Title: Happy Anniversary
By: SaraC
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Future Season (Post 8-AU ending for Heroes!)
Summary: Daniel and Janet celebrate an anniversary
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never will be. I own nothing!

Author Notes: This assumes "Heroes" turned out differently . I also played around a bit with Daniel's past, the years right after he split from his colleagues in Chicago and before the actual movie. This hasn't been addressed as far as I know, so I took some liberties with issues Daniel would have. Otherwise, it's fun fluff with no real plot. We just needed something to make us Dan/Jan shippers smile! Enjoy!


Happy Anniversary

"So, what are you getting Mom for your anniversary?"

Daniel turned at the question, smiling as he saw his step-daughter tapping her foot in the doorway of his office. "Come on in Cass, good to see you too, Iím fine, by the way and I thought you werenít getting home until tonight."

Cassie grinned at Danielís teasing, walking over and giving him a hug. When she pulled back, she winked and moved to take a seat across from him. "Good to see you too, Daniel. Iím fine, college is good, I got a ride with my friend Sean because I wanted to surprise you, mom and the rest of the family by coming here." She grinned before leaning forward again. "And I need to know what youíre getting Mom for your anniversary."

Daniel only smiled. "Thatís for me to know and you to find out when it happens." He laughed at the frown that appeared on the young womanís face.

"You know you want to tell me, Daniel. Trust me, you donít like keeping secrets, especially from me." The gleam in her eyes normally would have made Daniel cower, but not this time. Keeping a serene smile on his face, he shook his head.

"Sorry, this is one time youíre going to have to be surprised along with everyone else." He held back his laughter at Cassieís frustrated expression.

"Come on, Daniel! I just spent twenty minutes trying to get mom to tell me what she wants for her anniversary, figuring I could help you out by letting you know if youíre on the right track."

Danielís grin widened. "Iíve already got her gift and Iím positive itís along the "right track" as you say."

"Humph. Youíre no fun. Iím going to find someone who is." With that, she jumped from the seat and flounced out of his office without a goodbye. He watched her go with a fond smile, knowing she was headed directly for Jackís office. He knew it wasnít just Cassie who was curious about his anniversary gift to Janet. Jack, Sam, even Tealíc had been trying to pry it out of him, but so far, he had remained strong. He took pleasure, too, from the fact that he knew this annoyed his friends, who were used to him telling them almost everything.

"Youíre getting better at these evasion techniques."

He jumped as he heard Janetís voice in the doorway. "I had several good teachers." He grinned and rose from his seat as she pushed the door closed and walked into his arms. He pulled her close, breathing in her familiar scent. Sometimes, he had to pinch himself to make sure she was real, she was alive, and that she was here, with him.

"Breathing would be an option here."

Janet grinned as his grip loosened but his arms remained firmly around her waist. She took the opportunity to snuggle a bit closer, taking advantage of one of the rare moments they had alone while on base. Normally, they were very professional at work, but today, being their second anniversary, it was a little harder than normal to keep to the Ďno touching at workí rule theyíd implemented early on in their relationship.

"So, while Iím impressed youíre keeping my present a secret from our friends and family, you wonít even give me a hint? Not one, teensy little hint?"

Daniel smiled, leaning down and stealing a kiss. When they parted, he shook his head. "Iím keeping my word, youíll get your present tonight. Patience, my dear, is a virtue."

Janet frowned, but couldnít find any annoyance at his words. The fact that heíd been so secretive about his anniversary gift made her curious but also heightened her anticipation for the surprise. She knew full well that Daniel had hidden depths to him that not many people were privileged to see. She shivered as she thought about some of those Ďhidden depthsí she had discovered during several of their more heated encounters over the past few years.

"Medical Team, report to the gate room, stat!"

Groaning, she pulled out of his arms, pushing down her nicely smoldering desire as the loudspeaker rang throughout the building, alarms and klaxons in accompaniment. "Duty calls, Iím off!" Pressing a quick kiss to his lips, she turned and strode from the room, her mind already going into medical mode.

"Happy anniversary, Janet." He smiled as she blew him a kiss, mouthing the words back as he watched her leave, again admiring how calm she remained, no matter how many times she heard that call throughout the base. Hoping it was nothing serious, he sighed, turning back to his work, his mind already lost in the preparations for the evening ahead.


"To Daniel and Janet. May they have many more happy years, free of near death and death experiences."

Daniel and Janet exchanged grins at Jackís toast, although they both leaned a little closer to each other, realizing just how true Jackís words were--for everyone in the room. Still, tonight was a night for celebrating and being thankful for what they had, not worrying about what might happen with the nature of their lives.

"Thanks, Jack. Really appreciated the sentiment." Daniel grinned at his best friend, smiling as the older man winked and raised his glass before taking a huge gulp of beer and turning to smile at something Sam was whispering in his ear. Groans emerged from nearly everyone at the table as Jack turned and planted a lingering kiss on his wifeís mouth.

"God, you guys are grossing me out here. Hello, 18 year old woman here, not much into the parental or familial displays of affection!"

Cassieís amused voice made the otherís laugh as conversation resumed among the people gathered in the small back room at OíMalleyís. Daniel was still amazed the bar owner had revoked the ban that had been against him, Sam and Jack since their bar fight years ago. He suspected Jackís status as Brigadier General had something to do with that.

"You look puzzled, whatís wrong?" Janet watched as her husbandís gaze focused on her again, smiling as he leaned over to brush a kiss against her lips. She shivered, leaning closer, loving the fact that Daniel had no problems with showing his feelings for her in public.

"Nothingís wrong, just wondering how Jack managed to get us allowed back in here." He grinned as he saw the slight frown cross her features as she remembered why they had been kicked out in the first place.

"Right, yet another experience Iíd rather not remember about the influence of alien technology over my spouse and best friends."

Daniel hid his grin, knowing anything dealing with Anise was a touchy subject with his wife. Still, she looked so cute when she was all fired up. Which was why he couldnít help egging her on. "But weíre all alive and well, thanks in no large part to your excellent doctoring skills."

Janet frowned, knowing he was baiting her but still upset by the number of times theyíd come close to losing each other. "Youíre just lucky I was there to practice those skills on you." She meant the words to be muttered under her breath, but she felt Daniel tense next to her and realized heíd overheard.

"Thatís not funny, Janet. One of the worst moments of my life was having to watch you die." Daniel muttered the words in a low voice, feeling something twist inside his gut as he pictured her lying so still on that battlefield. Heíd been terrified heíd lost her, considering sheíd been shot through the chest with a staff weapon. The image was burned into his brain and still gave him nightmares when he least expected them. The idea of losing her, now that heíd finally found her, was still the one fear that haunted him, although it had gotten better over the years, especially when waking from the nightmares to find her safe and sound, wrapped around his body in their bed.

"Well, I had to watch you ascend, Daniel. Trust me, that was no picnic either, watching you turn into a ball of glowy white light." She too kept her voice low, knowing that this topic had a tendency to get heated when they brought it up. The shadows of watching him in so much pain, of hearing Jack tell them to stop healing him, of watching him disappear in a ball of white light, still gave her nightmares to this day. Thankfully, those nightmares had faded in the years she and Daniel had been married--much in part to waking up from said nightmares safe in his arms.

"You had this big, smoking hole in your chest, Janet. I think thatís a bit more scary than a glowing ball of light." Daniel knew he sounded petulant now, but he couldnít help it. The fear of losing her was still tingling in his veins and the thought made him pull her even tighter to his side.

Janet sighed, knowing there was no point in arguing, theyíd been down this road before and it always led to an impasse. Deciding that it was time to lighten things up, she made her voice soothing. "I suppose it was. That hole went all the way through me." Feeling him tense, she leaned up to whisper in his ear. "But we had the healing device, you got me home and to Sam in time to use it and everything turned out okay." She squeezed his hand as she smiled at him, attempting to look annoyed. "At least I was there, physically to recover, not on some other plane."

Daniel knew the tense moment had passed and leaned down to brush his lips over her ear, deciding to follow her lead. "And while you know I still donít remember much of my time Ďup there,í I do remember watching you many nights, as you slipped out of your work clothes and into that silky little pajama set--"

"Daniel Jackson!" Janet blushed as she hissed his name, looking around to make sure no one had overheard him, especially their 18 year old daughter.

"Okay you two, stop whispering, itís time for the presents!"

Daniel and Janet grinned as they turned to face Cassie, Daniel keeping his wife wrapped tightly against his side. "So, who wants to go first. Iím going last." He grinned at the huffs and looks of disappointment he received, knowing his friends and family wanted to see his gift to Janet. He felt his wife smiling against his neck, where her head rested lightly on his shoulder.

"Fine, since youíre going to be that way, weíll go first." Jack muttered the words, although he couldnít keep the amusement out of his eyes, Daniel noted. He grinned as his best friend stood and walked over to them, carrying a huge paper wrapped package. "This is from all of us," he motioned to those around the table who smiled at them. "Itís just something we thought you two might enjoy."

Curious, Daniel and Janet began to unwrap the paper, finally removing it to reveal a huge photo album. The cover was embossed with their familiar wedding picture, although definitely not the one they kept framed on the mantle at home. Danielís mouth dropped open as he noted that along with himself, Janet, Cassie and all of their SGC family that had attended their wedding, the picture now contained many of the guests who had not been able to put in a public appearance.

"Do I even want to know what kind of photo manipulation you had to go through to get Thor and Heimdall into this picture?" Janet grinned as Sam burst into laughter.

"Then again, I want to know how you got Ishta to agree to have a picture taken, Tealíc." Daniel looked over at the Jaffa who simply raised an eyebrow.

"It was not easy, DanielJackson. But she does have a fondness for DoctorFraiser."

Janet grinned as Daniel tried not to look affronted. "Either way, this was an incredible feat of photography, whoever merged all these images in--they did a good job." She marveled at how natural the photograph looked, if you discounted the two obviously alien creatures and Ishta who looked more like a cross between Xena and a Star Trek character actor.

"Trust me, itís good to have a scientist who dabbles in photography dating a computer graphics genius." Sam offered the explanation as Janet burst into laughter.

Daniel smiled as he opened the book, his mouth dropping as he was greeted with several pictures of Chaka and a few other Unas. "Jack, how in the world did you get these pictures?" At his friendís raised eyebrow, he sighed. "I know itís not as if you and Chaka are on the best of terms--"

"Trust me, Danny. There are quite a few creatures, human and not, out there, who are willing to do a little extra for the man who helped them gain their freedom."

Janet smiled as she felt Daniel swallow hard. She knew it meant more to him than anything when Jack offered these types of compliments. Reaching over him, she turned the page, her eyes widening as she found herself staring at a picture of Tryan and Keenin. Her eyes flew to Sam, who was watching her with a smile.

"Theyíre doing fine and when I contacted them, I mentioned that you might like a picture of them."

Daniel watched as his wife swallowed hard, pulling her even closer as he looked at the faces of two of the people who had taken over his body for a short period of time several years ago. While the experience was one he didnít really remember, he knew that the personalities he carried had had a strong impact on Janet.

Turning the page, he was not surprised to find more pictures of the creatures and aliens they had encountered in their years at the SGC. He and Janet gave up on trying to ask how their friends had gotten the pictures, instead choosing to reminisce about the people they contained and their experiences with them.

Not that most everyone there did not know the stories of the alien races theyíd encountered, but happiness was still found in retelling the tales. Especially since they could never be repeated to anyone outside of those in the room.

Janet burst into laughter as she flipped to the final page of the album. Daniel quickly turned his gaze to the picture, his eyes widening. The final page was covered with a huge glossy cast photo of "Wormhole X-Treme!"

"Oh my God, you got them to autograph it? Even Dr. Chase?" Janet found it extremely amusing that in the second season of Wormhole X-Treme, a "Dr. Chase" had been added to the cast. It had only taken two more seasons for her to hook up with Dr. Levant. It was seriously, she thought, a new definition of "reality TV."

"Well, when I told Marty what we were doing, he got everyone to sign it. Itís a rare picture too, because it has Dr. Chase in the cast photo. So itís worth money as well."

Janet grinned as Daniel laughed, finally closing the book. Turning to their friends, she smiled. "I canít tell you how wonderful this book is, even if only a select few people will ever be able to see it. Thank you."

Daniel smiled as he took another look at the photo-manipulation on the cover. "I canít think of a better way to record our work, our lives, than through pictures. Although, I suppose weíll have to find a good place to hide this for when non-SGC personnel come to visit."

Everyone laughed as Cassie rose from her seat and walked over to them. Placing a large square package in front of them, she smiled. "Itís not a huge photo album, but itís something that I hope youíll like just as much."

Janet smiled, pulling her daughter against her side as Daniel unwrapped the paper. They gasped at the framed piece of artwork that stared back at them.

"Oh, Cass, itís beautiful!" Janet felt tears fill her eyes as she took in the care and detail with which Cassie had painted the three of them. It was a true labor of love, and obviously one that had taken a long time. Considering Cassie had always used painting to express her emotions, this gift meant more to her than she could ever express with words.

Daniel felt his throat clog as he stared at the picture of his family. Turning, he rose and pulled Cassie into a tight hug. "Itís beautiful, sweetheart. It will look perfect in the living room."

Janet rose and joined in the hug as the others moved over to look at the painting.

"You have much talent, CassandraFraisier."

Cassie grinned at Tealíc as she pulled back from her parents. "Thanks, Tealíc. Iím teaching Rya'c the many uses of watercolors next time he visits. So be prepared for your own works of art. Although Iím not sure where youĎll hang them."

The Jaffa smiled as the young woman returned to her seat next to him.

Daniel and Janet, once recovered, spent the next ten minutes oohing and ahhing over the various gifts the now retired General Hammond, Jacob and Selmak had given them, not to mention some of the interesting tokens Jack and Sam presented them with from their friends and allies on various planets. Both were touched at the trouble their friends had gone through for them, knowing how much work had gone into everything.

Finally, when all the gifts had been exchanged, Daniel rose, drawing the attention of everyone at the table. Taking a deep breath, he turned and smiled at his wife.

"Okay, now the moment youíve all been waiting for." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small jewelry box, a grin on his face as he handed it to his wife.

"Jewelry? Come on Danny boy, I thought youíd be a little more creative with all your secrecy."

He ignored Jackís slightly doleful words, seeing Janetís eyes gleam as she pushed back the cover. Biting his lip, he watched as her eyes took in what the box contained. He felt a flood of relief as her eyes filled and she turned to him with a smile, her heart in her eyes.

"Oh, Daniel, really?"

He swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a long envelope, which he handed to her next. Her fingers trembled as she opened the packet, pulling out two airline tickets.


Everyone in the room went silent at the word, watching the couple before them carefully. No one needed to be told the momentous event that had just occurred. Sam felt her eyes fill as she leaned closer to Jack, who tightened his arm around his wife in understanding.

"Considering Jack will be kind enough to give us leave, you and I are booked on a three week tour of Egypt. Weíre going to all the places Iíve told you about, all the places I couldnít face going back to. Until now."

Janet felt emotions flooding her, realizing what this meant. Daniel, for the entire time they had known each other, had told her enough about his past to give her an understanding where he came from, but had remained unforthcoming about many of his college and just after years. The years when he had been promoting his Ďaliens built the pyramidsí theory, separated from all his friends and even his professor/mentor in Chicago. She knew he preferred not to think of the places he had been and the bridges he had burned during that time, even the knowledge that he had been right was not enough to make him ready to return to the pyramids themselves. Aside from their rather unsettling encounter with Osiris and Steven, he had never been back to the sites that had inspired him to become what he was today. Heíd told her he was not ready to face that part of his past, or share it with anyone, not even Jack.

Which was why it meant more than she could say that he was trusting her enough to open old wounds and share with her a part of his life no one, not even Shaíre, had been privy to. It was nearly overwhelming and she found herself at a loss for words.

"Janet? Say something, here, youíre okay with this, right?" Daniel knew he sounded a bit panicked, but he hadnít been sure how she would take his gift. It hadnít been easy, his decision to let her into a part of his life that had remained his own for years. Even Shaíre had not been able to break down the walls surrounding that part of his past. But with Janet, he knew that he would be okay. He had loved his first wife, but with Janet, everything was different. Maybe it was the fact theyíd come so close to losing each other so many times, yet theyíd fought and struggled to survive and make their way back. He knew now that he was ready to share all of his life, including his painful and hard to face past, with the woman who had sworn to love him for the rest of their days.

"Oh, Daniel, you canít know how much this means to me, but are you sure?" Janet knew how hard this would be for him, but the fact that he trusted her enough to do it made her feel more loved and treasured than anything else he could have given her.

"Iím sure. I want to share everything with you, including the memories Iíve kept locked up for so long. If youíre willing to face them with me--I canít promise they will all be pleasant." He frowned, realizing that sounded terrible when talking about an anniversary gift. His thoughts however were cut off when she stood and reached for him, bringing his lips to hers for a ravishing kiss that left many of their friends and family whistling, catcalling and groaning.

Pulling back, she smiled into his eyes. "Donít you know by now Iíd follow you anywhere, Daniel Jackson?"

His heart lightened as he pulled her close, burying his head against her neck, wondering again at how heíd gotten so lucky as to find and keep the love of this incredible woman.

"I love you," he whispered against her ear, feeling her smile against his neck.

"I love you too," she replied, leaning up for another kiss.

"Okay, okay, enough already! I want to see whatís in the jewelry box!" Cassieís pestering finally broke into their private world and Daniel and Janet pulled apart with a smile. Reaching for the box, but remaining in Danielís arms, Janet opened it and turned it towards the table.

"A necklace with a pyramid shaped key?"

Cassieís puzzled words made both her parents smile. "Itís the key to my past, Cassie. Your mom already holds the key to my heart."

Janet smiled as a tear escaped, ignoring the eye roll Jack gave them. She couldnít help but notice however that he was holding onto Sam rather tightly, her best friend having tears in her eyes as she watched them.

"Okay, well, I suppose if it works for you. I would have preferred an emerald." Cassie grinned as she leaned over to hug both of them, before returning once more to her seat between Tealíc and General Hammond.

"I suppose you two will want to be heading out sometime soon?" Jack grinned as the attention focused on him, settling back into his seat, pulling Sam onto his lap, much to the amusement of those around them. He noted, however, that his wife did not bother to try and remove herself from her current position.

"The tickets are open ended, I figured with SG-1ís schedule so flexible, we could work in the three weeks when Sam needed a break to experiment on something or another."

Sam grinned as she looked at her two friends. "Well, I do have the interesting generator that we picked up on PX4-596. It could take me a few weeks to examine it thoroughly--"

"Thereís also the fact that you promised to come fishing with me, Sam. That could take another week."

Groans could be heard around the table, and even Tealíc looked a little ill.

"So, I think something can be worked out. Give me the weeks you want off and Iíll make it work." Jack grinned as he saw Hammond exchange a smile with Jacob. He knew that had Hammond still been in charge, he would have done the same thing.

"Now the matter is settled, I believe there was mention of cake, OĎNeill?"

Daniel and Janet grinned at each other at Tealícís question, turning towards the huge cake that graced the end of the table, when a brilliant white flash suddenly filled the room. When it cleared, the occupants of the small room found themselves facing two small gray aliens.

"Thor, good buddy, glad to see you could make it." Jack motioned to Jacob, who rose and walked over to the door, locking it quickly. Heíd already told the bar staff that no one was to enter for the duration of the night and thanks to his rank and a few extra dollars, he knew the two alien presences would go undetected.

"Greetings, OíNeill, Lt. Col. Carter-OíNeill." Thor nodded to them before walking slowly towards Daniel and Janet, Heimdall not far behind.

"Thor, Heimdall, this is an unexpected surprise." Janet stood along with Daniel as the two aliens approached.

"Doctor Fraiser-Jackson, Daniel Jackson, OíNeill tells us it is customary to wish you a ĎHappy Anniversaryí to celebrate your two years of joining."

Daniel tried to hide his grin as he leaned down and carefully shook the small alienís hand. "Thank you Thor, it is an honor to have you and Heimdall here."

"We were honored to be asked. We value our friendship with the Tauíri, especially those in this room." Heimdallís rather high pitched voice filled the room, drawing smiles from its occupants.

"OíNeill also mentioned something called "cake" and we are anxious to try it."

Daniel, Janet and most of the room burst into laughter as Jack walked over and motioned for the two aliens to follow him towards the cake. "Trust me, you canít go wrong with chocolate, Thor. Iím telling you."

Daniel and Janet watched as their friends and family began to congregate around the cake. It was quite a strange group, what with half the people in the room being aliens. Still, it was their family, and both felt as if there was no other place theyíd rather be.

"You know, weíre going to have to go all out to top this for Jack and Samís anniversary." Daniel grinned as his wife groaned softly at his words.

"Start thinking, weíve only got six months." She grinned as he pulled her closer, turning to brush his lips over her ear.

"So, did you enjoy your anniversary, Janet?"

She smiled, snuggling deeper into his embrace. "Itís been wonderful, Daniel." Hearing Jackís laughter, they turned and found a wide eyed Thor feeding Heimdall, rather forcefully, a piece of cake.

"Well, you certainly canít say we have a normal life." Daniel looked at her, wondering, just for a moment, if she found it odd that so many of their close friends were from other planets and that most of their lives could be shared with no one but the people in this room.

Janet looked into his eyes, seeing his questions and knowing immediately what he was thinking. Reaching up, she cupped his cheeks in her palms. "I wouldnít want it any other way. What we have, itís perfect in its own strange and crazy way."

He smiled, leaning down to kiss her, his heart in his eyes and his kiss. Pulling back for air, he wrapped his arms around her waist as he steered her towards the cake.

"I think weíd better get a piece before Thor and Heimdall get creative with the cake." He grinned at Janetís groan as he led her towards the group gathered around the cake. Looking at those around him, and the woman in his arms, he suddenly realized that despite the strangeness of their lives, Janet was right. Their lives were perfect and he wouldnít change a single thing.


The End

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