your mom was here to make sure you're okay."

"Right." Cassie snorted again before continuing. "Besides, you said 'you' and I know you meant 'we.'" She stopped again at Daniel's small smile, then sighed. "That means we'd have to explain how we both got colds, which would lead us to admit that a) we were shoveling snow without heavy winter clothing on and b) our impromptu snowball fight soaked us both and most likely led to these colds. You really want to hear mom go off on how stupid that was?"

Daniel sighed, knowing the teenager had a point. After all the stupid things he'd done to get himself injured or sick in the past, he knew what it felt like to get a dressing down from the SGC's Chief Medical Officer.

"Okay, point taken, but I'd still feel better if she were here to check us out."

Cassie's smile turned evil. "I appreciate the 'we' this time, Daniel, although I think you really want mom back on-world so she can check you out, and I don't mean that in a 'sickness' sense."

Daniel knew better than to be shocked by anything that came out of the teen's mouth, and he only answered with a smile as he stood and headed for the coffee maker. It wouldn't do to admit that she had a very valid point. He really quite enjoyed when Janet played 'doctor' with him, although, he suspected it was best not to enlighten her daughter to that little fact. Not that she probably didn't already know, however.

"All teasing aside, I really miss her, Daniel. She's never been off-world this long before."

He sighed at the wistful tone that now filled her voice, filling his mug and returning to the table, reaching over to squeeze her hand gently. "I miss her too, Cass, but she'll be home tomorrow. And then, I've no doubt, you and I will be forced to endure the wrath of Janet in full mother hen mode."

He smiled to himself at the thought of Janet fussing over him. It made all his 'accidents' or 'illnesses' worth it to wake up and have her eyes be the first sight to greet him. Not to mention he loved watching her with Cassie, enjoying the mother/daughter bond the two had, wondering if he and his mother would have been like that if his parents had lived.

"I know, but you know, I don't mind it when mom fusses." The teen smiled almost shyly as she spoke and Daniel wondered for a moment if she could read his thoughts. "I guess I feel like I did when I was a kid. Whenever I felt bad, mom would always be there to take care of me, or at least tell me I was going to be okay. Even for stupid colds, she'd make me feel better."

Daniel smiled. "I know the feeling. Considering all the situations I've gotten into, I don't think I could do it if I didn't know she'd be waiting there to take care of me, no matter how stupid I've been, when we return through the Gate."

Cassie nodded, before giving him an impish smile. "You know, we're really pathetic, aren't we?"

He laughed and raised his mug to toast hers. "But at least we're pathetic together."

Cassie clinked her mug with his as the two smiled at each other. "So, we've got a whole day before mom gets back, and despite the fact I'm looking forward to her mothering, maybe we should take advantage of today to do everything she won't let us do tomorrow."

Daniel's head perked up. "What exactly did you have in mind?"

Cassie jumped up from the table, taking her coffee mug with her and motioning for Daniel to follow. "Well, SG-1 isn't scheduled to go off-world for another two days, which means you have nowhere to go, and since I'm off school for winter break, she'll insist we do the bed rest thing, with no distractions." She frowned at the thought. "I for one, vote for a day in front of the TV. Mom will also make us drink orange juice and soup, but I feel like pizza with the works and ice cream."

At the mention of ice cream, Daniel's eyes sparkled. "I could go for that, especially since I happen to know where your mom keeps the stash of Rocky Road."

"I've known that for years, especially when it used to be only Butter Pecan." Cassie laughed as Daniel blushed, obviously getting the reference that the Rocky Road hadn't appeared until he had become a part of their everyday life. Daniel felt a surge of warmth at realizing that Janet and Cassie had accepted him, and his penchant for Rocky Road, so easily into their hearts.

With a small smile, he and Cassie settled onto the sofa, wrapping themselves up in warm blankets. He was feeling congested and a little dizzy, so anything that did not involve moving too much appealed to him. He sensed Cassie, for all her bravado, felt the same.

"So, now that we're settled in front of the TV, what are we watching?" Daniel smiled as Cassie bit her lip, her eyes going to cabinet where three shelves of movies rested. "Well, Jack gave me the entire first three seasons of the Simpsons-"

"Not that I don't mind a Simpsons episode or two, Cass, but I really don't feel like one today, unless you really want to-"

"Nah, I feel the same." Continuing her perusal of the shelf, her eyes lit up. "Daniel, how do you feel about Superman?"

Daniel blinked at her question. "You mean the movies with Christopher Reeve? Personally, they're not my favorite version of events, but they're not bad-"

"Actually, maybe I should rephrase that. How do you feel about a young Clark Kent, before he was Superman, and before Lex Luthor turned evil?"

Daniel blinked again. "Well, I suppose I haven't thought much about it, although the premise sounds intriguing."

Only Janet and Cassie knew of his fascination with the Superman myth, including the fact he had a full collection of the entire comic book series. Despite his interest, however, he'd had little time since joining the Stargate program to indulge in it. It was only upon moving his things into the house that Cassie had stumbled over the box containing his collection and had been intrigued. Being as she was an "alien from another planet" herself, she'd told him she could relate to Clark Kent and his alter-ego.

Cassie's eyes lit up as she stood and walked towards the shelves. Daniel watched as she tottered a bit, trying to get her balance, and immediately moved to help her.

"I'm fine, Daniel. Just a little dizzy, I'll move slow." With that, the girl made it over the cabinet and pulled out what looked like a box set of DVDs. Opening the case, she grabbed a disc and slipped it into the player, smiling as the familiar theme music began to play.

"Um, okay Cass, want to give me a clue what we're watching?" He smiled at the excitement on her face as she settled back onto the sofa.

"Daniel, I'm going to introduce you to the marvelous world of Smallville, and Lex Luthor."

His eyebrow rose at her words, but he dutifully turned his attention to the screen, figuring if he didn't like whatever they were watching, he could always claim the cold had made him doze off. Sighing, he settled more comfortably into the sofa, preparing to see what Cassie was so eager to show him.


Four hours later and he had to admit, he was hooked. Cassie had started the TV show from the first episode and they hadn't stopped watching since. He was fascinated by the complexities and the characters, and he couldn't help but tease Cassie about her seeming infatuation with the not-yet-evil Lex Luthor.

"I never knew you had a thing for bald men, Cassie. Wonder what Teal'c would say to that."

Cassie laughed even as she shrugged. "Don't know, but you give me a bald man who looks like Lex Luthor, and I won't complain. Although, Teal'c is pretty hot."

Daniel winced, not exactly sure he needed that much information. Her evil smile alerted him that she was most likely aware of his feelings.

"Oh come on, Daniel. It's not like its any secret that most of the female population of the SGC, half the alien species you encounter off-world, not to mention half of my friends who have met any of you, don't think all the male members of SG-1 are hot."

He blushed at her words, still uncomfortable with the fact that he was the center of such gossip. Jack and Teal'c he could understand, but he, well, he was a just an archeologist with a penchant for getting into trouble. Not to mention there was only one woman he wanted considering him "hot."

"Make sure you tell Jack that next time you see him, I'm sure he'll be delighted to hear it." Her burst of laughter made him smile, even as the laughter evolved into a long bout of coughing. As if a chain reaction was occurring, Daniel suddenly found himself sneezing again. A few seconds later when quiet reigned again, the two looked at each other and sighed before reaching for the Kleenex box.

"You know, it might only be 2 in the afternoon, but I really want a pizza, with everything on it."

Daniel smiled at Cassie's words, feeling a little hungry at the thought. Considering he hadn't eaten much over the past few days, the cold sapping him of his appetite, and Cassie hers, he figured the desire to eat anything was a good sign of recovery.

"Sounds good to me, just no anchovies."

"Yuck, like I'd put dead fish on my pizza. That is one Earth custom I can say I truly don't understand." Cassie mumbled the words as she reached for the cordless phone she'd brought with her from the kitchen. Ten minutes later the food was ordered and, amid a flurry of coughs and sneezes, the two settled back onto the couch to continue their Smallville watching.


Janet was tired. And frustrated. And even worse, beginning to develop a cold. She sneezed as she walked down the ramp, glad to be back on Earth after a trying few days dealing with an alien virus on P3X-965.

"Doctor Fraiser, SG-10, welcome back. I trust things are under control with the outbreak?"

She nodded at General Hammond's words. "The worst is over and the medics on the planet have enough antibiotics to get through the rest of the illness. We should check back in a few days though."

"Good. Get yourself checked out and then I don't want to see you on base for at least two days Doctor."

"Yes, Sir!" Snapping him a salute and smile, she wearily plodded out of the gateroom and towards the infirmary. She paused mid step as she reached the corridor leading to the infirmary, turning the opposite way instead. Her heartbeat quickened as she reached Daniel's office. After three days away from him, feeling as miserable as she did, she needed his calming presence and to be wrapped in his strong arms for preferably the rest of the day.

Hell, she just needed him period.

She smiled as she thought of what he and Cassie had been up to over the past few days while she was gone. She was sure they'd probably caused some sort of trouble, but she couldn't find it in her heart to worry. She loved them both and understood them both too well.

"Daniel?" Receiving no response to her call and knock, she pushed open his office door, frowning to note it was empty. In fact, it didn't look like anything had been touched in a few days. The first knawing sense of worry began to creep into her already overtired body as she turned and quickly headed for Sam's laboratory. Striding into the lab with a more confident than she felt step, she smiled as her best friend looked up and offered a smile.

"Janet! You're back early, we thought you weren't homebound until tomorrow."

Janet smiled, shrugging her shoulders lightly, wincing at the tension in her neck. "The medics had it pretty much under control, not much left for me to do. Besides, I'd much rather be here than there."

"And that has nothing to do with our favorite accident prone archaeologist, does it?"p> She turned at Jack's teasing words, giving the older man a small smile. "Let's just say it makes coming home a lot more satisfying." She grinned at the laughter her words provoked in her two friends, who themselves were standing just a shade closer than was proper. Not that Sam and Jack would ever let their personal relationship out while at work, but in these little moments, Janet saw how much they loved each other and thanked God they'd found a way around the regulations.

"Well, I know Space Monkey and your daughter will be glad to see you, if for nothing more than your wonderful bedside manner."

Janet's smile disappeared as she latched onto his words. "They're all right? Did something happen? Is that why Daniel isn't here?"

"Whoa, slow down, Doc. They're fine, they're just both feeling a little under the weather." Jack winced at the worry his words had caused in the petite woman's eyes. "Really, they've been taking care of each other, Danny even called in to work for a day or so, with the excuse they both needed to ride it out instead of infecting everyone else."

Janet sighed, rubbing her temples to combat the headache that was steadily growing. "Well, I guess I'm heading home then, I'm sure they've managed to get up to something while I've been gone."

Jack laughed. "With Space Monkey and Cassie working together, you don't stand a chance, Doc."

She gave him a mock glare as she turned and headed for the door. "I think you underestimate me, Colonel." She gave them a wink as she finished. "I have my ways." With that, she swept out the door, their laughter ringing behind her.


"You know, I really think Chloe's wasting her time with Clark. I mean, she'd be a much better match for Lex."

Cassie squealed at Daniel's comment, her glee turning into yet another choking fit. Reaching for the glass of soda on the table, she quickly gulped some liquid down before gaining enough control to speak. "See, that's exactly what I said! And you have to see the current season, they're actually working together, and the sparks are flying."

Daniel smiled as he took a sip from what must have been his tenth or eleventh cup of coffee. He was enjoying the warmth, but definitely feeling wired from the caffeine. He felt guilty, knowing Janet would most likely hurt him for drinking so much coffee while trying to fight a cold, but couldn't bring himself to stop. However, the fact that his body ached and he didn"t feel like moving an inch lent an interesting dimension to his caffeine induced stupor.

"Pass the Rocky Road, please? You're hogging it all."

He laughed at her whine, handing her the small carton, which she grabbed eagerly from his hands. He reached for the Chocolate Fudge Brownie container sitting in front of him amid the boxes that held the remains of their midday lunch. He'd never really much liked ice cream, but ever since he'd gone through that whole 'body switching' thing with Ma'cello, he found he couldn't get enough of the stuff. Strange.

"Ooh, here's the verbal judo, you have to watch this part!"

Cassie's cry brought his attention back to the screen immediately. The two were so engrossed in watching the action on the TV set that neither heard the lock turn on the front door.


Janet had been worrying about Daniel and Cassie the entire drive home. Her own head was pounding, and she couldn't stop sneezing, but all she could think about was the two people she loved more than life itself, miserable and sick, without her there to take care of them.

Which was why her mouth dropped open in shock as she stepped through the front door and found her daughter and her lover not in their respective beds, but wrapped in blankets on the couch, a plethora of junk food, cold medicine and Kleenex boxes spread out on the table before them, seemingly engrossed in what she recognized as Smallville playing on the TV.

A lump caught in her throat at the sight of her small family. Not for the first time, she sent a quick prayer heavenwards, thanking God for giving her a family again.

"Well, I guess my doctorly skills aren't needed, are they?"

Daniel's head flew around at her voice and she felt her heart speed up at the look of pure happiness that filled those beautiful blue orbs.

"Mom! You're home!"

She quickly turned her attention to her daughter, noting the teenager had risen and was carefully making her way towards her. Stepping forward, she hugged her daughter hard, immediately pulling back to lay a hand on her forehead, feeling the heat radiating off her body.

"You should really be in bed, sweetie. You've obviously got a fever. We need to take your temperature-"

"It's good to see you too mom," Cassie replied affectionately as she smiled at her mother. "Don't worry, it's 102.3, Daniel checked, although he's got me beat by a point."

"Your daughter has your competitive nature, Janet."

Daniel felt his heart lighten as the petite brunette released Cassie and walked over to him as he stood, stepping into his arms, hugging him tightly before leaning up for a kiss. He sighed against her lips, which opened beneath his, letting her know just how much he'd missed her.

"Daughter present here, parentals, cut the PDA's."

Cassie's amused words broke them apart, even as Janet smiled into Daniel's eyes. Her hand rose to his forehead as well, noting he seemed even warmer than her daughter.

"I'm fine, Janet. We both are. We just need to relax and that's what we're doing. Although, it will be much easier now that you're here to join us."

Janet smiled, stepping away to remove her coat, stopping as a cough wracked her small frame. Within an instant, Daniel was at her side, a worried looking Cassie peering over her mother's shoulder.

"Mom, you okay?"

Janet sighed, steadying herself against Daniel as the coughing subsided. "Well, I don't think you two will be suffering alone this time."

Their small groans made her laugh as well, and she couldn't help but widen her grin as they pulled her towards the sofa. Taking a quick look at the coffee table, she frowned at the assortment of medicine laid out before her.

"Um, care to tell me how much of this stuff you've taken?" Her eyebrows rose at the guilty looks Daniel and Cassie shot each other.

"Actually, we've kinda mixed and matched over the past few days. Daniel takes something and I take something and we compare notes. If it works for us, we try it on each other."

Janet tried not to look appalled as she read at least three different brands of over the counter cold medicine. Sighing, she sank onto the sofa, reaching for the closest box. It was times like these she figured diplomacy was called for. Not to mention she was about ready to down the contents of all the boxes if they would help her head feel less stuffy.

"So, which one gets your vote for most effective?"

Daniel smiled, feeling his worry ease as she reached for the box he pointed too. He'd been worried when she'd started coughing earlier, since it was so seldom Janet was sick. Still, at least she was back on world now, and they could all take care of each other.

"So, did you get everything settled off-world?" Janet smiled at her daughter's question as she grabbed Daniel's coffee mug and swallowed the pills she'd chosen with a long sip of the dark brew.

"Yes, although we need to check back in a few days. It was just long, and tiring, and we didn't exactly get a lot of thanks for saving their lives."

Daniel winced, knowing how she felt. Pulling her to his side, he was happy to feel her snuggle against him, resting her head comfortably in the crook of his neck, where it seemed to fit perfectly.

"Well, we appreciate you, mom." Janet smiled as her daughter leaned against her other side, and she wrapped her free arm around her waist, the three now looking like a strange set of dominoes.

"Thanks honey, and because you said that, I won't ask what you two were up to that brought on these matching colds, okay?" Getting laughs in reply, she turned her attention to the TV. Her smile brightened as she took note of what was playing. "Got another convert, Cass?"

Cassie laughed. "You know he loves Superman, I just thought it was time he developed a healthy respect for Lex Luthor, at least, before he went all 'Angelus' and turned evil."

Janet burst into laughter, despite the pain it sent through her sinuses. Daniel, for his part, looked a little confused. Reaching up, she gently kissed him, delighting in the way he immediately responded. When she finally pulled back for air, she smiled into his eyes.

"Trust me, you'll learn to recognize Buffy and Angel references as you get to know her TV viewing habits a bit better."

Daniel only laughed as mother and daughter exchanged fond looks. His throat tightened again as he realized how special both these women were and even more amazing, that they both thought him pretty special as well.

Janet sighed as she felt Daniel pull her closer, while Cassie relaxed against her other side. Despite her aching head, she felt perfectly content for the first time in days. She was home, with her family, where she belonged.

"You know, this isn't a bad way to get over a cold, now that I think about it."

"I couldn't agree more," Daniel noted with a smile, leaning down to give her a quick kiss before turning himself back over to the magic unfolding on the screen in front of him. His last thought before entering the world of Smallville, however, was that his own reality, here and now, was pretty magical as well.


The End

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