Title: Just Another Day
Author: SaraC
Rating: PG-13 (suggestive imagery)
Pairing: Dan/Jan
Spoilers: Set sometime after 5
Summary: It's just another day in the infirmary until Doctor Janet gets a visit from her favorite patient

Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. I own nothing but the idea!

Author Notes: This is just a short, sweet, fluffy drabble I had to write. Not sure if there will be more, but if you'd like to see something else, drop me a reply or review and let me know!


Just Another Day

Janet Fraiser winced as SG-1 stumbled into her infirmary, the sight of Jack and Teal'c helping Daniel walk not an uncommon sight. However, the erratic leap of her heart as her mind registered the fact that Daniel was once again injured, was relatively new. Not that she hadn't worried about him before, but lately, her feelings had been changing- to those of a much more romantic nature.

"What happened?" She was glad her voice was calm, unwilling to allow anyone to see how rattled she felt as she instinctively moved towards Daniel, noting the archaeologist winced as Jack accidentally jostled his arm.

"Danny got caught in between a Jaffa and the Stargate. He's bruised and possibly sprained an ankle, but I think he's okay."

"Thanks, Jack. Good to know you can tell how I feel now."

Daniel knew the words were petty, but he couldn't help himself. His body ached and he felt quite bruised and weak, definitely not a state he enjoyed being in, especially around the beautiful CMO of the SGC. He met Janet's eyes as the petite doctor reached his side and felt his heart rate accelerate at the flash of something he could have sworn was more than 'doctorly' concern in her eyes.

"Well, you're being sarcastic so that's a good sign. How much pain are you in, Daniel?"

Janet forced her expression to remain neutral as she helped the men settle Daniel on his usual bed. Running her hands lightly over his arms and chest to check for bruises, she had to force herself to keep her touch professional, berating herself for having sexual thoughts as the archaeologist obviously suffered in pain before her.

Daniel was extremely glad that Janet thought his wince was because of his injuries. He couldn't handle the embarrassment of her learning that it was her proximity that had him harder than a rock and in a much different, not quite as hurtful pain.

"I'm okay, just need a few patches and band-aids and I'll be fine."

Janet frowned as she gently prodded his ankle, catching his wince out of the corner of her eye. "I think you'll need to ice this ankle and stay off it for a day, but it doesn't seem serious."

Daniel sighed in relief, trying to get the image of Janet, kneeling before him, out of his mind. Yes, she had to be in that position to assess his ankle, but his mind was already painting numerous pictures of other reasons she could be on her knees before him.

Janet stood and brushed a stray hair off her cheek, one eyebrow rising as she caught the heated look in the archaeologist's eyes as he stared at her. The expression was quickly wiped away as he became aware of her gaze and she had to fight back a tremor of arousal.

What the hell was happening here?

"Okay, then. Spacemonkey, we'll leave you at your second home for the night. The Doc will take much better care of you than we can." With that, the Colonel and the rest of SG-1 trudged out of the infirmary, no doubt on their way to the showers and then a briefing with General Hammond.

Janet smiled to herself as she turned back to Daniel, giving him what she hoped was a professional smile, but knowing there was a more personal air to it.

"So, you want to take a pair of crutches and hobble to the shower, or do you want to rest for a while?"

Daniel bit his lip, holding back the urge to ask her join him in the shower, simply to make sure he didn't hurt himself. The images, however, were now playing like a movie in his mind, and they weren't doing much to alleviate the situation fast developing below his waist.

"Um, I think I'll just rest a bit. I'm feeling a little dizzy."

Janet felt 'doctor' mode return as she settled him into the bed and pushed several buttons on the monitors around him.

"You just relax then, I'll be back to check on you in a little bit, okay?"

He really didn't want her to leave, but he couldn't figure out how to say that without sounding pathetic. So instead, he simply nodded and sank back against the pillows, cursing himself for getting injured yet again, putting him at a distinct disadvantage for making a move on Janet.

Janet watched him until his eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep. Looking around to make sure no one would see her, she leaned over and pressed a soft kiss across his lips.

"Sleep well, my Daniel."

With that, she turned and headed off to finish the paperwork awaiting her. She didn't notice the fact that Daniel's eyes slowly opened as she left, watching until she was out of sight.

"I will, now that I know I'm "your" Daniel." He whispered the words to himself as he smiled and let sleep claim him once again.


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