Julie Petersen

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Title: Holiday Mayhem (2 parts; 43KB)
Author: Julie Petersen
Date archived: December 1, 2004
K+ - Holiday - Daniel/Janet
Spoilers: Chimera
Summary: Daniel forgets Janet's birthday party; can he find a way to make it up to her? (Chall. #42)


Title: Of Pink Elephants and Midnight Visitors (7KB)
Author: Julie Petersen
Date archived: September 24, 2005
K+ - Fluff - Daniel/Janet
Spoilers: None
Summary: Daniel's 4-year old daughter has a nightmare and comes to Daniel for comfort while Janet is away. (Chall. #49)


Title: Price of Appreciation (2 parts; 48KB)
Author: Julie Petersen
Date archived: October 5, 2004
T - Missing scene - Daniel/Janet
Spoilers: Upgrades
Summary: After the events of "Upgrades", Janet feels she needs to show the human trio of SG-1 what it feels like to be marginalized

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