Title: Bad Luck Turned Good Luck
Author: Melissa Adams
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Daniel/Janet
Date: September 11, 2004
Series: None
Spoilers: Season three episode Seth
Website: None yet but working on it.

Disclaimer: "Stargate SG-1" and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, SciFi Channel, Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author.

Synopsis: A challenge response to the September challenge located at danandjan dealing with the season three episode Seth.

Author's Notes: A reminder folks, please that the medical advice you hearing Janet sporting in ANY story I write or co author is totally made up. Most of it comes from what I've read and heard on tv shows like ER so it's not be taken as anything but made up fiction. Please keep that in mind when reading it.


Bad Luck Turned Good Luck

As Chief Medical Officer to a top secret military base Doctor Janet Fraiser didn't get much call to deal with civilians, truthfully she liked it that way. It wasn't because she didn't like civilians, far from it actually, but military personnel she could always force to do what she wanted by ordering them around but civilian personnel that was another matter entirely; she ended up wasting time trying to convince them and time she usually thought was vital to what she was doing.

Sitting in the van with SG1 after having caught a flight out to Seattle, Washington to find this Seth Goa'uld that had been on Earth for years had surprised her. Not the fact that a Goa'uld had managed to hide out on Earth but the fact that she had been sent at all expecially with a sprained left wrist which she wore an air cast on. A result of a run in with Daniel yesterday, literally.

The day had started out so well and she had even made it to the Infirmary with her coffee intact and the marines not trying to run her over only to have Daniel waiting in her office. She had just hung up her coat and went to shut the door when he was paged to the control room and in his nervousness or excitement one he stood up and the chair fell back just as Janet was stepping back. He reached out to try to prevent her from falling and in the end they both got tangled up in the chair with her spraining her wrist when it hit one of the metal legs hard and sprained the left wrist.

Jackson had been all over himself sorry, tried to take her out to lunch and dinner yesterday and even brought her in breakfast this morning though she'd already eaten and fully expected if this mission hadn't come up that he would have been more than happy to keep babying her though she repeatedly tried to tell him she was fine and it would heal in a few days but in true Daniel style he never listened or still felt guilty and tried to fix it.

It had surprised Janet when Hammond sent her on this mission, she didn't normally participate in what they were referring to as a Goa'uld hunt yet here she was sitting in the back of the van as they pulled up behind a sheriff's car leading them.

SHERIFF: That's the place. Main building's about three-quarters of a mile up that drive. I sure hope you can shut these guys down. I had a lot of parents come into my office- they lost their kids to this nut. I haven't got the manpower, or the, uh what you'd call probable cause that you federal types do.

O'NEILL: Well, we'll do what we can Sheriff. Appreciate you lettin' us look around.

RADIO: Sheriff. We got a fight breaking out down at Earl's.

SHERIFF: Duty calls. Now, uh looks like you don't need me getting' in your way. Gimme a call if you need me.

O'NEILL: Will do.

A man who has been camping out in a field walks up.

JASON: You people the FBI?

O'NEILL: No. Who are you?

JASON: The name's Jason Levinson. I've been camping down here for the past month hoping to catch a glimpse of my boy, Tommy. At least know he's still alive. He's been in there nine months now. You folks deprogrammers? You gotta be good. The guy I hired got shot in the leg trying to get in there.

O'NEILL: So they've got some armed guards is what you're saying?

JASON: A lot of them. What's that damn small town sheriff do about it? Nothing. Not a damn thing. (To Jacob) You're the father aren't you? Your boy 's in there.

JACOB: No, no. You've got that wrong. My son isn't in there.

JASON: Uh huh. How much would you tack on to get my boy out the same time as his?

O'NEILL: You help us. We might be able to help you.

JASON: I'm with you sir.

O'NEILL: That won't be necessary, but we could use any information you might have. What your guy did, where he went in, where he got caught, that kind of s tuff.

JASON: You got it. The fence is in the wide open and most of the property. But I'll show you a brush cover if you wanna go in.

TEAL'C: O'Neill. We are being surveilled.

O'NEILL: Yeah, I saw 'em. It's probably FBI. Maybe ATF.

Jack lights something that takes out the fence covertly.

JASON: You guys are prepared. I'm goin' with you.

DANIEL: I think it'd be safer for everyone if you wait for us here.

Surveying the area wasn't her thing so Janet waited with him, Jason was a dedicated father she knew as soon as she started to talk with him and knew that if SG1 and Jacob were to get anything done she'd have to keep him busy and in his present state of mind if she could keep him talking about his son and his experiences it would give them valuable insight into what was going on and keep the man distracted. Ironically Janet realized that until the medical aspects came into play that was mainly what she was on this mission, the decoy as it were and knew she'd have to dance around with whoever was watching them as well as any local people that happened by.

It wasn't long after they got back to the RV that ATF showed up and Janet stood with her comrades as the ATF man, James Hamner and Colonel O'Neil did their little dance and even continued it once they got back to the ATF set up point.

HAMNER: General. Wanna tell me what interest the Air Force has here?

O'NEILL: That would be classified.

HAMNER: This way, gentlemen. Are you guys special forces?

O'NEILL: Also classified.

HAMNER: I was talking to your commanding officer.

JACOB: He's right. It's classified.

HAMNER: I have top level clearance.

O'NEILL: Oh, not top enough.

HAMNER: You have a rather insubordinate subordinate, General.

JACOB: He's not insubordinate to me. Only to people such as yourself. Saves me the trouble. Now maybe you could tell us what you and your cohorts are planning here.

Fraiser had to smile as she listened to Jacob's response to special agent Hamner. Ok so we were all technically on the same team but there is no way he or his people are prepared for the Goa'uld and his disciples in there; that's just a fact and knowing about it wouldn't serve anyone so there is little point in telling him. Standing there and listening to the 'dance' which was what Janet called what the men were doing right now she shifted her left arm a little in the sling she wore, she'd traded it for the cast so it was easier to use if she had to in an emergency and reminded herself that once she had a minute she needed to pop a couple Tylenol, it was throbbing to beat hell.

It took only a minute or so before Special Agent Hamner ordered the entire team out of the area but the doctor watched fascinated as Colonel O'Neil placed a call and we all knew to who so it was only a matter of time until we were put in charge. It did strike her as odd however why someone didn't think to take care of any issues like that before they came but perhaps it was logical therefore the military usually wouldn't have thought of it. Outside the conversation picked up once they were back to the RV.

DANIEL: Jack, based on Seth's history if these guys go in guns blazing, he's gonna kill everyone in there.

O'NEILL: Jacob, can we assume some kind of brainwashing is going on in there?

JACOB: It's probably Nish'ta. It's a biological compound that inhaled infects all tissue in you body, including your brain. It tends to make your mind extremely pliable.

DANIEL: That's like what Hathor used.

JACOB: It's stronger. It's more encompassing.

TEAL'C: I believe that is the substance used on Rya'c.

O'NEILL: Can it be reversed?

Janet nodded slowly there as she spoke for one of the first times since the mission started, Nish'ta does have an Achilles heel. Once its effects are reversed, it can't reinfect a host. They become immune."

The Colonel nodded at that and looked at Jacob and then Janet, "So how do we reverse it?"

Thanks to a talk with Jacob and the files he had given her Janet answered this one, at least now she felt like she was doing something useful, "There's only one way: an electrical shock. Strong enough to kill the organism, but weak enough not to kill the host."

TEAL'C: That is why it worked when I shot Rya'c with a zat'n'ktel.

O'NEILL: Then we go in with zats.

DANIEL: Well it's not going to be very covert that way. And, like I said, any kind of frontal attack is gonna be a problem.

CARTER: Daniel's right Sir. Besides, with all the firepower he's got, we wouldn't stand much of a chance anyway.

Listening to the facts and she suggestions Janet pulled Sam and Jacob aside to discuss her idea as Colonel O'Neil was called into the ATF tent and soon they were joining him. Listening to the discussion proved useful as Daniel rattled on about Seth's MO and they could use the ATF guys as searchers but the tail end of the conversation caught her attention.

CARTER: Dad, you said an electrical shock, like a zat gun, would snap us out of it?

JACOB: Yeah?

CARTER: Sir, I think Janet and I may have an idea.

Stepping forward Janet outlined their plan, "I discussed with Sam a way to administer a small enough electrical charge to your bodies and yet not being overly obvious about it and that in turn would guarantee the charge would be small enough not to hurt you physically Colonel and we came up with a way but it's going to take some major rewiring of the devices needed Sir."

After SG1 minus Teal'c went inside it seemed hours though truthfully it was only minutes and Janet Fraiser didn't have anything to do during that time but sit in the corner and watch Teal'c and Jacob/Selmak work. If luck was with them her skills wouldn't be needed at all but once Teal'c spoke she was instantly alert again; her wrist still throbbing but at least she had finally gotten some Tylenol so it helped to deaden the throbbing to a managable degree.

TEAL'C: They are awake. Shall I activate the devices?

SELMAK: No. We must wait to be sure that the Nish'ta has permeated their tissues before negating it.

TEAL'C: How long?

SELMAK: About an hour. It's a smart virus. If there's any unaffected tissue remaining in the body it will give the organism a safe harbour in which to mutate. Then it will overtake your body once again.

JASON: Excuse me. Mind if I watch? I mean my son's in there. I just wanna be involved.

JACOB: I'm afraid I can't let you in here sir. I'm sorry.

JASON: Yeah, figured. Grab a cup of coffee?

JACOB: Sure, go ahead.

He tips the coffee over himself.


Teal'c stands up.

JASON: Sorry. Sorry. It won't happen again. I've just been kinda short fused since I found out about Tommy.

TEAL'C: I understand.

JASON: I had to find out from his college roommate cos, uh, Tommy and me hadn't been talking for something like six months before they sucked him in.

TEAL'C: I do not understand. How could a father not speak to his son for so long a time?

JASON: Yeah, that's the funny thing about it: I don't even remember why. Obviously something pretty stupid in the scheme of things. I'll get out of your hair.

TEAL'C: Do human parents not love their children unconditionally?

JACOB: Sometimes things get complicated.

TEAL'C: Many things are complicated, General Carter. In Jaffa society, loving one's children is not one of them.

JACOB: In human society, sometimes it is.

Walking over Janet put her hand on Jason's shoulder, "Come on Jason, we can't do anything but wait and standing around here isn't doing us any good. General I've got my radio if you need me" she told him and once Jacob nodded she and Jason left the tent. "Listen Jason" she began and dropped her hand as they walked slowly through the grassy area, "I understand how you feel, I'm a parent too and if my daughter was missing because of someone like this I'd be out of my mind but you have to let them due their job. They'll get him out."

The man didn't say anything at first, Doctor Fraiser was the one member of the military team that had arrived that even acted like his son mattered and he was grateful for that as he found a couple chairs and they took seats to wait.

No one was more grateful than Janet Fraiser was to see everyone climbing out of the tunnels a while later and as she checked over those coming up for obvious injuries had to smile when she saw Jason grasp the man she figured was his son. According to what the Colonel said once he had cleared her to go down the only casualty was Seth since Selmak was capable of healing himself. They would need a containment team to go over the compound and get all traces of Goa'uld influence out of there before the ATF found out and she'd have to go over each of the survivors personally so a medical team would need to join her; after all she was only one injured Doctor thanks to bad luck but as she looked around the tunnel and saw SG1 healthy, at least apparently it turned into good luck.

End and what did you think people?


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