Title: Domesticating Daniel
Author: SaraC
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Through Season 7, but nothing major
Summary: Babysitting, Dan and Jan style

Disclaimer: No characters, movies or anything else belong to me. I’m only using them for a short time and then giving them back. They’re not mine!

Author Notes: This came to me out of a need for romantic fluff, and seeing how wonderfully MS interacts with all the kids they have guesting on Stargate. It also came to me after watching Disney’s "Atlantis" which I still can’t figure out how they got the striking similarities to Daniel Jackson and his ‘created’ life by the people who created Danny and Stargate.


Domesticating Daniel

Not for the first time in the last two hours did Janet Fraiser thank whomever had seen to it that Cassie had come to her as a young girl over the age of 6.

"No, Chloe, you can’t have another cookie until you finish your dinner."

She was trying to make her voice stern but it was having no effect on the little girl pouting at her kitchen table.

"But I ate most of it, I don’t want the rest."

"Me neither. I want a cookie!"

Janet sighed, running a hand through her hair as Chloe’s brother Alex joined in the rebellion. This was getting nowhere and she found it quite strangely amusing in a way. Boy would SG-1 laugh if they could see her, the indomitable Doctor Janet Fraiser, brought low by two children ages 5 and 6 respectively.

"Okay, but you can’t have a cookie until you’ve gotten into your pajamas and ready for bed." It was amazing the change in those expressions as they went from ‘pout’ to ‘pretty.’

"Thanks, Aunt Janet!"

She couldn’t help but smile as the two scampered off- waiting until they were out of the room before gathering the remains of dinner and heading for the sink. When they weren’t being typical kids, they really were quite sweet and a part of her actually envied Chris and Rita- their next door neighbors- their children. It was why she couldn’t refuse when Cassie had asked her to take over ‘babysitting’ duties when Dominic had suddenly shown up with concert tickets.

The ringing of her doorbell suddenly brought her out of her musings, and wiping her hands on a towel, she left the kitchen, wondering who it could be at 7:30 on a Friday night.

Cassie wasn’t expected back until after midnight. Half of SG-1 was up at Jack’s cabin, taking some much needed downtime after their last stressful mission, although she wasn’t sure how Teal’c had been persuaded to take Jack up on his offer again. Jacob Carter was free for a few days and spending them with Sam and his son’s family- and Daniel- well, last she’d seen of him, he was buried knee deep in ancient tablets SG-4 had brought back from their last mission with no intention of leaving the base all weekend.

Opening the front door, she revised her last thought.



Daniel felt a little awkward as he found himself staring down at a flushed looking Janet. He swallowed hard as he noted her hair fell in soft waves around her face- a nice change from the bun she usually pulled it back in. She was also dressed casually, in a form fitting pair of jeans and a clinging, fuzzy blue sweater that looked as if it were made to be touched.

Blushing at the track his thoughts were taking, he struggled to find words to explain his sudden presence on her front porch.

"Is everything all right? An emergency at the SGC?"

Her words made him suddenly regret the fact that her initial reaction to seeing him would be work related. Then again, what had he done to make her think differently in the years they’d known each other?

"Everything’s fine, Janet, I was just, um, well, in the neighborhood and figured I’d stop by- to say hello to Cassie." It was a weak excuse, and he knew she knew it- but felt his heart relax a little at the soft look in her eyes.

"Actually, Cassie’s out on a date but if you don’t mind me as a substitute, come in!"

"Not at all, Janet." Smiling, he stepped over the threshold, noting once again how homey Janet’s house appeared. It looked as if people lived here- not like the museum feel of his own apartment. Two soft, fluffy couches sat in perfect viewing position of the entertainment center Jack, Teal’c and himself had given the ladies last Christmas. There were books and magazines scattered across the coffee table- an amusing mix of medical journals and teen magazines.

His eyebrows rose as he noted several stuffed animals and obvious children’s toys scattered around the living room floor. Turning to Janet, he knew his expression was amused.

"Cassie reverted to childhood or something? Because I don’t seem to recall 'Britney Spears Barbie' being a part of her childhood you’d allow."

Janet laughed, taking his coat as he shrugged it off- trying not notice the heavenly scent of his aftershave that clung to it.

"Actually, I’m babysitting my neighbor’s children tonight- hope you don’t mind?"

Daniel’s smile widened as he followed her with his eyes as she hung his coat in the hall closet and then motioned him to follow her into the kitchen.

"So how’d you get stuck with babysitting duties on a Friday night?"

She smiled as she motioned for him to take a seat at the kitchen table.

"Chris and Rita wanted a night out for their anniversary and Cassie was supposed to baby-sit- but Dominic suddenly turned up with tickets to a rock concert- so I took over the babysitting duties."

Turning back to the dishes in the sink, she forced herself to ignore the curious gaze trained on her. Daniel had a way of making her feel self-conscious when he looked at her like that- at least when it wasn’t in the well-known confines of her infirmary. Her discomfort was suddenly forgotten as two small bodies burst into the kitchen and hurled themselves at her legs.

"Aunt Janet- Alex stole my teddy bear!"

"No I didn’t- I had it first! She tried to take it!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Enough!" Janet delivered the words in her best drill sergeant voice, pleased to see both children went quiet as she reached for the teddy bear in question. Turning, she found a very amused looking archaeologist watching- and tried to ignore him to focus on the current problem.

"Alex, don’t you have your own teddy bear?"

She watched as the young boy pouted.


Janet hid her smile at the belligerent words. "Then why did you take Chloe’s?"

A pause as the young boy shuffled his feet.


The young boy sighed, an obvious trait she recognized from his father, before turning a beseeching gaze up to hers.

"I forgot my teddy bear- and Chloe wasn’t playing with hers-"

"But it’s still mine!"

Chloe’s petulant outburst was rewarded with a hard look from Janet that made the young girl go quiet again.

"Alex, you know it’s wrong to take things that aren’t yours, but Chloe," she turned to the young girl now, "I’d think you wouldn’t mind sharing with your brother- especially since you were not playing with your bear at the time."

She hid her smile as the little girl bit her lip, obviously contemplating the words. Her heart softened as Chloe looked over at her brother.

"I suppose it’s okay- but I want my teddy back before we go to sleep tonight."

Janet looked over at Alex, whose belligerent expression had turned to a hopeful one now as he looked at his sister.

"Is that okay with you, Alex?"

The young boy seemed to consider her words, before nodding.

"Yes, I just want to hold him for a little while- then I’ll give him back."

"That’s okay, I guess." Looking a little forlorn, the young girl watched as Janet handed the teddy to Alex, who clutched it in his arms for a moment, before looking again at his sister. With a sigh that seemed remarkably old for his young age, the 6 year old reached over and took his sister’s hand.

"Come on, we can take turns with him while we watch a movie."

Daniel watched, amazed to see Janet work some kind of magic where in the two arguing siblings were now happily contemplating sharing a toy. It was actually quite awing- and his already healthy respect for her as a mother and a woman- went up another notch.

He was suddenly brought back to the present when he felt someone staring at him. Turning, he found himself gazing into the curious blue eyes of the young boy.

"Who are you?"

Daniel smiled as Janet seemed to jump, a lovely blush coloring her cheeks as she obviously remembered he was there. Giving her a smile, he stood and walked over to the two children. Crouching down so he was at eye level with them, he offered his hand.

"I’m Daniel, Janet’s friend." Well, it was the truth, even though he really hoped to be m ore- someday.

After a moment of contemplating, the young boy reached out his hand.

"I’m Alex." Keeping a serious expression on his face, Daniel shook the boy’s hand, then turned to the younger girl, noting the look of trepidation in her eyes as she moved back a little- clutching her brother’s hand tightly.

"And you must be Chloe, right?"

Getting a small nod, Daniel widened his smile, hoping he looked non-threatening as he stood, knowing when to retreat. The young boy was watching the two of them carefully- and wondered what was going on in that young mind. He had his answer a moment later.

"Are you Aunt Janet’s boyfriend?"

Janet turned about 50 shades of red as she heard Daniel cough next to her. Majorly embarrassed, she quickly jumped in, trying to diffuse the situation.

"Actually, Daniel works with me- he studies all kinds of interesting things- from years and years ago."

Daniel was still trying to wrap his mind around the fact that a 6 year old had just matter of factly called him on an image he’d been wishing would happen more and more lately. He dragged his mind back to the present, noting Janet was blushing prettily.

Maybe he hadn’t been the only one harboring those thoughts.

"Really? So you study dinosaurs and things like that?"

The curiosity in the young voice made Daniel smile, pushing his emotions to the back of his mind for the moment. Squatting down again to the child’s level he smiled.

"Actually, I study the people and the way they wrote and spoke, who lived years and years ago." He noted Alex was looking very interested, biting his lip, obviously thinking of a question.

"Can you learn a lot from how people talked a long time ago?"

He smiled at the question, giving Janet an amused look in the process.

"Yes, Alex, you can. It’s an amazing thing to study- and someday, it might help us understand some of the greatest mysteries in the world."

He wondered if it was too advanced terminology for the boy, but to his surprise, he received a nod in reply. Giving Janet a raised eyebrow, she simply shrugged, smiling slightly at his amazed expression.

"Alex is very smart for his age- so’s Chloe for that matter."

Daniel was so entranced by the soft look on Janet’s features that he almost didn’t feel the slight tugging of his hand. Turning in surprise, he found Chloe standing before him, looking curious now instead of frightened.

"So you’re like 'Milo' in the ‘lantis movie?"

Daniel looked at the little girl in confusion. "The ‘lantis’ movie? I’m not sure what that is-"

"She means ‘Atlantis,’" Alex offered, missing the look of surprise that flashed on both adults’ faces at his words.

"The 'Atlantis' movie? What is that?"

Daniel was intrigued, not to mention the word 'Atlantis' stirred a whole host of ideas in his head. Ideas he knew must be going through Janet’s mind as well.

"It’s my favorite Disney movie- Milo wants to find Atlantis, but no one believes him- it’s kind of sad-"

The girl’s voice trailed off as her hand tightened in his. He felt a lump in his throat at her words, noting Janet was watching him with a sympathetic expression. Obviously she too realized how close to reality the words hit.

"But that all changes- you know that, Chloe." Alex’s voice suddenly brightened as his eyes lit up. "I know, we should all watch it! I told Mommy to put it in our play bag before we came over."

Daniel and Janet exchanged glances again as the two children enthusiastically tugged on their hands.

"Well, Janet, what do you say? Shall we go discover 'Atlantis' with these two?" Daniel smiled as he reached over and grabbed her free hand before she could reply, his intention to pull her with him after the children. Their eyes locked at the touch of skin against skin, an electric current seeming to crackle between them.

Daniel’s mouth went dry as he noted the look in Janet’s eyes. Surprise, yes, but also something softer, something, dare he say it, romantic?

Janet too was trying to analyze the feelings zinging through her body. Her heart was racing and her breathing was already becoming slightly shallow as she felt his fingers twine with hers.

"Come on, you two are too slow!"

The moment was broken by the young voices and the increased tugs on their hands. Janet quickly turned to smile at Alex, telling her foolish heart to begin beating normally again. It didn’t help, however, that Daniel still had not let go of her hand.

Daniel wasn’t sure what he was doing, but he did know he liked feeling Janet’s fingers entwined with his. Which was why, he was sure, he hadn’t pulled away from her, but instead was pulling her with him towards the living room.

They both remained silent as Alex and Chloe pulled them over to the sofa, pushing them onto it before Alex let go of them and ran over to the bag lying on the floor.

Daniel reluctantly let go of her hand, surprised to feel a sense of loss, even as he settled in next to her on the couch. His mind did not have much time to dwell on the fact, since a small, tiny body was suddenly snuggled up to his right side. Turning, he saw Chloe had settled herself against him, burrowing under his arm and cocooning herself nicely against his side.

It was a strange, yet wonderful feeling, and he couldn’t help but feel a lump in his throat as he wondered if this was what Shifu might have been like if he’d been able to stay with them. He almost jumped as he felt the soft squeeze on his shoulder, turning to see Janet watching them with misty eyes. Looking into her beautiful face, he realized she knew exactly where his thoughts were.

Unable to think of anything to say in thanks, he did what he’d wanted to for a while now- reaching over and gently wrapping his arm around her shoulders, pulling her against his other side, now nicely blocked in between the girl and woman.

Janet, for her part, was trying to absorb the fact that she was now wrapped in Daniel’s arms- a place she’d only dreamed about being for the past few years. More to her surprise, it didn’t feel awkward or strange- but perfectly natural, as if they’d done this a hundred times before.

Looking up into his eyes, she knew he felt the same. His gaze was softer than she’d seen it in a long time, and her heart leapt at the thought it was her presence that was doing this to him.

"Okay, you guys ready!"

Once again, their moment was broken by a young voice and Janet turned, smiling at Alex as she tried to gather her wits about her. It wouldn’t do to become a stuttering, simpering female in front of Daniel. It helped a few moments later to note Alex had climbed up on the couch next to her and was snuggling down against her side. Smiling, she wrapped her free arm around him, thinking, for just a moment, how very domestic this little scene was.

Daniel too couldn’t help but notice the ‘family’ dynamic, and much to his surprise, found himself immensely enjoying it. He’d always wanted to be a father and with Shifu not an option, he often found himself wondering if he would ever get the chance. And if he wouldn’t, at least for a little while tonight, he could pretend.

"This is the cool part, you’ve got to watch to understand."

Giving Janet a squeeze and a soft smile, he turned his attention to the TV screen, determined to enjoy the movie. He couldn’t help but smile as the huge ‘Atlantis’ came up on screen, wondering if these writers would get it anything close to what it should be.

The smile faded from his face a few moments later as the movie opened on what looked like an all too familiar scene.

Janet felt Daniel tense against her, and looked up at him in alarm. The expression of shock on his face told her immediately that something about the movie was not having a good effect on him. Immediately focusing on the movie, she allowed herself to watch as the young archaeologist tried to explain how translating ‘dead languages’ could help prove the existence and location of Atlantis, much to the scorn of his colleagues-


Swallowing hard herself, she risked another look at him, wondering what was going through his mind. His eyes were now locked on the screen and she could feel his hand tighten where it rested against her shoulder. Almost without thinking, she leaned a little closer to him, allowing her hand to come to rest lightly on his thigh, her main motive simply to comfort.

Daniel felt his eyes water as he watched the museum officials violently crush Milo’s dreams, knowing exactly how it felt to be ridiculed and left for nothing. The memories weren’t ones he liked to think of, except for the fact that they’d brought Katherine to him and opened the doorway to the Stargate Program and the proof of all his theories.

He drew in a sharp breath, his heart taking another thud as he watched Milo pull out a helmet and photograph-of his ‘grandfather’- an explorer and believer like Milo himself.

Like Nick, when he’d been around.

Janet was now able to see exactly what was affecting Daniel so much and she began to stroke his thigh gently, hoping he would relax and realize this was just a film. Although, it hit so close to his life, she wondered for a moment if the NID had some kind of tie to Disney, as strange as that sounded in her mind. She shuddered at the image of Mayborne, dancing and singing along with an overgrown Genie or a Beast.

The mention of Milo’s grandfather, however, immediately sent her mind to that terrible time when he’d been out of phase with them. She’d sensed him there, but been unable to see him, much to her frustration. Obviously he was remembering as well, if the way his arm tightened around her shoulders was any indication.

Not wanting to disturb the two children curled up against them, she tightened her hand on his thigh, leaning her head against his shoulder, hoping the reassurance of touch might help break through the painful expression she could read clearly in his eyes.

Daniel was struggling to tell himself that the events playing out on screen were not his life story, although it felt a hell of a lot like it. The pain of the memories was difficult to bear, especially seeing the events through the eyes of a character who looked, remarkably, like he had when his hair had been longer.

He suddenly registered the feel of a warm palm against his thigh and the silken feel of hair against the skin of his neck. Coming out of his stupor, he found Janet gazing up at him in sympathy and concern, her head resting comfortably in the crook of his neck, her hand making gentle, soothing patterns against his thigh.

It was amazing the sense of calm that surged through him at the feel of her hand and the warmth in her look. Suddenly, the pain didn’t seem so isolating and he felt, for the first time ever, as if he were not alone in facing the bitterness of his past. He suddenly realized it was because this remarkable woman understood him and what he was going through. It was truly a stunning, yet not unwelcome, revelation.

Janet caught her breath at the soft smile that suddenly replaced the pained look on Daniel’s face, swallowing hard as his eyes caught and locked with hers. Unconsciously, she licked her dry lips, noting his eyes had darkened and the arm resting around her shoulders tightened even more. Barely breathing, she tried to figure out what exactly the expression in his eyes meant.

Daniel was suddenly aware of just how close to a certain part of his anatomy Janet’s free hand was resting. The thought sent a surge of blood to the area in question and he felt his breathing quicken. Unable and unwilling to break her gaze, still conscious of the two children on either side of them, he tried to express what he was feeling through his eyes. He also tightened his arm around her shoulders, allowing his hand to begin a light stroking motion along her arm. The unmistakable flash of desire in her eyes made him feel invincible and with a small smile, he pulled her even closer.

He was seriously contemplating throwing caution to the wind and stealing a kiss, when a young voice broke the mood.

"Daniel, do you really think there’s hidden paths like this under the earth somewhere? And that Atlantis exists?"

Janet jumped at Alex’s voice, feeling a blush rise in her cheeks as she realized she’d been about to kiss Daniel, in front of their two young charges. Quickly averting her eyes from his amused ones, she turned to look at Alex, who was watching Daniel with a curious expression.

Daniel sighed, giving the young boy a smile as he tried to tell his body to relax. From the disappointment obvious in Janet’s eyes before she’d broken their gaze, he had a feeling there would be plenty of time for romance a little later. His body hardened even more at the thought of what might happen once their two charges were put to bed.


The boy’s soft voice reminded him of the question, and giving Janet a quick wink, he turned to address Alex.

"I think there are a lot of hidden treasures buried all over the world, just waiting for someone to discover them, Alex. So yes, I’m with Milo in believing that Atlantis does exist, and someday, some determined men and women and perhaps a few others, will find it."

Janet bit her lip and hid her smile, knowing clearly to whom Daniel was referring. Exchanging an amused glance with him, she winked before settling more comfortably against his side, resigning her libido to remain under control until the children were in bed. She shivered and felt her body quiver at the thought of what might happen then.

An hour later, the four were cheering Milo and Keeda on as they vanquished the bad guys, the main one of whom reminded Daniel, in a strange way, of Mayborne. Then again, it shouldn’t surprise him since he’d managed to find parallel characters for most of his friends at the SGC. He made a mental note to get a copy of this movie and show it to Sam, Jack and Teal’c. He could only imagine their reactions.

"See, I knew Milo would find ‘lantis! And he and Keeda get to be together forever!"

Both Daniel and Janet turned at Chloe’s voice, noting the young girl wore a pleased expression on her face. As she looked up at them, her eyes sparkled in her young face.

"That’s how all fairy tales, even real life ones, should end, with everyone living happily ever after." Daniel heard the note of wistfulness in his voice and felt Janet squeeze his thigh gently in understanding.

"Well, I think it’s cool. Milo gets to spend time learning more about Atlantis and finding out more about Keeda. And just think, when they tell everyone about Atlantis, he’ll be able to laugh at those jerks who laughed at him!"

Daniel heard the conviction in the young boy’s voice and something in his heart twisted. He looked at Janet, who was watching him with a slightly worried look but a small smile on her face nonetheless. He smiled back, squeezing her shoulder, letting her know that it was all right.

"Someday, he’ll do just that, Alex. I know he will."

Janet smiled and forced back her own tears as she heard the conviction in the archaeologist’s voice. She knew how much it hurt not to be able to tell the world that his theories were true. But he bore that cross every day and knowing him as she did, he did not regret it, not if it meant saving the world.

But she knew how much he’d love to rub it in his former colleagues’ faces. And when it happened, she wanted to be right there by his side, with the rest of his SGC family.

Her thoughts were drawn back to her charges when she heard a huge yawn from Chloe. Turning, she noted Alex was also trying to hide his yawn. Reluctant to move away from Daniel’s warmth, but knowing she needed to, she gave his thigh one last squeeze and pushed herself into an upright position.

"Okay, on that note, I think it’s time for bed."

She hid her smile at the weak protests she got, noting that Chloe was leaning heavily on Daniel and did not seem inclined to move. She knew the feeling well. Alex, at least, was sitting up, although blinking tired eyes quite rapidly.

"Come on, let’s get you settled into the guest room." With that, she held out a hand, smiling as the young boy took it and let himself be pulled off the couch. Turning to get Chloe, she bit her lip, noting Daniel had risen and quietly picked up the little girl, who was snuggled sleepily against his chest.

A painful tug went through her heart as she realized how good he looked with the sleepy child curled up in his arms. She had to fight the insane desire to be Chloe in that moment, wondering how it might feel to be wrapped in those arms she’d dreamt about for too many nights to count. Lucky girl.

Daniel smiled at the emotions swamping him as he looked at the small child in his arms. It had been an instinctive reaction, really. He’d gone to rise and Chloe had moved with him, her tiny body seeking his warmth. It had felt natural to pick her up and he had to fight the lump in his throat at the knowledge that should he ever have a daughter, this is what it would be like. It was rather awe inspiring.

He looked up at Janet, wanting to share his feelings with her, when his breath caught in his throat. The wistful look in her eyes as she watched the two of them spoke volumes of what she was thinking. He knew exactly what was going through her mind, and when they got the children tucked in, he was bound and determined to make that thought a reality.

"You lead."

She simply nodded, guiding a drooping Alex towards the spare room, smiling as he almost collapsed onto one of the twin beds when they reached it. Tucking him in, she watched as Daniel laid Chloe down on the other bed, tucking her in with a familiarity that surprised and delighted her. A lump formed in her throat as she watched him brush a hand across Chloe’s hair, then lean down to place a soft kiss against her forehead.

Doing the same to Alex, she motioned for Daniel to follow as they left the room, flipping off the lights and closing the door partway when they’d both emerged into the hallway. Walking quietly back towards the living room, she suddenly gasped as she felt two warm hands settle on her hips, successfully halting her progress. She swallowed hard as Daniel pulled her back against his body, allowing her head to sink back against his chest, closing her eyes for a moment to simply enjoy the feeling.

"If I haven’t told you lately, Janet, you’re great with kids. Its no wonder Cassie’s turned out as well as she has."

Janet nodded, her mind definitely not on her teenage daughter, but rather on the delicious feel of his lips whispering the words across her earlobe. Sighing, she wrapped her arms over his, tilting her head back, hoping he’d take the hint.

A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt him begin to nibble on her neck, the feel of his teeth and tongue, nipping and soothing stirring the blood in her veins as she pressed back against his now notable erection. Delight and feminine pride soared through her as she realized she’d brought him to this level of arousal.

Daniel was fast losing any control he might have had when he’d started this, the feel of her soft, warm body moving against his, the husky moan he elicited from her throat when he’d nibbled on her neck, driving him mad. The fact that she did not seem to be objecting only heightened his desire. He’d been dreaming about this for far too long, tonight, he was going to make those dreams a reality.

"You know, Milo had a point there about the thrill of discovering the unknown."

Janet bit her lip at her bold words, hoping he’d get her double entendre. She gasped as she felt the hands at her waist gently turn her until she was facing him, staring up into eyes that were now dark blue pools of desire.

"I’m all for taking Milo’s advice." He whispered the words and he leaned down, hovering inches from her lips as he locked their gazes and tightened his arms around her waist. "And you know how I feel about exploring new things." Janet’s eyes fluttered closed as his lips brushed lightly, once, twice, over her own. "Explore away," she husked, before losing every thought in her mind as his lips closed over hers.

Kissing Janet was almost a religious experience. He felt his arousal rise even more as her soft, warm lips parted under his and their tongues tangled in a heated dance of desire. She tasted of something dark and sweet, faintly chocolately and all Janet. Plundering her mouth, he pulled her even tighter against him, unable to hold back a low moan as her hands tangled in the hair at the nape of his neck.

Janet was flying on a feeling she’d never in her life felt before. A feeling she knew she would only find in this man’s arms. Learning him as he learned her, she took the kiss deeper, shivering at his erotic moan as she ran her tongue over his bottom lip and bit down gently.

"Tease," he husked, pulling back to nip at her own lower lip. Smiling, she pulled his head back down to hers, stopping his words with another heated kiss. Her breasts were flattened against his chest and her body was on fire as he slid a leg between hers, creating a delicious friction she hadn’t felt in years, and certainly not of this intensity.

When they finally parted, simply for need of breath, Janet found herself unable to look away from his eyes. Daniel had always had eyes that gave away his every emotion and tonight, she was eternally grateful for that fact.

Daniel too was realizing that everything Janet was feeling was clearly visible in her eyes as well. It filled a place in his heart he hadn’t even realized was empty until now. Reaching to brush his thumbs lightly across her cheeks, he smiled into her eyes.

"I like this ‘exploring’ we’re doing, a lot." The words were, despite his attempt to keep them neutral, slightly worried.

Janet smiled, reaching up to cup his face in her hands. "I like it too, very, very much." The flash in his eyes had her knees weakening again and she found herself crushed against his body, reveling in the feel of being wrapped in his strong arms. She never wanted to leave.

Daniel finally broke the kiss, once again in need of air, snuggling her head against his chest as he closed his eyes and rested his chin on the crown of Janet’s head. She was so tiny, barely half his height, yet his equal if not better, in every other sense. Not to mention it felt far too good to simply hold her. He’d forgotten how good it could feel to hold the woman you loved in your arms.

Yes, he realized in that moment, he’d fallen in love with Janet Fraiser.

He wasn’t sure when, or how, but he knew it had been coming for a while. He could only hope she felt the same, and unconsciously pulled her closer, unwilling to let her go.

Janet sighed, thinking how perfectly they fit together. Even putting Alex and Chloe to bed tonight, they’d done it as if they’d been a family. If she hadn’t admitted it weeks ago, she was more than ready to now.

She’d fallen in love with Daniel Jackson.

She wasn’t sure when or how, but realized it was inevitable. She could only hope he felt the same, and tightened her grip on his waist even as she felt him tighten his hold on her. When he remained silent, she finally decided it was time to break the silence.

"Daniel, why did you really come over tonight?"

Daniel smiled, pulling her over to the couch, settling down with her nearly in his lap, curled around him like a cat. It really was a feeling he’d like to get used to.

"Do you really need an answer after our recent actions?"

Janet’s heart leapt as she snuggled closer, almost afraid to believe what she was hearing. Feeling his lips curve up in a smile against her forehead, she sighed.

"I suppose not, although I do hope you intend to continue said actions, preferably in the immediate future?"

His low laughter sent another shiver down her spine as he tilted her head up to his. "I don’t think I could stop if I tried."

The smile that spread over her face was all the answer he needed about her feelings.

"Then I say we start our own incredible journey right here, right now."

"I think that can be arranged." With a husky laugh of his own, he swooped back down for another mind-altering kiss. This was one journey he couldn’t wait to get started on.

The End


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