FF: The Bride
Author: Jammer
Pairing: Daniel/Janet
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: AU Season 8 ('Heroes' has happened, but no dying!)
Summary: Janet gets an unexpected chance.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, nothing at all.

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The Bride
Part 1

March 18, 2004
Janet Fraiser's Home
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Janet Fraiser walked back into her house after going to the end of the driveway to get the mail. 'Bill; Bill; Letter for Cassie from her friend at the University of Oklahoma; Letter for me...I don't know that return address, better see what it is.' Janet opened the letter only to find a wedding invitation in there that read:

"You are cordially invited to attend the nuptials of

Mr. Robert David Gordon


Miss Gabrielle Marie Duncan

To take place on April the 17th, 2004 in Ritzville, Washington.
RSVP by April 2nd."

Janet was shocked, to say the least. Her ex-husband was getting married again and she was invited. 'Robert and I parted under the most awful of terms, why in the hell would I be invited to his wedding?' she thought. She sank onto the couch in disbelief and began to consider the facts. Knowing what she did of Robert's tendencies, she quickly came to realize that the only reason she was invited was because he wanted to rub his life in her face. "Well Jan, you are gonna show him!" she said to herself.

The question was: How?


Three days later Janet still had no idea about how to show up Robert. She had brought the invitation as well as the RSVP form to work with her. She and Lieutenant Colonel Sam Carter brainstormed but neither had had any good ideas that were plausible enough. They did decide on what Janet would wear to the ceremony however: Janet was going to wear her Air Force Mess Dress uniform. With all the medals she'd earned and her new Lieutenant Colonel insignia, Janet Fraiser would cut quite a figure. That and it would piss off Robert, Janet thought gleefully. After all, he did tell her that it was 'this man's army'; well she would prove that she'd done pretty damn well for herself.

Cassie had already agreed to go, as she would need the break from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Janet had wanted her to go to the branch at Colorado Springs, however when Cassie said she wanted to be in ROTC and would end up in Boulder anyway, Janet had agreed. Cassie had agreed with her mother's desire to show up her ex-husband and volunteered to wear her Mess Dress as well, but Janet nixed that idea, as this was *her* revenge.

Somehow during the day, the invite and the RSVP form had gotten mixed up on Janet's desk. While finishing a report on another of Daniel's frequent injuries, this one being a sprained ankle caused by tripping over an artifact, she didn't realize that she'd added his name to the RSVP form. She quickly filed the report and put the RSVP into its envelope, intending to send it on the way home.


March 29, 2004
Janet Fraiser's House
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Janet smiled as she entered her house after a long day at the SGC. 'It wasn't all bad' she thought 'at least Daniel wasn't injured today.' Usually she didn't mind having to tend to the archaeologist, but lately it seemed like he was injured more often than not. There were days where she thought he did it on purpose, though she couldn't for the life of her, figure out why.

Of course, it escaped her mind that maybe the archaeologist might have feelings for her and wanted to ask her out but lacked the courage to do so. Janet had not been on a date since her divorce almost ten years ago, the first three years because she hadnít been ready to date, and the last seven because she had a daughter at home to take care of as well as a classified base full of accident-prone people.

Just as she finished changing out of her uniform, she heard the phone ring. Considering it was Monday, she figured it was Cassieís weekly phone call. However, to her surprise it wasnít.


"Hello, is this Janet Fraiser?"

"Yes, it is. How may I help you?"

"My name is Gail Duncan. Iím Gabrielleís sister. Iím also the one in charge of the RSVPs for my sisterís wedding. Iím just calling to confirm you and your guestsí attendance."

"Yes, we will be in attendance."

"Good, then I have you marked for three. Yourself, Cassandra Fraiser, and Doctor Daniel Jackson. Have a good day Ms. Fraiser." With that, the woman hung up.

Janet was stunned. ĎHow in the hell did Danielís name get on that RSVP! Have to call Sam!í Janet immediately hung up the phone, picked it up again and called Carterís Lab, as General OíNeill had somehow managed to make it hers officially. Luckily for Janet, Sam immediately picked up the phone.

"Carterís Lab, Carter speaking."

"Sam, its Janet. I have a big problem."

"Is it Cassie? Are you stranded somewhere? Do you need me to come over?"

"No it is not Cassie, Iím not stranded and you donít have to come over unless you want to."

"Ok." Sam breathed a sigh of relief. "So whatís going on, Janet?"

"I just got a phone call from the person in charge of RSVPs for Robertís wedding. Apparently I accidentally put *Danielís* name on the RSVP as well. She hung up before I could say anything and I canít call her back, I donít have the number!"

"Boy you do have a problem. Why donít you call Daniel and ask him to go with you. If he agrees and you show up looking damn good on *his* arm, your ex canít rub his marriage in your face."

"Good point, Sam. Will Daniel agree though, I mean he more than likely will have to act intimate with me. I donít know if heíll be comfortable with that. I mean, I donít even know if he likes me that way!"

Sam saw a way to collect on her bet with General OíNeill about which one of the two doctors would confess to feelings for the other first, so she picked up a tape recorder and turned it on. "Janet, are you actually confessing your feelings for SG-1ís accident-prone archaeologist?"

"Yes, Sam. I thought it was obvious that I like Daniel." Janet said. "A lot." She then added.

"Finally Janet, on March the 29th, 2004 youíve admitted it!"

"Yes, itís March 29th, Sam. Are you alright? Do you need me to come and check on you?"

"Nope, just stating a fact Jan." Sam said, shutting off the recorder.

"Alright." Fraiser said, with a bit of doubt in her voice.

"So are you going to ask him?"

"Yes, tomorrow. I want to ask him in person."

"Alright. Glad I could help, Janet. I have an experiment, so I should go."

"Ok, bye Sam."

"Bye." Sam hung up and grinning went in search of General Jack OíNeill, who now owed her fifty dollars, two cases of beer, and his Game Boy for 24 hours.


The next day, Janet went into work, still trying to figure out how to ask Daniel to help her. She went into her office and put away her things. Slipping on her lab coat, she went into the main infirmary to check on the overnight patients Dr. Joe Carmichael had left for her. To her surprise, one was Daniel. ĎI wonder what happened.í She thought.

Just as that thought popped into her head, Jack OíNeill stalked in muttering something about Carter, his Game Boy, and smart ass astrophysicists.


"Hey Doc. How are you this morning?" Brigadier General OíNeill asked his CMO.

"Good, Sir. Are you alright? And what happened to Daniel? I havenít seen his chart yet, I just walked in." she asked quickly.

"Yeah, Iím fine, just lost a bet to Carter. Daniel managed to bash his head on his desk when I went to his office last night, then a few books fell on him. I startled him when I walked in. Doc Carmichael says he has a concussion. Itís my turn to keep an eye on him."

"Ok, but General you know better to startle Daniel..." Janet was about to start off on one of her infamous rants when a sleepy voice asked "Jan?"

She gave the general a look he knew well, the one that said theyíd talk about this later.

Jack OíNeill, despite outward appearances, was not a stupid man, and so hightailed it out of the infirmary. Janet walked over to her most frequent patient and smiled gently at him.

"Hey Daniel, how are you feeling?" She asked softly, brushing his hair off his face.

"I have a bit of a headache, but Iíll live." He smiled at her.

"Good. So how are you *really* feeling?"

He groaned, sometimes he really didnít like that she knew him that well. "My head really feels like it was run over by a Mack truck."

"Thatís better. Iíll get you some aspirin, then you should get some more rest and Iíll wake you for lunch, ok?" She smiled brilliantly at him.

"Alright, but only because you asked so nicely." Daniel conceded. ĎHer smile always makes me do anything she wants me to; I wonder if she knows that.í

"Good." Janet went and got the medicine, administered it, then left to do paperwork in her office.

About lunchtime, she came out again, pleased about how much sheíd managed to finish that morning. Sheíd cleaned out her in-tray and organized her desk as it had begun to resemble Danielís. She was a little angry to see Daniel awake and talking to Tealíc.

"Doctor Jackson, I thought I told you to get some rest. This is not rest!" She sternly scolded him. "And you Tealíc, I know you know the procedure for Danielís concussions by now. You should have told him to go back to sleep or at the very least informed me that he was awake."

ĎUh oh, sheís pissed. Better placate her; she does have big needles at her disposal.í Daniel thought fast. "Janet, he would have, but he just got here and saw that I was awake."

"Tealíc, is that true?"

The Jaffa knew that DanielJackson was lying, but he was smart and nodded. "Yes, DoctorFraiser it is true."

Knowing Tealíc rarely lied unless it was life or death, Janet calmed down. "Since you are awake, Iíll order you some lunch and if youíre good this afternoon, Iíll let you out of the infirmary before I go home."

"Thanks Janet."

She walked away and placed the call. When she returned to Danielís side, she noted the large Jaffa had gone.

"Where did Tealíc go, Daniel?"

"He was just checking on me. SG-1 is due for a few days of downtime, so he was informing me of his intention to tag along with SG-6 on their next mission."

"Oh. Lunch will be here in a few minutes. Do you need anything while you wait?"

"No, but could you stick around for lunch? Everyone else is busy and I would appreciate the company."

"Sure, thatís no problem. I would have anyway, I have no other patients and my paperwork is done."

"Really? Cool."

"Youíve been hanging around the General too long."

"I know; I need a break from him."

Janet, sensing an opportunity, decided to take the plunge and ask "Daniel, if you want to take a few days off in about two weeks, you *could* go with me and Cassie to a wedding in Washington?"

Danielís heart leapt in his chest. She wanted him to go with her to a *wedding*? He thought that it might be the opportunity to confess his feelings for her that heíd been waiting for, ever since she was injured on P3X-666 six months ago. He managed to find his voice "Janet, Iíd be more than happy to go. Iím honored you asked."

Janet knew she needed to come clean with him. She cared about him and didnít want to put him in a bad position with Robert and his relatives. "Daniel, there are a few things you need to know. The wedding is my ex-husband's and you are already on the guest list. I donít exactly know how, but I put your name on the RSVP. He will think weíre together. Iíll understand if you donít want to go now, but I hope you arenít mad at me." She was really embarrassed, Daniel could tell.

"Iíll still go with you. I mean you are my friend and I understand that you didnít mean to put me in that position." Daniel was a little sad that she didnít really want him to go, but had to ask because of an accident.

She could tell he was hurt because of her confession and decided to try to make him feel better. "I hope you understand that I wasnít sure I wanted anyone of my friends here to come with me and meet Robert. Heís a vindictive jerk who more than likely invited me to show me up and embarrass me. I am glad though that I accidentally wrote your name on the RSVP, Iíll have someone adult at my back to support me and I canít think of anyone else better to support me, even Sam."

He saw the sincerity in her eyes and knew at that moment that heíd do anything to make her happy. "It is alright, Janet. I do understand. If I had the chance to show up someone who treated me the way it sounds like your ex treated you, I wouldnít want my friends to meet her. I hope Iím good enough to show him up."

"Daniel, you are more than good enough. You have two Ph.D.s, speak 28 languages, well traveled, and you have enough manners and charm to make my female staff bend over backwards to make you happy. Robert has none of that. He doesnít even have one masterís degree as far as I know."

"If you donít mind me asking, why did you marry him?"

"He was my escape from the small town where I grew up. He went to college and was making enough money to get us out of there. I had just finished my undergraduate studies at the nearest university and was about to go to medical school when he proposed. We got married and I went to medical school. Three years later, I was finishing school and wanted to join the Air Force. The sexist pig disparaged that and so I divorced him."

"I understand. Janet, Iíll say it again. Iíd be honored to be your escort for this. I want to see the look on his face when he realizes how successful you are."

"Me too. Iím wearing my Mess Dress uniform, just to make my point."

Just as she finished that sentence, SG-4 came in, covered in bruises and scratches. "Iíll talk to you later Daniel. Thank you for being so understanding and for agreeing to come with me."

"No problem." After he had said that, she walked away.

He didnít see much of her that day and when it came time for him to be let out of Janetís domain, Dr. Brightman was the one to sign him out. He asked where Janet was and Brightman told him she was in the Generalís office giving her weekly report and her requisition request for medical supplies.


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