Title: Common Ground
Author: SaraC
Rating: PG-13 (language and imagery)
Spoilers: Through the current Season 7
Summary: Janet decides to liven up her life- with Daniel and a few other 'relationship challenged' doctors along for the ride

Disclaimers: All "Stargate" characters belong to MGM, Double Secret and all others affiliated with the show. "Forever Knight" is owned by Sony. "X-Files" belongs to Chris Carter, 1013 and FOX.

Notes: This story is at heart a Dan/Jan romance inspired by quite a few factors:

1) The much talked about picture on Teryl's home page- and what reaction Daniel might have to seeing "Janet" like that

2) My wonderful beta Marty who while coaching me through another crossover I'm working on, mentioned the idea of 'three interesting doctors- with screwed up love lives- meeting at a conference and discovering they have a lot in common- aliens, vampires and secret government conspiracies!' Hence, you'll meet Natalie Lambert from "Forever Knight" (Background Info) and Dana Scully from the "X-Files." You really don't have to have watched either show to understand- all you really need to know is Natalie's love interest is a vampire cop (who, imagine this, wants to be human) and well, Mulder and Scully are pretty self explanatory I think!

3) An intense desire to give Janet a life outside the SGC... but allow SG-1 to be a part of it- albeit in a strange way

4) Far too many viewings of "RoP" and "Lifeboat"

So, here's my little story. Please let me know what you think- and keep in mind, it might be a bit OOC, but hopefully, something that could happen.

But in the end, this is for fun and humor- no real angst or such here!


Common Ground
Part 1

Janet Fraiser groaned as a sheepish looking nurse deposited another pile of paper on her desk- then bolted from the room without a backward glance. The piles of paper on her desk were only getting larger- along with her headache.

She really, really needed a break.

Rubbing her temples, she wondered if Sam would be up for getting dinner- considering it was a rare night that SG-1 was actually on world. It would do her a world of good to relax and indulge in some "girl talk" with her best friend.

However, said best friend was probably spending her on world time with her CO- and definitely not talking. She couldn't help but be glad her two friends had decided to act on the feelings between them, even if they had to keep the relationship private. SG-1, Cassandra and herself were the only ones who knew Sam and Jack had gotten together- although she suspected General Hammond was wise to the situation as well.

Still, the two had been able to keep their personal and working relationships separate- a feat that awed her to no end. She didn't know how they did it, and all Sam could tell her was that they loved each other enough to know how important it was to not screw it up by doing something stupid while acting as SG-1.

While she was glad for her friends happiness, part of her couldn't help but feel bitter that her own love life was so- well- non-existent for lack of a better word. Not that she had a lot of time to date, what with her Top Secret job, the injuries and illnesses that seemed to plague the SGC and raising a teenage daughter. But she often found herself longing for the contentment she now saw in both Sam and Jack. Even Teal'c seemed at peace- making regular visits to the Land of the Light to see his family.

The only other restless one of the bunch was Daniel, and that was to be expected- after 'descending' and loosing most of his memories. Not to mention having his mind used as a "lifeboat" by a bunch of desperate consciousnesses only weeks after getting the memories of his former life back.

Her mind drifted back to the look in his eyes as he desperately tried to call her name, his voice struggling to be heard through the din of people in his mind. She remembered her own desperate cry of his name- and her impassioned words about getting Daniel's body back- wondering now if she had expressed too much.

Sighing, she rested her head in her hands, her mind now populated by increasingly familiar thoughts of Daniel. If she were honest, she could admit her views of the man had been slowly changing since Cassie's horrible illness a few years ago. That instant in the hallway, when he'd held her hand and told her he was there if she needed anything, started it all.

She could still feel the warmth of his hand on hers, read the concern and support in those beautiful orbs as he offered his friendship- and possibly something more. Not that she'd allowed herself to consider that possibility until hours later, when a cured Cassie was sleeping. She often wondered what might have happened if she hadn't gone to confront Nerti that night- but instead visited Daniel's office.

After he'd ascended, she'd realized just how much she'd come to depend on his smile, his gentle touch, the way he could make her feel better simply by smiling. Her feelings had evolved from 'concerned doctor' to 'concerned woman.' It had been hard to realize he was gone- especially since she could not show it as openly as SG-1 could. Still, the nights she'd spent crying herself to sleep were indelibly imprinted on her mind.

Then he'd returned, and her feelings had taken a deeper turn. She knew she was dangerously close to falling in love with him when he'd stumbled through the Stargate with a triumphant SG-1 in tow. It had been a struggle to watch him try and remember his life with the SGC- and a relief when things had gotten back to normal.

Then he'd been possessed by those- people- and she'd realized that she'd done the unthinkable- fallen head over heels in love with Doctor Daniel Jackson. The knowledge had scared her- especially since Daniel seemed not to feel anything more than 'friendship' for her. She wondered if he had any memory of Cassie's illness and the support she'd taken from him since.

/Stop it, Janet! He's your friend, your colleague. He's probably never thought of you in any other way- even before his ascension. Get a grip girl!/

Hating her conscious, she tried to turn her attention to the newest pile of paper on her desk, noting a huge manila envelope sticking out from the bottom. Curious, she pulled it out to see it was from one of her fellow doctors- and few outside the SGC friends- who worked at one of the local hospitals.

Ripping open the envelope, a handwritten note and a colorful flyer fell onto the desk. The flyer screamed 'New Technology! New Developments! You Can Change the Medical World!" Amused, she found it was the flyer for an international medical conference being held that weekend in Colorado Springs.

She'd heard about it through a few outside friends, but hadn't paid much attention, realizing that it wasn't exactly easy to attend a conference and not be able to tell people what you actually dealt with on a daily basis. Curious as to why Susie had sent it, she picked up the handwritten note.

Jan- Know you're busy with all your 'government work' but maybe you want to take a break this weekend and attend. I hear there's going to be a few interesting guest speakers- and several topics- which I highlighted- that you might be interested in. I can't make it- Michelle has a soccer meet in Seattle- but figured if you wanted, you could use my tickets for the 'mingling events' and maybe meet someone. Hell, at least it would get you out of your mountain for a few days. Think about it- talk to you soon! Susie

Smiling, she pulled out what looked like an itinerary- wondering which seminars her friend had highlighted. She frowned as she read several titles. "Emotional Attachment to You Patients: Life Threatening or Life Saving?" "De-stressing From Your Job: 10 Easy Steps" and "New Advances or Alien Technology?"

The last one caught her attention- making her wonder just exactly what that seminar might entail. It also set off a warning light in her mind- especially since it was the only seminar with no labeled instructor. Probably something harmless- but then again, maybe she should check it out- just for safety's sake.

It wasn't like her social calendar was filled for the weekend anyhow. Cassie was leaving for Summer Camp on Friday and SG-1 was off world until Saturday night- not to mention that the only thing on Sam's mind after returning from a three-day mission would be jumping Jack. So female companionship was out- and she'd already convinced herself that Daniel was not an option.

Well, almost. But it wasn't like she could do anything now- after all- he was off world until Saturday as well. So what did she have to lose? She could go, attend a few sessions, make sure no top-secret military information was being disguised as "alien technology" and maybe meet someone that could take her mind off Daniel.

At least until she saw him again on Monday.

Feeling a bit better, she picked up the phone to call General Hammond.


Why was it that there was never a place to sit at a Starbucks during a conference of any type? Keeping a death grip on her coffee- she pushed through the crowd of attendees, praying for an empty table somewhere. She smiled as she saw two young women rise and leave a table directly in front of her. Her gaze narrowed as she noted another young man heading for it.

Moving quickly, she literally ran for the table, sighing in relief as she sank into one of the chairs a few seconds before the man reached it. Feeling triumphant, she gave the man a sympathetic smile, getting a wry one in return before he walked off. She sighed and settled back in her chair, sipping her coffee and observing everyone around her.

So far, she'd managed to make it through the "Emotional Attachment" seminar- where all she'd really learned was that she was in serious danger of letting her feelings for Daniel, not to mention SG-1- interfere with her care of them. Not a surprise, since she'd realized years ago that they were friends as well as patients. Still, she thought she had a pretty good handle on separating friend from patient- so she really wasn't too worried.

Not to mention a good part of the seminar had focused on how emotional attachment might actually help a patient recover. She'd wanted offer her own proof- remembering the night long vigils they'd held around every member of SG-1- not to mention Cassie- and her firm belief that her love for her friends and family was what kept her going, refusing to give up until she'd found a cure.

Overall, it had been interesting. She still had the "De-Stressing" seminar in an hour and then the "Alien" one before the conference ended for the day. And so far, she hadn't met anyone of interest. Oh, she'd started several conversations with those sitting around her, but none that convinced her these were people she just had to get to know.

Still, it was better than being on base, waiting around for another SG team to return, no doubt with injuries. She frowned, realizing tonight would be the first time in a long time that she wouldn't be there when SG-1 returned. While part of her was anxious as to what injuries they might bring back, most notably Daniel, she realized that she needed this break- if simply to prove to herself that she could do something outside of the SGC.

Besides, she'd left word with the General to call her if she was needed.

Sipping her coffee, she turned her attention back to people watching, turning as a short red-haired woman cleared her throat from behind her chair.

"Hi, I wondered if this seat was taken?"

Smiling at the woman, Janet motioned to one of the free seats, watching as the woman gracefully placed her coffee on the table and her briefcase at her feet. Once she'd settled in, she held out a hand in greeting.

"Hi, I'm Natalie Lambert."

"Janet Fraiser- I take it you're here for the conference?" She smiled as the woman sighed, then nodded.

"Not that I learned to much from that seminar on "emotional attachments"- I gave up on not getting emotionally attached years ago.

Janet smiled and nodded. "Me too, all I really ended up realizing was that I am way too attached to several of my patients- but that personal involvement has saved their lives many times over."

"So, you're a doctor then?"

Janet nodded as she gave the quick version of what she did- true to the facts but without going into details about just who here patients were- and the planets they came from. She was glad to see the other woman did not ask a lot of questions she couldn't answer.

"Sounds rewarding. I tend to deal with 'death' rather than life- so my story's a little more morbid."

Janet raised an eyebrow. "Let me guess- you're a coroner?"

The red head smiled. "Yep, no one dies in the vicinity of Toronto without a final visit from me."

Janet found herself fascinated as Natalie began to describe her job- sensing that there was more that remained unsaid. She got the impression that Natalie too had secrets she could not reveal- and that only intrigued her more.

The two were soon involved in debating the merits of "live" verses "dead" patients, when another voice intruded.

"Hi, I couldn't help but overhear your discussion and wondered if you'd consider letting me join in- and have a seat?"

Janet turned to see a petite woman with dark auburn hair smiling tentatively at them. Again, she wasn't sure what made her do it, but she waved a hand towards the only remaining seat at the table.

"Why not- I'm Janet, this is Natalie."

"Dana Scully."

Janet smiled as their newest member settled in at the table, waiting until she was comfortable before asking what exactly it was that Dana did.

"I'm actually a Special Agent with the FBI." Janet's eyebrows rose and she noted Natalie's did too as the woman smiled. "I know, you're wondering what I'm doing here- well, I'm also a certified medical doctor and am often called to treat the dead and alive- most of which we encounter frequently on our cases."

Janet found her curiosity peaked even as Natalie asked the next question.

"So what kind of cases do you work on?"

Dana's wry laughter made her raise an eyebrow again. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Now her curiosity was truly intrigued, and she could see Natalie was just as interested.

"Try me, you'll find I have a pretty open mind." The words were dry but true. She figured if she could treat humans with snakes living inside them, she could handle whatever the FBI dealt with on a daily basis.

"Not unless you believe in aliens or vampires."

Janet choked on the coffee she'd just sipped.

"Aliens?" She hoped her voice didn't sound as surprised as she felt- her mind immediately going into high alert mode.

"Vampires?" The expression on Natalie's face as she uttered the word set off more alarm bells in Janet's mind.

"See, I told you." There was a resignation in the voice that proved to Janet then and there, that Dana Scully was completely serious. She didn't know whether to be excited or terrified.

"Um, actually, I don't think it's that strange at all. Have you really met vampires- or at least people who believe they are?" Natalie's words were soft, but held a wealth of meaning for Janet as she watched her new acquaintance. If she didn't know better, she could have sworn that Natalie was implying that she believed in vampires as well.

Although, if alien snakes could take over bodies in an attempt to control the galaxy, was it so impossible to believe vampires could exist?

Dana suddenly looked a little uncomfortable. "I don't think so, but my partner firmly believes one of the cases we worked on involved a clan of vampires- although if I remember the case right, the head 'vampire' looked a lot like that actor, Luke Wilson."

Janet watched the emotions flicker across Natalie's face- wondering what was going through the other woman's mind as she seemed to puzzle the information.

"Natalie, do you believe in vampires?"

It was a simple question, but Janet held her breath as she waited for an answer, sensing Dana was doing the same. After a long moment, Natalie sighed.

"You'll think I'm nuts, but yes, I kno- well, I believe they exist. If you don't want to associate with me, I'll understand."

Quite the opposite, Janet found herself even more curious. "Actually, I don't think you're crazy."

She noted Dana and Natalie were giving her curious looks, and she weighed her words carefully before replying.

"I've seen a lot of- well- strange things in my years with the military, and while I'm not sure if I believe in vampires, I do believe that there are people or things out there that aren't quite human."

She bit her lip, wondering if the two would think she was nuts, especially since she did not intend to go into the matter any deeper. To her surprise, both women wore contemplative looks.

"I have to admit, I agree with you- although the things I've learned in my years working on the X-Files have definitely sparked a healthy distrust of the government. Not offense intended, Janet."

She nodded at the woman's words, wondering just what this Dana Scully knew that made her distrust the government so much. Not that she was a huge fan of it at the moment- especially with people like Mayborne out there running the shady side of it.

"The X-Files?"

Janet watched as Dana grimaced at Natalie's question. "That's what the unexplained, sometimes supernatural cases we work on are called."

"Sounds intriguing- any really interesting ones you care to talk about? Or are they all classified?"

Janet waited as Dana seemed to consider the question. Finally, she smiled. "Actually, there are quite a few- and since you both seem to have open minds, it might be interesting to see what you make of them- if you can bring yourselves to believe."

Janet laughed, noting Natalie was smiling as well. "I'm all for that- although I do believe I have a seminar on "De-stressing" to attend at the moment."

To her delight, both Natalie and Dana immediately piped up that they were in the same seminar and the women decided to walk over together, talking about some of the more interesting cases Dana had worked on.

By the time they reached the classroom where the seminar was being held, Janet was seriously wondering what the government was not telling the SGC about extraterrestrial life- right here on Earth.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation later, she settled into a seat between her two new friends, feeling more excited than she had in weeks.


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