Title: Torture?
Author: Faroutdragon1
Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Daniel/Janet, hinted Sam/Jack
Summary: On a mission to P3X-473, Daniel is captured, and when they find him, Janet is called to the planet to help him.
Season: This fits into season 4
Spoilers: Everything up until Season 4, really



The first thing that Daniel noticed as he came to full consciousness was the fact that his head felt like a steam roller had been run over it. The next thing he noticed was that he couldn't see anything clearly. It was as if someone had taken his glasses.

He then realized that he was wearing his glasses. Taking them off to clean them, he was shocked to find that he could see perfectly without them. What was going on?

Putting his glasses slowly into his pocket, taking great care not to crush them, he looked around slowly, trying to remember what had happened.

SG-1 had been sent to P3X-473 on a routine mission. There had been a report of some naquada mines on this planet, and the General had wanted to find out if the natives would be willing to share, or trade, the naquada for any other resources.

They had talked to the natives, and they were relatively friendly people. They were pretty primitive compared to humans, but they did have the naquada.

After that...

What had happened?

Daniel shook his head, as if trying to clear it. He felt so disoriented.


Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Sam Carter, and Teal'c came stumbling through the Stargate, and it shut down with a small 'whoosh' noise. General Hammond was standing in front of them, and his eyebrows furrowed as he noticed that they were missing someone.

"Where's Doctor Jackson?"

Jack walked down the ramp and stood in front of Hammond. Pausing for a moment, he passed Hammond without answering. Sam followed closely behind, muttering a "Sorry, sir," as she followed Jack out of the Gate room.

It was Teal'c who answered the General.

"Daniel Jackson was captured on the planet, General Hammond."

The General looked stunned, and just stood there as Teal'c, too, walked past him. Following Teal'c out of the Gate room, the General called, "Teal'c! Go to the Infirmary, and make sure that the Colonel and the Major get there as well! There's going to be a briefing in an hour."

Teal'c nodded once, and went to the Infirmary, where Jack and Sam were already getting checked over.


I must have fainted, thought Daniel as he sat up. For now, it was light in the room that he was in, and he could remember that it had been dark before. Rubbing his forehead lightly, he groaned, and whispered, "I need to find some Advil."

Hearing a rustle come from behind him, he stood and whipped his head around. "Who's there?"

He couldn't see anyone, but that didn't necessarily mean that no one was there.

Daniel walked the full length of the room, examining every inch of it. He didn't hear anything now, except his own breath and footsteps. So, he decided to find out more about his surrounding. He knew that he was being held prisoner, and he figured that he would need to find a way out.

The first thing he looked at was the door. It was locked, of course, so he quickly turned away from it. He was in a pretty open room. On one wall, there was a window, which he walked over to. He couldn't hope for it to be open, could he?

He reached the window, and saw that it was overlooking a balcony. Pushing the window open, he walked out to the balcony, and his hopes of escaping that way were instantly crushed. The balcony was more than 20 floors above ground.

"You will not escape that way, Doctor Jackson."

Surprised, Daniel whirled around to see his captor for the first time.

She slapped him, and he felt blood run down his cheek. Hot, and cold, all at once. She grabbed his head, and kissed his cheek, where he was bleeding, biting it at the same time, so that it felt pain and pleasure.



"Well, Colonel, you seem to be fine." Janet Fraiser stepped away from Jack and walked around to the other bed in the Infirmary, where Sam was sitting.

"Sam, I'm a little worried about your brain activity. It's unusually high. What did you encounter on the planet?"

Jack swung his legs off the bed, and stood, pulling his jacket on over his regulation shirt. "Well, Doc," he answered for Sam, "we just found the usual. You know, hostile natives, a goa'uld bent on killing us; normal stuff."

Sam rolled her eyes and looked at Janet. "Niirti, Janet. We found Niirti. She was manipulating the genetic structure of the people of P3X-473, and when we tried to warn them about it, they captured us and took us to her. She must have done something to me before we got away."

Jack looked a little troubled at this statement, which Janet noticed but didn't comment on. Everyone on base knew about Sam and Jack, but no one had blown their cover yet. Teal'c walked into the Infirmary, and Janet found herself looking past him, to where Daniel Jackson would be walking in. However, after waiting for a breathless moment, she realized that Daniel wasn't walking in, and she asked, "Where's Doctor Jackson?"

Sam looked at her lap, and Jack suddenly seemed very interested in a speck on his shirt. Teal'c was the only one who wasn't trying to avoid Janet's gaze. "Teal'c?"

Teal'c looked into her eyes, and answered, "We were not able to retrieve Daniel Jackson and get him to the gate before the natives hid him."

Janet's eyes widened, and she almost yelled, "You left him on the planet?? With NIIRTI?? She could have turned him into a ... a ... pig by now!!"

Janet ran out of the Infirmary, without even bothering to look at Teal'c. After a moment's hesitation, Jack and Sam followed her, and Teal'c was left alone in the Infirmary, looking slightly confused.


Waking up for a third time, Daniel's eyes opened to see Niirti sitting on his abdomen, with nothing more than a see-through robe on.

"You are finally awake, my love," she said.

Squinting slightly, Daniel tried to remember what had happened. Nothing came immediately to mind, and he asked hesitantly, "What - Niirti?"

Niirti smiled at him, and said softly, "You are a perfect creation, love. You have proven to be my best yet."

Daniel brought his hand to his head, and mumbled, "What did you do to me?"

Niirti slid herself down lower, and Daniel jerked slightly as he felt her rub against him. "You are going to be my Hak-Taur, love."

Through the fogginess that was Daniel's mind, he knew that meant 'Enhanced Human', and he also remembered what had happened to her previous Hak-Taur's. Trying to get up, he said, "No ..."

Niirti laughed, and climbed off of him, letting him sit up. "You are mine, my pet. No one will come for you, and you will be mine forever."


"I demand to be brought to the planet with SG-1. Daniel could be hurt badly. You know how that goa'uld is, General!"

General Hammond sat in his office, watching Doctor Fraiser as she yelled at him. "Doctor," he said, interrupting her rant. "You may go with them. I realize that Doctor Jackson will most probably be in need of medical attention."

Janet stopped in the midst of a sentence, and said, "What? Oh, good! Thank you, General."

"SG-1, along with you, will depart A.S.A.P."


Daniel muttered, "I have to go pee."

Niirti looked disgusted, and sat on the bed, waving her hand toward the door. "Go, then."

Daniel stared at her, his mouth half-open, and he asked, "Don't you care if I get away?"

Niirti laughed, and replied, "Of course not. You can't go far. My enhancement makes you unable to keep yourself away from ... certain things about me ... for too long. Even if you left, you would have to come back."

Daniel walked out the door, looking back at Niirti's mocking face. Instead of looking for a bathroom, he decided to test her enhancement, and he immediately left the building that he was being held in, and made his way to where he thought the gate was.


Jack, Janet, Sam, and Teal'c came through the gate, and saw a stumbling Daniel coming towards them.

"Daniel!" they shouted in unision.

Janet ran toward him, and as he fell, she caught him in her arms, and laid him quickly on the ground. "Daniel?"

He moaned lightly, and muttered, "Janet? I ..."

Janet tried to hush him, and she called to Jack for her medical kit. He brought it to her, and she pulled out the sedative. Giving it to Daniel, she said, "Colonel, I think we should bring him back before anyone finds us."

Jack nodded, and waved Sam and Teal'c back in from securing the perimeter. With their help, they carried Daniel to the gate, and Sam dialed quickly.


Daniel's eyes opened for the fourth time, and he found himself staring into the eyes of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

She pulled her face back, and he saw that it was Janet.


She smiled, and said, "Doctor Jackson! I am so glad that we got to you in time!"

Daniel frowned. He had a quickly growing problem.

"What's wrong, Daniel?"

He grabbed her arm with one swift motion, and pulled her down to him, whispering, "Niirti said that without certain things, I would need her. I take that to mean that without sex, I have to go back to her. However ... you're a gorgeous doctor, and I am very much in need of your help."

Janet was shocked to hear that come from Daniel's lips, but she couldn't react to it before he pulled her in to a searing kiss.


Jack and Sam walked into the Infirmary, and found Janet laying on top of Daniel, with his arms wrapped tightly around her.

They walked out without a word, and before they closed the door, Sam whispered, "They know about us; we know about them."

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