Title: Hearts & Flowers
Author: SaraC
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Chimera
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Summary: Janet's got the Valentine's Day blues but Daniel's got the cure!

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never will be. I own nothing.

Notes: This is fluff. Pure and total fluff based off the Valentine's Day D/J Challenge. Enjoy it, because I suspect the angst muse is going to start taking over. This, however, should be plenty of romance and fun and good ol' fashioned Dan/Jan the way we like it! Enjoy!


Hearts and Flowers
Part 1

"Janet, do you have a minute?"

Janet Fraiser looked up to see her best friend standing hesitantly in the doorway to her office. With a warm smile, she motioned her to come in.

"Of course, Sam. What's up?"

The doctor in her immediately began searching for symptoms of some strange malady, it was an instinctive reaction when dealing with SG-1. Finding that her friend looked nothing more than a little apprehensive, she waited until Sam had closed the door behind her and seated herself before speaking.

"Everything okay?" The smile she got made her feel a bit better.

"Yeah, I just need your personal advice on something."

Eyebrows rising, she settled back into her seat and motioned for her friend to continue.

"Well, the Colonel asked me to go up to his cabin with him-"

"Sam, the Colonel always asks you to go up to his cabin with him. It's almost a standing joke, you know this, that you'll find some excuse not to. What's different this time?" She didn't mean her words to be harsh, knowing Sam understood, having had this discussion with her many times.

"The difference is, well, this time, I actually want to go."

Janet wasn't sure she'd heard her friend correctly. Blinking, she calmly wove her hands together, thinking before she offered any reply.

"Okay, so you want to go. While this is definitely a change, I still don't see what the major problem is. So you go, you have a good time, you relax, and possibly, see if anything else comes of it." It was not a subtle hint, but Janet knew Sam wouldn't be offended. She knew full well how her best friend felt for her CO, and the reasons both had for not acting on their feelings.

"That's the thing, Janet. I think I want to see just that. If anything happens."

Janet quickly quelled her elation at the fact that her best friend was finally realizing something they'd all seen coming for years.

"Well, it's about time." It was as close to a cheer as she would allow herself, although she knew the stupid grin on her face spoke more for her feelings than her words.

"Come on, Janet. Don't look at me like that."

Janet immediately wiped the smile off her face, trying to go for a more serious look. It wasn't that hard when she suddenly remembered exactly why her friend had not chosen this course of action sooner.

"Okay, while I can't say I'm not happy, have you considered what this will do to your working relationship?" It was a valid question, most likely, what her friend had come to talk to her about today in the first place.

"Yes, and I sort of rationalized it, but I want your opinion."

The hopeful tone of voice made her smile again. With a gesture of her arms, she settled back into her seat and waited for her friend to continue.

"A few months ago, when I was trapped on the Prometheus, well, part of the reason I kept sane was the fact that Daniel, Teal'c and the Colonel appeared to me as visions, calling themselves parts of me that I would understand better coming from them."

Janet remained quiet, unwilling to discount anything that had happened to her friend over the past few months. With SG-1, the abnormal was normal and seeing visions of each other was not uncommon among them. Obviously Sam realized this, because with a grateful smile, she continued.

"When the Colonel visited me, he told me that I needed to let him go, to find a relationship. He implied that I thought he was a safe bet, which, I know he was. I couldn't have him, and that meant it was okay to not allow myself to want anyone else. Jack couldn't hurt me like other men could."

Janet respectfully kept from mentioning that her friend had unconsciously called her CO by his first name, a sure sign things were getting personal. Still, the conversation explained a lot of the past few months.

"That would explain Pete, wouldn't it?" She watched as her friend tensed, then sighed and nodded.

"Pete was my attempt to move on, and for a while there, it worked. I enjoyed being treated like a woman, a normal woman at that. Not to mention he was a great listener and fun to be with."

"The sex wasn't that bad either, was it?" Janet figured she needed to infuse a slight bit of humor into the serious tone this conversation was taking. She was pleased to see her friend smile wanly.

"No it wasn't. But I'll tell you one thing, Janet. It wasn't bad. Although, I think it was more for the fact that I haven't had sex in most of my time here in the SGC. Still, there was always something missing."

Janet had a suspicion what it was that had been missing, but she remained quiet, knowing her friend needed to figure it out for herself, if she hadn't already.

"Either way, when he left, we decided to cool things off a bit. I think, deep down, he knew I couldn't give myself freely to him, because there really wasn't much left to give."

Janet nodded, knowing full well who had and most likely always would, Samantha Carter's heart.

"The whole experience made me realize that I do want a personal life, I want a relationship, and despite the fact that it's career suicide, I want that with Jack."

Janet felt her admiration for her best friend rise at the determination in Sam's voice. Obviously, Sam had thought hard about this situation and knowing her, now had a goal to aim for. And never let it be said that Sam Carter did not get exactly what she set her mind to.

"I think you'll get it. Although, you'll have to keep it separate from work." The logic of the situation had to be stated, although she figured Sam had already resigned herself to it.

"I know, and I think we can. It's not much different than what we do now. We're already hiding our feelings and concern for each other when we go on missions. The tension is there, but we both realize that we have to ignore it and focus on work, which we do."

Janet couldn't resist the evil smile that appeared on her face. "And just think, if you get involved, when you're home, all the lovely ways you can release that 'tension.'"

Her friend's knowing smile made her just the slightest bit envious. She'd long ago forgotten what it felt like to have a personal life, although raising a teenager for the past seven years had helped fill the time. Still, it didn't help that the one person she might consider having such a relationship with was not interested in her that way.

"So, you really think he'll respond? And that he'll be willing to risk it too? I can't do this if he's not going to be able to."

Janet sighed, bringing her mind back to her friend, trying for an optimistic smile. "I think he'll be overjoyed and while it might take a little 'convincing' on your part to stress the separation of work and private life, I think he'll see your point. Especially if you're very- persuasive?"

She was glad when Sam burst into laughter. "You're right. I suppose since he made it a point to mention that Teal'c was going to visit Ishta this weekend and Daniel said he had plans, he was hoping to get me all alone. Or maybe he thought I would say no, since I've never accepted before."

Janet had focused on only one part of her friend's discourse, the fact that Daniel had plans for this weekend. Valentine's Day weekend. A bitterness claimed her heart as she could only imagine who he planned on spending the romantic weekend with.

"Janet, you okay?"

Sam's concerned words had her jumping, realizing she'd been caught. Trying to keep her expression happy, she nodded.

"I'm fine, just imagining how lucky you're going to get this weekend. I'm a little jealous. First Pete, now Jack. I'm really going to expect details, since I have to live vicariously through you."

Glad to see her friend smile, she figured the heat had been deflected. She was proven wrong by her friend's next words.

"You know, you're assuming that Jack indeed has plans for me this weekend. Something that I'm almost, but not quite sure of. Still, if you really wanted to live a little, you could go ask a certain archaeologist to dinner. I'm sure then you wouldn't have to live vicariously through me."

Trying not to blush, Janet turned to the papers on her desk, shuffling them needlessly, trying to come up with a witty response.

"Trust me, Sam, I'm the last person Daniel will want to be hanging out with, especially on Valentine's Day." Her words emerged rather harsh instead of witty, she was unhappy to note as she tried to ignore the concerned look that had crossed Sam's face.

"Come on, Janet. You know that's not true. I know he likes you, he's been denying it to himself, but only because he thinks you wouldn't be interested-"

"Sam, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but trust me, I have never, nor ever plan, to have a Goa'uld infect me, hence I'll never need him to save me, hence, I'll never appeal to him romantically. Besides, he's already had two of those women and the one he managed to save, I'm sure, is eagerly awaiting his plans for this weekend."

She hadn't meant to sound so bitter, or to reveal her upset at the past weeks events, but the words just sort of poured out of her. She guessed it had been building up for a while and Sam had unwittingly hit a trigger. She looked anywhere but at the extremely concerned expression on Sam's face.

"Janet, Sarah is a friend, nothing more. Yes, Daniel was glad to save her, but trust me, his feelings for her are nothing more than friendship."

Janet chose to remain silent, seeing things differently than Sam. Her best friend had not been in the infirmary when Daniel had pulled an unresisting Sarah into his arms. Her best friend had not seen the way he'd whispered in her ear, stroked her hair and held her tightly, showing no sign of letting her go. Her best friend had not seen the de-Goa'ulded Sarah lean up and kiss Daniel with a look of passion that he couldn't possibly miss.

She herself hadn't managed to stay any longer, turning quickly from her position in the doorway and retreating to her office, not wanting to see Daniel respond to the beautiful woman in his arms. Her heart had been aching enough at realizing that she'd lost a man she'd never had in the first place.

"Janet, you have to believe me. I know Daniel and he's not interested in Sarah."

This time, she looked directly at her friend, her words concise and abrupt. "Sam, I know you're trying to help, but trust me, it's not going to happen. I know what I saw and trust me, Daniel is definitely interested in Sarah."

Her friend began to speak, obviously wanting to question how she knew such a thing, but thankfully, their conversation was interrupted by the klaxons and bells and the announcement of an 'unauthorized gate activation.'

"Sorry, Sam. I have to go, SG-8 is supposed to be returning in a few hours and I suspect they're early, which means problems." Hurrying for her door, she turned and gave a half-hearted smile to her disturbed looking friend. "Don't mind me, you just go have a great weekend. You two deserve a little happiness and trust me, the Colonel won't say no to you."

With that, she turned and breezed out the door, trying to put all thoughts of Daniel out of her mind. She did not look back, and therefore missed the contemplative expression on her best friend's face.


"Daniel Jackson, you have some explaining to do!"

SG-1's resident archaeologist/anthropologist looked up in surprise as an irate blonde barreled into his office, her eyes blazing in a way that he knew boded no good for him.

"Exactly what am I accused of doing now, Sam?"

Settling herself into the chair in front of his desk, she locked her eyes on him, making him squirm uncomfortably as she remained silent. Knowing her moods, he realized now was not a time to try for a humorous reply. So he removed his glasses, rubbed the bridge of his nose and waited for her to explain what he'd done now.

"Are you or are you not planning to spend this weekend, Valentine's weekend, might I add, with a certain "back from the Goa'uld" archaeologist?"

He looked at her in total surprise. "What are you talking about? Sarah went back to Chicago two days ago. Sure it won't be easy, but she's still got friends and family there, they'll help her get back on her feet. Not that I won't be around if she needs me." He paused a moment, noting the relief in his friend's eyes. That in itself made him suspicious. "Sam, what exactly brings you to the topic of my weekend plans and who they involve?"

By now, his friend looked a little sheepish, but he was determined to get an answer. His heart leapt at the thought that was going through his mind, but he figured he must be way off base. It would fit into his actual weekend plans all too well and things just did not work out like that for Daniel Jackson.


He watched as his friend shifted uncomfortably, obviously trying to make up an excuse. But he wouldn't let her off the hook this time, especially if, by some strange chance, his suppositions were on track.

"Well, the Colonel invited me to his cabin this weekend and made it a point to alert me you had other plans for the weekend-"

"So, you're finally going to accept Jack's offer. It's about time!" He smiled as she trailed off, her mouth opening wide before snapping shut.

"That is not the point," she managed when he noted she'd recovered from his bluntness.

"Then what is? I can't imagine, having a weekend alone with Jack to occupy your mind, you're too concerned with what I do with my time. So what brings this up, Sam?"

He knew he had her by the guilty look in her eyes she quickly tried to mask. He was more sure than ever now what had prompted this line of questioning. But he wanted to hear it first hand. He could see her debating the merits of telling him, familiar enough by now with her thought processes. His heart rejoiced as he finally noted the resigned acceptance in her eyes as she spoke.

"You know damn well that its Janet I'm asking for, although she implied that she had proof you weren't interested-"

"Janet thought I wanted to spend the weekend with Sarah?" It wasn't hard to put the surprise into his voice, he hadn't thought Sam would come straight out with it like that. Now that she had, however, he found himself intrigued.

"Well, she implied, when I told her she should ask you to dinner, that you wouldn't be interested because you wanted to be with Sarah. Now I can only assume she overheard or saw something that could make her think that, and I wonder what that could have been, Daniel."

His mind was already going over his encounter with Sarah, wondering if he'd ever done something to give Janet, or anyone for that matter, the idea that he still harbored feelings for Sarah. While he was extremely glad to have saved her, he'd realized upon meeting her before her infestation, that those feelings were long gone.

Sure he'd comforted her in the aftermath, any good friend would have done the same thing. To him, it had almost been like recovering a sister. Of course, Sarah might have thought a little differently at first, but he'd soon set her straight-

"Uh oh." The words came out as a small groan as something registered. Slapping a hand to his forehead, he realized that his weekend plans had just hit a serious snag.

"Uh oh? Daniel, what aren't you telling me?" The irritation in Sam's voice made him wince, as he attempted to explain, hoping his words were adequate.

"Well, um, right after the whole thing, Sarah did acknowledge she thought she still had feelings for me, and she tried to convince me I felt the same by kissing me-"

"You kissed her?"

He frowned at the accusation in his friend's words. "No, Sam, she kissed me, took me by surprise as well. I didn't feel anything, so I pushed her away and gently explained that I didn't feel like that about her anymore. She seemed convinced and let the matter drop."

"Well, obviously, Janet must have seen or overhead every part of this except the fact that you told Sarah it was over. Face it, Daniel, the woman I just talked to is completely convinced you're in love with Sarah."

Daniel felt his heart sink as he realized that she probably spoke the truth. Not that he could blame Janet for her suppositions. He supposed he would feel the same if he saw Janet kissing someone. In fact, he probably would have left immediately, not wanting to see her react to it.

Which could explain why she thought he was interested in Sarah. If she'd left before he'd had a chance to push Sarah away, well, Sam didn't need to paint a clearer picture than she already had.

"Great. I haven't even managed to ask her out and I've completely screwed up any chance at a relationship we might have." Feeling majorly depressed, he sank his head into his hands and contemplated the multitude of ways he could have made this situation worse.

"You know, it's no wonder you two haven't managed to get it together yet. You're both too quick to assume the worst about things."

Looking up at Sam's words, he found himself noting some amusement in her eyes. Feeling affronted, he pretended to shuffle some papers on his desk, not wanting to give her the satisfaction of asking why she seemed so amused.

"Daniel, it's obvious she likes you. It's even more obvious you've got feelings for her. Unfortunately, it's going to take a bit of work to convince her of that, but if I know you, you're up to the task."

The words did little to reassure him, although they did spark a tingle of hope in his heart. Looking up, he found the courage to meet her now amused glance. The annoyance he felt at her, however, had yet to fade.

"And what makes you so confident, miss it's-taken-me-years-to-admit-I-want-to-jump-the-bones-of-my-commanding-officer?" He couldn't help but smile as she choked and her eyes widened. The satisfaction only lasted, however, until she managed enough breath to speak.

"Because I know Janet and more importantly, I know how she feels about a lot of things, including you."

The words shut him up faster than anything, as he realized that the woman in front of him, most likely, held the answers to questions he'd been too afraid to ask. The smile she now wore also told him he probably would have liked knowing her answers a long time ago.

"Okay, so what are you telling me?"

Watching her carefully, he felt a bit of panic as she rose and walked to the door. Before he could call out to her however, she turned and shot him an evil smile.

"I'm telling you that chocolates, roses and the truth work wonders for my best friend. Come to think of it, a good bout of sex might do the trick as well."

He knew his jaw was on the floor as his friend and teammate winked at him before slipping out the door, slamming it victoriously shut behind her.


Janet sighed as she realized that it was Friday night and everyone, with the exception of her, had plans for Valentine's Day weekend.

Sam and Jack were off at his cabin, hopefully, taking the steps that would relieve their sexual tension and mutual feelings once and for all. Teal'c was off, hopefully simply relieving sexual tension with Ishta. Even Cassie, who was in her first year at college, had plans with Dominic for the weekend. She didn't even want to think about 'sexual' in relation to her daughter at the moment.

As for Daniel, well, for all intents and purposes, he was planning a weekend of romance with Sarah. He hadn't come right out and announced it, but she knew, after seeing them in the infirmary last week, that there was definitely more than friendship going on between those two.

It hurt. Not that she had any claim on Daniel, but still, she'd been trying to work up the courage to ask him out for the past few months, ever since they'd survived his use as a 'lifeboat,' they'd arguably been closer than before, even taking to having coffee and sometimes lunch together when SG-1 was on-world. She'd thought she'd sensed something between them, but obviously she'd been wrong.

A fact glaringly made obvious, once again, by the fact that it was Valentine's Day tomorrow and she would, as in past years, be spending it alone.

With a small sigh, she realized it was time to stop feeling sorry for herself. She was an independent, single woman, who was more than capable of pampering herself if no one would do it for her. Her mood lightened a little as she thought about the bubble bath and bottle of wine she'd been holding onto for a special occasion awaiting her at home. No time like the present to put it to use.

Feeling a slight bit better, she finished up with her last patient, sending him home, happy to have an empty infirmary for the moment. Making several notes on her chart, she walked into her office, her mind still focused on Sergeant Lancer's report. Walking over to her desk, she lifted her eyes from the report, only then noticing that all was not as she'd left it.

A single red rose sat conspicuously on the desk, its deep, rich color a startling contrast to the white and gray of the folders and papers stacked around it. Blinking, she was sure it was an illusion. Roses did not just appear on her desk for no reason.

Moving cautiously over to examine the flower, she was surprised to find another splotch of color, in the red envelope that lay underneath the green stem of the rose. Her heart picked up a beat or two as she sank into her chair and reached for both the rose and card. Unconsciously, she brought the rose to her nose, inhaling the gentle, romantic scent. Giving into a whim, she brushed the petals lightly over her cheek, enjoying the sensuousness of the action.

Turning her attention to the card, she noted her name had been printed in flourishing letters, although the handwriting was definitely not familiar. Her heart sank a bit at the realization that it was not, as she had foolishly allowed herself to hope, from Daniel. She'd have known his writing anywhere, and that was definitely not it.

Trying not to let the depression overwhelm her, she carefully slid the envelope open, pulling out what looked like your ordinary, average, every day Valentine's Day card. There was a huge bouquet of red roses and the words "Be Mine" spelled out in golden letters. Overall, it was a very appealing picture of everything Janet wanted, but knew she was destined not to have, on Valentine's Day.

Sighing, she opened the card, noting the continuation of the printed message "A rose by any other name would not smell as sweet." Her breath caught at the scribbled addition that had been added onto the famous quotation. "Unless thy name is Janet. Will you be my Valentine?"

Her cheeks heated at the phrase, although it was really bugging her that she could not place the writing. She couldn't think of anyone, sadly, who had enough of a romantic in them to do something like this, especially in the SGC. Still, she had to admit, the card and flower had done a lot to brighten her day.

The thought occurred to her that it might have been Sam who had left the gift, as a way of making her feel better. But that thought quickly disappeared as she realized that Sam, number one, would have been too preoccupied with her Valentine's gift for Jack to think of her and two, she would definitely not have added the personal handwritten message.

No, someone out there, most likely a member of the SGC, had done this, and while she was curious, she knew she probably had little chance of figuring out who it was. Not to mention it was probably a way to make the 'lonely' doctor feel a little better, as it was no secret she'd been rather down the past few weeks since the whole Sarah debacle.

The thought dampened her enjoyment of the gift and she sighed as she gathered up her things to head home. Slipping the card inside her purse, she picked up the rose in her free hand. The gesture, whatever meaning it held, would not go unappreciated. Smiling a bit, she inhaled the fragrance once more before closing and locking her office door behind her.

Thankfully, she met no one in her walk to the elevator, most of the base having left already as it was after six. She brushed the rose petals against her cheek again as she waited for the elevator to open, stepping in and allowing herself a wistful smile as the doors closed on her.

If they had stayed open a moment longer, she might have been aware of the heated gaze that had marked her every movement since leaving her office.

Daniel Jackson smiled to himself as he stepped into view once the elevator doors had closed. The smile widened as he walked back down the hall towards his office. That had gone better than he'd planned and it was only step one. Anyone who might have seen the normally bashful doctors face as he disappeared into his office, especially any woman, would have melted into a puddle at the sensual look he wore as he began to put step two into motion.


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