Title: The Doctor Is In
By: SaraC
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Set sometime during Season 7
Summary: Janet finds the perfect cure for a migraine

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. They are not mine, they don't belong to me!!

Author Notes: Grad school is getting to me and I needed to write something completely non "Byronic" so I decided to do some good ol' Dan/Jan fluff. It's sappy, it's (hopefully) sexy and hey, it's stress relief. Enjoy!


The Doctor Is In

Janet winced as the pain in her temples grew-augmented by the claxons and alarms sounding throughout the SGC. Pinching the bridge of her nose, she tried to make the pain more bearable, knowing she would need to concentrate on what the alarms most likely meant.


They were the only team offworld at the moment and not scheduled to return until tomorrow. Which meant of course, something would go wrong and force them back earlier. It was nearly a given with any mission SG-1 undertook and she'd come to expect one, if not all of them, to return injured. It was why she always made sure she was on base the day of and the day before SG-1 was scheduled to return.

Trying not to let the frission of worry that always hit in these situations become too great, she carefully made her way to the gateroom, where the usual armed guards stood watch. She closed her eyes a moment, the bright blue of the event horizon hurting orbs already sensitive because of her headache from hell.

Her body went into alert mode as two figures came running through the gate, followed immediately by two more, all four hitting the metal ramp, almost tripping in their haste to get off it.

"Shut the damned iris!"

Colonel Jack O'Neill's yell was barely finished before the huge iron iris clanked into place. She winced as a second later a loud "thud" was heard from the other side.

"Colonel, what the hell was that?" General Hammond's voice now came from over her shoulder as the older man strode into the gateroom and over to the SGC's second in command.

"That, General, was most likely one of Anubis's very irate guards."

Janet winced at the name, knowing that the resident Gou'ald was not supposed to be anywhere near the planet SG-1 had been exploring. And when Anubis was involved, there were bound to be injuries. Still, giving SG-1 a quick once over, she was glad to note they all seemed in one piece.

"I'll save the questions for the debriefing but first, you all are okay?"

Janet hid her smile, knowing that the General held a special fondness in his heart for the SGC's flagship team. It was no secret that she did as well- maybe even more so for one particular person. The thought brought a blush to her cheeks even as her headache chose that moment to remind her it was not going anywhere.

"We're fine, just tired of that damned 'snake' showing up in places he's most definitely not supposed to be! Although, on the bright side, at least Danny boy didn't get himself hurt in our rather ungraceful escape."

Janet winced as the Colonel's loud words grated at her nerves, heightening the tension in her body, as it seemed the headache had apparently now spread to her shoulders and neck. She couldn't even muster up her usual sarcastic reply to Jack's teasing of Daniel.

"We'll debrief in one hour- after Doctor Fraiser has checked you out."

The good-natured groans would have usually made her smile and offer a witty comeback but today, she was more focused on trying to stop the pain from distracting her from her duties. With a slight motion of her head, wincing at the pain even that caused, she gave the signal for SG-1 to follow. Turning, she strode from the room, wondering if she could possibly take another two aspirin without overdosing-her concentration making her oblivious to the concerned look Daniel was giving her.

Reaching the infirmary, she instructed the nurses to begin the basic post-mission checks, explaining she had to get something from her office and would be back shortly. Not pausing to say more, oblivious to the now concerned looks of all of SG-1, she quickly made her way to her office, the pain pounding against her skull in waves that by now were making her almost nauseous.

Reaching the sanctity of her office, she sank gratefully into her desk chair, putting her forehead down to rest against the cool metal. Closing her eyes, she fumbled for the bottle of Advil, uncaring if it did not mix well with the migraine strength pain reliever she'd taken an hour ago. Even that seemed an effort however and she whimpered as the bottle slipped from her grasp and went crashing to the floor.

Not even having the strength to raise her head to find the bottle, she simply focused on willing the pain to go away and her nausea to subside.


"Is it me, or did Doc seem unusually happy to see us?"

Daniel nodded at Jack's wry words, exchanging a worried look with Sam, who was staring in the direction that Janet had just gone.

"I did not observe DoctorFraiser to be happy upon our return, O'Neill. In fact, she seemed rather displeased."

"It was sarcasm, T, sarcasm." Jack sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. "She didn't even have a comeback to my oh so clever remark about Daniel not hurting himself for once, and that is unusual."

"Funny, Jack."

Daniel knew Jack enjoyed teasing him, part of the reason he let him do it. Another part, however, was for the pure enjoyment he got out of watching Janet deliver comebacks that could stop even the master in his tracks. That was well worth the price of a little good-natured ribbing from his family and friends.

Still, he'd noticed Janet's wince as she'd turned from the room and the fact she hadn't said a word to them yet. Something was wrong-and he needed to find out what.

"I wonder if something happened with Cassie while we were gone?" Sam's concerned tone brought looks of worry to everyone's face.

"I'm sure that's not it, she would have told us in the gateroom if it was that serious."

Daniel bit his lip, hearing the uncertainty in Jack's voice. His friend was worried and that was not a good sign. Not to mention that the thought of something being wrong and Janet having to deal with it alone just didn't sit well with him.

"I'm going to go track her down, see if she's okay."

Daniel didn't even pause for a response from his teammates before he strode from the room, leaving several people staring after him in surprise.


Janet wondered if it wouldn't be less painful to simply sever her head from her body. Messy, yes, but then again, those Immortals made it look so easy on "Highlander." Right now, anything would be better than the pain.

Whimpering as the killer headache took another stab at her temples, she decided she needed to find the Advil and overdose on it-ready at this moment to do anything to stop the pain. Cracking her eyes open, she winced as even the dull light in the room pierced into her skull like a knife. Vaguely spotting the bottle on the floor a few feet away, she mustered up the strength to make a grab for it. However, she was too far away which meant more movement would be necessary.

Dreading the pain, but determined to get to the pain-reliever, she slid off her chair, trying to keep her head as still as possible. Settling to the ground, she gropped again for the bottle, her curse turning into a whimper as her hand knocked it halfway across the room. Her stomach turned at the thought of having to move to get the bottle and she decided to rest against her desk until the nausea passed.

Closing her eyes, moaning in pain, she didn't hear the gentle knock on her door.


Daniel stopped outside Janet's closed door, wondering if he were doing the right thing. Maybe she didn't want to talk-maybe she was mad at something he, or SG-1 had done-maybe she was simply busy and tied up with work and a bit distracted.

The low moan he heard clearly from inside the office, however, pushed all thoughts from his head as he threw open the door and burst into the room.


The whimper that came from behind her desk had him moving faster than he'd ever thought possible. His heart squeezed as he found her small figured curled up into a ball on the floor.

"Janet, what's wrong? What happened?" He carefully reached down to brush the hair from her face, noting her eyes remained closed and her face was screwed up in pain. Unsure of where the urge came from, he found his hand cupping her cheek, stroking his thumb gently over the fine bone structure, noting absently how soft her skin was against his rough palm.

His breath caught as she instinctively turned her face into his palm, almost nuzzling as she whimpered again.

"Head hurts-your hand-cool."

The words were strained and soft but he could make them out. Frowning, he allowed his other hand to stroke over her forehead, brushing lightly over her temples.

"Janet, I think we need to get Doctor Warner in here to see you-"

"No, fine. Just a migraine. Need the Advil." Her eyes opened as she spoke, his own eyes darkening in sympathy at the pain reflected there.

"You're sure you don't need the Doc?" The slightly haggard smile he got in reply was still the most beautiful thing in his world.

"I've already got a Doctor here, and I think he's capable of bringing me some aspirin."

Feeling a smile cross his face at her slight return of humor, he turned to locate the medicine bottle.


Janet's first response to Daniel's shout of her name was to deck him. Couldn't he see how much pain she was in?

/No, because you're sitting on the floor behind your desk and unless he has x-ray vision, he can't see you/

Wincing at the logic, she struggled to open her eyes, finding her lids reluctant to let even a smidgeon of light inside. Which was why it came as a complete and total shock to feel a cool palm suddenly cupping her cheek, finger stroking delicately across her forehead and temples. The sensation sent a shiver through her body-and not in a bad way.

Knowing she had to see this, she managed to crack her eyes open, assuring Daniel that a doctor was not needed in response to his worried suggestion. Once satisfied he could find her medicine, she settled back against the desk, hoping the cool metal would do something for the pain.

"Here you go, I even brought you water."

She looked up, smiling at the eager look in his puppy dog eyes. Strangely enough, the pain was not as bad at the moment. The man really did have a way of looking at you as if you were the most important woman in the world. She could only wish she was-at least in his life.

"Thank you." Taking the offered tablets and the glass, she downed the Advil quickly, closing her eyes and leaning back against the desk, willing the medicine to take effect quickly. When she finally felt confident enough to open her eyes again, she found Daniel sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of her, still wearing a concerned expression.

"Daniel, I'm fine. The medicine should take effect soon, you really don't have to stay-"

"I'm staying, Janet." The determination in his voice made her smile. "How many times have you stayed with me when I didn't think I needed it?"

She tried not to laugh out loud, knowing the motion would only aggravate her headache. "Daniel, you're usually unconscious when I sit with you, and I believe, quite incapable of thinking about what you do or do not need."

His low laugh warmed something inside her, softening the edges of the pain.

"That's the Janet Fraiser we all know and love."

She blushed at the words, immediately wondering what it might be like to be loved by the handsome archaeologist sitting in front of her. Not that her nightly dreams were not made up of just that image, but still, sitting so close to him she could smell his aftershave-well, it was a whole different ballgame.

"Well, I try, and I'll be fine, once the pain fades." She caught her breath as Daniel gave her a long look, then rose to his feet, reaching down to grasp her hands.

"Come here." The words were delivered in his usual tone, although, was there a hint of something softer, sexier in the words? Her heart pounding, she allowed him to pull her gently to her feet, wincing again as the pain in her head ruined the burgeoning intimate moment. Or at least, what she hoped might be an intimate moment.

"Still hurts bad, doesn't it?" The words were almost a whisper, spoken so close to her cheek she could feel his breath against her skin. Trying desperately to think straight, a process hindered by her headache and the feel of him so near, she could only nod.

She remained silent as he turned and gently pushed her into her chair, moving to stand directly behind her. The feel of him behind her, but unable to see him, sent a strange tingle down her spine.

"Daniel, what are you-"

"Shhh, relax, I'm going to help you ease the pain."

His low voice husked against her ear and she closed her eyes as she felt his hands move to her shoulders and begin a gentle massage. His fingers kneaded and stroked her tense muscles, digging hard to loosen the knots formed by pain and the stress of the past few weeks-most likely what had caused her headache in the first place.

She hoped he attributed the moan she gave to her headache instead of the wonderful feel of his hands on her body. The headache was fast receding, replaced instead by a strange euphoria that made her incapable of uttering more than grateful moans. She whimpered as she felt his long fingers suddenly move to the nape of her neck, one hand reaching to pull the pins from her hair.


"Shhhh, relax." Unable to do anything more than sink back into his ministrations, she closed her eyes as he released her upswept hair and tangled his fingers in the strands, combing through them gently as he worked his way from the nape of her neck to the crown of her head. His fingers slowed as she felt him lean forward, his breath brushing erotically over the shell of her ear.

"Feels good, doesn't it?"

/If only you knew how good, Daniel/

However, all she was capable of uttering was a low moan as she leaned even further back in her chair, desperate for him to continue.


Daniel wasn't sure what had possessed him to give Janet a massage-but now that he'd begun, he found himself quite enjoying the experience. The feel of her tense muscles loosening beneath his hands instilled in him a pride that he, Daniel Jackson, could make this powerful, strong woman, go limp in his arms.

/Wonder what she'd do if I pressed my lips to the back of her neck and tasted her like I've wanted to for months/

Forcing the thought from his mind, trying to concentrate on the fact that he was simply helping ease a dear friend's pain, he worked his way across her shoulders and neck, smiling at her slight protest as he freed her hair. Moments later, she was mewling quietly and he was trying to get used to the fact that she had the softest hair he'd ever touched.

Sha're's had been thick and beautiful, but always rather rough from exposure to the desert heat. Janet's hair felt like silk against his work-roughened palms and he felt a childlike amazement as he combed through the strands, sensing she was enjoying the sensation as well. Burying his hands deep in her hair, he finally began a soothing massage of her scalp- a technique Sha're had always said she found soothing.

His body tightened painfully as Janet gave another low moan, and 'soothing' was suddenly the last thing on his mind. His body went on red alert as he imagined her moaning like that in a different situation-spread out beneath him in his bed as he learned every curve and dip of her body with his lips and tongue. He barely contained his own moan as he forced his mind to leave the "Janet gutter" he seemed to find himself in more and more often of late.

Still, feeling her press back a little further against him, he couldn't resist the temptation of leaning down and whispering against her ear, asking if it 'felt good.' The low moan he got in response was all the answer he needed, although it once again sent his mind-and all the blood in his body- south. Suddenly, the urge to taste her was overwhelming.

Almost without thinking, he leaned forward again, this time letting his lips brush against the shell of her ear, delighting in her shudder against him. Taking that as a positive sign, he moved his lips lightly from the flesh under her ear and across the nape of her neck, trailing little kisses in his wake.

The taste of her was indescribable, but something he knew he could not do without again. Feeling her moans increase along with the shuddering of her body, he took that as a sign she was enjoying this as much as he was-if not more.


Janet was sure it was her imagination because there was no way Daniel had just kissed her ear.

Her heart began beating in double time as the motion was repeated, the kisses now moving across her nape and shoulders, producing low moans that were completely beyond her control.

Daniel Jackson was kissing her neck.

The image exploded through her mind, her headache completely forgotten as she absorbed the feeling of his warm lips and the slight flick of his tongue as his kisses soothed and aroused at the same time. Unable to speak, she could only lean further back, turning her head slightly, hoping he'd take the hint.

He really was a smart man, she thought, as his hands slid from her hair to her shoulders, turning her lightly in the chair to allow his lips access to her throat. Keeping her eyes closed, she found her hands suddenly tangled in his hair, unconsciously pressing him closer, bidding him silently not to stop his ministrations.

His hair had grown out a bit in the past few months, and felt wonderful under her fingers. Using her own soothing motions, she allowed her fingers to return a bit of the pleasure he was giving her, delighting in his low moan as she worked in tandem with the flick of his tongue and the nip of his teeth against her neck.

Her fingers stilled as he suddenly pulled back, her eyes flying open to meet his, the blue darkened with desire that thrilled her.

"I know something else that's guaranteed to make that headache go away."

Licking her suddenly dry lips, she never broke his gaze, her fingers still buried in his hair. "And what would that be, Doctor Jackson?"

Seeing his eyes flash with something, she gasped as his hands suddenly tightened around her neck, pulling her face to within inches of his.

"It's something my doctor told me, a long time ago."

Wracking her brain as to what advice she might have given Daniel 'long ago', it came as a complete shock to suddenly feel his lips pressed against hers.

The kiss was soft and tentative at first, learning and exploring and in its own way, seeking permission. She granted it with a low moan, opening her lips to the gentle prod of his tongue, feeling his hands tighten in her hair as the kiss deepened.

He tasted like citrus and something else, something that she'd instinctively classified years ago as "Daniel." Her tongue avidly reached to battle with his, determined to taste more even as he plunged them into an even deeper kiss, hands locked now in each other's hair, holding on for dear life.

Lost in sensation, she tightened her grip on him again and fell into the whirlpool of sensations he'd set loose inside her body.


Daniel didn't know what possessed him, all he knew was that Doctor Janet Fraiser looked too damned kissable sitting there in front of him. Her lips were swollen from where she'd obviously bitten them to control her moans, something he didn't want to see. He wanted to hear exactly how much his actions pleased her-every moan a turn on of its own.

Muttering some stupid comment about 'doctors advice' he leaned in and took the lips he'd been dreaming about for months. She was smooth and soft against him as he pressed his lips to hers, a chaste first kiss full of exploration and wonder. When he felt her lips part beneath his, he let out a low groan and plunged his tongue into her mouth, happy that she was now responding whole-heartedly to his kiss.

She tasted of something fruity and uniquely Janet. It was an intoxicating flavor he'd never tasted and he plunged deeper into the recesses of her mouth, delighted to feel her tongue reaching to battle with his, fighting for dominance as she tried to taste him as well.

When the need for air finally forced them apart, he found himself struggling for breathe, anxiously awaiting some kind of response from her. The slow smile that spread over her face after a few moments sent a bolt of relief, as well as renewed desire, down his spine. Deciding he needed to lighten the moment a bit, he gave her a small smile, resting his hands lightly on her shoulders before speaking.

"So, your headache any better after some of Dr. Daniel's special medicine?"


Janet wasn't sure what to say, wondering if she were capable of anything at the moment. Part of her wanted to laugh hysterically at the doctor's 'special medicine;" another part, however, wondered if this were all it was to him, a way to make her forget her headache and focus on something else, namely kissing him.

Looking deeply into Daniel's eyes, she tried to find something that would reassure her. The desire still burned brightly in his amazing blue orbs, but there was something else, something hidden near the back of his eyes that gave her a burst of hope.

"Actually, it's the best medicine I've taken in a while, however, I do believe I'll need regular doses to keep the pain from returning."

Biting her lip, she waited, wondering if she'd been too forward, wondering how he might take what she was trying to refer to indirectly. His sexy smile sent her heart racing again.

"I concur, I think you'll be needing regular and very frequent doses, at all times and places."

Her heart skipped a beat as she looked at him, wondering if he meant what she thought he did. The smile, not to mention the way his hands moved to cup her cheeks again told her he just might. Not sure what to say, she tried to lighten the moment.

"Just so long as those 'places' are not shared with anyone else, I'm willing to submit to your diagnosis, Doctor Jackson."

The huge grin that lit up his face was all the answer she needed, even as he leaned in closer so his words brushed over her lips.

"It'll be just between us, doctor/patient confidentiality, you know."

She shivered as he punctuated each word with a light kiss, wrapping her arms tightly around him again as she lost herself in sensation as his lips stole hers again.


Daniel knew he could happily stay here with Janet forever, could probably spend the rest of his life wrapped in her arms, drowning in the passion of her kisses. But the awareness that he'd been gone too long and that his teammates would most likely be coming after him, made him pull back, albeit with a reluctant moan.

"You do realize that after your behavior today and the fact I've been gone so long, Jack and the others will no doubt soon be hunting us down, don't you?"

Janet sighed, leaning against him as he pulled her against his body, wrapping her in a hug as they half knelt, half stood. It felt too wonderful to leave the warmth of his arms, but she knew he had a point. Pulling back, happy to note his arms did not release her, she smiled into his eyes.

"I suppose we really should go let them know I'm all right, not to mention I'm sure the Colonel is not too happy with the way several of my nurses have no doubt been treating him."

Daniel laughed as he placed a light kiss on the tip of her nose, reaching to brush a strand of hair from her cheek, thinking again how beautiful she was in the soft light of her office, looking thoroughly kissed.

"I'm sure you're right, but I would really like to continue this 'treatment' later on, perhaps, tonight, over dinner?"

She felt a happiness like she'd never known flow over her at his words. Leaning in to kiss him again, she managed to pull back only slightly breathless.

"Was that a yes?"

His low laughter sent a shiver down her spine as she nodded. Pulling him close, she allowed her lips to brush over his ear, whispering her reply directly into it.

"That was a 'hell-yes,' to quote Colonel O'Neill at sometime or another."

Daniel laughed as he gave her one more kiss, reluctant to let her out of his arms. Finally, knowing they had to get back, he stood to his full height, pulling Janet up with him.

"Think you can get through the rest of the day without too much pain?" His eyes softened, once again realizing what had started this whole thing, reaching lightly to caress her temples. Her soft smile had his heart leaping painfully in his chest.

"I know I can, there's hardly any pain right now, although don't be surprised if I can't wait until dinner for another treatment. This might entail a few more 'office visits' to make sure I'm completely cured."

He laughed as he brushed a finger lightly over her cheek.

"That can be arranged, and as the saying goes, this doctor will always be in for you."

Laughing, glad to note once again that her headache had completely disappeared, she pushed him lightly out of her way, walking over to the mirror to straighten her hair. When she was finally presentable, she turned to find him watching her, a small smile on his face.

"What? Did I forget something?"

Daniel swallowed, looking at her in this light, realizing, maybe for the first time, what a treasure this woman truly was. He would be damned if he'd ever let her go, now that he'd finally found her.

"You look beautiful, although I'd wipe that grin off my face. Jack and Sam will probably ask questions."

Janet laughed, motioning for him to follow as she headed for the door. Stopping directly in front of him, she pressed herself into his body, leaning up to kiss him once more. When she could finally breathe again, she smiled into his eyes. "They always do, but I think this time I can truly say that I found the 'perfect' medicine to cure my pain."

Daniel smiled as he claimed one last kiss before following her into the hallway, already planning just how many 'doses' the good doctor might need before dinner tonight.


The End

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