Title: Alternate Beginnings
Author: Jammer
Pairing: Daniel/Janet; little Daniel/Sha're and Janet/other.
Rating: PG-13 (only a few swear words)
Summary: What if the original Abydos mission happened differently?
Disclaimer: Not mine. *pouts*
Spoilers: The movie and the whole series

This is AU, so events happen differently. This is dedicated to Red, Amanda, Gena, Karen, and Vicki as they have helped me get this monster finished.


Alternate Beginnings
Part 1

Daniel Jackson felt like a failure. He was the laughingstock of the archaeological community and not only that, he'd also been evicted from the apartment he'd been living in. His girlfriend had just dumped him, he was having the *perfect* week. He figured he might as well take the Langford woman up on her offer, he had nothing left for him in Chicago.


Janet Fraiser, soon to be the ex-Mrs. Tom Bennette, was fuming. She couldn't believe he'd managed to freeze her out of her account. Not theirs, *hers*! Oh well, she was getting transfered out of this place. Out to Colorado, to this top secret base. She couldn't believe she'd gotten this post. She was a newly promoted Captain in the U.S. Air Force and had been a M.D. for five years. She guessed it was because she was a specialist in viruses or some such thing, as she had no clue why it didn't go to someone more experienced. 'Oh great!', she thought, 'just what I needed.' Her car had decided not to start. 'Perfect end to a perfect day!'


Daniel made his way down to the infirmary on base. After he'd gotten to Colorado Springs, he'd found a coffee shop and called Catherine Langsford. She had been more than happy to have him on the team. But as soon as he'd gotten to the base, General West told him to go to the infirmary for a checkup. When he'd protested, West's second-in-command, a Colonel Jack O'Neill had said it was typical military procedure. So here he was at the door of the infirmary that would become his second home.


Janet, on the other hand, had been there for two days. She had finally gotten the infirmary just the way she liked it organized. She had also found an apartment in town that was perfect for her. Her divorce was almost final and she had gotten her bank account unfrozen and set up so her slimy, cheating ex-husband couldn't get his hands on it.

Her reverie was interrupted when a noise out in the hall caught her attention. A tall man with shaggy hair - light brown, almost blond, blue eyes and glasses walked into the infirmary. 'Oh great, another cut or I'm-too-tired-so-I-hit-my-head scientist!' she sighed and walked over to her newest patient.

"Hi, can I help you?" Janet asked the man.

"Yes, I was told by a Col. O'Neill to report to a Dr. Fraiser for a physical." the man replied.

"Well, you're in luck. I just do happen to be Dr. Janet Fraiser" she quipped.

"Oh! Well, nice to meet you. I'm Dr. Daniel Jackson. With a Ph.D. not an M.D." he said, instantly liking the small redhead.

"Shall we get started so you can go play with the other Ph.D.'s?" she asked.

"That's what I'm here for, although I wasn't expecting to find a civilian doctor down here." he said as she began the exam.

"Oh, I knew I forgot something. I'm Captain Janet Fraiser, M.D., United States Air Force." she smirked at him.

"I thought so. Anyway, what brings you here, Capt. Dr. Fraiser?" Daniel asked, trying to make conversation so this physical would go faster.

"Well, the Chief Medical Officer's position. That's pretty good for a young doctor in the Air Force. And, well, I needed a new start." Not wanting to reveal all of her past to a man she just met, she stopped there and was surprised to see an understanding look on the man's face.

"I came here for a new start as well" Daniel confessed.

"Well, I'm done. You're in great health and I'll be here if you need me" she stated, smiling.

"Thanks, Doctor Janet."

"No problem, Doctor Danny."

With a smile he left the infirmary, feeling as if he'd made a new friend. Inside the infirmary, the base's petite CMO was feeling the same way.


As the weeks went by, Daniel was caught up in his work, only stopping when Janet would come and make him sleep. Once or twice it was in the infirmary as she felt he was suffering from exhaustion. They became good friends and almost everyone on base knew that where one was, the other often would be.

Then came the day when Daniel got the 'Stargate' as they called it to work. He went through, and the next thing Janet knew, Col. O'Neill and his team were back, minus the man who had become her best friend. After that, the program was shut down and she was reassigned to the USAF Academy Hospital. A year went by, she gave up her apartment for a house, as she felt she'd be in Colorado Springs for a while. She had grieved for her 'Doctor Danny' and moved on as she thought he would have wanted.

Her divorce was final four days after O'Neill had returned from Abydos, as they called the planet. She was relieved to be free of the controlling asshole of a husband, but she wished Daniel was there to celebrate with her. She settled in at the Academy, happy to be doing something worthwhile. Then the day came when she was called into the Colonel's office. Colonel Micheal McDonald, MD, USAF, was sad to see his most promising doctor go, even if it was back to her last assignment.

Janet was thrilled, she loved Cheyenne Mountain. She had rearranged her infirmary and through an arrangement with Col. McDonald and General Hammond, the Mountain's new Commanding Officer, she'd do rounds at the Academy Hospital once a week. She had been surprised to see Col. O'Neill again as she heard he'd retired. She tried to talk to him, but before she'd had a chance, he was gone. Where, she wanted to know.

Gen. Hammond wanted to meet with her an hour after she'd seen O'Neill. He said that she had more than earned a week off before she started her duties in earnest. "Apparently," he remarked, "the Joint Chiefs and the President want this to be a permanent operation. You are now officially assigned to this base permanently as Chief Medical Officer - but as per your deal with Col. McDonald, you do rounds at the hospital once a week, more often if a Stargate Command team member or an alien refugee is there."

"Sounds good, sir." she replied.

"Then Dr. Fraiser, you are on downtime for a week." Hammond said.

"Sir, permission to speak freely?" she asked.

"Sure, Doctor."

"Sir, I saw Col. O'Neill, might I ask as to his purpose here?" Janet needed to know.

"I wasn't aware you knew him."

"Sir, I was posted here last time the Stargate was opened. I thought you knew?"

"I did, but I didn't know you knew O'Neill."

"Yes I did, sir. I made General West order pre- and post-mission physicals for everyone going through that Stargate."

"That sounds like a good idea, Doctor. From now on, that will be Standard Operating Procedure around here. Wait, did you say everyone?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then you know Dr. Jackson."

"Yes sir, I knew him. He actually came to the infirmary for a standard physical when he arrived on the base at the beginning of his tenure on the Stargate Project."

"You haven't heard, then? He's alive and been living on Abydos this past year."

"No sir, I haven't. Permission to kill Col. O'Neill when he gets back?" Janet asked angrily.

"You'll have to get in line, Dr." Hammond replied. "May I ask why you'd like to inflict bodily harm on the Col.?"

"Dr. Jackson and I were good friends after he began his work here. I know O'Neill knew that fact and want to know why the Col. didn't say something to me when he returned."

"He ordered his men to keep quiet about Jackson and reported everyone on Abydos dead."

"Well, if Daniel Jackson comes back, will you make sure he receives this?" she asked, scribbling something down on a piece of paper and handing it to the General. "Of course this is to go to him only after he's been debriefed and cleared to leave the base."

"I will, doctor. Now go and have fun on your week off." Hammond ordered, thinking he had found a perfect CMO and mentally patting himself on the back for convincing McDonald to let her come back to Cheyenne.

"Yes, sir." Janet replied, snapping to attention and leaving his office.


The team designated SG-1 and SG-2 returned from Chulak, *with* an alien. Hammond thought this was going to be easy, but the moment he saw SG-1 he knew it was going to be a wild ride.

"Report to the infirmary, debriefing in two hours." Hammond ordered.

"Yes, sir." O'Neill replied for the assembled group.

The SFs took the alien, whom O'Neill referred to as "Teal'c", into custody. The rest of the team reported to the infirmary, where Dr. John Warner was waiting.

"One person at a time, please." Warner said.

"Oh Joy" O'Neill muttered, being the last one in line.

"Just for that Colonel, you should know that I am more lenient than the CMO, who you are lucky not to meet. She's on vacation this week, before she begins her duties on Monday. I've heard she loves needles." Warner said.

"Double Joy." O'Neill groaned.

"OK, you're done Col. You can go now."

"Campers, its debriefing time!" O'Neill said, somewhat jovially.

With that, they left the infirmary. Warner watched them go, shaking his head and praying Dr. Fraiser would be back before SG-1's next mission.


The debriefing took what seemed like forever to Daniel. He couldn't believe it, his beloved Sha're taken by the Goa'uld along with his brother-in-law. He couldn't really talk about it with Jack. To some extent, sure he could, but he couldn't tell him everything. Captain Carter seemed to be nice, but he didn't know her well enough to talk.

Before he knew it, the meeting was over. General Hammond walked up to him and said "Dr. Jackson, you need to go to this address. The person you find there will help you get an apartment as well as acclimate you back to life on Earth." As he finished, he handed Daniel the paper with Dr. Fraiser's address on it.

"Thank you General, but that's not necessary. I can take quarters on base."

"Dr. Jackson, we don't know how long it will take to find your wife. And even if we do, who can say we can get her back as she was? I know its hard for you to hear, but I lost my wife to a disease I couldn't fight. Go to this address, find an apartment, rest and come back here in three days ready to search. This isn't an order, it can't be, but it is a suggestion from a man who has lost his everything too." Smiling sadly, the General walked into his office.

Daniel sat there, stunned. 'He's right about the fact that it may take a while, but I will get Sha're back.'

He got up and walked out the door. He found some off base clothes and had an airman drop him off at the address written on the scrap piece of paper. He had a feeling he should know the handwriting, but couldn't place a name or face to the scribble. He got out of the car, thanked the airman, and walked up the driveway of a white two-story house. He rang the doorbell and knocked on the door. He heard nothing in answer, so tentatively he tried to open the door. Surprisingly it wasn't locked and he stepped inside. "Hello?" he said, trying to find whoever lived here.

"Hello Daniel." A familiar voice rang out, filled with more than a little anger.

Turning around, Daniel was surprised to see a woman he never thought he'd see again. He wanted to call out joyfully in greeting, but the seriously pissed off look on her face dissuaded him. "Um...hi" he managed to stammer out.

"Hi? Is that all I rate after thinking you were dead for this last year?!" Janet shouted.

"Uh...no?" Daniel replied, hoping that she wouldn't kill him.

"No is right buster! You could have at least sent a note with O'Neill saying you were at least alive or something. I grieved, Daniel. Not a day has gone past where you haven't popped into my thoughts. You were my best friend and did you ever think that maybe I'd miss you?" She said, advancing on Daniel, who wasn't sure if he should run or just let her beat him to a pulp.

"I missed you Janet, but I was happy on Abydos. I met someone there and we got married. As time went on, I was sure you'd forgotten me and so I settled into my life there fully." he said, hoping to deflect or dissipate her anger.

"I never forgot my 'Doctor Danny'" Janet said, hurt that he thought she'd ever forget him. "You saved me, when my awful ex had made me think less of myself. When I needed a friend you were there. I was new at Cheyenne too, remember?"

"I remember." Daniel said, sheepish he'd ever thought that of her.

"Now, c'mere and give me a hug, you goof!" she said, glad to see her friend.

He went into her arms gratefully, surprising her by beginning to cry. She held him as he finally let out his emotions about his wife's abduction. She was puzzled, but said nothing as she knew he wouldn't talk until he was ready. She led him to her couch, sitting him down and rocking him until he had finished.

"Feel better?" she questioned.

"Some" he replied.

"Want some coffee?"

"Please, I haven't had any real coffee in a year." he begged.

She went into her kitchen and made a pot of coffee. Remembering the way he liked it, she fixed up two cups and walked back into her living room. Daniel looked up as she walked in and took the cup she offered him with a grateful smile.

"So, want to let me know why you're back?" she decided to bite the bullet and ask.

With that the floodgate that was Daniel's babbling came out. For over two hours he talked, Janet just listening. When he was finished, she asked some questions that he gratefully answered. Janet then offered him her guest room, such as it was, for him to stay as it was quite late. The next day, she promised, she would help him find an apartment. He accepted both offers, hoping to get settled into an apartment by the time SG-1 had their next mission.


As it turned out, Janet's old apartment building had an opening that Daniel could afford. With Janet's help he got his belongings out of storage and tentatively set up house in his new apartment by the time he was needed back on base. He bid Janet goodbye as she left the night he moved in, thinking he would not see her for a while.

As she was getting into her car, she realized she never told him she was returning as the base's CMO. 'This is going to be fun' she thought, smirking as she drove off.


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