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Title: Greatest Christmas Gift (14KB)
Author: Assilem
Date archived: December 1, 2004
K+ - Holiday - Daniel/Janet
Spoilers: Anything through season 8.
Summary: A child, more than all other gifts that Earth can offer to declining man, brings hope with it, and forward-looking thoughts! (Chall. #42)


Title: A Moment Like This (6KB)
Author: Assilem
Date archived: February 24, 2005
K+ - Fluff; holiday - Daniel/Janet
Spoilers: None
Summary: Response for February's Humour challenge and Isabelle's Valentine's challenge. (Chall. #46 and #47)


Title: Not a Day Goes By (2 parts; 54KB)
Author: Assilem
Date archived: August 25, 2004
K+ - Angst/drama; romance - Daniel/Janet, Sam/Jack
Spoilers: Meridian, Chimera, and Fallen, and Singularity
Summary: Daniel chose to ascend, and leaves Janet alone, but when he comes back things aren't how they left it, and Janet makes a mistake that may result in never seeing Daniel again. (Chall. #32)


Title: Pink Elephant (18KB)
Author: Assilem
Date archived: September 24, 2005
K - Drama - Daniel/Janet
Spoilers: None
Summary: Daddy!Daniel fic. (Chall. #49)


Title: The Way We Were (off site)

Date archived: August 6, 2006
T - Novel, romance, a bit of angst, some fluff, and AU - Daniel/Janet
Spoilers: Seasons 7-9 Including Episodes: Death Knell (S7), Heroes (S7), Avalon(S9) and Ripple Effect(S9) and mention of Meridian
Summary: The week before Daniel and Janet's wedding, Janet experiences doubts and barriers but with the help from her sisters, the road of life smooths itself out. And the two learn that no matter what life brings that eventually everything will turn out. (Chall. #53)

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