TITLE: Unhappy Happy Birthday
AUTHOR: Melissa Adams & Randy Gillette
RATINGS: R, Some scenes at the end
PAIRINGS: Daniel/Janet
DATE: July 9, 2004
SERIES: The Birthday Series
WEBSITE: None yet
DISCLAIMER: "Stargate SG-1" and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, SciFi Channel, Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author.
SYNOPSIS: Daniel has an unhappy happy Birthday.


Unhappy Happy Birthday

::SGC Complex::

Doctor Daniel Jackson had always hated birthdays, especially his own because it not only reminded him that he was one year older but as a kid they had reminded him that another year passed when no one wanted him after his parents were killed. Eventually he stopped celebrating them all together when he was old enough to decide that on his own but of course after his marriage to Sha're she had made them fun again.

He could still close his eyes and picture her coming in, or rather leading him in after having surprised him and blindfolded his eyes to find a wonderful dinner waiting or perhaps just an intimate surprise between the two of them. It had always made him so happy to see her so happy when he loved what she had done but the truth was he simply loved being with her.

Of course this birthday served as a reminder that not only was Sha're not here but that the only other woman he loved he'd never said anything to, he couldn't. They worked together, they were colleagues and she was a great friend. How could he jeopardize that by telling her he loved her, wanted to spend the rest of eternity loving her and making love to her? He couldn't even figure out how to ask her on a date let alone how to say he loved her.

This birthday was miserable for several reasons, not the least of which he was 'stuck' to use the term loosely in the Infirmary again. Despite the doctors and nurses always poking at you and wanting samples it did have one endearing quality and that was likely why he didn't mind it so much, that was Janet Fraiser.

She was the woman who had impressed the hell out of Daniel from day one, the woman who protected everyone of her patients like they were a two year old son or daughter and would attack any threat to those she called friends like a lioness protecting her cubs. Daniel had seen her face down angry Colonel's, furious Generals and Senators, he'd even seen her face down aliens bent on destruction and never waiver. That simple protection was one of the first things that made him fall in love with her.

Despite that however she was also a woman who had strong moral beliefs like Daniel; she'd often side with him on the what's right and wrong issues as well as had deep convictions about what the SGC and those of the project should do. She had passion bubbling just below the surface that unfortunately a bad marriage had robbed anyone of though the archaeologist had secret hopes that one day he'd get to find and feel that passion and not just the compassion that abounded from her.

Lying his head back on the pillows shifting trying not to make the pain in his dislocated shoulder any worse the man shook his head at the irony of the very situations that had landed him in the very presence repeatedly today of the woman whom he loved but was too chicken to say it too. Fours times he'd landed in the Infirmary on his birthday, each because of a birthday well-wisher or other. The first had been Teal'c who had greeted him as he arrived that morning.


::Jackson Residence::

Daniel Jackson hated his birthdays; today was just another example of his miserable luck. First he hadn't gotten to bed until late and then gotten woke up because someone was lost and needed directions which resulted in them pounding on his door at six am. He'd no sooner gotten rid of them than remembered he was supposed to be in at eight o'clock for a martial arts lesson in that new Goa'uld technique with Teal'c. He'd put the Jaffa man off for a week and finally had Jack come and hunt him down threatening him with extreme pain if he didn't get off his butt.

He'd have just enough time for a shower, making breakfast and to get into the base if he hurried and wanted to check something on that last translation he was working on before meeting with the man. On top of that he knew that everyone would know it was his birthday and want to wish him well, Sam and Jack had even mentioned something about a birthday party later tonight though he had tried to talk them out of it but of course they ignored him.


Daniel had no sooner arrived on base than his rotten day got worse starting with the fact that the elevator was down for repairs so he had to jog the stairs to get to his lab which of course wasn't on the third floor as luck would have it. Of course at least he was jogging down, when it came time to leave jogging up would be even more fun. Unknown to the archaeologist at the time however his Jaffa friend had arranged a surprise in his office for his birthday.

::Jackson Office::

Stepping into his office Daniel Jackson found himself being squirted with a super soaker right in the chest. As he dropped his files and sputtered he also dropped his coffee and because he had no uniforms clean and it was summer he was wearing shorts. The coffee fell onto his exposed leg and scorched him leaving several ugly red blotches. As he'd stumbled backwards he found himself in Teal'c's arms who had been waiting nearby and wanted to talk all the way to the Infirmary about why Daniel had not liked his surprise.

After assuring Teal'c it was just an accident and that he'd see him later Daniel then had to sit through the explanation to Doctor Janet Fraiser who hadn't found him dropping coffee on his bare skin at all funny even though it hadn't been his fault. Apparently she was scheduled to work the early shift, go home this afternoon for a few hours and then cover the late shift so she already wasn't in a good mood.


For twenty minutes Daniel listened to her lecture as she probed and dressed the burns on his leg carefully and cautioned him to be more careful even though it wasn't his fault. He sat on the gurney shaking his head as he listened to her words, she'd given him this lecture over and over again and on top of that he always had to keep his heart from leaping out of his chest from being around her. He loved her and just having her near him drove his physical responses and his fantasies through the roof. Feeling his mind drift a second he looked deeply into those maple eyes and smiled, "I promise to take it easy Janet, no more trips here today unless it's just to visit you that is."

"That would make a change and one last thing" she said in a serious tone then waited for him to meet her eyes again as he had looked a way for a moment. "Happy Birthday"

Offering a smile he nodded and stood up, "Thanks Janet. If uh ...if you need me I'll be in my office. Sorry" he said looking down at her, "You got stuck working a double, I know how you hate that."

"No rest for the wicked they say. Take care I will pop into your office and check on you later" Janet said smiling still. Of course she did not know that would be impossible...

::Jackson Office::

Half the day had passed relatively quietly for Daniel; he had stayed hidden in his office and was looking forward to Janet's visit though he had assured that by locking the door. He knew the woman would knock when she wanted in and he was lost in a translation when he heard knocking. Forgetting to ask who it was he went to the door to unlock it but someone came barreling through it just as he flipped the lock and his head caught the corner as he was knocked on his ass, "OH GOD" he cried out as he lay on the floor bleeding from the tiny cut but bleeding none the less.

Looking up over his glasses he sighed and shook his head laying back, "Have you never heard of a phone Jack" he demanded exasperated.

"Sure I have Danny" Colonel Jack O'Neil protested, "But I thought in person was better" he said grabbing a rag off the counter and tossed it to the man and held a hand down to him, it was just a little cut. "I came to take you to a birthday lunch Danny Boy, you've played with enough rocks today."

"I have work to do Jack" Daniel insisted pressing the rag to the cut and winced taking the older man's hand and stood up. "Besides with the party you are doing after ignoring me and don't pretend you aren't, I need to have this done before tonight right?"

"Oh come on all work and no play makes Danny a dull boy. Come on, let's see you get some really good food in you" Jack said smiling. "Come on now"

"Jack" the man said rolling his eyes, "Listen to me, it's been a really rotten day and unless my luck changes any second now..."

"Daniel" came Janet's voice from behind them.

Shaking his head the man closed his eyes and held the rag against the cut tighter, "I knew it. Janet it wasn't my fault."

"Uh I gotta go Danny, catch you later for the party. Doc" Jack O'Neil said and quickly turned to retreat, he didn't want to be within range for this and especially since it was technically his fault. This afforded the woman the first few of Daniel.

She was very upset he had been hurt again. He was too precious... to the team naturally to be hurting himself. She put down the hand basket and started to examine his head instead. "You know they say accident prone people are subconsciously asking for help"

The man snorted at the comment but then relaxed under the woman's expert fingers and relished in her scent, as he stood still slightly stooped so she could reach him, "It was an accident Janet, really. It's nothing."

"Yes I will get a larger gauge needle for the Colonel, later" She took the rag from his hands and pressed it to the wound. "And to think I brought you a special lunch too and this is the thanks I get?" Janet admonished gently. It was not so special, she had Abby run get it for her when she had looked at his chart and saw it was his birthday. The only really special part was the sparkling apple cider, but the injury ruined that.

"I guess technically it wasn't really Jack's fault, I wasn't paying attention" Daniel admitted but found himself smiling. "So what did you bring me Janet? I'm always up to having lunch with you" he answered a smile coming easily across his lips.

"Well you can look, if this does not stop bleeding soon I will have to put in a stitch of two. Bangers and Mash from that British place. I remember you telling me how you liked the food there from the time you spent there. And a nice bottle of bubble" ~sort of~ she thought checking the ooze rate of the wound then having to put the rag back

He walked over and smelled the food, it was fantastic, "We can go to the top of the mountain and have a picnic," he promised looking over at the woman with a wide grin. Maybe this birthday was looking up. "Come on" he said picking up the basket, forgetting about his head in a minute. "Oh and grab the Tylenol out of my desk drawer there, you know where it is Janet. I have a killer headache for some reason," Daniel told her smiling.

"The first sign of head trauma is forgetfulness. Lets see if the wound stops bleeding in a moment and if it does then we will go ahead" Janet said, she smiled and pulled him close again, this time he was facing her. She tilted his head down facing him to look again

Daniel's breath caught in his throat as he felt Janet's breath on his skin and tried to keep his mind on something else, it wouldn't do to pass out from too much emotion while your love was holding you; even if it was professionally.

She did not notice his distress at first of course, she was mere inches from him and with him facing down he could see her physical attributes well. But she was thinking medically. "Is the headache really bad?" she asked softly as she was that close

Her voice melted his very essence and he would have been contented to stand there all day, just to let her keep a hand on him and he heard the voice, relished in it but the words meant nothing and so of course he just stared dumbly into those eyes but didn't say anything; almost like he hadn't heard her. This was definitely a birthday looking up if he could spend it just like this for the rest of the day.

"Are you listening to me Daniel? How bad is the headache?" she asked again she took the rag away again and saw it was barely oozing. "Almost done"

"Huh" he said quickly shaking his head and straightened up away from her, there was no way he'd be able to concentrate on anything when he was that close to her except things like unbuttoning her uniform collar, kissing her neck and... again he shook his head holding the rag, "Sorry Janet. What did you say? I...I didn't hear you, sorry."

"Are you sure you are ok? I was asking how bad your headache was" Janet said and then went to the basket and checked the food. She was quite oblivious to the effect she was having on him

"Uh fine, just fine Janet" he said instantly turning to speak to her and found himself staring at a beautiful uniform clad ass and suddenly he was in another world and light headed, "Oh...Oh" he said not even realizing he said anything verbally at that point.

"Oh what? Is the pain getting worse?" Janet asked stepping closer to check his pupilss she pulled out her light. Of course to him she did not consider that she was staring into his deep eyes. She did see they were deep but she had to fight to remain professional at least internally

"Huh" he asked pulling back when she shined the light in his eyes, "WOAH, what? What did you do that for?" Daniel asked rubbing his eyes. "Something wrong Janet?"

"No, I was checking pupil response just in case. Is the pain getting worse, the comment a moment ago seems to say...." Janet started

"Oh uh the head you mean" he asked chuckling and pulled the rag away tossing it down, he was tired of holding it. "Let's go have lunch Janet, I promised to help Sam later today."

"Let me see your scalp" Janet extended a hand. Once she had checked she nodded and said. "OK let's go"

::Top Of The Mountain::

But Daniel's birthday luck was determined to hold out, they had barely sat down when Janet was called back to the Infirmary for a patient. She had made him promise to stay and eat and she'd check on him when she got back that night if he was still on base. Sitting and sighing he watched her leave and again felt like a birthday sucked, as he was disappointed again.

::Carter's Lab::

After lunch he dropped the basket off with a note to Janet's office, apparently she was in surgery so he couldn't see her which had disappointed him and he went off to look for Sam. Surely he'd be safe with Sam and maybe he could convince her to convince Jack to call off this party.

Sam was working on her laptop when Daniel came in. "Happy Birthday to you, you live in a zoo" she said with a grin. "Come on over here birthday boy, there is work to be done"

Smiling he came over and let Sam hug him tightly and he kissed her cheek, "Thank you Sam. At least you haven't hit me with a door or shot me with a water pistol yet. I ended up with this" he referred to the bandage that Janet had put on his head. "And one covering several coffee burns when I scorched my thigh so generally it's been a typical it sucks Birthday and to top it off my lunch with Janet was interrupted when she was called back to work."

"I can get my super soaker out if you prefer. Did you like the bangers?" Sam asked and from there they slipped into an easy conversation

Daniel smiled as he started to settle into helping, "Yeah, they were good Sam. I'm sure you had something to..." at that minute he touched something he shouldn't have an electric charge sent him hurtling across the room smacking into a wall and several shelves and test tubes came crashing down on him. "This...this just isn't my day" he said before falling unconscious.


He woke up to the smiling face of Janet Fraiser. "If you wanted to see me again there are easier ways to do it than this. I hope you like it here because this is your home for the next eight hours Mr. Jackson. What is wrong with you?" she asked looking upset and she had not even got to the conversation of what she was going to do to him for this

"Janet" he whispered and held up a finger, "Listen whatever you're going to say I likely deserve but please, can you not hell or my body is going to explode" he said tiredly and closed his eyes brining a hand up to his head and found he had an IV, "Uh what happened? I thought you were in surgery?"

"That was hours ago Mr. Jackson" she said, she was calling him Mr. Jackson so he would know exactly how upset she was. "You have been unconscious for nearly two hours" she added

"Only two hours huh" he asked with a smile. "Janet I'm ok, really" he said though all he wanted to do at the moment was hide somewhere. "The guys are taking out for my birthday and..." he trailed off not wanting to admit that just being around here was giving Little Daniel his own mind at the moment.

"No they are not. I told them you are staying here and here you will stay. I guess you are going to have to miss out on the party. I know how happy that makes you but your brains come first Mr. Jackson. Lay back and relax now or I will get Teal'c to act as nurse!" Janet said she looked quite warm too

*End Flashback*

And here he lay and had been lying for a couple hours. The nurse's had brought him in dinner and Janet had been by once but he had been asleep. She had forbidden him any research materials though said he could watch TV but not too loud and that is what he had been doing until there was nothing on. It was just after eleven according to his watch on the table and he wasn't sleep. Laying back he sighed, he was sore, tired, had been hurt several times today, had managed to piss off the woman he loved and she was still hot at him. "Oh yeah Jackson, you're really an idiot on your birthday" he said not caring if anyone heard him.

"Some people just excel at that," said Janet coming in. "I am starting to think that you are just begging for attention" she added pulling her light from her jacket. "Lets have a look"

Daniel relished in her touch, it awoke a fire within him and the color rose in his cheeks as she held open one of his eyes and then the other but he didn't complain. Instead he just smiled and shifted, "You have no idea, and it's been a terrible Birthday Janet. All I wanted to do since last night was sleep and forget the day started but everyone I've run into today has resulted in my being hurt, well almost everyone" he said turning blue eyes on her. "I appreciate you taking care of me and thank you for the lunch earlier, it was really...." he stumbled over his words for a minute, "very nice."

"Well I try" Janet said. "Pupil response is good" she added and put the light away. "I will be right back" she added and then was gone. "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...." she started singing. She had a ding-dong with a candle on it as she entered the curtained area

Daniel laughed and smiled as the woman he loved came over to him singing, she had a beautiful voice like an angel but that didn't surprise him, she was an angel, his angel. As the song finished he clapped lightly, careful of the IV, "The one nice surprise I've gotten today. You saved my birthday Janet, thank you" he said reaching out and taking her hand carefully and pulled her up towards him. "You know I have a confession to make Janet."

"What is that, you hate chocolate?" she asked coming closer without resistance as she was pulled closer

"I actually love chocolate but don't tell Jack that, he fights Sam for hers already" Jackson began with a smile, loosing himself in her eyes. "You know" he began softly and looked down as he brushed her fingers tenderly with his thumb, "When you said I was trying to get attention you were right I think; I have been for years trying to get attention and courage Janet."

"Really" she sat on the edge of the bed facing him. "What kind of attention do you seek? I do need practice at some of my other less used procedures if that is what you mean" she said them looked into his eyes. "But that is not what you meant is it?"

A smile creased his features easily, she had such a beautiful sense of humor and her hands were so soft and comforting. Lost in the moment he studied her, saw the scrubs under her white lab coat hanging loosely off her small frame and in his eyes it only made her more gorgeous, "I...I hope not Janet otherwise I think I need more than medical help" he answered squeezing her hand tightly in his. "I don't suppose you'd let me out of here so I could go make you a home cooked dinner and bring it back would you" he asked before he even realized what he had said.

"No but we can do that another time, when you are not suffering injuries" Janet said she looked at the curtain and listened to the sounds of the infirmary and then she leaned forward and gave him a soft kiss. She thought that this was one present for his birthday he might like

If the beeping was his heart monitor was any indication he loved it, he pulse all but doubled if not tripled as he sucked her lips up into his and then brought one hand up and round her back holding her to him while at the same time rubbing her back passionately. Little Daniel was already standing up attention below the sheets demanding to be heard from, almost painfully so.

She responded he his touch only a little of her hearing the monitors but when it got to near dangerous levels she pulled away it was not easy for more than one reason. For one, she did not really want to for another she could see he loved it. There were probably more. She draped one arm against his shoulder and massaged the back of his neck with that hand. "I see you have been thinking about this for some time" she said smiling the way she was laying hide Little Daniel's happiness. Draped like that, she knew her warmth would spread along his body....

"Whatever gave you that idea?" he said smiling widely as she massaged his neck. "I ...I've known for a while Janet that I loved you" he admitted finally never taking his eyes from hers. "I guess I just convinced myself that you wouldn't want anything to do with a screw up like me."

She squeezed his neck so he would look back at her. "And it has taken you this long to tell me. Why I will never know I have known on some level for years really. But I was not really prepared to face it for the last two. Daniel, I can be patient. But the lonely nights, the movie of my dreams, have often had you as the star for some time. Fact is I have been waiting for a long time" she settled back a bit on him sliding just slightly down his body. "And I am glad you came to the realization finally" she added. With her other hand she drew designs on his chest with her finger

The heart monitor registered his increased heart rate again, "Janet I..." he trailed off leaning forward for her again, to hell with the monitors, He had a need that only she could satisfy and why an Infirmary gurney in the middle of the night wasn't his idea of a perfect place it would work. "Isn't it time you gave me my birthday present Janet" he asked softly reaching up to hold her cheek tenderly, lean forward and pressing his lips to hers again, little Daniel poking somewhere and he had no idea where but didn't give a damn at that moment.

"You will have to wait for some things," Janet said reaching up to turn off the monitor. "But not for others." And with that she kissed him again....

As his tongue met hers in passion and his hands started to roam briefly he had to think this was the most unhappy happy Birthday he had ever had in his life.


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