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Title: 39 Minutes (10KB)
Author: Nike
Date archived: July 20, 2004
K - POV; UST; angst - Daniel/Janet
Spoilers: Fail Safe
Summary: Janet's POV, as the asteroid approaches and the clock ticks...


Title: Alone (18KB)
Author: Nike
Date archived: July 28, 2004
K+ - Janet POV; songfic - Daniel/Janet
Spoilers: Singularity
Summary: "All of a sudden, the idea of being alone doesn't seem so appealing anymore. It just seems...lonely."


Title: Sticky Situation (21KB)
Author: Nike
Date archived: October 5, 2004
K - UST, humour - Daniel/Janet
Spoilers: None
Summary: Sometimes someone has to make that decision for you... (Chall. #25)

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