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Title: I'm Not Me (3KB)
Author: Gemmie
Date archived: July 14, 2004
K - POV; angst - Daniel/Janet
Spoilers: Lifeboat, Absolute Power, Fallen
Summary: Daniel reflects after Lifeboat


Title: Taking the Opportunity (2 parts; 56KB)
Author: Gemmie
Date archived: June 14, 2004
T - Humor - Daniel/Janet, Sam/Jack
Spoilers: Window of Opportunity, Divide and Conquer
Summary: A different version of Window of Opportunity...with Daniel in the loops with Jack and not Teal'c (Chall. #1)
Warnings: sexual situation, language, whumpage


Title: There's Something About Baby (24KB)
Author: Gemmie
Date archived: June 14, 2004
K+ - humour, established relationship - Daniel/Janet
Spoilers: some but none to specific, just basic knowledge of the show
Summary: SG-1 babysitting (Chall. #20)
Warnings: extreme silliness can't think of anymore

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