TITLE: In The Flesh

AUTHOR: Shannon

STATUS: Complete (for now)

CATEGORY: D/J angst, challenge fic (Arcana on the danandjan list)


SPOILERS: Rite of Passage, Meridian, Season 6, Rumors of Season 7

SEASON/SEQUEL: Shoot me first. Wait, my roommate Kaye keeps asking for a sequel, so I shouldn't say there won't be one. Damn.

SUMMARY: SG-1 and Janet learn that Daniel's back...but is anyone happy about it?

DISCLAIMER: All publicly recognisable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fanfiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Previously unrecognized characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

CONTENT WARNING: Angst, references to Daniel's death/ascension

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I can't resist a challenge.

DEDICATION: Thank you, Arcana, for posting this challenge. Thank you to my listsibs for posting great stuff. And thank you, most of all, to my wonderful beta, Pam V, and to my fabulous roomie Kaye, who keeps asking for a sequel.

FEEDBACK: I am not above bribing for feedback. Positive or negative.

Arcana's Challenge:

~Must directly involve Danny's return (when it actually happens, not weeks or months after)
~Must involve in some way the rumor we've heard about Daniel returning...well, let's just say, 'less than fully clothed'
~Must have Janet upset (either sad or ticked off) that Daniel didn't visit her too!
~Oh, and (obviously) must be D/J!!


In The Flesh

Where was my heart to flee for refuge from my heart?
Whither was I to fly, where I would not follow?
In what place should I not be prey to myself?

--The Confessions of St. Augustine, Book IV, Chapter VII

General Hammond had tried to break the news delicately. Though how, in all honesty, do you tell SG-1 anything delicately, he thought in exasperation. Instead, he'd told SG-1 in as undiplomatic a manner that Daniel Jackson was currently very much alive and in the custody of the Denver Police Department.

On charges of indecent exposure, no less.

In any other situation, that might have earned a laugh. Instead, it had Jack, Sam, Jonas and Teal'c tearing out of the mountain faster than a hound after a fox. They'd left before he could prepare them for the most delicate part of Daniel's return.

He had no memory.

Not of the mountain, not of the SGC, not of his own name.


It took only a matter of a few hours to finally prove to the Denver Police Department that, yes, Daniel was to be placed into the custody of the U.S. Air Force, as represented by SG-1, and that, yes, all charges were to be dropped against Daniel Jackson. By the time Jack was done dealing with the bureaucracy of the Denver P.D., he was certain he'd aged ten years and gained at least twenty more gray hairs.

On the bright side, though, they were getting Daniel.

He glanced at Sam, who was practically bouncing in place as she waited with them for the cops to appear with Daniel. Even Teal'c was more anxious than usual--though it took Jack's practiced eye to see it. Jonas, on the other hand, was a lost cause when it came to calming his nervous energy. Jack had to curb the instinct to grab Jonas by the collar and plant him in a chair.

"Colonel O'Neill?" called a female voice from the doorway.

Four pairs of eyes swiveled to the doorway and locked on a shuffling figure standing beside a female police officer.

"Daniel," whispered Sam.

Jack shot to his feet, not missing the flinch that went through Daniel at his sudden movement. "Daniel, welcome back."

The policewoman handed Jack a clipboard with a form and watched him sign quickly. "Well, he's all yours." Turning to Daniel, she offered a soft smile. "Now, Dr. Jackson, don't go sitting on anymore park benches in the all-together. You'll catch your death like that." She nodded to the other four people in the room and abandoned Daniel to his friends.

Jack glanced at the retreating figure and tossed off a "thanks" as an afterthought. "Spacemonkey!" he cried as he engulfed Daniel in a bear hug.

Daniel stiffened and pulled away as quickly as he could. He stared at Jack, confusion and fear warring for equal time in his blue eyes.

"Daniel, it's me! Don't you remember me?"

Daniel shook his head slowly.

Sam watched horrible comprehension dawn in the colonel's face. "Daniel, it's me, Sam. Remember me?" She waited for a miracle.

Daniel stared hard at her for a long moment. He shook his head again.

Sam swallowed and pointed at Teal'c and Jonas in turn. "Do you know them? Teal'c? Jonas?"

Again, her friend and surrogate little brother shook his head. He didn't recognize any of them.

Sam turned quickly away, watching as Jack tried to process the information. Jonas looked utterly crestfallen. Only Teal'c seemed to take the news in stride. But, then again, the Jaffa was rarely one to show his emotions.

It was almost worse than having him dead, she thought. Daniel was back in body but where was his mind? His memories? His spirit?

The words from an old hymn echoed in her mind.

'I once was lost, but now am found.'

But in this case, Daniel was found and lost. Maybe for good.

Talk about a reunion, she thought bitterly.


Janet slammed the door to her office, and stormed to her desk, rifling through the papers without really seeing them. Daniel had returned--still Ascended--to visit with Jack and Teal'c. He'd kept Jack sane while Ba'al tortured him. He'd helped Teal'c to survive those long days while he shared his symbiote with Bra'tac. Then, on Abydos, Sam and Jonas had seen him. Talked to him. Watched their friend and former teammate try to avert the disaster on Abydos.

But Daniel had never come to see her. He'd never bothered with his doctor. He'd never bothered to visit Janet. Perhaps he didn't visit her because she didn't matter to him, a small voice deep inside whispered.

Janet drew in a shaky breath, dropping all pretense of paying attention to her mounting paperwork to instead try to stop the tears that threatened to cascade from her brown eyes. She couldn't tell if she was angry or hurt that he'd ignored her. Angry was easier to deal with, she decided, drawing in a steadying breath.

Her information about Daniel's return was sketchy. What she did know was that the Denver police had found a naked man sitting on a park bench. And that said naked man had the same fingerprints as one Daniel Jackson. Which was why all of SG-1 had raced out of the mountain like bats out of hell, their mission clear: Get Daniel.

In a matter of minutes, she'd be examining a newly reanimated Daniel Jackson. She'd have to be careful not to strangle him, she thought to herself.


Janet drew herself a little straighter at the sound of Sam's voice and wiped at the dampness in her eyes. "Coming, Sam." She fixed a bright smile on her face and stepped out of her office to face the infirmary. Her heart did a triple flip at the sight that greeted her.

Seated on one of the beds, looking lost and more than a little confused, was Daniel. Her Daniel. Dressed in clothes that obviously had been provided by the Denver P.D. Unless Daniel had been moonlighting at the police academy.

She swallowed the pain that suddenly threatened to overwhelm her as she stood in the doorway. Another memory of Daniel had suddenly come unbidden--Daniel, lying on that same bed, bandaged from head to toe after his lethal exposure to radiation. How he'd moaned beneath her hands as she tried to make him more comfortable. How she'd been completely powerless to help him.

"Doc?" called Jack.

Suddenly all eyes were on the ashen doctor standing in the doorway of her office. "Daniel?" she whispered, taking a tentative step forward.

The man who'd died before her turned his blue eyes on her. But there was no comprehension in those blue eyes. She had been right, she realized. She meant nothing to him.

"He doesn't remember us, Doc," explained Jack.

Janet swallowed hard, tears threatening to fall again. "I see."

"Any of us," added Sam.

Janet nodded and stepped forward again. "Well, Dr. Jackson," she said in her most noncommittal, professional tone, "let's see how you're doing."

She'd cry later.

Cry for the man she'd lost and the one who had returned.


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